ATWT Update Friday 1/18/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/18/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Lakeview) Brad opens the door on a half dressed Katie and Katie yells at him because he burst in her room without knocking the door. Brad tells Katie its no problem because its nothing he hasn’t seen before and Katie tells him they have to establish some new rules since they aren’t friends with benefits anymore. Katie gets a call from the station and she tells them they are on their way even though she isn’t happy about covering an ice fishing competition inn Wisconsin. Katie hangs up the phone and she and Brad head to the station where Vienna arrives to give them food for the road trip. Katie isn’t happy about the cold weather so she heads to the props department to see if they have a space heater they can take with them. Vienna encourages Brad to take advantage of the romantic atmosphere at the cabin to tell Katie how he really feels about her before he loses her to someone else. (Brad’s car) brad is having fun on the road trip while Katie complains about the cold weather. Brad tells Katie the cabin might look rustic on the outside but on the inside it has all the comforts of home. Katie gets a call that the ice fishing competition has been cancelled because the competitors all have the flu. Katie is happy and tells Brad to turn around and head to Oakdale. Brad admits he is lost and is almost on empty in the gas tank. Brad says the only thing they can do is wait until morning until someone passes by to help them. Brad suggests they think warm thoughts and when Katie is describing a beautiful day on a warm beach Brad falls asleep Brad is asleep and Katie is surprise when he says I love you Katie.

(Hospital) Margo and Tom wait for Dusty to arrive with the proof about Bob’s illness. Tom is also surprised that Chris just decided to leave his own party. Margo thinks its better that Chris left because he didn’t need to endure more humiliation from Dusty. (Lakeview) Chris is in the bar drinking away his troubles and he recalls the conversation he overheard between Dusty and Emily in which Dusty tells Emily that she couldn’t be in love with Chris and yet make him feel the way he did when they made love in his car on New years eve. Chris has an angry look on his face and the bartender thinks that if looks could kill he would be dead. (Hospital) Dusty asks the person who isn’t seen by the audience what they are doing there and then the person comes toward him and Dusty again asks the person what they are doing. Tom decides to go check on Bob in hopes that Chris is there as well because he is worried about his brother. Lucinda arrives and tells Margo that she should put Dusty in jail for what he did to Lily. Margo tells Lucinda that Dusty hasn’t committed a crime but Lucinda thinks Dusty did nothing short of put the pills in Lily’s hand causing her to overdose.

(Hospital) Holden finds Lily on the stairwell clutching something tightly in her hand he wonders what she is holding but a groggy Lily only mumbles that she is sleepy. Holden picks Lily up in his arms and takes her back to her room. Lucinda arrives and Holden tells her that Lily has been drifting in and out of sleep. Lucinda tells Holden she is going to find Dusty and give him a piece of her mind. Susan finds Emily crying and saying its over its all over but when Susan tries to figure out what she is talking about Emily just continues to cry and say she doesn’t want to talk about it. Lucinda walks around the hospital looking for Dusty and then she opens the door to the lab and finds Dusty lying on the floor and Emily has her head on his chest. Emily screams for Lucinda not to touch Dusty so Lucinda leaves to get some help from a doctor. Emily tells Dusty that Lucinda is gone now so he can wake up and then Emily is shocked when Dusty doesn’t wake up. Lily lies in her hospital bed and only says one word no Holden notices Lily is holding something in her hand so he asks her to open her hand he sees an empty syringe and asks Lily if she took it and what was in it. A groggy Lily mumbles that she hates needles and didn’t take anything. Lucinda can’t find a doctor but finds Tom and Margo and tells them to come with her. Holden goes out into the hall and looks inside the drawer under the hospital medicine cabinet and sees that there is a syringe missing Susan arrives and tells him if he needs anything to ask a nurse for it. Susan gets paged and has to leave so Holden goes back inside Lily’s room. Susan arrives at the lab with a resident and Emily screams that she isn’t leaving because she has to talk to Dusty. Susan and Tom and Margo to take Emily into the hallway and Susan and the resident give CPR to Dusty.

(Hospital) Tom calls Chris to come right away and when he arrives he tells Susan to stop working on Dusty because it has been fifteen minutes without a response and Emily cries louder and tells her mother not to stop working on Dusty. Chris tells the medical examiner that he can use the hospital lab to run tests but Tom advises Chris to let the medical examiner do his job because he needs to stay as far away from this situation as possible. Tom takes Chris to Java for some coffee and asks him to tell him what happened between him and Dusty. Chris tells Tom that Dusty and Emily slept together on New Year’s Eve and waits to hear an I told you so from Tom. Tom wonders if Chris was mad enough at Dusty to kill him but Chris doesn’t want to talk about it and heads back to the hospital. (Hospital) Lucinda wonders how the heart of such a young man like Dusty could suddenly stop and Margo asks the same question to Chris. Holden calls Luke to tell him about Lily’s overdose and asks him not to say anything to Meg or his sisters he also reassures Luke that Lily will be fine and that Dusty won’t bother Lily anymore. ( Farm) Luke tells Noah that his mother is in the hospital but will be fine they hug just before Natalie and faith come in and they decide to play a board game with them. The girls win the game against Noah and Luke and then they go upstairs to bed. Luke thanks Noah for helping him get through this crisis. Luke wonders if Noah is happy and Noah tells him that he always wanted to be part of a family.

(Hospital) Emily wants to go home but Margo wants to question her Emily tells Margo she just found Dusty and then begins to cry so Margo postpones the questions until tomorrow. Susan and Emily talk in the stairwell and Susan reminds her that she saw her coming from the lab and they spoke then she went back to the lab and Emily just starts to cry again and tells her mother she doesn’t want to talk about it. Emily does tell Susan that Chris found out that she slept with Dusty as well as her past as a prostitute. Lucinda takes Holden into the hallway to tell him Dusty is dead and Lily screams Holden’s name and he rushes in and she tells him Dusty is dead. Holden wonders how Lily knew Dusty was dead but she just says she wants to rest. Dallas and Margo talk about the case and the Medical examiner finds an injection puncture that happened before Dusty died. The medical examiner also finds redness around the injection site, which indicates Dusty put up a struggle. Emily goes to the morgue sits by Dusty’s body and asks him to forgive her. Holden sits by Lily’s bedside thinking then he takes the syringe from her hand wipes of her finger prints with a handkerchief and then takes the syringe with his bare hand and puts it inside the pocket of his pants. Lliy awakens and mumbles Holden what is going on Holden takes Lily’s hand and tells her to go back to sleep telling her “I will take care of you I’ll take care of everything.”

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