ATWT Update Thursday 1/17/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/17/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

( Hospital) The Party to celebrate the association of Memorial hospital and Montgomery Enterprises in the form of a research project begins and most of Oakdale is there. Lucinda arrives and tells Lily to take it easy because she is drinking too much and it isn’t like her to drink so much. Lucinda wonders why she decided to come to the party because she didn’t think she would be in the mood to party. Lily tells her that her mood has suddenly improved and she felt like being at the party. (Will & Gwen’s house) Gwen feels a little uneasy about leaving Hallie with Sofie but she pushes the thoughts out of her head and tells Sofie to call her on her cell phone if she needs her and also reminds her she will be back from the lecture soon. (Hospital) Lily sees Holden arrive with Bonnie and continues to drink she also hides in a corner and takes a pill before she goes over to say hello to Holden and Bonnie. Holden explains to Lily that Bonnie invited him to the party. Lily insists that seeing them together doesn’t bother her since they live in a small town and they are going to be running into each other all over town. Lily crosses the room to get another drink and Bonnie notices that Holden looks concerned about Lily so she walks over to say hello to Kim so Holden can go talk to Lily.

(Hospital) Holden tells Lily that she has had enough to drink and Lily tells him that he soon won’t be her husband anymore so he has no right to tell her what to do. Chris asks Emily to tell him if what Dusty said is true that they slept together on New Years Eve. Emily tells him she did sleep with Dusty but it didn’t mean anything because she doesn’t love Dusty. Dusty yells that Chris deserves to know the truth that the reason she couldn’t commit to him is because she never loved him. Chris is hurt that Emily could betray him with the man who tried to ruin his reputation and career. Chris is on his way at the door but before he leaves he tells Emily that he has had enough of her and that she and Dusty deserve each other. Tom arrives and wants to know what is going on and wonders if Dusty is causing trouble. Tom asks Chris if he wants Margo to get a restraining order against Dusty. Chris tells Tom Dusty has done all that he can possibly do to him. Evan arrives and wonders where Chris and Craig are while Margo and Lucinda hope that Dusty doesn’t cause any trouble at the party. Emily is upset with Dusty because Tom almost found out about her past and if he did he would take Daniel away from her. Emily gets even angrier because she thinks Dusty sent the anonymous note to Chris and is trying to ruin her life. Dusty tells Emily he didn’t send the note because he would never hurt her.

(Hospital) Emily wonders who sent the note but Dusty refuses to tell her who did send the not. Emily vows that she will pay Dusty back for hurting her if it’s the last thing she ever does in her life. (Gwen and Will’s house) Sofie watches the baby in her crib and accidentally wakes her up and she tries to calm the baby without picking her up from the crib. The baby continues to cry for a long time so Sofie call Aaron and tells him she tried everything but the baby is still crying so she asks Aaron to come over and help her and he says he will be right over as soon as he can find somebody to cover his shift. Aaron arrives and figures out that Sofie gave Hallie cold formula so he warms up the formula while Sofie holds the baby. Sofie then feeds the baby and tells Aaron being with the baby is like a piece of heaven. (Old town) Gwen tells Will Sofie is babysitting because she couldn’t find anybody else and Will is worried that Sofie is going to be a problem if she bonds with the baby but Gwen wants to keep her promise and let Sofie be a part of Hallie’s life. Gwen and Will come home after the lecture and notice that Sofie is beginning to bond with the baby but they thank her and Aaron for babysitting and Sofie and Aaron leave once they are gone Will tells Gwen he doesn’t want Sofie to baby-sit again. (Old Town) Sofie is excited and happy that she got to be with the baby and hopes that Will and Gwen will allow her to baby-sit again. (Hospital) Tom tells Margo, and Kim that Chris is mad at Emily and Dusty but won’t discuss the reason why so Margo goes to talk to Dusty and tells him not to make trouble for Chris. Lily continues to drink while Emily cases Chris around trying to get him to listen to her. Emily apologizes to Chris for not telling him about Dusty and Chris tells her that she chose to sleep with Dusty and he is glad he dodged a bullet by not being with her for too long.

(Hospital) Dusty calls the private detective he hired and tells him to bring the test results from Bob’s cup to the hospital because he has to stop Chris tonight. Dusty sees Lily and demands she apologize to Emily for the note she sent to Chris but she says Emily deserved what she got and he should be happy because now Emily will dump Chris and go back to him. Lily dumps a glass of wine in Dusty’s face and he tells Lucinda her daughter needs to get a grip. Lily tells Lucinda she will go back inside the party soon but she needs to freshen up first. Lily takes more pills but since she just has one in her purse she breaks into the drug cabinet and takes more pills. Dusty interrupts Chris’s speech and tells the board that Bob didn’t approve the project and he has proof that Chris went too far and there was foul play involved. Lucinda and the board want to see Dusty’s proof so they tell Chris the contracts won’t get signed until they see the proof. Lucinda is worried about Lily and asks Holden to look for her. Holden finds lily passed out in the hallway and calls a nurse. Holden blames Dusty for Lily’s overdose and they almost come to blows but Lucinda stops Holden. Lucinda goes to see Lily who tells her she took pills because Dusty hurt her so much. Dusty tells Holden that he was the one who dumped Lily because she couldn’t live up to his high standards and he has no right to play protector now.

Dusty reminds Holden that he told him Lily needed help but he just watched her fall apart instead of helping her. Holden warns Dusty that if he goes near Lily again he will regret it. Lucinda tells Lily to get some rest and she will handle Dusty. Holden tells Bonnie he will be there for Lily as long as she needs him. Chris excuses himself from Lucinda because he has something he needs to take care of and Lucinda guesses it is Dusty. Evan also excuses himself from Tom and Margo to make a phone call. Once Lucinda is gone Lily opens her eyes and when Holden looks in her room a few minutes later Lily isn’t in bed. Dusty gets a call and arrives at the lab to meet the private detective he hired to investigate Bob’s Illness. Dusty is surprised when he tries to turn on the light and it doesn’t work but he closes the door and waits. Dusty soon sees a person and wonders what that person is doing in the lab.

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