ATWT Update Wednesday 1/16/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/16/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At home, Gwen is humming Hallie to sleep when Will comes into the room. He thinks they should get ready to head off to class; the babysitter is coming soon. Gwen looks up and tells Will that she is not going. Why is Hallie ok? Hallie is fine, but she is not.

At the hospital, Barbara meets with her doctor, who talks to her about treatment. Barbara thinks it seems daunting. That way she has a better chance to get rid of it. He talks about the necessity of her family support, as Barbara says nothing. She has told them, hasn’t she? Her sons are going through a lot. She has to tell them that she has oral cancer. She knows that – every night she has nightmares about it... it makes it hard to forget. She has to tell them - the sooner the better.

What if Hallie wakes up and needs them? The babysitter doesn’t know her that well yet. Maybe they should stick close by? The point of the sitter is so they can keep up with their responsibilities, Will reminds her. Gwen thinks they can just take her with them. Will gently restates the obvious that she can’t take Hallie to a lecture. Finally, she agrees.

At the Lakeview, Emily walks into their suite to talk with Chris, who is in a meeting with Evan… he will never guess what Dusty is up to? She then sees he has company. Chris wants to know what Dusty is doing? Emily explains that Dusty said the truth is going to come out tonight, as Evan listens.

At Yo’s, Lily can’t understand how this prostitute named Krista would know Emily; Emily is a reporter for the Intruder. The hooker describes Emily to her… blonde with an ice queen attitude. She heard that she is dating a hot shot at Memorial now. Cheri always said that she liked to play by her own rules and get away with it. Lily tells her not to be so sure.

As Evan is leaving, he tells Chris he will contact security. They are way too invested to let Dusty stop them now. Emily wonders why Dusty is doing this? She is worried because he sounded like he had something. Chris thinks he is blowing hot air again. It felt different this time. What if he is telling the truth? It isn’t possible. Is it?

At the Lakeview, Dusty is talking on the phone about getting the results of Bob’s coffee cup before the contract signing that night. Lucinda interrupts, as he is hanging up; he is a determined guy when he wants something, but when he doesn’t, he tosses it a way like a broken toy – like he did with Lily.

Lily tells Krista that she can’t wait to tell Dusty. The woman explains that Dusty knows; he threatened to shut Cheri up and down if she told anyone. Lily is annoyed; Dusty is always helping the damsel in distress. She gets up from the table, as Krista wonders where she is going? She is going to shut a blonde up. The woman notices she is a bit wobbly and suggests that she not drive. Lily promises to get a cab.

Emily wants to make sure there is nothing in his past that Dusty could find out about. He already told her that there isn’t. Emily thinks that Dusty sounded so sure. Chris wonders why that would make her appear now that she isn’t sure. That is not what she means.

Chris is upset; she said that she believed him; how did Dusty change that? She doesn’t want him to misunderstand. She knows he is not capable of doing the things Dusty is accusing him of. He just doesn’t know Dusty like she does. As long as she is on his side, then Dusty can’t do anything to him. He has been meaning to do this for some time now, and this time seems as good a time as ever, as Chris walks over to a drawer and pulls out a gift in a small jewelry box, as Emily looks shocked but nervous.

Dusty tells Lucinda that he didn’t toss Lily aside. She didn’t do it on her own, Lucinda smirks. Dusty explains he just saw Lily. How was she? She could be better. She would have been better if she hadn’t thrown her marriage away. Look how he repaid her. He has to go -there is a big party tonight. Lucinda is amazed – he wouldn’t go there. She can’t tell him where to go. Lucinda warns him not to go to the party because noone wants him there – least of all Emily.

Will wonders if Hallie is down? She is. Will goes over the list for the babysitter. She will be fine; they have to trust in that. There is a knock, as they think it is the sitter, but it is Barbara.

Emily is shocked when Chris holds the small box towards her, as she looks really nervous as she hesitates to take it; he wants her breathing tonight so he doesn’t want her to worry because it isn’t what she must think by her nervous reaction. She oohhs and aahhss, as she opens the box and sees a pair of diamond earrings. What is the occasion? He couldn’t have done all of this without her; he wouldn’t be having this party if it weren’t for her - he loves her. He jokes as he asks if he said that outloud. He can’t deny it anymore. Emily is speechless, so they kiss.

Lily walks up to Chris and Emily’s door and goes to knock. She decides to take a shot of courage so she reaches into a zip lock bag, takes a pill from inside and pops it in her mouth. She is about to knock when Dusty walks up and wonders what she is doing? She thinks Chris should know the truth. It is nobody’s business. She needs to stay out of it. She is not talking about that – she is talking about Chris sleeping with a hooker; he won’t know until she sends him a bill for services rendered. She goes to knock, but Dusty grabs a wobbly Lily and walks her away. Lily wants him to let her go, but he wants to talk downstairs. Where did she find this out? She certainly didn’t find out from him. She wants to know when did he find out? Was he a client? It was after. Was she such an inexperienced lover compared to Emily and that is why he wanted to go back to her? What is she on, Dusty asks? She doesn’t sound like herself. Is it because the Lily he knows doesn’t say bad things; she doesn’t stick up for herself. She will never be like that girl before. Is she high? She saw Emily’s working friend at Yo’s and she told her. She thinks Chris should know. If she breathes a word to Chris, they will never be friends again. Lily stares at him for a moment and then bursts out laughing.

Chris and Emily are getting hot and heavy when Emily remembers her night with Dusty, as she pulls away. What is wrong? They are going to be late for the party. Evan can start without them. She has to get ready; she needs time. He thinks she looks perfect already, but she gracefully gets out of what Chris was intending to happen.

They stopped being friends a long time ago when he took her to bed and dumped her, Lily spits. She has no right to trash Emily’s life because she is mad at him. He wants her to leave Emily out of this. She thinks it would be great for him. She can tell Chris, he will dump Emily and then he and Emily can go off and live happily ever after. She wants to do this, as she slurs her words. She gets up but falls instead. Dusty catches her and tells her that he is going to put her to bed to sleep off whatever is going on with her. Dusty puts Lily to bed and he promises that he will check in on her later, but Lily begs him not to go.

Emily and Chris get ready for the party. Emily loves her earrings because they go with the necklace he bought her a short time before. That was the idea – some things are meant to go together, as he kisses her neck. He has never been more happy and proud to be with anyone in his life. She is proud of him too, as they kiss.

Lily tells Dusty that he just wants her to sleep so she won’t tell Chris and hurt Emily. Dusty explains that he is worried about her hurting herself. When did he become such a good liar? When did that happen? She wants him to get out of her room; she doesn’t need him. She passes out and Dusty leaves. After he leaves, Lily’s cell phone rings and she sits up quickly and calls out for Dusty.

Chris tries to continue to be frisky with Emily, but she wants to head out to the party. She talks about her lipstick being all over his face and none on her lips. She needs to freshen up. After she leaves, a note is pushed under the door. Chris looks out and noone is there. He reads it, as Emily comes back out of the bathroom to see Chris’ face. What is wrong? Somebody shoved a note under the door. What does it say? It is a note addressed to him, but it is about her. Emily looks nervous. She can’t even imagine what it says. Chris shakes her head implying that it isn’t good. She figures that wouldn’t be a stretch because she made a lot of enemies working at the Intruder? No, he doesn’t think she can imagine. What does it say? He doesn’t want to say, but she orders him to spit it out. She says she is a ‘whore’. Meanwhile, Lily is standing outside, listening at the door listening when her cell phone rings. Emily grabs the note and reads what it says: “Your girlfriend is a whore, who would sleep with anyone who would pay her price.” Chris is incited; he wants to call Margo; this is harassment and libel, but Emily stops him. He can’t let someone lie about her, as Emily looks down. It is a lie isn’t it? No, it is not.

Lily is leaving the Lakeview when Lucinda calls her. Where has she been? She had to wrap her mind around a few things, but she is now doing better then ever. She doesn’t sound like herself; did Dusty do something? She got the last word where Dusty is concerned. She hopes so. If she severed all ties, then she should rethink coming to the party because Dusty is coming. She is fine with that because she is in the mood to celebrate. Lucinda is happy to hear her in this frame of mind. She wants her to hurry down there then. Lily takes more pills before she leaves.

Chris is speechless. She hoped he would never find out – especially not like this. She sold her body to strangers? She did it for a short time before him. Is that supposed to make it better? She is a beautiful and educated woman. Why would she demean herself like that? Was she hooked on drugs or homeless? She was in a strange place; she doesn’t expect him to understand, as she starts to cry. She did it because her life was out of control and it made her feel like she had control. Is she crazy? He doesn’t even know her, as he shakes his head in disgust. He does know her; nothing has changed. Everything has changed, Chris yells back. If it were no big deal then she would have told him. How many people did she sleep with? Were there people he worked with? He doesn’t want to know. His cell phone interrupts them, as Emily begs him not to answer it, but Evan is looking for him. Chris explains that he has as situation. Evan tells him to have Emily to put her clothes on and get to the party with him. Chris promises to be right there, as he heads for the door. Is she going with him, Emily stutters? He glares at her disgusted - no.

Barbara tells Will and Gwen that there are some important things they have to talk about. She received some disturbing news, as she seems about to tell them, but then changes her mind… it is about Paul. He was the father of Meg’s baby – not Craig. What about he and Rosanna? Then they realize she said it in past tense? What happened? They lost the baby. He lost his son with Emily and now with Meg. She is worried because he isn’t with Rosanna or Meg; he is alone. Will promises to call him. He needs his family around him together. Will is irate; she is making this about her. She came over there to use this so he would forgive her. Barbara tries to back up and explain; that is not what she meant. Will wants her to leave. Gwen asks Will to let Barbara say what she has to say. Will doesn’t want to, but Hallie cries, so Gwen asks him to check on her; she will be fine. Barbara knows it is her fault. It is, Gwen answers, but he has a huge heart and he will forgive her at some point. She wishes she had all the time in the world, as Barbara leaves. Will comes out – they talk about how badly they feel for Paul. He can’t believe Barbara. Gwen doesn’t think she was playing with them; she thinks she was upset. Meanwhile, Barbara is in the car crying. Will counters that Barbara is the master at manipulating a situation to get sympathy; she was trying to see Hallie and he doesn’t want someone who could cause that kind of pain around his daughter. Gwen thinks it felt different. She kept thinking what if one day Hallie looked at her like he was looking at his mom? She never would because she would never hurt their daughter like Barbara has. Will decides to leave to go to the seminar while Gwen stays until the babysitter can come.

At the Lakeview, Barbara gets coffee, as she sees Sofie waiting on a table.

Gwen gets a call from a babysitter; she can’t come because her baby is sick. Gwen decides to take Hallie with her to school, but then sees her sleeping. She needs to separate from her like Will says, as she calls Alison. Can she do her a big favor?

Emily is staring at the note; she can’t imagine who would do this, as she remembers Dusty telling her that the truth would come out tonight, as she rushes out the door.

Chris walks up to Evan; has he seen Dusty? No. An agitated Chris tells him that he needs one thing to go right tonight. Lucinda walks over to Evan and Chris. Lucinda comments on Chris being tardy. Evan forces happiness that she could make it. She makes a sarcastic comment about the name of the project in combination with Craig’s name. Where is the great Craig Montgomery anyway? He had a family crisis, Evan says through gritted teeth. She hopes that doesn’t stop him from ruining her company. What did he do in a former life to end up with her in his family tree?

Dusty shows up at the party for the hospital when Emily sees him, grabs him and pulls him into a room. Why would he do it? Does he really hate her that much?

Lisa walks over to Sofie, who is leaving. She wants her to have her paycheck. Sofie thinks it is wrong amount. Was it too little? It is too much. She was supposed to take the cost of the room out. It has been taken care of – by Barbara. Why? She can go ask her herself, but she didn’t hear it from her. Sofie goes to ask Barbara why she is paying for her room? Barbara tells her that she doesn’t have to thank her; she is happy to do it, as Sofie rips up the check.

Gwen is making calls to people to ask them to baby-sit. No one is able to help. Who else can she call? She picks up the phone hoping this person will pick up.

Sofie snaps that she is not taking another penny of hers. As soon as she can, she will pay her back the money she tried to buy her baby with. She did it for Will and Gwen because she knew they would be great parents; she must have felt the same way. She took away her choice though. She, Cole and Iris all tried to push her into something she wasn’t sure about for their own purposes. She thinks her money can buy her forgiveness. All of her money doesn’t make it right with God. She saw her in church begging for forgiveness. She hopes for her sake he does because she never will.

Emily snarls that she knew he was upset that she chose Chris over him. She never thought he would sink to this level. He warned her and then he took something that was so private and shared it with Chris in the most degrading way; she hopes he is proud of himself, as she throws the note at him. Dusty reads it and crumples it up. Anonymous notes are not his style. Three people know – him, her mother and her sister… who else could have told?

Lily listens while Evan asks what is up with Chris? Chris explains that he and Emily fought and he said some hurtful things. Evan suggests they kiss and make up before people think he is reconsidering his role in the project. Chris tells him that he is going to find Emily.

Lucinda sees a confident looking Lily at the party – she looks like the cat that swallowed the canary. Lily smiles back.

The cat is out of the bag – who cares who wrote it, Dusty tells Emily? If Chris loves her then he wouldn’t care. He cared what she did, Emily snaps back. That was before he fell in love with her. Emily demands that he stop saying that.

Lucinda wants Lily to share with her what is making her so happy. She could use a good gloat. Lily is coy; she is there to have a good time… waiting for the fun times to start. What does that mean? She is taking a page from her book – if you want something done right then you should take matters into your own hands.

By the way she is acting, he obviously didn’t take the news well, Dusty surmises. Did he run away? What else did he expect him to do? He expects Chris to love her for whom she is and how she deserves to be loved, but he didn’t do that, did he? The only reason he reacted that way was because he was in shock; once he can process all of this, he will be back. He loves her. Did he tell her that… after he read the note? What does it matter? It doesn’t because she doesn’t love him.

Chris asks Lucinda and Lily if they have seen Emily? Lily answers that they haven’t, but pretends to be concerned if anything is wrong? No, he is just looking for her. Lucinda wants Chris to focus on Memorial and to forget about his love life. She thinks he needs to keep his eye on the prize. That is what he is trying to do. Lucinda wonders what is wrong with him? Lily stifles a smile when she answers that she has no idea.

Lisa wants Barbara to put her compact mirror away, as she is subtly looking at her mouth; Lisa declares that she is her usual gorgeous self. She sees that Sofie didn’t receive her gift graciously. She can’t blame her. Lisa thinks she should give her time. That is the second time someone has told her that. It is good advice then. Maybe, she should start taking it. What is she staring at? She doesn’t know how to say this. That has never stopped her before. She is concerned about her; lately she has noticed that she has sounded funny. At first, she thought she bit her tongue or cheek, but it hasn’t gone away though. She noticed this for a while? She did, and she is sorry she didn’t say anything before. She thinks she should see a doctor. She already has.

Gwen opens the door to find Sofie. She is sorry to bother her, but she needs a favor.

What did her doctor say? Barbara hesitates; she hasn’t talked to anyone yet. Barbara is about to explain, but a waiter interrupts. They need her in the kitchen, but Lisa tells him that he will be right there. The doctor ran some tests…Barbara pauses and then changes her mind. She needs to have some dental work redone. Lisa is relieved. She will be right back after she deals with the kitchen issue. They will talk after. Barbara smiles sadly and mumbles to herself that she has all the time in the world.

Sofie talking with Gwen about Barbara forcing money on her; Gwen is preoccupied, as she is trying to find a babysitter. Sofie goes on about how she wasn’t thinking clearly, when she ripped up the check. Gwen understands because Barbara has that effect on people. Sofie was wondering if she and Will could talk with Barbara about backing off? Gwen explains she would, but she is in the middle of something herself. Sofie sees that she is only half listening to her. Did she interrupt something? No, but she and Will had plans to go to a seminar and her babysitter canceled. She is going to call Will and tell him to take notes for her so she can stay home. Sofie doesn’t want her to do that because she knows someone who would be more then happy to look after Sofie. Gwen is thrilled; who? Sofie answers that it is she.

Lily hides out in a room to take more pills, which she swallows down with a gulp of her champagne.

Emily tells Dusty that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. She always says that when he hits too close to home, he counters. He is getting close isn’t he? Dusty walks towards Emily and touches her arm; she isn’t in love with Chris because she couldn’t have made love to him on New Years the way she did if she loved Chris. They hear a noise, as they look and find Chris is standing there. Emily and Dusty stare at one another.

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