ATWT Update Tuesday 1/15/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/15/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Fairwinds) Paul packs his things and asks Rosanna for a divorce and she can’t believe he wants to divorce her when he has been in her same situation letting something get out of control and then being sorry but not being able to change the outcome of the situation. Paul points out that when he switched the paternity test for Jennifer’s baby he was truly sorry he had to put his sister through so much pain but Rosanna isn’t sorry for her actions at all. Rosanna knows Paul still loves her and despite his anger towards her he won’t be able to turn his back on their marriage. Paul yells at Rosanna that her lies killed their marriage and just like his son their marriage is dead. Rosanna tells Paul she won’t let him divorce her because she won’t give up on their marriage without a fight. Paul tells Rosanna that his lawyer will drop off the papers tomorrow and she had better sign them or he will have her put in jail for switching the paternity test or whatever other charges he can think of but she will go to jail. Rosanna begs Paul not to leave her because he was the only reason that she came out of the coma and if he leaves she is afraid to slip back into the darkness of the coma again. Paul picks up his suitcase and heads for the door with Rosanna grabbing him to try to stop him from leaving Paul takes Rosanna’s hands off him and tells her she better find someone else to cling to because he is done.

(Lakeview) Meg is also packing when Craig comes out and is happy to see her so he tries to talk about company business and pretend that he hasn’t lost her. Craig offers Meg his sympathy about the miscarriage saying that even though it took him some time to accept that her child wasn’t biologically his he learned to love the baby because it was a part of her. Meg finds that hard to believe since a week ago he almost killed the baby. Meg yells at Craig that he did care if the baby was his or not because he always wanted a family and his own children that is the only reason he wanted her. Craig tries one last time to ask Meg to forgive him and give their marriage another chance but before she leaves Meg makes it clear to Craig she isn’t his wife anymore. Holden tells Lily that Meg is upstairs packing her things and that the doctor told Meg that she could get pregnant again in the future. Lily wonders if she should help Meg or maybe go stay with her at the farm for a little while and when Holden tells her not to she apologizes for intruding and feels sad because even though they are divorced she thought that she would always be part of the family. Holden quickly explains that he just meant to say that Meg might want to handle this alone he never meant to imply that she wasn’t part of the family. Holden wonders if there is anything wrong with Lily because she got mad at him so quickly and she tells him she is fine and apologizes for jumping to conclusions. Meg comes downstairs and Lily gives her a hug and tells her she can call her if there is anything she can do.

(Hospital) Emily screams at Dusty for doing something as awful as asking Alison to spy on Chris for him. Dusty tells Emily that she may be surprised how much information he has that will shed light on the cause of Bob’s stroke. Emily once again tells Dusty that Chris had nothing to do with his father’s stroke and if he truly cares about her happiness he will drop this vendetta against Chris. Dusty tells Emily that she has always trusted his instincts before and the only reason she doesn’t trust them now is because she is in deep denial about her boyfriend Chris. Emily is surprised to find Chris in the lab with the lights turned off and he tells her he just needed a quiet place to look over his father’s medical records and make sure there is nothing in them that could make people think Dusty’s allegations are true. Emily wonders if Chris ran a toxicology screen on his father but Chris says there was no need to do that because he knew what medicine his father was taking. Chris gets upset and leaves the lab and heads into the hallway with Emily chasing after him. Chris thinks Emily is starting to doubt him but she says she was just asking because she thought it was standard hospital protocol not because she doubts him. Emily encourages Chris to concentrate on the party to announce the hospital’s partnership with the memo 21 companies on the research project. Chris gets beeped because he is late for lunch with his mother and he wants Emily to come with him because he wants her to be part of everything in his life.

(Lakeview) Once Holden and Meg have left Lily gets in the elevator to go up to her room and Dusty shouts hold the elevator and then he gets in side with Lily. Once they arrive on their floor Lily offers to change his room so that he won’t have to watch Emily parade her boyfriend in front of him every five minutes. Dusty says he will be okay and Lily asks him to give their relationship another chance but Dusty tells Lily they can only be friends because she deserves better then to be a stand in for Emily and he can’t spend his life being a stand in for Holden. Lily tells Dusty that won’t be the case because they are good together and if he takes her to his room she will remind him how good they are for each other. Dusty says no because he loves Emily. Lily wonders what she is doing and starts to leave Dusty takes her arm and says its okay and he will call Holden or her mother so she won’t be alone tonight. Lily gets mad and yells he can’t reject her and try to be her hero at the same time she won’t let him do it.

(Farm) Holden tells Meg he has to do some errands bur he will stay home if she needs him. Meg tells him that she will be okay so he tells her to call him on his cell phone if she needs him. (Al’s Diner) Chris tells Kim about the party tonight and invites her to go but says he will understand if she must stay with his father. Kim tells Chris that Bob would be very proud because he has stepped in and run the hospital just the way he would have wanted and she would be proud to go show her support for him on such an important night. Dusty is walking by and watches the happy scene through the window and Emily sees him and stares at him for a few minutes. (Lakeview) Rosanna arrives and Craig informs her that Meg has left him, as he is sure Paul has left her. Rosanna tells Craig Paul would never leave her because he loves her. Craig tries to get Rosanna to face reality and admit defeat. Rosanna tells Craig they would have both gotten what they wanted if he hadn’t gone crazy and tried to kill Meg’s baby. Craig admits he did a horrible thing but in the end he stopped himself because he realized he could love and raise the baby as his own because he loved Meg and she is the only thing that was important to him. Craig tells Rosanna she is the only one responsible for this mess because none of this would have happened if she hadn’t switched the paternity tests. Rosanna leaves angrier then when she came in the door telling Craig to go to Hell. (Farm) Paul arrives and begs Meg for forgiveness and asks for another chance to love her. Meg admits that she will always love him but she can’t be with him anymore because his hatred of Craig is stronger then his love for her. Paul promises to change but Meg knows that isn’t possible for him. Paul tries to kiss Meg good-bye and she stops him so he takes her face in his hands and says she is his heart and his heart is only she. Holden arrives to comfort Meg. A music montage plays for a few minutes showing the brokenhearted Paul, Meg, Rosanna and Craig as the ladies cry and the men throw things. (Yo’s) Lily arrives to by drugs and runs into one of Cheri’s prostitutes who talk to her about Cher’s murder. Lily tells Krista about her troubles with Dusty because of Emily. Krista tells Lily that Emily used to work for Cherie as a prostitute. (Hospital) Dusty tells Chris that he won’t sign any contracts tonight because he has the proof to shut him down and he will protect Bob’s legacy at any cost. Chris says that he doesn’t have one shed of evidence against him. Chris gets beeped and Emily tells Dusty that he can’t prove any of his allegations against Chris. Dusty tells Emily the truth about Bob’s illness will be revealed tonight.

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