ATWT Update Monday 1/14/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/14/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At Metro, Carly is upset about being robbed. She wonders if Sam heard anything? Sam is amazed that someone would do this in the middle of the day. Was there a delivery person here? No, it was just he, she, her kids, and her ex. Carly is beside herself. Sam wants her to calm down. That is all profits from last night; what is she going to do?

At the farm, Parker slips out to the porch and looks at money he stole in his backpack; Jack comes out and wonders what he is doing? Parker quickly hides it.

Carly wants to call the Police, but Sam doesn’t think she should. He doesn’t want Jack to use this as an opportunity to say that he told her so. This is a police matter; it has nothing to do with her marriage – or lack of one. Carly promises that she will be fine.

Jack reminds Parker of his quiz; isn’t that why he had to go back to Metro to get his book? He just wanted to get his football that he left outside. Carly interrupts them when she calls; can he come back… because they have been robbed? He will be right there. Jack explains what happened, and Parker tells him that they will be fine and to go take care of his mom.

Rosanna is at home; she calls Barbara. Barbara demands to know why is she calling? She is worried about Paul. She should be since he went off on a rampage to go strangle Craig… thanks to her. Paul told her? Yes, and she tried to warn him, but apparently she was a few months too late. Rosanna doesn’t understand because she welcomed her into her family a couple months ago. She did that because she thought she loved Paul. She does, but she apparently was too insecure to believe he loved her back, so she teamed up with Craig to destroy him… and then she tells him. She told the truth; shouldn’t that count for something? It would unless that was a plan so Paul would feel like he had to stay by her side. She won’t be left all alone. She expected her of all people to understand; she has lied before. She has, but the difference is that she is good at it; she didn’t think it through, and if anything happens to Paul, she will make her pay. After Rosanna hangs up, she mumbles to herself for Paul to come back to her.

At the hospital outside of Meg’s room, Craig stops Paul from going to see Meg; she is his wife and he has no rights there. Inside her room, Meg is upset over not being able to protect her child. She did the best she could, Holden counters. It wasn’t good enough. She should have kept him safe; it didn’t matter whom the father was. She had so many dreams for him. Holden assures her that it isn’t her fault, as Meg starts to cry. Holden thinks he should call their mom, but Meg stops him; she needs to get through this on her own. They hear Craig yelling trying to stop Paul, as Paul rushes into Meg’s room looking distraught. Holden pushes them out of the door; what is wrong with them? They caused Meg to lose her baby. Craig blames Paul and he snaps back, as Holden tells them to shut up. The woman they claim to love is inside destroyed and this is about a turf war for them. Paul asks Holden to see Meg, but Holden won’t. Craig accuses him of pushing Meg and now she will hate him. A security guard arrives with all the commotion, and he tries to get Paul and Craig to leave; he will have them arrested if they don’t go quietly, as Barbara races up and pulls Paul away; he has suffered a great loss. They go to the diner, as Barbara is glad she got him out of the hospital so she wouldn’t be picking him up at the police station. Paul laments over the fact that his baby is gone and so is his future. Barbara has been where he is, she empathizes. How did she find him? The clerk at the Lakeview said Meg was taking away on a stretcher; did Craig hurt her? No, he hurt her. Meg lost their baby because of him.

Craig comes into the room, as Holden tries to turn him away. Meg stops Holden from kicking him out because she got herself in this mess and now she is going to fix it; she wants to talk with him because she can’t ignore this anymore. She asks Holden for a minute. Craig immediately tells her that he is so sorry; he never meant this to happen. If she gives him a chance, he will make it up to her.

Barbara tells Paul that it isn’t his fault; it was Craig’s. He pushed her though and that is why she fell. He wouldn’t have even been there if it hadn’t been for Craig; he started the ball rolling. Paul doesn’t think that is an excuse though. He was trying to protect his family. Craig trying to create a miscarriage is a crime in itself; he should be in jail for attempted murder. Paul’s face changes; he has gotten away with too much for too long; he won’t get away with that, Paul quietly declares.

Is she sure she put the money in the box, Sam asks? Does she strike him as a ditz? She didn’t misplace $20; it was almost all their profits from the other night. They both agree it is fishy how the money disappeared, as Carly goes to wait for Jack. Sam looks in the box and finds the flower he pulled out from behind Sage’s ear. He has a revelation.

Parker has a dream that Carly thanks him for saving her; she never should have trusted Sam over him. She should have listened to him from the beginning. Jack steps up and tells Carly that he doesn’t feel comfortable with her living alone right now, so he is going to move back in for the time being. It sounds great to her, as long as it is ok with Parker? It is if she stops falling for every creep that comes her way. JJ, who is talking and holding a sock as a puppet, interrupts Parker’s thoughts. Parker goes after JJ to have him give the sock back to him.

Jack is questioning Carly and Sam. Were they the only ones here today? Yes. He looks at Sam, if he didn’t pull the robbery then who did? He doesn’t have any idea; if he knew, then he would be the first he would tell. Jack wonders if that is true? He can dust for fingerprints. Jack thinks it would probably be a waste of time. Jack and Sam start to argue, but Carly stops them. Sam dares him to pin this on him and waste time, while the real thief is running around with all their profits. Carly defends Sam. Jack wonders if the door was unlocked when she and Sam were in the back? Carly thinks; it may have been; does that make it her fault? No, that is not what he was implying, but he is going to go look around outside and then go make a report at the station; she needs to be less trusting though. After Jack leaves, Carly apologizes to Sam for Jack accusing him of stealing. She didn’t want that to happen. Someone did want that to happen though, as Carly looks at him confused.

Parker and JJ are fighting a little. Parker wants him to take back the names he called him. JJ does, but he still thinks he acts like a dummy. Parker says he is the dumb one if he thinks the puppet master is a good guy. JJ defends that he is. Fine, he doesn’t have to believe him, but he will see.

Sam tells Carly that someone wanted to set him up so it would look like he stole the money. Why would he think that? He found his flower prop at the bottom of the cash drawer. The kids saw him with the flower when he was doing that magic trick with Sage; whoever stole the money wanted her to think he was the one who did it; it had to be one of the kids. Carly has a realization; why didn’t he say anything in front of Jack? He didn’t want to get him in trouble. She is surprised after what Parker has said to him. He doesn’t care what they think; he only cares that she didn’t think he stole the money; he jokes if she had thought he was capable of that then he would have ratted Parker out. Carly asks Sam to cover the bar while she leaves for a short time.

Paul storms into the Police Station; he wants to report a crime; Craig tried to kill his child; he is the real father of Meg’s baby. Margo’s mouth drops open. Paul continues; when Craig found out, he got drug to try to kill his baby. He wants Craig charged with attempted murder or reckless endangerment at the least. Margo doesn’t want to believe him. How may more people get hurt before she stops him? She should go talk to Meg, who will back up his statement and then she will have to arrest him; will she be capable of that? She will do whatever the law requires. He hopes it sticks this time.

Craig tells Meg that he loves her; he gave his heart to her. He was willing to raise her child as his own. Even if it was Paul’s, Meg asks? He doesn’t admit that he hates Paul. He didn’t know how he could look into Paul’s baby’s eyes and raise him as his own. Then he realized the baby was part of her. There is no end to the love he is willing to give her. As long as she is willing to obey the rules, Meg spits back. As long as she loves him back, Craig explains. He was willing to raise this baby as his own. Meg thinks this worked out for him; there are no more sacrifices for him to make since there is no longer a baby. Is he really expecting her to think he is sorry how this worked out? He can’t stand to see her hurt. There is nothing left; there is no baby and no more them. She is grieving; they can get this back; he has never loved a woman like her. He is begging her to come back because he loves her that much. He doesn’t want her to throw them away in anger. They can try to start over. Meg yells that she doesn’t understand what he doesn’t get - they are done and she never wants to see him again, as she tears up and turns away. Craig slowly leaves; he sees Margo in the hallway. She must have heard? She knows it has been an awful day, but she needs him to come down to the station to answer some questions. What is she accusing him of? She wants to talk to him about attempted homicide - of Meg’s baby.

Rosanna tells Paul, who just walked in, that she was so worried, but he is back now and all is ok. Paul quietly snaps that nothing will be the same…. Meg lost their baby. She is sorry. No, she isn’t; she wanted it that way. No, she didn’t. Craig reminds her that she stood right there and said it to his face - that she wished Craig had gone ahead and killed his baby. If she said that, she only did it out of anger. No, it was her – she was being her real self – her real cruel self. If she and Craig would have had it their way, he never would have known he had a baby. He starts to leave, as Rosanna tries to stop him; where is he going? He is going to pack. She pleads with him not to leave. She made a terrible mistake; she never should have kept the truth from him. Ever since the hospital, she has been fearful and paranoid; she hates that. She has been pathological, Paul corrects. If she has been, it is because she loves and needs him. He kept secrets, told lies, made mistakes and hurt people that he loved. That is true; it has been hard for him to live with that, but then he needs to be saddled with her. That is horrible to say. Maybe that is the real him that admits to that…. maybe this is who they both are. Rosanna claims that he doesn’t mean the things he is saying; he loves her; it is a constant they have always had. Not any more, as Paul walks away.

The doctor gives Meg information on a follow up appointment. As the doctor is leaving, he wants her to remember this was an accident, which means she will be able to conceive again – even though she has had fertility issues. She doesn’t want another baby. Holden doesn’t think she should be thinking about that right now. She wants this baby. She tells him that she would have made a good home for her son; he was all that mattered – loving and caring for him - and now she will never get that chance.

Craig and Margo arrive in the Interrogation room; he is incited; it is a witch-hunt. Paul pushed Meg and he caused her to fall; he will testify to Paul’s assault. That is not why they are here… Therefore, she wants him to shut up. She takes a deep breath; did he give Meg a drug to miscarry? He pauses and then admits that he thought about it, but he didn’t do it; he stopped himself. Margo throws up her arms; she can’t believe this! He found out she was carrying Paul’s child… anyone would feel the same. She doesn’t think he should say that. That is why he was asking about how she could love Daniel. He was trying to find out if he could love another man’s child or try to kill him. Maybe in another life he could have, but he loves Meg; he couldn’t do it. He hasn’t changed; he isn’t the new improved Craig or the new improved family man. As usual, everyone that loves him gets destroyed. He tells her to walk a mile in her shoes, and she wanted to do that because he is her sister, but she won’t do it anymore because loving him is a curse.

Carly walks into the kitchen at the Farm; she asks Parker if Jack home? He is on his way. What is up? She thinks he should tell her. She wants him to look her in the eye - did he take the money out of her box to try to frame Sam? No, did Sam try blaming him? Carly grabs his backpack; she shakes it upside down and out tumbles the money. She glares at him.

Sam is talking with Cowboy Jack; he thinks that Parker is turning out to be a problem. Sam tells him that he can handle Parker, but Cowboy Jack doesn’t think he can with out his help.

How could he steal from her, Carly yells? He wasn’t going to spend it. What about Metro? He would have found a way to put the money back. He just wanted her to get rid of Sam. Sam is the one who figured it out and didn’t rat him out to his father. Parker tries to explain that he did it for her; Sam is not a good guy and he doesn’t think she should be around him. That is not for him to decide. He stole from her; he took something that wasn’t his to try to get someone else in trouble. Sam could have gone to jail for that. Does that seem fair? He didn’t think about that. That seems to be the way things are for him recently. She reminds Parker that he says he is a bad guy, but all he has tried to do is be nice to him. They hear Jack come home, as Parker asks Carly not to tell him what he did. Jack comes into the kitchen and sees them in an emotionally charged situation. What is going on? Carly pauses and then tells Parker that she is sorry; she is not going to do this. They may be divorced, but they are still his parents and they need to know what is going on with him. Carly holds up the money. Is that the money from the club? Parker did it to get Sam in trouble, but Sam found it and still chose not to turn him in. Parker chimes in that he still showed it to her though. Carly snaps for Parker not to make Sam the bad guy in this situation. What he did was 100% wrong. Jack tells Parker that he is on Carly’s side. He needs to go to his room so they can decide what to do next. Parker goes to his room, as Carly wants to know how this could happen? She has to look at it from his prospective, Jack explains. The last guy she went into business with, she ran away with and noone knew if she would ever come back. Parker is worried he is going to lose her and she won’t come back. This is different, Carly thinks. No, he has just lost so many people and he is expecting it. He set up Sam, that was wrong and he will be punished, but she has to look at her role in this too.

Craig tells Margo that she can’t hold him. Margo explains that the minute he handed Meg the glass was attempt. He tossed the glass from her hand, is just mitigation. It is like robbing a bank and then bringing the money back. Craig tells her that jurors would understand if they knew his wife cheated on him, but he changed his mind at the last moment. The male jurors would probably take him out for a drink and even a lap dance. She tells him to get out of her face, but she will be talking with Meg; if she wants to press charges, she will let her.

Rosanna wonders if he knows what the real mistake here would be? It would have been if she let him walk away from them… not because she needs him, but because Meg would have made his life miserable. Paul corrects that the real mistake was her trying to keep his son from him; he will never forgive her. He is no better then her, Rosanna yells. He agrees, and he hates himself for some of the stuff he has done. There was a time when he looked up to her; he thought she was too good for him. She would be the one that would keep him honest; that is gone now. They can get it back now, Rosanna counters.

Margo shows up at the hospital; she is so sorry; she knows it is a hard time. How is she feeling? She doesn’t know. Holden thinks she will feel better once she is in her own bed. Meg wonders where that is? Is she here on police business? Can they speak privately? Holden can stay. She has no choice to ask, but Paul told her that Craig tried to induce a miscarriage and Craig admitted to it. She will build a case. Margo thinks that Craig and Paul have put her through a lot. There will be a thorough investigation and then she will have to testify in court; before this goes any further, she wants to know if Meg can go through this on such a public stage? Holden thinks she should do it; what if Craig did it again? Holden thinks it is high time Craig gets what is coming for him. Meg says nothing.

Carly comes back to the club; Sam asks her what happened? He was right; Parker took it. She is sorry because he is her son. He set him up in a misguided attempt to protect her. Did she talk with him and find anything out. No, they don’t speak the same language anymore; things have never been easy for Parker, but he is becoming destructive. Sam thinks he should move out; he is making this harder on Parker. Jack interrupts when he comes in with Parker; they both owe him an apology. He was wrong for jumping to conclusion about him and he is sorry. Sam accepts his apology. Parker quickly chimes, albeit not convincingly, that he is sorry too. No hard feelings, as Sam holds out his hand to shake, as Parker stares at it. Carly states the obvious to Parker that he is offering his hand; Sam says it would be a fresh start, as Parker runs out. Carly calls after him. Jack explains that he apologized, but he didn’t want to; he is embarrassed. Sam understands that he is a teenager. Carly isn’t sure he should be allowed to run off. Sam leaves to give them time to talk. Jack tells her that he talked to Parker on the way over; he doesn’t think he is sorry he did this. Should they get him professional help? That is probably the case, but he will dig his heels in and resent Sam even more. Jack thinks Parker should live with him at the Farm full time. He explains quickly it is just for the time being. Carly is upset that she won’t get to see Parker. The situation is too volatile with Sam living at her house. What if the situation were to change, Carly asks?

Sam sees Parker downtown; he knows he doesn’t like him, and he understands why. Parker wants him to leave him alone. Sam wants the same. He is not after his mom; he is her friend and he is helping with the club until Kit comes back. Parker snarls that he is a liar. Sam chuckles because he should watch it. He doesn’t care; he knows he wants to get with his mom; he heard him talking to his stupid doll about her. It is a puppet and he makes him say what it does, and he never said anything about getting with his mom. He doesn’t care if he hates him, but he shouldn’t try to get him in trouble anymore because he isn’t good at it. Is he threatening him? No, but he can’t vouch for Cowboy Jack, as he leaves.

Carly tells Jack that Parker is her first priority; she will tell Sam to move out. He is happy to hear that because it will go along way with Parker. Sam comes in and tells them that he saw Parker in Old Town. After Jack heads out, Carly tells Sam that she has to talk with him and he may not like it. She has to take him up on his offer to move out – for her son’s sake. He understands that family comes first. She can put him on salary so he can afford to get his own place. He won’t let her do that; there is no money. He will bunk in the back if she is ok with that. She thanks him for understanding. Sam forces a smile and tells her that ‘Easy-going is his middle name.’

Paul tells Rosanna that he tried to be the husband she needed. Meg and his baby changed everything. The baby is gone now, Rosanna reminds him. He is so tired of pretending; he loves Meg and he never stopped. When he said his wedding vows, he was even thinking of her. Rosanna recoils; he is being cruel now. It is the truth. Rosanna tells him that she will simply give him time to get over this because she loves him that much. She tried to betray him; who is to say she wouldn’t do it again? She would never do that. She is doing and saying anything to get what she wants, Paul answers. He can’t live like that anymore. What is he saying? He wants a divorce.

Margo comes to see Craig at his suite; Meg isn’t pressing charges. He dodged another bullet. She doesn’t hate him? No, she just doesn’t want to relive what he did to her in court. She tells him that he doesn’t deserve this break, as she walks off.

Holden and Meg come in with Ethan after picking him up at the babysitter. He is going to take him upstairs to put him down, but Meg asks to hold him. Is she sure? She is. She talks to him happily; he almost had a cousin to play with, to go on hayrides with, to catch frogs with. She thinks that would have been wonderful, as she smiles widely while cuddling Ethan.

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