ATWT Update Friday 1/11/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/11/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Metro) Carly takes a reservation for a group of eight and is puzzled when the caller mentions that he likes the funny ads in the college newspaper and hopes to see more of them. Carly figures out that Sam put some adds in the college paper to draw in a young crowd. Carly thanks Sam for everything he has done for the club but she also tells him that he is getting too emotionally invested in her and in the club. Carly doesn’t think Sam would want to get involved with a woman who has so much going on in her life. Carly also makes it clear to Sam that she needs to make a success of the club on her own and that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship right now. Jack arrives with Parker, J.J. and Sage and interrupts Carly and Sam’s conversation. J.J. and Sage rush to Sam and wonder where Cowboy Jack is a Sam jokes that Cowboy Jack is at the dentist. Parker doesn’t think that being around Sam is funny and asks Carly to stop making jokes about being at the bar. Jack is tired of Parker’s smart mouth and tells him to be so meaning to his mother because she has made mistakes but she has always loved him and his brother and sister and would walk through fire for them.

(Farm) Holden holds a shotgun pointed at Craig and demands that he leave the house and leave Meg alone or he will use the gun. Meg tells Holden not to use the gun because to Craig’s warped mind he will just use it as an excuse to keep coming back to bother her because she didn’t throw him out herself. Craig apologizes to Meg for almost killing the baby but points out that he stopped himself because he loved her and couldn’t kill her child. Craig asks Meg to forgive him because she is the only person that matters in his life. Meg tells Craig that there is nothing that he could possibly say that would make her ever forgive him.

Meg tells Craig to go away because she never wants to see him again. Craig apologizes to Meg once more before he leaves the farm. Meg sits down at the kitchen table and Holden holds her as she cries Meg tells Holden she is going to make some herbal tea to drink and then go upstairs to rest. Once Holden goes upstairs Meg leaves a message for Paul that he should be careful because Craig came to see her and he is very angry and he might come see him next as soon as she hangs up the phone she thinks she should go find Paul.

(Lakeview) Paul arrives looking for Craig but is told by the desk clerk that Craig and Mrs. Montgomery went out and he isn’t sure when they will return so Paul decides to wait for Craig.

(Metro) J.J. and Sage play poker with Sam and are having a great time Parker asks his mother to listen to him because Sam has something creepy about him. Carly tells Parker that Sam is harmless he is just a lonely man who has no family.

(Police Station) Jack explains to Margo that he told the kids he had to work because he wanted them to spend more time with Carly. Jack tells Margo that Parker thinks Sam is strange and doesn’t like him at all. Margo tells jack that Sam is harmless his record is clean and maybe he and Parker are both trying to protect Carly too much after what happened with Simon. Parker calls Jack and tells him to please come pick him up because he doesn’t want to be at the bar anymore because he hates it there. Parker watches Carly put some money inside the cash register and then continues to do his homework. (Lakeview) Paul kicks in Craig’s door and bursts in his room ready to confront him about almost killing his child. Craig tells Paul he has no right to bust down his door and talk about his awful behavior because his opinion of him doesn’t matter because they are both the same they will do anything they have to do to get what they want in their life. Craig’s comments make Paul angrier and he punches Craig. Craig tells Paul that Meg is the only person that has a right to judge him because she is a good person and her opinion of him is the only opinion that matters to him. Paul tells Craig he will kill him if he comes near Meg or the baby again. Craig thinks that Paul is scared because Meg was happy with him and starting to love him. This comment makes Paul angry again and he grabs Craig to punch him again until Meg arrives and wonders what Paul is doing there.

(Police Station) Tom arrives and tells Margo that he was told that Casey might get an early release hearing but worries that Casey may be manipulating the situation for his benefit. Margo wonders how Tom can be so negative but Tom says that it is strange that Casey didn’t call to tell them about the hearing. Margo apologizes for getting upset with Tom and admits that she is scared about Casey coming home.

(Al’s Diner) Parker tells Jack he left his math book at Metro and has to return himself to get it once Parker is gone Sage tells Jack that she saw Parker leave his book on purpose. (Metro) Parker arrives and listens to Sam talking to Cowboy Jack and Cowboy Jack tells Sam that he was being too soft with Carly and all that was left was for him to ask her to do his nails. Parker pretends he didn’t hear the strange conversation. Once Sam goes out to get some air Parker tells Carly about Sam’s strange conversation with his dummy. Carly tells Parker she already talked to Sam and made things clear to him and she also promises to talk to Jack.

(Metro) When Jack arrives to pick the children up Carly asks Jack if she can spend some time alone with Parker and he promises to call her later and set up a time. (Lakeview) Meg takes Paul by the hand and tells him to come with her now. Craig tells Meg that she deserves better then either him or Paul. Craig tells Meg that she is too good for either of them because they are both the same but he at least was changing for her sake but Paul will never change. Craig tells Meg that just because she leaves him doesn’t mean that she has to go back to Paul because she should leave them both for her own safety and the safety of her baby. Craig tells Meg that before she arrived Paul was threatening to kill him. Paul gets angry at Craig and starts Punching him again Meg screams for Paul to stop and Paul punches Craig and takes his arm back to punch Craig in the stomach unaware that Meg is behind him and his elbow hits Meg in the stomach. Paul and Craig call the paramedics and when they arrive Meg asks them to keep Paul and Craig away from her.

(Hospital) Holden tells Paul and Craig to stay away from Meg because if she hadn’t tried to stop them from fighting she would not have gotten hurt. Paul and Meg refuse to leave until the hear news about Meg’s condition. (Metro) Carly goes to take a call in the back room and then Parker takes money out of the cash register and puts the money in Sam’s guitar case. (Al’s diner) Parker arrives with a smile on his face and tells Jack he doesn’t think Sam will be a problem anymore. (Metro) Carly tells Sam that the ice distributor refuses to deliver the ice and asks Sam to go pick up the ice. Carly walks over to the cash register to get the money and tells Sam she thinks they have been robbed.

(Hospital) The doctor takes Holden aside and a few minutes later Holden goes into Meg’s room to comfort her as she cries because she lost the baby. Craig looks through the window as he watches Meg sobbing in Holden’s arms.

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