ATWT Update Thursday 1/10/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/10/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At Carly’s, we hear her scream, as she races downstairs soaked wearing only a towel. She is surprised when she comes face to face with a greasy Sam.

At the Lakeview, Katie is looking in a mirror primping when Brad comes over with a box. She can’t improve on perfection. She isn’t pleased to see him. Speed dating is humiliating enough, but to have him mess with the results is even worse; she caught him red handed. All Brad says in response is that he is guilty as charged; he did it and he was wrong so he apologizes. What is he up to? Katie is surprised with his candor because he usually is full of explanations and half-truths. He comes bearing a peace offering. Katie opens the box and sees her favorite pastry. She is thrilled, as she tells him that he makes it hard for her to stay mad.

Carly and Sam are both awkward that she is standing there half dressed. Sam explains that he just fixed her water heater. She is thrilled that he was able to fix that for her easily so she could have hot water. She is thankful to have a man in the house again, as Sam is happy she appreciates him. She is going to go get dressed, as Sam closely watches her go.

Brad doesn’t expect Katie to forgive him, but she cuts him off to tell him that she can forgive him this once. He is relieved because he thought she would never forgive him. She would have, but last night was not a total bust afterall, as Joe walks in with a big bouquet of flowers and a “Hi, Beautiful” greeting. Brad’s face sours, as he watches this display.

Meg is at the farm when she hears her cell phone beeps that she has a message. She walks over to it and sees many calls from Craig. She closes her phone, but then the landline phone rings so she picks it up; it is Craig. He is happy to talk with her. He goes on about her sleeping in since she isn’t answering her phone. Meg is noticeably distant. She was taking care of her mom, she answers shortly. She tries to hang up quickly, as Craig wonders if she is trying to avoid him?

Paul is at home remembering his and Meg’s conversation about Rosanna switching the DNA results. Rosanna walks in interrupting his thoughts; she is thrilled to see him, but Paul is not at all happy. She missed him, as Paul backs off; he wants her to stay away from him; he knows what she has done.

Meg pretends that she is not avoiding him. He just worries that she is around someone with the flu. She will be fine. He will bring by breakfast, as she snaps that she is going to bed because she is tried. He will drop it off then. He is hoping that they can meet up later with the designer so they can go over plans for the nursery. Meg just takes a deep breath. He knows that he hasn’t been Mr. Sunshine recently, but he wants to be a good father to her – their - baby. Meg explains again that she can’t get away until her mom is better. Holden is walking in when he hears the last part of this statement. Meg quickly hangs up, as Holden wonders why she is lying to her husband?

Rosanna backs up as Paul approaches her. She switched the DNA results for his baby. She forces a smile; she doesn’t know what he is possibly talking about. He already knows the truth. Rosanna pretends to just realize he is Meg’s baby’s father and not Craig. Paul wants her to stop it. She has been jealous of Meg since she came back. He slept with her so her jealousy was founded. Paul spits that she knew that if he had a baby with Meg then he would leave her, so what did it cost her to erase his baby from his life- a few keystrokes and some money? Rosanna indignantly tells him that she would never do that to him. She was at the hospital during the initial DNA testing. She was unconscious. She snuck back into her room and he saw her. He doesn’t want her to bother lying. He had another test done and he is the father. Rosanna looks defeated; she doesn’t know what to say. Why doesn’t she tell him the truth for a change? Rosanna takes a deep breath; she did switch the results, but she did it because she knew he would leave her and she couldn’t let that happen. Paul glares at her; it is too late because she already did. Paul is trying to rip the key off his key chain, as Rosanna grabs at his arm. She won’t let him leave! She has no choice. Meg doesn’t need him; she has her family and Craig. Is he supposed to let them raise his child? He saved her life; she brought him back from her coma like she did for him. He can’t walk away because they depend on each other. He should have walked away when he had the chance. No, he couldn’t have because she is the one – she is the soul mate – not Meg. She was a temporary replacement. She married Craig! Meg did it for him, Paul counters. She stayed married to him when he came back, Rosanna yells back; she slept with Craig and him too – she two-timed both of them. She tried to keep his child from him. She made a mistake. What she did was unforgivable. He loves Meg and they are going to raise their child together.

Holden would like an answer since their mom is fine. Why would she be lying to her husband? Lies don’t make things easier; lies ruined his marriage. It is not the same. She is not going to walk out on Craig without a reason. They are over, but she doesn’t know how to tell him. So, she is hiding out? Meg looks down. Did he hurt her or is she afraid he will? Craig is not the father of her baby – Paul is. Holden smirks; does Craig know this? She had a paternity test done that said Craig is the father, but Rosanna switched the results. Holden understands because she wants Paul for herself. She needs to tell him something, and she can’t tell Paul because he would kill Craig. Holden shakes his head. Meg tells him that Craig tried to kill her baby. Holden looks upset.

Rosanna wags her finger at Paul; he is no better then she. She was wrong, but he let Jennifer think her baby was dead… his own sister. He did that to protect Jennifer and her son, Paul yells back. When he switches the results, it is ok and justified, but when she does it, it is a cardinal sin, Rosanna argues? He took a child away from Craig to protect it, but she gave his child to Craig…. knowing what a nightmare life his child would be in for, Paul spits. She just needs to forgive him; that is part of life. Doesn’t her motives make a difference? She is selfish and needy those are not good reasons. She did it out love – does she mean love for herself? Jennifer forgave him because she knows he switched the results out of love. She did it for the same reason; she did it because she loves him and wanted to protect him. She doesn’t know the meaning of love, Paul snarls.

Brad is standing at the table while Katie and Joe are seated, as Katie wants him to leave now. Brad pauses, glares and then wishes them a nice breakfast through gritted teeth. Katie shares her pastry with Joe, as Brad watches. She explains it is from Brad – a peace offering. She doesn’t want him to ruin their morning though. He was just wondering if Brad is his competition because he tried hard to keep them apart? It won’t happen again; she admits that she and Brad had a casual thing, but she ended it; she doesn’t want casual anymore – she wants a relationship. Joe agrees that he wants one too.

Brad shows up miserable at the diner. Henry wonders if he wants coffee or hemlock? Love sucks, Brad angrily states. Things were going well until the firefighter came along – Katie just wouldn’t admit it. Henry thinks that Brad is in trouble because women love firefighters. He needs a plan to get her back, as Henry doesn’t want any part of it. Brad grabs his arm; he doesn’t want pity; he wants him to help brainstorm so he can get Katie back.

Sam is fixing up Cowboy Jack when Carly comes back downstairs – fully dressed. She cleans up well. She struggles to get on her bracelet so Sam rushes to help. He apologizes again for seeing her in a towel. He shouldn’t worry about it because he fixed the water heater and that was more important. He knows it must be weird now that Kit isn’t there. They are working it out. How is she? Her court date hasn’t been set yet – the wheels of justice are square. Carly laughs. He knows it is hard with him being there since Jack is giving her a hard time about that. He was ok the other night with him having dinner. Parker had a blast, Sam teases. He could have been worse. They touch on how Sage enjoys being around Cowboy Jack; she lights up. Sam admits that he likes being there. She likes it too; he is earning his keep. He could find another place to stay. Carly stops him; she wants him to stay! She is being so nice to him. She can’t afford to pay him right now so he is helping her. They can be housemates without raising eyebrows. He can if she can. They should not mention the towel issue; she doesn’t want to upset Kit. What about Dudley Dooright? He definitely wouldn’t be happy either, Carly admits. It will be their little secret then, Sam says.

Henry doesn’t want to use someone else’s ID to stalk Katie in some Internet Blog. He is born to do that. Henry doesn’t want to do this. He is fighting for Katie, Brad reminds him. It won’t do him any good if he ends up in jail. That is why he can help because he is sneakier. Katie will not like it if she finds out, and therefore, she won’t like him. He is Mr. February, Brad reminds him. Henry shakes his head. Henry explains that Katie married him, but no matter what she couldn’t love him; some things are not meant to be. Brad thinks that huge, but Henry is trying to talk him down. He needs to get online, but Henry tells him that it isn’t a good idea. They are pulling in opposite directions with the laptop they are now holding. Henry will not let Brad use the Internet to perpetrate a crime against Katie. The laptop goes flying out of their hands and across the diner, as they both watch in horror.

Joe is talking about how he was in love with his ex, but she couldn’t get over her ex. Katie thinks his situation sounds like hers. She is in love with her ex, and he can’t get over his ex. They have kids though so it isn’t like they can ignore each other. Joe empathizes that would change things in how you have to handle an ex you share kids with. Katie mentions that she loves kids and wants kids – it would be a deal breaker. Joe agrees. He needs to ask her something; she talked about her ex in present tense; he wants her to be honest – is she still in love with her ex?

Paul growls to Rosanna that it is all about her. She can’t have a baby so no one else should. Rosanna starts to say no repeatedly, but Paul cautions that he knows her. She wants something and if she can’t have it, then she will be damned if she lets someone else have it. How could he leave her for Meg? He loved her first. If Craig hadn’t put her in a coma, then he wouldn’t have even given her a second look. He did and they fell in love. They have been through so much; they are meant to be. If that were true, then she wouldn’t have to lie to keep him around. What about the vows… they swore this time they would be there for each other. He can’t go back on that. He thought they had a shot. She didn’t do something small to him; she kept him from his son; he will never forgive her.

Meg starts to relay the story of how they were supposed to go to the Farm for dinner, but Craig supposedly had a romantic meal set up for them at their suite. He found a drug that induced miscarriages and put it in her drink. He knocked it out of her hand, but he got a cut and it was so dangerous that it turned into a bad infection. Her baby never would have survived if he hadn’t knocked the drink away. Holden is glad she is ok. She wonders for how long though? She was really looking forward to having a family with Craig; she was caring more and more for him each day. She should have known better that he changed. They have to keep her and the baby away from Craig, Holden cautions. She knows it is dangerous for her and the baby and that is why she and Paul are leaving town right away.

Rosanna is incited; he makes a unilateral decision that they are over, and she has no say in it. He doesn’t care about her anymore; he only cares about Meg and his baby now. He walks out the door, as Rosanna mumbles - that she wished that Craig had killed his baby – no baby no problem. Paul stops in his tracks and turns around; Craig tried to kill his baby? Rosanna stares nervously not realizing she actually said that outloud. Paul promises that Craig is a dead man. Rosanna follows him out; she doesn’t want him to do something he will regret. He can’t leave her. They can work it out. It is too late. He is and he never wants to see her again, as he stomps off. Rosanna cries out for him not to go.

Holden doesn’t think Meg should be with Paul now, but Meg is adamant that Paul would never hurt her like Craig. Holden is worried about the stress she is under. They need to keep her away from Craig; she can stay at the farm. She knows what he is trying to do, but she needs to be with the father of her baby. Holden reminds her that Paul is still with Rosanna. He won’t be for much longer. He knows that she is trying to do the best for her baby. Can she still see her with Paul after the pain they caused each other? He doesn’t think she wants that. That is where she needs to be. Paul is angry and vindictive; he is not much better then Craig. No - he is protective. Her memory is short. He can’t get between them. Paul said he wouldn’t go after him this time. Does he know that Craig tried to hurt his baby? She better hopes he doesn’t ever find out.

Craig is happily walking into the Lakeview with flowers in his arms when Rosanna calls him to tell him that it is over; Meg and Paul know the truth. What truth? They know Paul is Meg’s baby’s father. Craig sighs; it was only a matter of time. Paul also knows that he tried to kill his baby, as Craig hangs up without a word.

Outside the diner, Paul sees Barbara. He tells her without much emotion that she is going to be a father again and she a grandmother. Barbara looks confused. He is the father of Meg’s baby. She tells him congratulations, but wonders where that leaves Rosanna? She was the biggest mistake of his life. He is filing for divorce and will be back with Meg where he belongs as soon as possible. Why doesn’t he look happier? In fact, he looks like he could kill someone.

Henry and Brad sit back down, as Henry clutches the laptop. He hopes this is not permanently damaged. Brad wants him to stop worrying about that. Katie and Joe are over there having breakfast; what if she takes him upstairs for brunch? That is not her style. Does he not remember the elevator? Henry thanks him for that vivid reminder. Brad jumps up; he has to get over there now before something happens. Henry jumps up to stop him. Why is he not taking this serious? He wants to see Vienna. She is off today. Why is she the only one who wants to help him? He didn’t think they were right that is why. Opposites attract, Brad explains. Who would have thought that a hottie like Vienna would fall for a penniless, poker-playing chauffeur like him? He has unplumbed the depths. So did he. Henry reminds him that he didn’t make Vienna fall in love with him; it happened because it was right. He and Katie will happen if it is right. The difference is that Katie is trying to force it not to happen. If he doesn’t do something, then he might lose her for good.

Part of her will probably always love Jack, Katie explains. She wouldn’t blame him if he ran for the hills. She thinks that people never really stop loving their exes though. He doesn’t care about the past; does she have room in her life for him now? She does; Jack and she are over and will never be together again. She has a lot of baggage though. Is he still interested? He is, and so is she.

Sam comes in the kitchen when he smells coffee, as Carly pours him a cup. How are she and Jack getting along – they seem better last night. She thinks she has had a break through. Jack told her that he and Katie are over for good, and the old Carly would have been scheming already to find ways to get him back. Sam teases her about the new improved Carly is ok and moving on? She only cares about her kids; she wants Jack happy though. He is a fool on so many levels, Sam thinks. She thanks Sam. It also only matters if she knows she has changed; Jack doesn’t need to know. Sam tells her that he believes her. Carly smiles at him.

Paul explains that Craig hated the idea of Meg having his baby so much that he tried to kill his baby. Barbara doesn’t know if Craig would really try to hurt an unborn child. Paul doesn’t want to hear it; all he has to see is what he has done to his kids after they were born and it isn’t a stretch for him to know this. He wouldn’t have a problem murdering one of his kids. Barbara thinks Meg will never be safe around Craig because he is obsessed with her; he has to make sure that she and the baby are never around Craig again. He thought she didn’t care about Meg? She is carrying his child; it changes everything. If Rosanna did what he said, then she better steer clear of her. What is he going to do? He made a promise to Meg that he wouldn’t go after him. Can he do that? He made that promise before he knew the full story. Now that he does, then he is going to kill him. Barbara is upset; no, he can’t do that. All that matters is that he stays away from Meg and the baby.

Meg admits to Holden that she keeps praying that Paul won’t find out what Craig tried to do to their son because she couldn’t blame him for what he might do. Holden think she looks exhausted. She is. He wants her to know that he has her back. She is appreciative. He wants her to go rest. Meg goes to take her vitamins when she hears a noise outside the door. She thinks it is Holden, but she opens the door to find a very contrite looking Craig. He shouldn’t be there because of her mom. He doesn’t want her to lie, as he walks past her. He knows that she knows what he almost did; he is so sorry. Meg takes a deep breath; sorry is not going to cut it; he almost tried to kill her child. How can she ever forgive that? He didn’t go through with it that is all that matters. He loves her too much. That is not love. He will make it up to her; he can’t give up on her, even if she is carrying another man’s child, as Craig walks towards her.

Barbara tries to stop Paul from leaving. Craig hates to lose; he won’t just be losing Meg and a child he thought was his, but he will be losing his Company too. He won’t let it happen. It is already happened. Everyone – Meg, the baby and he will be in danger because he will be cornered. The only one who is in danger is Craig. You are better then Craig; she pleads with Paul to promise that he is not going after Craig.

Sam tells Carly that Jack is too used to playing things by the book; he is a fool. That is what irreconcilable differences are for, Carly smiles. She is everything that a guy would want and if Jack doesn’t see it then he doesn’t deserve her. Carly smiles broadly again at him.

Joe admits that he watches her show a lot; he loves her sense of humor. He feels as if he already knows her. Joe talks about one of her stories and she suddenly sees Brad telling her something funny, as she laughs outloud. Joe wonders what is so funny? Katie realizes what she just did and looks uncomfortable.

Brad is sitting at a table writing as Henry pours him more coffee. Henry thinks it is a waste of time because Katie doesn’t want him; he needs to just get over it, as Brad watches him go looking deflated.

Paul reminds Barbara that Craig put Rosanna in a coma for two years; what does she think he will do to Meg? They won’t let him near Meg. His unborn child can’t defend himself; he needs to stop Craig before he destroys more people that he loves. She isn’t going to let them get into this. What if Craig kills him? That won’t happen. He can’t let himself do this; he can’t wind up dead or in prison because he has a son to raise. Does she really want him to forget about this and walk away? She wants him to let her handle it. No, this fight is between him and Craig.

Meg snarls that she hates him; he tried to kill her baby. He couldn’t do anything to hurt her or the baby. He wanted too though. What did Paul say when he told him? She couldn’t tell him because Paul would have tried to kill him. She does still care for him, as Craig reaches for her face. She slaps his hand away; she despises him, as she walks away. It doesn’t matter because Rosanna told Paul anyway about what he almost did. Meg’s face drops. He has to get out of town then. He is not afraid of Paul. The only thing he wants to be with her. She will never stay married; it is over. That maybe so, he glowers because he may never get her back, but he swears on his life, that Paul Ryan will never have her.

Carly hugs Sam; he is a good guy; she is heading over to Metro and she will see him later. He picks up Cowboy Jack and starts to talk with him. Cowboy Jack thinks she may have a shot at the ‘pretty lady’ afterall.

Joe goes to pay because, as he states, he is old fashion like that. She thinks they should go Dutch. What is she trying to say? She quietly says that she doesn’t think this is what she is looking for right now. He thought they hit it off? She apologizes; it is not personal, but she thinks she is just not ready for this yet. She can’t see him again.

Soon after, Brad gets a call from Katie; she wonders if he has any free time before work? What happened to her date? It didn’t work out. She is in the mood to pulverize him in that video game they were playing before. Brad tells her that he will be right over, as he practically skips across the diner, grinning ear to ear, as Henry watches.

Barbara knows how angry he is; he has a baby coming though; he has to think of him; he has too much to lose. As long as Craig is out there, Meg and his baby are not safe. She wants to help him with this problem – for him and his baby. No, he is going to be the one that finishes this.

Craig holds her arm; she is his wife, and he loves her and he will not let her leave him for Paul Ryan. It is already done, as she pulls away and walks across the room. Look what she has done to him; she has made him a better person. He tried to kill her baby – that is the real Craig Montgomery; she is leaving him – they are over. Craig walks quickly up to her and grabs her shoulders; he will never let her leave him! Holden shows up with a shotgun and points it directly at Craig; he wants him to get his ‘filthy hands’ off of his sister! Craig pulls his hands away and looks distraught.

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