ATWT Update Wednesday 1/9/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/9/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At WOAK, Brad and Katie prepare for their show. Brad tells Katie that she is amazing that she came in chipper today after what happened with Jack. They are history, which is good news for him, but he doesn’t want to sleep with her anymore, so she guesses that is that. He has been thinking about that and he thinks they should talk about that being changed. They have to start the show so they are interrupted. Brad and Katie interview a lingerie model designer. They are talking about negligees when Brad has a dream of Katie modeling them for him. Katie brings him back to reality when she asks Brad if he is with them? Brad answers that he can’t wait to get her back in the sack; Katie looks stunned.

At the hospital, Will and Gwen bring Hallie in for an appointment with Chris. He coos over the baby and then realizes something when Gwen and Will introduce him to Hallie. Was this an open adoption? Yes. He thinks he knows the birth mother.

At Java, Aaron gets Sofie a tea. He is happy she is back at work and is moving to the Lakeview. That was thanks to Will and Gwen. Aaron thinks it is good to get back in a routine. She can stay as long as she wants because Lisa won’t care; she doesn’t know how long she can stay. Aaron doesn’t understand, but she explains that she is talking about staying in Oakdale. Can she handle not seeing Hallie ever again?

Chris tells them how he met Sofie and how she mentioned she had just had a baby- Hallie. Was she acting ok about giving up her baby? She didn’t mention it. He knows now why since she must be missing her beautiful girl.

Jack comes to see Carly as Metro; can she offer him a drink? He is ok. Why doesn’t he look happier? He is there because they have a problem - with Parker.

Parker sees Sam at the diner; Sam doesn’t want him to rush off. Can he buy him a milkshake? He doesn’t like him or his dummy so they have nothing to say.

Jack tells Carly that Parker is failing in two subjects. They are disappointed since he used to be such a good student. He is having trouble focusing in class. They will have to hire a tutor. It isn’t just his grades though, as Carly realizes it is also because of her.

Katie and Brad wrap up their interview. Katie hopes the soundman can edit out Brad’s words. The woman leaves and Brad tells Katie that he wants to go back to trying to have kids. She has been thinking; she doesn’t want to wake up pregnant and alone in a few weeks, so they won’t be having sex again. Brad wants to talk more; what changed? She was trying to have a baby for the wrong reasons; it is inappropriate. They are good together, Brad counters. Having a baby when she isn’t in a committed relationship is wrong for them and a baby; they should just be friends. They could be friends with benefits Brad tries. She wants to fall in love again and be in a relationship again…. just not with him, as Brad is about to admit something, but then stops himself.

Sam suggests since he is living at his mom’s, they should get along. Parker doesn’t want him mooching off his mom. He doesn’t blame him for thinking like that, but it isn’t permanent. He is helping while Kit is away, but Parker doesn’t believe him. His mom asked him to stay and help at the club while Kit is gone; he respects his mom too much to do try to hurt her or take advantage of her in any way.

Carly thinks Jack should talk to Parker alone because he won’t listen to her. Jack thinks they should talk to him together. Carly is surprised. They can explain to him that they understand what he is going through, but they have to set him straight. They need to go find Parker. Grades were coming out today, so he is not around, Jack explains. Sam walks in behind them and listens for a moment; he tells them that he can help them, but Jack snaps that they don’t need his help.

Aaron thinks it would be hard not to see Hallie and plus, he would miss her. She would miss him too. He just wants her to think about it long before she does anything. He needs to get to work, but he will help her bring her stuff from the Wagon Wheel to the Lakeview later. After Aaron leaves, Chris sees Sofie and reminds her that they met the other day at the hospital. Sofie remembers him. He didn’t realize she gave up her child for adoption. She just didn’t want to get into it. Will is his cousin and he just saw her baby – she is beautiful. He is sorry for upsetting her. He couldn’t have known, Sofie understands. It is hard for her to say the words. Chris thinks she is brave, selfless, and she did the best thing for her baby. He tells her that they have help available at the hospital. She knows, but she didn’t take the pamphlets. He can get her a referral if he calls his office, as he bids her farewell.

Katie explains that she is going to move on and find someone new; if he is her friend then he will support her. All Brad can say is for her to be happy. Can he take her out for drinks to talk about where they are going to go from there? She has plans; she may even being going on a date with Mr. Right tonight, as Brad looks distraught.

Downtown, Will has to go do work for school, as he worries about leaving Gwen for the time. She will be fine; new mothers do things alone all the time. He leaves and Sofie sees Gwen with Hallie struggling to get something out of a bag. Gwen tells her about Hallie’s first check up after Sofie is concerned. She is fine and all the hospital personnel loved her. She asks if she wants to hold her? Is she sure? Yes, as Sofie takes her.

At the Lakeview, Vienna sees Katie all dressed up and assumes she is meeting Brad. No, she is actually doing speed dating. Vienna is upset because Brad will love her and give her the baby she wants. She needs to date someone new. She has to go sign up, as Katie walks away. Brad asks Vienna if she has seen Katie? Yes, she is going on a dating spree and he needs to stop her!

Jack doesn’t want Sam to butt into their family. Carly defends Sam; he helped her New Years and he has stepped up quite a bit since then. Carly tells him that he is a decent guy who helped her out a lot. Jack apologizes and Sam tells them he knows where Parker is. So, Jack and Carly go find him at the diner. Did Sam rat him out? They are upset about his grades. Is he going to put him in jail, Parker asks sarcastically? They know things have been tough, but if he falls behind in school, it will affect him for life, Carly answers. Parker snidely responds that he wants to aspire to be perfect like her. Jack steps in; no one at the table is perfect. They are trying their hardest and they need him to meet them halfway. The principal said he could take some make up tests and get some extra help. Carly tells Parker that there is no hockey or hanging out with his friends. She lies and they have to live with it, but he fails his classes and he is grounded? Why? He is the kid, Carly snaps back. That is the best she can do? Jack starts to defend Carly, but Carly takes over and speaks strongly. Does he think actions don’t have consequences? He is acting like her life is wonderful. She is sharing her home with another woman’s boyfriend and his doll instead of being there with her husband and her kids, as Jack hides a smile. She is missing her kids growing up. She messed up, but she will not stand by and let him do the same thing. Jack tells Parker to go home and study. Carly tells him to be mad, but remember that she loves him. Parker mumbles ‘Whatever’, as he leaves. Carly tells Jack that she wishes she knew how to get through to him. Jack thinks she did.

Aaron walks over to Sofie, who is holding Hallie. Gwen tells her to see if Hallie will grab her finger. They are all happily talking and looking at the baby when Sofie is thrilled that Hallie smiled at her. Gwen tells her that she is smiling at her birth mom.

Parker goes to Metro to see Sam; he wants him to stop spying on him and ratting him out to his mom and dad. He wasn’t; his parents were looking for him and he just told them where he was. He knows he just did it to get in good with his mom. Why is he so suspicious? He doesn’t trust him or his dummy. Sam gently tells him to leave Cowboy Jack out of it. Parker warns Sam to leave him and his mom alone.

Jack tells Carly that she was tough with Parker, but that is what he needs. She is glad they talked to him together; Parker is lucky to have him. They are a team; they are all that he has. She is glad he said that…. she would like to be there more for her kids. Can he let their kids stay with her more? Can he do that for her and his family?

Vienna tells Brad that she has a plan. She stops a man going into speed dating and tells him that Brad, who she points out, is there because of Oakdale Now, and they are planning on doing an undercover expose on speed dating. She doesn’t want her private life on TV, so she is no longer doing it. What is he going to do? He agrees and decides to leave after he tries to pick up Vienna – to no avail, as Vienna grabs his nametag. She then gives it to Brad and tells him to go get the woman of his dreams. Katie starts the process and Brad sits down next to her. What is he doing there? He is looking for a hot day with her. He followed her? Yes. He can’t sneak in there and try to date her; it is legitimate. She sees his nametag says Stan, as she rolls his eyes. It is his middle name. He won’t ruin this for her. The bell rings and the woman tells everyone to move to the next table. Katie meets with a man, named Joe, who tells her that he was looking forward to talking with her, as Brad meets with a woman who is strange, as she runs her fingers through his hair telling him what nice follicles he has. Brad is watching Katie past her. Did the bell ring yet, he asks? No, they have 4 min and 32 seconds left. Joe tells Katie that he has seen her show and likes it. She thinks he looks familiar, as she finally realizes from where. He was Mr. Feb in a Fireman calendar. He is embarrassed. She liked his picture best. She wonders what does he like to do? He likes to hang out down by the lake and have a picnic. There would be noone else besides them, the rabbits and wild flowers. Katie is thrilled that he likes rabbits, as he seems to be perfect for her. Brad looks nervous.

Carly pleads with Jack; Kit is gone. Sam is there though and he is a felon. He is reformed – as is she. Sage and JJ miss her and being at the house; Parker is distant. He can’t do it all on his own. She can help with the kids if he lets her. Jack admits that it is hard trying to figure out what is best with their kids. He thinks for a bit. Fine, he relents; they can stay with her more. He is willing to try something new.

Sam is talking with Cowboy Jack on the stairs at Metro. Cowboy Jack says that Parker knows he has the hots for his mom. Sam answers that she is not interested. Cowboy Jack reminds him that he isn’t a quitter, so what is he going to do to get her?

Jack tells Carly that he doesn’t like Sam – it isn’t like he is a role model. Carly explains that it is not like he hangs out with her and the kids; he is at the club most nights. When is he leaving? He will leave when she pays him and he gets enough money to move out. Jack agrees, as long as he stays away from Parker. Can they do it tonight? Jack laughs- he guesses so.

Gwen invites Aaron and Sofie to dinner. They are moving her stuff from Wagon Wheel to the Lakeview. Gwen thinks she should reconsider, as she leaves. Sofie admits to Aaron that she doesn’t know if she can handle it. He thought she wanted time with her baby. What if it is too soon? He thinks she will know if it feels right, but it can’t hurt her to figure things out. She does want to see her baby again.

The woman tells the people at speed dating to fill out the form of whom they feel they have a match with and put them in the bowl. The woman wants to see more of Brad so she puts his name on the sheet of paper and puts it in the bowl. Brad goes to the man that hit it off with Katie, who is putting her name in the bowl. Brad explains that Katie is high maintenance, but the man is undaunted; he will take his chances. Brad then walks over to Katie, who is writing down the man’s name on her card too. After Katie leaves, Vienna asks Brad how it went? It didn’t and he needs her help, as Vienna asks the woman in charge to come with her to talk about booking a speed dating party at her place. After Vienna finesses her away, Brad rips up the card where the man wrote that he wants to spend more time with Katie. The woman later passes out cards and Katie had no matches except for Brad/Stan, as she is disappointed. Vienna walks over; that proves they are a match. She wonders why Joe did not pick her? She thought they had sparks. Vienna tells Katie to give Brad another chance. It is not going to happen. Brad approaches Joe; he wonders why he didn’t get a match from Katie? He thought they had sparks. Brad says he tried to warn him, as Joe leaves and Brad and Vienna stop Katie from talking with him. Brad thinks that men were just intimidated by her, but he isn’t. Vienna tells Katie that Brad is the right choice for her, as she leaves. She isn’t going to date him. Fine, but can he take her out for a consolation latte after she turns down his request for a date? Ok, as they head out.

Aaron and Sofie show up for dinner at Will and Gwen’s. Gwen asks Sofie if she wants to feed Hallie? She slowly agrees, as Gwen goes to get Hallie. Is she ok, Aaron asks? She gets this overwhelming feeling… a good feeling everytime she is with Hallie. Gwen brings over Hallie and Aaron helps Sofie feed her. Alison knocks; she has come over with more gifts for the baby, as she looks upset to see Aaron there with Sofie. Gwen invites her to stay, as Alison looks unsure and out of place.

Outside of Java, Katie tells Brad that she can’t believe she was a loser at speed dating. She isn’t; she is perfect. Too bad noone else thinks that. Brad tells her that she just needs that one special guy, as Katie sees Joe over his shoulder. She asks Brad to order her a latte, as Brad leaves unaware that Katie has spotted Joe. She walks over to him and tells him that she thought they were a match. He did too, and that is why he wrote her name down, as did he. He wonders why they didn’t end up matched up? She has a pretty good idea.

Gwen goes to check on Hallie, as an uncomfortable Alison is cleaning the table with Aaron, so she goes to join her. Aaron looks sad after she leaves. Alison wonders if it is weird that Sofie is hanging around with her – with her being the birth mom? It is strange but they promised her. They think they are handling it and are doing the right thing. Doesn’t she? She does; she wants her to forget that she said anything. Gwen apologizes for her having to see Aaron with Sofie. Alison realizes she was the one that told him that they should date other people, but seeing him there with Sofie was hard. Gwen wonders if she ready to let Aaron go? Out in the livingroom, Sofie hears Hallie cry; every time she hears her baby cry, it breaks her heart. Alison comes out to find Aaron comforting Sofie.

Katie and Joe make a plan to call each other and go out soon, as they suggest some things are meant to be. After he leaves, she goes into Java and strides quickly over to an unsuspecting Brad; he is so busted, she says annoyed. What is she talking about? Guess who she ran into outside? Joe. She sees the ripped up cards from speed dating in his jacket pocket… that is so low. He can explain. She snarls that she doesn’t want his pathetic excuses! Outside of work, she doesn’t want to talk or see him again!

Jack brings Parker and Sage over to the house. JJ is at a sleep over. He could be at one too, Parker offers. No way. He won’t be going anywhere until his grades improve. What kind of pizza are they having, Sage wonders? She bought plenty of pizza – even enough for Jack too, if he wants to stay…. As Sage pleads with him to stay.

Everyone is leaving Gwen and Will’s. Gwen offers Sofie to say good night to Hallie. She doesn’t want to wake her, as she makes a quick get away, as Aaron gives Alison a backwards glance. A saddened Alison brings the dishes into the kitchen. Inside, Gwen thinks it went as good as to be expected. It may be ok having Sofie around. Outside, Sofie cries to Aaron that she can’t do it anymore – it hurts too much seeing Sofie.

Sam comes in just as it seems Jack may say yes to Carly’s invite. Sam hopes they don’t mind if he stays, as Carly says it is ok if Jack doesn’t mind. Jack pauses for a moment and then says he is ok with that. Parker wonders if he has a say? They chime in unison that he doesn’t. Jack tells Parker to behave, as he tells Carly that he is going to take a rain check. After Jack leaves, he looks back through the door at Carly, Sam and the kids starting dinner and seems bothered by the picture.

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