ATWT Update Tuesday 1/8/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/8/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Al’s Diner) Luke and Noah meet after Luke’s doctors appointment and Noah wonders why Luke is looking at a college course catalog. Luke is excited to tell Noah his doctor said he can go back to school and he can’t wait to move into the dorms. Noah thinks that the dorms wouldn’t be a good place for Luke to be right now. Luke thinks that Noah is worried because he doesn’t think he can take care of himself. Noah explains that he doesn’t think that he just thinks that they should get an apartment together and live like a real couple. Luke is shocked to be hearing these words from Noah and the two start searching the newspaper for apartments.

(Old Town) Lily takes a few pills from a bottle of pills but sees Lucinda coming and quickly puts the pills back in the bottle then she hides the bottle. Lucinda wonders why Lily is sitting outside on a bench when it is so cold and she also wonders where he friend Dusty is today. Lily tells her mother that she and Dusty broke up because he still loves Emily and then she asks Lucinda not to gloat over the fact she was right. Lucinda tells Lily she fees badly that she and Dusty broke up and that she got hurt by him but the relationship never would have lasted because they are both in love with other people. Lucinda encourages Lily to be strong and give her life a new start because even though she loves Holden she must learn to live without him. Lily doesn’t feel very strong right now so Lucinda reminds her that she has four beautiful children and a mother who love her very much. Lily smiles a little and tells Lucinda she is going to visit her kids at the farm because a hug from them will make her feel better. Once Lucinda leaves Lily takes out the pills and puts two pills in her mouth.

(Farm) Faith and Natalie complain to Holden because they are bored and have nothing to do so he tells them that he can give them some chores to do. Bonnie arrives a few minutes later and is very happy to let the girls borrow her twilight zone DVD collection since they missed their Twilight zone marathon on New year’s eve. The girls ask Holden to make popcorn while they teach Bonnie how to make cookies from scratch.

(Lakeview) Chris tries to persuade Emily that they should begin looking for a place to live but Emily changes the subject by giving Chris a long kiss and then leaving to go to work. Dusty meets with the private investigator he hired to find out if there were drugs in Bob’s coffee cup. The investigator makes it clear to Dusty that he isn’t a doctor but the lab where he had the cup tested found an unknown substance in the cup but they must run further tests to determine what the substance is that was in the cup. The investigator tells Dusty this will take time unless Dusty can give him the blood test results that were run on the victim. Emily hides and overhears the conversation between Dusty and the investigator an gets so angry she pops out and thinks Dusty is ridiculous to think that Bob was poisoned. Dusty tells the investigator they will talk later and tells Emily he is doing research on a story. Emily asks Dusty who he thinks is responsible but she doesn’t even finish the sentence before she knows he blames Chris for Bob’s stroke.

(Farm) Bonnie is grateful that Brad left a roll of store bought cookies in the kitchen because she had no idea how to bake cookies from scratch. Bonnie grabs the milk and cookies and is about to go upstairs when Holden stops her to thank her for making the girls smile because they have not done that in a long time.

(Al’s Diner) Henry tells Luke and Noah that Maddie made the Dean’s list and will be glad to know that they are doing well because she asks about them all the time. Luke admits to Noah that he is nervous about living alone with him because he isn’t physically ready to take their relationship to the next level.

(Lakeview) Emily wonders why Dusty has such a vendetta against Chris but Dusty tells her she knows the answer to that question. Dusty doesn’t want Chris to hurt anybody else like he hurt Bob. Emily tells Dusty that Chris loves his father very much and would never poison him. Chris arrives and dares Dusty to go to the police with the proof he has that he hurt his own father. Chris also tells Dusty that he loves his father and would never hurt him. Chris thinks Dusty is making up the evidence he has because he hates him. Dusty tells Chris he doesn’t want to go to the police because he wants to handle things his own way.

(Farm) Lily arrives unexpectedly to visit the kids and is having a nice talk with Holden about the store bought cookies in Emma’s kitchen. Bonnie comes downstairs wondering why Holden is taking so long bringing the soft drinks upstairs. Lily gets angry and yells at Holden that he didn’t even wait for the ink on the divorce papers to get dry. Faith and Natalie are watching the outburst and in which Lily also yells at Bonnie for taking advantage of her vulnerable clients. Holden demands Lily talk to him outside and Holden asks Bonnie to stay with the girls. Holden tells Lily that Bonnie never encouraged him to get a divorce and she has been nothing but a friend to him. Lily apologizes to Holden for her out burst and Holden tells Lily that she should never drag the kids into their problems because the girls will remember this for the rest of their lives. Lily tells Holden that seeing him with someone else and getting used to living without him is hard for her. Holden admits to Lily he is worried about her but he has faith that she is strong enough to handle this change. Lily goes back and tells the girls that she has a terrible headache and that caused her to say those horrible things to Bonnie and Holden. Lily gives the girls a hug and tells them to have fun watching the twilight zone she also asks them to call her tomorrow.

(Al’s Diner) Henry advises Luke not to move in with Noah because they should both be enjoying college life. Before they plunge into a serious relationship. Once Noah returns from making phone calls he and Luke go to look at apartments. (Lakeview) Once Dusty leaves Evan arrives and pressures Chris to organize a cocktail party to tell the press about his research project and gets very angry when Chris tells him it isn’t the right time right now. Evan tells Chris he will take his project to Harvard where they are more then happy to tell everyone about his project. Chris tells Evan he will have the party and asks Evan to call his assistant about the arrangements. Once Evan is gone Emily thinks the party isn’t a good idea and Chris thinks she has doubts about him because of what Dusty told her. Emily assures Chris that she knows he is a gifted healer and would never hurt his father. Chris gets beeped and must leave but he gives Emily a kiss before leaving and the audience can see the doubt on Emily’s face.

(Al’s Diner) Luke tells Noah they should live in the dorms but Noah doesn't want to live in the dorms because he wants to be alone with him. Luke thinks that Noah is still trying to prove something to his father even though he is in prison and points out he also rushed into moving in with Maddie. Noah explains that he is lonely even though he lives in a crowded dorm he has no friends. Noah explains to Luke that he is the only person he has in his life and he felt happy at the farm because he had a real family for the first time. Luke calls Emma and surprises Noah when he tells him that Emma agreed to allow him to live at the farm permanently. Noah is very happy because he gets a real family and be with the person he loves. Luke gives Noah the key to the farm and the two hug.

(Hospital) Dusty asks Alison to spy on Chris because he thinks Chris provoked Bob’s stroke . Alison defends Chris and she doesn’t think he would ever hurt his father. Dusty tells Alison that he is afraid that Emily may be in danger if she is with Chris. Alison agrees to give Dusty any information she discovers but is positive she won’t find anything at all. Chris sees Dusty talking to Alison and once Dusty leaves Chris wonders what she and Dusty were talking about but Alison says they were not talking about anything important. Chris tells Alison that Dusty has been accusing him of things that are not true and also tells her that Dusty is fighting dirty. Alison tells Chris that Dusty is fighting dirty because he loves Emily. (Outside the Lakeview) Dusty thinks Emily is having doubts about Chris because no matter what she says to him he can see the doubts in her eyes.

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