ATWT Update Monday 1/7/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/7/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At Metro, Carly struggles with carrying the dishes, as Sam rushes to help. That is the second time he rescued her; she may not let him ever leave. He hopes not.

At the Farm, Jack is on the phone fielding questions about Sam and whether he will be booking gigs – call Metro, he suggests. Parker thinks Jack has been in bad mood since New Years; what did mom do to break up he and Katie? She didn’t do anything. Then, he knows who did do something.

At the Lakeview, Brad opens the door when an employee brings Katie her ‘order’. After Brad takes the covered plate, he closes the door, but then he reopens it long enough to hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign up and then closes the door again.

It doesn’t matter what Brad did because he was off his game, and let Katie slip away himself, Jack admits. He will be better prepared next time. Parker agrees because he is on the case. He knows just the thing to win Katie back.

Is he really planning on staying around, Carly asks? Yes, is she worried about Jack getting upset? No, she was thinking about Kit. She must have been lonely in lock up in Idaho. He is sure she is strong. He promised Kit that he would help with the heavy lifting at Metro. Carly wants him to tell Kit that she shouldn’t worry about Metro. She is tough, and they will be a success. How is her singing and guitar playing though? Speaking of which, can she talk him into one more performance. He is hers, as long as she needs.

At the Lakeview, Meg meets with Paul. What does she want from him? She was hoping he would have gotten there earlier because she doesn’t know how long they have now until Craig gets back. Paul snaps that she should be lucky he is even there. What is he there for? She is now convinced that the baby is not Craig’s. Why would he think something like that; is she playing a game? No, it is because of Craig.

At Java, Craig meets with a designer. His mind is elsewhere though. The designer asks him if he is ok? He is fine, but he doesn’t know why the nursery has to be so large for a small baby? The designer is confused because before he thought he wanted a whole wing for the chip off the old block? That is not what the baby is or ever will be.

Craig has been horrible to her, Meg explains. Paul sarcastically wonders if she has met her husband? He hasn’t wanted to be near her or the baby, he doesn’t want to go to any appointments or even touch her. Paul laughs; is she surprised by his behavior? Meg snaps that she is, because it is an about face from before. She even asked if he wanted to name the baby Craig, and he said no. Paul admits that is surprising for an egomaniac. Meg is annoyed because she now thinks that someone has switched her DNA results, and Craig must have found out. Maybe she doesn’t want to deal with having Satan’s spawn, Paul answers. Meg wonders why he won’t entertain the possibility? He let himself believe it before and he got hurt when it wasn’t his baby. What if she can get him proof? She is going to the hospital to get another test. He can’t go; Last time he went there, he got caught and Rosanna ended up in a coma. Where is she? She is in Detroit on business. Then it won’t be a problem. He is going to have to learn to deal with the fact that it could be his baby. They were both devastated by the results before. What if there is even a 1% chance this baby could be his? Does he really want to let Craig raise his baby? Paul takes Meg by the arm and race off.

Parker explains that he won hockey tickets and he thought Jack and Katie could go together? They could have a candle light dinner first. Jack reminds him that the last time he took her to a hockey game Katie got hit by a puck. She always talked about what fun she had though, Parker counters. Does he really think it is going to be that easy to win her back? No, but he should start small and never give up – that is what he always taught him. Jack agrees and decides to go ask Katie out.

Sam wonders if Jack is still on her to get rid of him? He eased up since he pleased the crown New Years Eve; he wants her to succeed. Therefore, he won’t mind if he sings there again. It doesn’t matter; she will do the best for Metro and her family. Jack should stop picking on her and get a life, Sam thinks. He did have a life. She ruined it for him. He will never forgive her and he is still trying to get Katie back. She would rather see Jack happy with Katie then miserable without her, and if she is whom he wants, then she wishes him the best.

At the Lakeview, Henry sees Jack trying to go see Katie. Does he want to see his puppy first? Jack realizes he is trying to stall him. Is he afraid they are upstairs trying to make a baby? Henry suggests he call first. Jack takes him up on this, as Jack hears Brad answers upset they are being interrupted, as Katie is yelling for him to finish what he started in background. Jack hangs up and Henry apologizes for having to hear that. They can get a drink at the bar. Jack isn’t going down without a fight; he isn’t going to let Katie make a baby with Brad, as he heads for the elevator. Henry will toast to that, as he heads over to the bar.

Sam wonders if Katie even wants Jack? Why is he interested? He knows what a broken heart can do for business. He understands because his business faltered when he and Kit broke up before. She is not going to blow their investment over Jack – even if he is the love of her life. She is his inspiration; he will have to come up with a song about her. Sam heads into the kitchen to bring her dishes back there. Right after, a man comes in and asks for Sam, as he comes out of the back and wonders what he is doing there?

Meg asks Susan if they can get another DNA test done because Eli approved of it before he left town. Susan thinks she should contact her OBGYN. The tests are not for her; they are for Paul. She wondered why he was lurking nearby, but it doesn’t matter because she isn’t doing it. Meg knows she is asking for a lot. She isn’t because she simply doesn’t want to. Paul knows it is because she doesn’t like him. She doesn’t like blueberries; she actually despises him because he destroyed his daughter’s life. Meg explains that she thinks Craig may not be her baby’s father; the results might have been switched. Susan thinks it serves them right after Paul’s baby switch. It was horrible, but this baby never did anything to hurt anyone; doesn’t she think the baby deserves to know who his father is? Either way, the baby is in for a rude awakening. Fine, she will do the test, as they head into an exam room. Right after they walk into the room, Craig walks up a nurse and wonders where Evan Walsh’s office is?

Sam tells the man that he didn’t want him to come here. He thought he owed it to him, as Carly listens. They talk quietly and finally Sam loudly tells him that he isn’t going to Texas. The man tells him that he gives up. As he heads for the door, he asks Carly what she is paying Sam? She isn’t paying him anything. He is out of his mind then because he turned down a great paying 4-week gig in Austin with the potential for it to turn into something much more. Carly is amazed and horrified; is he insane? He needs to go there now!

Jack is knocking loudly on Katie’s door. He wants to talk with Katie. Brad yells back that they are in the middle of something, as Katie yells yes; he is awesome. Jack paces for a moment, and then kicks down the door, as his mouth is open after what he finds.

Carly wonders why Sam isn’t going? Sam says goodbye to the man. She can’t pay him anything because she is still tens of thousand dollars in the hole. That doesn’t matter because he still isn’t doing that gig. Why not? Because of her.

Jack sees that Brad and Katie are playing a video game. Is he a moron, Brad wonders? Brad and Katie are talking about getting to the highest level on the game when he interrupted. Jack wants to talk with Katie alone, but Brad doesn’t want to leave. He kicked in a door; that is against the law? Katie wants him to give them a minute. Brad leaves begrudgingly after he warns him not to hurt her.

Susan tells the nurse to rush the results. They thank her for doing this; she doesn’t want their thanks; she wants a guarantee that Paul will stay out of Emily’s life for good now. Craig is heard outside the door in an annoyed voice asking why noone can get him to Evan Walsh’s office. The nurse tells him that Dr. Stewart would know and so he heads to open the door where Susan is with Meg and Paul after the nurse directs him there. Susan cuts him off at the pass when she opens the door quickly and walks out to meet him. What can she do for him? He needs to find Evan. Does she know where to find him? No, but she understand congratulations are in order. He assumes she is talking about his ME working with Evan Walsh. She was talking about the fact that he was having another baby. She bumped into Meg who told her; isn’t he excited to form another human being into his image, as she walks away. Craig leaves as well annoyed. Inside the room, Paul tells Meg that he is gone. She starts to hyperventilate. Is it the baby? She was scared, but Paul thinks it is more. Has Craig threatened or hurt her? He wants Meg to tell him what Craig did to her.

Sam explains that he can’t leave now because he made her and Kit a promise and he never goes back on his word or else he would feel guilty. She gave him a chance when noone else would. He can dedicate a song to her, Carly jokes. He doesn’t know how he can repay her for all she has done for him when noone else would. He is not only going to dedicate a song to her, but he is also staying with her. Carly tells him to forget it.

Katie thanks the hotel employee for fixing the door so promptly. Jack apologizes to Katie. Is he ok? Yes. Should he mind his own business? Bingo. He didn’t bust the door in because jealous or wants to control her life. Ok, maybe it was. He doesn’t want her hurt again. By Brad? They are good. He doesn’t have to worry because Operation Baby is over; it was off since before New Years. Jack thinks it is great; it was a good decision on her part. It wasn’t her decision; it was Brad’s.

Downstairs, Brad is upset that Henry told Jack to go upstairs. If she takes Jack back, he will never forgive him. Henry wonders if Brad doesn’t truly believe that Jack and Katie getting back together isn’t for the best? No, not at all, as he tries to go back upstairs, but Henry stops him. Does he think it would make Katie happy to make a baby with someone she doesn’t love? No, and that is why they haven’t done it 135 hours and 23 minutes… and that is how it is going to stay. Henry realizes Brad is falling for her. He is so mixed up in his feelings since he met Katie. Jack told him that trying to sleep with her is not the way to get her. They hang out now as friends and she is happy. He just sees the amazing human being that she is. Why is he looking at him like that? Henry knew Brad was gone, but he didn’t know how far.

Jack smirks; Brad wanted to stop having sex and not her? He has been fun and sweet. They have been concentrating on being friends. Jack explains that Brad did it because he told him that that he wouldn’t win her over with just sex. Why were they talking about her? He wanted Brad to leave so she could spend time with him on New Years Eve. She was there to work. They all knew that wasn’t why he asked her there. He can’t believe he is doing that to her. He is doing this to get her to sleep with him. It is an act. He wasn’t using her; she was using him...not just to have a baby. Why else would she want him? To get back at him.

Margo and Danny see Craig downtown. Danny blows Craig off and leaves to see friend. He still thinks he is involved with kidnapping? Can he blame him? They talk about his hand and then they talk about how someone can love a child that is not their own. How does someone treat a child as their own when they are someone else’s?

Meg explains that Craig has done nothing. He is acting out because he must know her baby is his. Paul has never seen her this upset. She should prepare herself for the possibility still that this baby is not his. Can she really raise a child with Craig? She knows it is his child. Susan interrupts when she opens the door, as Meg jumps a little. –

It is too soon for definitive DNA, but she got some blood labs back and that the results they have for ‘other’ doesn’t match the results they have today. Paul doesn’t understand what that means, but Meg does. She tells him that means that he is her baby’s father!

Brad told her that he knows she was using the baby making as revenge on him, Jack repeats. He knew it and still went forward? That is class. Don’t blame him, Katie snaps. She was being vindictive, and she didn’t want to face it. Noone would blame her for trying to get back at him. She would have brought a child into this world because of spite – that makes her a great mom. She stopped it though and that does means she will make a great mom one day. She has a good strong heart; she doesn’t think it feels strong when she is around him. He was hoping she would feel that way. Jack walks close to Katie. It doesn’t matter because she has to stay away from him.

Carly tells Sam that she is keeping him from Kit and now thousands of dollars and fame. He never cared about that stuff. She has to offer him money to stay. She won’t make a profit for months though. He knows of another way for her to compensate him, but her ex isn’t going to like it.

Jack wonders if Katie still feels something for him? Yes. However, she still has to stay away? She was excited to be with him on New Years. He was even going to ask to kiss her too, as they get closer to one another. Katie adds that then he ran off to help Carly. It is important for that club to succeed. It directly affects his family. She gets that, but it is more then that; Carly has a pull over him. He loves her not Carly. She knows that, but she can’t trust him anymore. Jack has a realization; that is what he said to Carly. She didn’t believe it either. She didn’t believe it at first when Mike ended things because of that, but eventually she had to accept it. They can’t be over; neither one wants that, Jack answers.

Brad wants to go, but Henry stops him to remind him that Katie loves Jack. He knows that and that is why Henry can’t tell anyone what he knows. He won’t and he is sorry for him; he has been where he is right now. He was in love with Katie and she was in love with someone else. It isn’t going to end well.

Katie explains that they have done this a bunch of times; she says they are over, but then he does something to charm her and win her over, and then she believes they can work, but then she ends up hurt and hating herself. He is sorry for that. When was the last time they made each other happy, Katie asks? Right now. Every time he sees her that makes him happy. Not her; she is scared to believe him and that she will lose him again. That is how she feels when she sees him. That is not good, Jack realizes. He really wanted to make her happy and he is sorry that he couldn’t. She is a wonderful woman and she deserves happiness. He is sorry. Jack heads for the door, but then he stops. Parker wanted her to have these hockey tickets, as he tosses them down. He is still trying to get them back together? He is not usually an optimist but he believes in them – like he does. If she goes to the game, be careful for the pucks because he would hate to see her hurt again, as he leaves. Katie picks up the tickets and starts to get emotional.

Margo answers that possession is 9/10ths of law… it has nothing to do with how much you love your child. Danny’s is Emily’s, but his father is the love of her life and the greatest guy in the world. He cheated on her, Craig counters. She is not a saint, she forgave him and the outcome is that she gets Danny in her life. Where does she get off being understanding? Are they related? If they weren’t related, would he disown her? Never. She wants to know how he, Meg and the baby are? They are great. Are they really ok? He doesn’t want her to go detective on him. He will see her later.

At Yo’s, Paul and Meg rush in; they are having a baby, Paul happily declares, as noone cares. They want to celebrate, as they share a kiss. Paul looks sad. What is wrong, Meg asks? Rosanna. She thought…as her voice trails off. Did she think it would be that easy to pick up and leave Rosanna? Meg sits down. He loves her, but he cares about Rosanna too. Paul wonders who switched the results? He bets Craig. She thinks Rosanna. He thinks it is impossible. Craig was initially excited about the baby after he got over the fact that they slept together. It was only just recently that his feelings changed. Rosanna also just went to see Craig. He didn’t know that. She lied to him and admitted to her that she went to see Craig. Why didn’t he tell her? It didn’t make sense before, but now it does. Paul realizes that Rosanna went to Craig to make sure he kept his mouth shut.

Henry tells Brad drinks on him – fellow Katie-sufferer-in-love. When Brad sees Jack leave through the lobby; it is a sign that he is not going to suffer now. Brad goes to see Katie, who is crying. She doesn’t want to talk. Does she want to play more video games or stuff their face with chocolate cake? She actually wants him to make love to her. Brad repeats her words. They kiss, but Brad stops it - making a baby right now is not what she needs. That is not what she wants. She doesn’t want a baby anymore, Brad asks confused? She does, but that isn’t what this is about, as she goes to kiss Brad again. She wants him. Why? Because she is ticked off with Jack? Because he is the one person who has made her laugh – he is amazing; she wants it; she wants him. They kiss somemore. He can’t; Brad stops Katie again..

Parker sees Jack come home; did he give Katie the tickets? Yes. Parker thinks that is great. She is going, but not with him. What did his mom do? Nothing. Brad? He did something wonderful; he made Katie smile. That doesn’t mean she likes him better. Brad is a goofball. For the first time in a long time, he saw her genuinely happy. No matter what they think of Brad, he is glad that Brad could do that for her because he can’t anymore.

Katie thinks Brad doesn’t want to do it because he thinks she may fall for him? No, that is not it. He doesn’t want her to do something she will regret. She wants him to stop trying to protect her; she wants him to stop telling her what she thinks and feels; he is just like his brother, as she kicks him out. Brad tries to stop her, but she pushes him out the door. Brad is in the hallway talking to himself; he can’t have sex with her because he is in love with her. He paces some more and tells himself that he is going to just say it straight; he loves her. He goes to knock and then stops.

Carly doesn’t want Sam to worry about Jack; she wonders what Sam wants from her? He just wants to stay at the house a little longer and some food. Carly looks unsure. Jack says if he is at the house, then her kids can’t come see her there. Sam quickly tells her not to worry about it. Carly thinks for a moment and then tells him to let her worry about Jack. She is more worried about how he is going to handle her leftovers. They have a deal? They do. He is good man and she is lucky to have him, as she kisses him on the cheek. She walks away, as Sam says to himself that he is the lucky one.

If Rosanna had anything to do with this, he wants her back in town. Why… to punish her, Meg asks? She lied to them and Craig covered it up. They need to think of their baby now; they have to protect him and make sure he is happy, as they embrace. Meg then realizes she should tell Craig tonight, but Paul doesn’t want her anywhere near Craig.

Craig is drinking in the Lakeview lounge, as he remembers Margo’s words about loving Danny and getting over what Tom did. He picks up his phone, calls his designer, and tells the person that he has changed his mind; he wants his son to have the whole wing. Nothing is too good for his son.

They can’t play games with Craig; they have to keep their baby safe. Paul doesn’t want Meg near Craig; she has to do whatever it takes to keep Craig away from her. She can tell him Emma is sick and that she needs to stay at the Farm. Paul thinks that is a good idea. She can’t wait for them to be a family. That sounds nice, Paul answers. The sooner they put Craig and Rosanna behind the better, as they hug, but Paul’s face doesn’t show the same feelings about that last statement.

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