ATWT Update Friday 1/4/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/4/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Dora

Craig snuggles closer to Meg in bed, then pulls away. She reminds him that he is in bed with the CEO of Montgomery Enterprises, he can go in as late as he likes. She asks about his hand and his head? He promises not to ever mix alcohol and medications again. Suddenly she feels a twinge and puts Craig’s hand on her tummy, but he jerks it away.

Holden calls Bonnie and after some playful banter she takes pity on him and accepts what they are calling it nowadays, a ‘date’. He suggests a movie and she says it will cost him more than a box of popcorn and a beverage. He quips he might be persuaded to swing for the candy if she insists.

Dusty waltzes into the police station and Margo wonders sarcastically what he is doing there of his own free will. He needs her help. He mentions that he needs to get in and see Bob. She reminds him that she is a cop, not a nurse and she has no control over the visiting hours at Memorial. He says it’s not the hours, it’s the access. Her brother-in-law locked him out. She asks if he is asking her to pull rank on hospital security? He asks since she is family if she can speak to Bob. After that, Chris can throw him out again. Tom walks up and tells Dusty that from what he understands, Chris had every right to throw him out. After Dusty’s visit, his dad ended up stressed and sedated. Dusty tells him he is not the reason his father was sedated. Tom wishes to know if he is suggesting his dad’s condition is somehow Chris’ fault and Dusty said that is exactly what he is saying.

Emily and Chris smooch as the elevator stops and they depart. He gets a phone call and has to run, leaving her alone until Lily walks around the corner. She snarks was that little loving couple routine for her benefit? Emily offers that she and Chris don’t have to make a show of their relationship. Lily is surprised, is that what she is calling it? Yeah, replies Emily. Lily surmises that she thought she and Dusty were having a relationship too until he slept with Emily. Emily tells her to stop making it sound like Emily is a home-wrecker. She points out that Lily and Dusty were not having a relationship; it was an affair. Lily wonders what Emily calls what she did? She replies it was a mistake… never should have happened. Then, Lily asks, why did it happen? Just to prove that she could do it or see if she could get him back? Emily pulls backward and says she is not having this conversation. Lily announces that she really isn’t a home-wrecker, just a whore.

Meg asks Craig why did he take his hand away and he lays it to his bad hand. But when she takes the other one and puts it there, he does the same, saying he’s just not up for this and is still tired from yesterday. He doesn’t like that she dissects every single word he says and reminds her that he already said he wasn’t feeling well. She explains that it’s not only that he doesn’t want to feel the baby kick, but he jerked his hand away like he didn’t want to have anything to do with the baby or her. It can’t be the baby as he hasn’t done anything. So that leaves her; what’s wrong? He tells her he knows he’s not acting like the best dad this morning, but they can chalk it up to feeling sick about…….recent events. He’s going to take a shower.

Emily asks Lily what did she just call her? Lily repeats it – a whore….you know, somebody who sleeps with anyone she can get her hands on. Emily retorts okay, since they are throwing around accusations….how about adultery? Or did she happen to get a divorce from Holden while nobody was looking? Lily replies, “Holden knew about Dusty and me. Does Chris know that you brought the New Year in with a big bang? Emily wants to leave Chris out of this, but Lily asks why? Why should she let Emily ruin his life the same way she has hers?

Tom tells Dusty he better have something to back up that statement about his brother if he doesn’t want a slander suit. Dusty says his father’s stroke doesn’t sit right with him. Chris knows more than he is letting on and that is why he needs to talk to Bob. Margo states that is not going to happen. Bob is now regaining consciousness and if the family doesn’t want him in the room, then he has to respect those wishes. Dusty points out that Bob woke up and started talking and Chris had him sedated. Is he the only one that thinks that is a little off? Tom offers that his brother is devastated about their dad’s condition, and he’s trying to run a hospital too, so lay off this family tragedy as grounds for a personal attack. Is this because of Emily?

Emily tells Lily that she doesn’t want Dusty, she’s happy with Chris. Lily wonders – do very happy women have one-night stands? Emily shares with her – it was a mistake. She can have Dusty, he’s all Lily’s, Emily won’t get in the way. Lily says she already has. She’s always been there between her and Dusty because he wants her. He never really wanted Lily, he always wanted Emily. Chris walks up and interrupts and feels the tension, but Emily manages to give him a kiss and send him on his way. Lily calls her a pro, a real pro that just looked Chris in the eye and lied to him. She shouldn’t be surprised as that is exactly how she treated Dusty. Emily says she told Dusty. She was always honest with him. It wasn’t her fault that he didn’t listen. Lily quips perhaps it was the timing. Did she tell him before or after she slept with him? How could he not understand her message if she was so clear? Flaunting her relationship with Chris in front of Dusty’s nose. She just wanted to be a challenge, Dusty to fight for her. She raises her voice and Emily reminds her that he is making a scene. Lily marches off.

Tom and Margo want to know exactly what are they supposed to ask Chris? Dusty suggests it might have something to do with the fight that he and his dad had just before Bob’s collapsed. He overheard the two of them going at it. And Tom’s brother isn’t as cute as he used to be. Margo says all she hears is accusations and insinuations, nothing solid. Dusty says he understands they are trying to do what’s right for the family, but not Chris, he is out for himself. Margo adds, “Donovan, you’re skating on some pretty thin ice here.” Dusty points out that the first thing Chris did when becoming Chief of Staff was to green light the Evan Walsh/Craig Montgomery research project when everybody knew Bob was against it. Was that a coincidence?

Lily walks into a bar and orders a vodka, very little soda. A stranger sits beside her and strikes up a conversation about building a fire to ward off the chill. Looks like she is having one of those days. She corrects him – one of those lives. Jay says he’s been there. She asks so what does he do, just come here and drink his troubles away? He remarks that is one of his tricks, but he has others up his sleeve. But he’s not sure a classy lady like her would go for it. She says he never knows until he asks. He pulls out a bottle of pills.

Meg tells Jan she knows this could get her in trouble, but she needs her help. She needs to see her husband’s medical records as he has been acting very strangely lately. Jan agrees, strange is not the word for it. He was flipping out over a doll at a little lunch party. Meg thinks he might be keeping something from him. Chris Hughes treated him just recently and both said it was for an infection, but maybe it wasn’t. He’s been so sweet in the past, but now his whole attitude about the baby has changed. It’s like he’s scared that he won’t be around to see his son grow up. And she knows she probably just has some crazy ideas rolling around in her head, but she needs some answers. She knows she is asking for a lot, but maybe there is something she can do to help Craig. Jan says she will see what she can do.

Lily tells Jay that nope, she had a little problem with these babies in the past and she said never again. He keeps talking, making them more attractive as just recreational relaxation and they aren’t addictive and finally she gives in and says she has nothing to lose, so just one.

Tom tells Dusty that he has no proof and he’s not going to let him talk about his family like this. Dusty apologizes and says he shouldn’t have come here about this. Tom grumbles that you bet he shouldn’t, and he’s behind his brother 100% on this one. If Dusty doesn’t stay the hell away from his father he will slap a harassment suit against him that will make him wish he were the one in intensive care. Dusty asks what happens when he does get proof? Tom barks, “I’m not holding my breath, Dusty! Back off! Stay the hell away from my family! Don’t be the one who winds up sorry.”

Lily plays a song on the jukebox and declares that she feels really good, so free. Jay asks if she knows what is even better than being free – not being alone. He puts out his arms and she glides into them to dance, then her head on his shoulder. Faith calls Holden to ask where her mom is. She did not pick her up from dance class. Holden says he will be right there. The music has stopped and Jay and Lily are still dancing. Until he says perhaps it is time to blow this joint and go and cheer each other up. Is she interested? She looks at him long and hard and says she is very interested. As Holden picks Faith up, they run into Bonnie who tells him this better not be his taste in fine dining.

Jan tells Emily that it was just an infection. Craig will take medication for a few days and be just fine. Meg asks about the drug xyphorex that was in his system. Is it experimental or what is it used for? Jan says it is not experimental but doctors are discouraged from prescribing it to women of child bearing age as it can cause miscarriages. Meg doesn’t understand; apparently the xyphorex was the cause of the infection. How could that happen? The xyphorex must have come in contact with the wound. Meg remembers that she went to take a drink and Craig knocked it out of her hand and the glass broke cutting Craig’s hand. Jan says it is a good thing it was him and not her; she could have lost the baby.

Emily bumps into Dusty in the plaza and asks does he have a death wish? Neither does she, thanks to his girlfriend. He’d better call off Lily or she won’t be responsible for what happens next. Dusty informs her that Lily is his friend, not girlfriend. She says she is not going to play semantics with him, but Lily cornered her at the Lakeview and made a scene. He doesn’t believe her, Lily wouldn’t do that. Emily argues that she did, and why in the hell did he tell her about New Year’s Eve? He wonders why she has a problem with the truth? She starts that she tried to tell him that she didn’t want to be with him. He says she should start by being honest with herself.

Out in the air, Lily feels a little woozy and Jay offers to call a cab. Holden apologizes to Bonnie for forgetting to call her. He explains that Lily forgot to pick Faith up from dance class so he needs to get her and take her home. Can they do this another time? She says yeah she is a lawyer and used to adjournments. She will collect another time.

Emily tells Dusty he should get off his high horse after all the things he has done. He remarks she has done worse. She wonders if he has told Lily that? He says no, but should he have? She says no, but why did he tell her they had slept together? He had no right to be so damn personal at her expense. He says he thought he was doing the right thing; he just loves her. She barks that she doesn’t love him. He asks was he all alone in his car on New Year’s Eve? Was that just his imagination? She asks him to just face it. They are not destined to be together….it’s just the way it is. So what now? Is he just going to make her and Chris pay for it the rest of their lives? He tells her not to make him into the bad guy. Her boyfriend is the one pulling all the strings. She fires back that is not true, there are no strings, no manipulations. Chris is just a decent guy that is finally treating her the way she should be treated. Dusty gets in her face and says that decent guy is all an act. He’s a sham and he’s surprised that she’d fall for a guy like that.

Craig asks Meg where she went? He came out of the shower and she was gone. She tells him she had a doctor’s appointment and since he wasn’t feeling well, she went by herself. He can go next time. Isn’t he even going to ask about the baby? She got another sonogram today and she can tell their son is going to be the spitting imagine of Craig. He thinks that is ridiculous and even more so when she wants to name it Craig Montgomery Jr. Absolutely not! She can use her father’s name, but that name is absolutely not on the table. She thought he would be happy for his son to bear his name. He remarks she doesn’t know how much, but not this baby. He makes excuses that he really has to go, he’s so far behind. He’s lost so much time with this infection and bad reaction to medication. And he’s learned his mistake with drinking and taking drugs. He rushes out before she can offer to go with him. When he’s gone, she ponders, “he really doesn’t want this baby. Why?.....that’s impossible.”

Holden insists that the bellboy open Lily’s door, she could be in trouble. He finds her there conked out across the bed. He finally wakes Lily and tells her not to scare him like that again. It was like when she was in the coma. She says she is fine and she's sorry. She turned her phone off as she didn’t want any more bad news today. She feels terrible that she forgot Faith. She explains that she just took an antihistamine and then she had to rest as she had a bad reaction…she’d been so stressed and it was just one pill. She starts tearing up and he realizes she is still not feeling well and suggests they go to the farm so he can take care of her.

Emily tells Dusty he is the only one playing game here. But he declares that he has always been honest with her and the way he feels. She knows how much he wants her. She tells him to stop it, just leave her and Chris alone. And tell Lily to leave New Year’s Eve alone. He says he can’t control Lily. She tells him he’d better because if Lily ruins what she has with Chris, it will all be Dusty’s fault and she will never forgive him.

Lily says Holden has no idea how good that makes her feel. The farm will be so good. She knows she has made it so difficult for him, but being there as a family will be good. He assures her he just wants what is best for her, always has, just until she is okay and can do it for herself. Dejected, she changes her mind, it wouldn’t be good to give the kids false hope. She should stay here at the hotel where she can get 24 hour service….hot tea and soup. He wants to make sure she is okay and she says she is.

Meg calls Jan and says she really needs to get in touch with Eli. Jan tells her that he quit not too long ago…just out of the blue he announced he was going to quit and travel in Europe and none of them thought he knew how to enjoy life. Word is he came into some money, perhaps a rich relative. Or a big payoff, mutters Meg. Immediately she tries to call Eli just on the chance he might get this call. His mailbox is full so she asks if he can call her back, she needs to talk to him about the possibility of someone changing the DNA tests.

Lily calls the farm and Holden has to persuade Faith to come talk to her. Her mother apologizes for feeling bad, putting her feet up and drifting to sleep. They’ll do something tomorrow if she is feeling better. She tells Holden, “she took a nap and forgot about me. Happy now?”

Margo tells Tom he almost decked Donovan in there so now she is going to have to play the Devil’s Advocate. She’s gotten to know him pretty well over the years and while he may evade and shade every now and then, it’s always to protect himself or someone he loves. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. And grant it, he may still have the hots for Emily, but that doesn’t account for attacking Chris like that… she wonders. Tom tells her to stop wondering. Chris would never hurt his father. And yes Chris is ambitious and they have their differences, but bottom line is that Chris idolizes his father. It’s the reason he became a doctor in the first place. And Tom points out there is a big difference in public scrutiny for his father and ending up in a hospital bed. Dusty’s accusations are biased and the rantings of a jealous man.

Emily pushes Chris against the corridor wall and plants a big kiss on him. That was according to instructions – not to take the nightshift again tonight. He remarks that was the kindest reminder he’s ever gotten. Things seemed a little intense with Lily; was it about Dusty? Emily says yeah they broke up and Lily is pretty upset. Chris offers that Dusty seems to mess up every life he touches. Maybe they should take her out to eat to show her they are here for her. Emily doesn't think that is a good idea. She’s being irrational throwing blame everywhere. She thinks it best if they both just stay as far away from Lily as they can and that whole mess.

Dusty slips into Bob’s office and starts looking around, handling papers when he drops one. As he bends to pick it up, he spies a coffee cup lying on the ground. He takes out his handkerchief and scoops up Dr. Bob’s cup, calls someone and says he needs something analyzed.

Meg calls Paul and leaves a message to call her as soon as he can. She has news; it’s about the baby.

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