ATWT Update Thursday 1/3/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/3/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

In the Lakeview lounge, Craig demands that Paul look at the ‘baby’; does it look like its daddy? Paul tries to blow him off, as Meg tries to drag Craig away. When Craig persists, Paul relents to shut Craig up; it looks like you, Paul tells him. Craig doesn’t agree, and so he wants to hear it now from Meg, but Rosanna yells for him to stop it because it this has gone on long enough.

At Java Café, Dusty is leaving another message for Emily, as she walks in. Why didn’t she answer her phone? She was busy. He wants to talk about last night, but Emily isn’t willing. What happened did happen and now they move on; it is over. They made love. Emily doesn’t want to talk about it still so Dusty suggests she go with him to his room.

At the farm, Lily arrives to pick up Ethan. Holden is taking down the mistletoe. She asks how his New Years was? It was good. How was hers? Great. Lily then realizes that Luke told Holden that Dusty stood her up.

Emily explains that she is busy because, as she reminds Dusty that he is the one who insisted she go back to work; she has a story and deadline. No she doesn’t. They were so good together; he doesn’t want her to deny it. She won’t, but it won’t change anything. She starts to leave. He has a headline for her; ‘Dusty loves Emily’. There is small print, she explains, she is still with Chris and that is how it is going to stay.

Meg wants Craig to stop about the fake baby; it looks like noone… it isn’t real Craig continues to yell about Paul trying to make a fool out of him. Paul wants to leave, but Craig insists they say goodbye to the baby. Paul wants to know how someone who was the proudest soon to be father has turned into a raving lunatic? Craig walks toward Paul – he is in love and it can make you crazy; it can make you see things even if you know what the truth is. Meg explains he is running a fever and on medication and doesn’t know what he is saying, as she drags him away. Paul smirks; the freak show is over so let’s go get dinner, he suggests.

Dusty is amazed that Emily is staying with Chris…even after last night. Chris is lying – what about what he did to his father? She is tired of defending her boyfriend. Chris can’t do it for her. Maybe she likes that he doesn’t know her past – he wouldn’t want to be with her since she is damaged goods. Is that what she thinks he sees when he looks at her? He is all about the damsel in distress; he loves to rescue people. Isn’t that why she is with Lily? Dusty doesn’t think that deserves a response. She is a sexy woman wasting her time with a kid. He is a good man she emphasizes… unlike him, Dusty asks? They have been through good and bad times because that is what love is; if she tells him that she loves Chri, he still won’t believe her. Does he want her to say that she loves him, Emily quietly asks? She won’t ever say those words.

Susan charges into see Chris wondering how Bob had a setback? Chris explains Bob was awake, they were monitoring his progress and then Dusty said something to him; Dusty is sure that he did something to rise through the ranks by hurting his father. Bob had a stroke though? He didn’t cause that. Chris explains that Dusty sees a conspiracy theory in everything. Susan can’t imagine that Dusty would want to harm Bob; he worked very closely with him through Jen’s foundation and he was grateful for what he did for Johnny. Either way, he won’t let Dusty near his dad and anyone else he loves anymore.

Dusty doesn’t need Emily to say it because he knows she loves her and he loves her too. Emily smirks; he is so sure of himself. Why would she want to be with someone who burned her so badly? He would never do it again. If something in the future happens that hurts them, they will get past it like they did last night. She admits they have an intense connection, but that is a recipe for disaster for her. He thinks it is a recipe for happiness and he will prove it. She doesn’t need him to prove it to her because she already knows that he is no good for her.

Lily tells Holden that Dusty had work so she went to Metro to support Carly. She changes the subject quickly to the fact that she knows the Twilight Zone fell through. Who ratted him out? She saw him with Bonnie at the Lakeview; they looked comfy. Noone would blame him for not wanting to spend New Years alone. They are interrupted when Dusty calls and Lily anxiously answers and does not make any bones about being subtle; Dusty wants to see her, so Lily quickly asks Holden to watch Ethan a little longer. She tells Dusty that she can’t wait to see him, as Holden is standing right there. Lily heads out, as Holden slightly shakes his head.

Meg wants to know how much Craig drank? He had two maybe three drinks. He was acting horrible – is there something else going on? The poison/infection went to his brain, Craig tries to joke. She grabs his pills; he wasn’t supposed to drink on medication. ‘Warning: do not take medication if pregnant’, Craig babbles. Meg wants to know what he means? Craig is babbling and then talking about forgetting about his troubles. Meg wonders if he is still worried about their baby having Gaucher’s Disease? Is that why he is drinking?

Paul is laughing about how Craig was acting. Rosanna wants to change the subject, but Paul is mimicking Craig talking about who the baby looks like. Paul realizes she no longer thinks it is funny; whatever is going on with Craig and Meg has nothing to do with them, as Rosanna looks down.

Craig wonders why he would be worried about the Disease? He is the father. She wants him to remember the 75% chance the baby is fine and even then it is treatable. She wants him to go to bed, as she takes his hand and Craig recoils in pain. She apologizes for hurting him. Craig tells her that it is too late for that. She realizes they are talking about Paul. She thought they were past that? Craig laughs; they are married, she sleeps with Paul and then she gets pregnant. That is a bit hard to get over. Meg reminds him that they took a test and it proved that the baby is his. She wants their marriage to work, but it won’t, if he can’t forgive her or get past it. Meg explains that when he found out about her and Paul, she was afraid, but he told her that he loved her and wanted a family with her more then anything. He didn’t fully understand the depth of the Paul factor, Craig growls. She is done with him and is fully committed to him. He hates what he did to him and them, Craig shouts! She thought they were done talking about Paul. Craig wants her to leave him alone. She will, but she won’t be blindsided by this. What will he be like when the baby comes? Will he tear into her when their son comes? She is starting to think this isn’t going to work. He is starting to think the same. What does he mean, Meg asks nervously? She thought he wanted a second chance at being a father and at being a family. He wants her to leave now so he can be alone, but she doesn’t want to, but Craig screeches for her to go, so she does.

Rosanna doesn’t have much of an appetite. Paul laughs again, as Rosanna realizes he is thinking of Craig again. Seeing him lose it is a one time experience, Paul triumphantly answers. Rosanna leaves the table to go the Ladies Room and hears Meg telling the front desk clerk to hold the calls to her room while she is out. She heads back to the table where Paul apologizes for talking about Craig again. Rosanna tells Paul that she was hoping to get a massage appointment with her masseuse, an appointment just opened up and she thinks it might help her relax. Would he mind? Paul tells her that he is going to stay for dessert and will see her after. Rosanna comments about how he is practically glowing. He can’t help it; they took Craig’s house, money and power and he always seemed to bounce back, but this time is different. He doesn’t know what happened, but he loves that it did; doesn’t she feel vindicated too? Rosanna forces a smile and tells him that she agrees before she heads off.

Craig is drinking again when he leaves a message for Meg to come home. He hears the door and assumes it is Meg. It is Rosanna; she wonders if has she lost his mind?

Downtown, Dusty meets up with Lily. He showed up that is a good sign. How was her New Years? It was horrible, but the highlight was her son’s boyfriend pitying her and asking her to dance. He is sorry because he got tied up. He knows that is a lousy excuse. They need to talk; can they go somewhere? Lily looks nervous and wants to talk right there.

Susan doesn’t agree with Chris regarding Dusty and she doesn’t think that he should be Bob’s primary physician. He should ask for help; that is what a good doctor would do – that is what Bob did. Does she always talk to her bosses like that? She talked like that to Bob; she does have trouble shutting up sometimes. Emily walks up; what are they talking about? What would his dad do when she talks like that to him, Chris wonders? Susan answers that he would listen and then does what he thinks is best. He will take that under advisement. That is all she could ask for. Emily tells Chris that she brought him some food. Did she get his message last night? No, she must have left her phone at the office. He is sorry that he had to bail on her. She is the sorry one; his dad needed him and she never should have suggested they go out. He knows it is just because she wanted to spend the New Years with the man she cares about most in the world, as Emily looks down guiltily.

Dusty explains that he was at the hospital; he could have called her and told her. She assumes he was investigating Chris. He saw Emily after. Did they run into each other and have a drink? They did more then that – Dusty pauses - they slept together, as Lily’s face drops. She gets up; she can’t believe Emily. He stops chasing her and now she pulls some tricks to get him to sleep with her, Lily angrily snaps. She didn’t pull any tricks, Dusty replies. They both wanted it. Does he think Emily wants him? She has been rubbing her boy toy in his face sine she returned. Sometimes when people are hurt they turn to the wrong person. Is that what she did with him; he was there waiting with open arms. He cares about her. Was sleeping with Emily a goodbye? No, he is in love with her, Dusty admits.

Chris wonders what did she do for New Years? Not much, as Emily changes the subject. How is his dad? He is ok, but thanks to Dusty, they have to sedate him. He is so determined to get him that he doesn’t care whom he hurts. He tried to call her to talk to her, but she didn’t pick up. She was sleeping soundly. She didn’t see the ball drop? No, she guesses not. Can he blame Dusty for that too, as he kisses her neck and Emily looks riddled with guilt?

Lily is upset; he is in love with Emily? He was honest with her. He told her that his relationship with Emily was over. What does she want him to say? She doesn’t know; she wants him to say the things he always says – that she is beautiful, that she won’t be alone and that he will always be there for her…. that he doesn’t want Emily – he wants her. She doesn’t love him – she wants Holden back, Dusty replies. She stopped fighting for her marriage because she was sleeping with him. Her mother and everyone else called her a fool. They told her to plead for Holden to take her back to save her marriage. She told her mother that Holden didn’t want her; she told her that he was the only one who made her feel safe and wanted. They are friends. As Lily angrily repeats the words. She was the old standby friend that helped him find his way back to the woman he loves, so he could abandon her. Now, Holden wants a quickie divorce. Dusty doesn’t understand that because they still love each other. Yes, he knows that because she cried to him about this. She made Holden believe that she was important to him. She is. She thinks that is true only when he is alone. Now, he has Emily and she has noone.

Meg comes to the Farm to see Emma. Holden tells her that she is out, but he will listen to her. It is about Craig, so maybe she wants to rethink that. He fine with that. She knows he doesn’t like him; Emma explains that Craig is trying to change. Will he still think that after she admits that Craig said some not so nice things to her and she doesn’t even know if he wants to still stay married. Holden tells her that he is a jerk he always thought he was because who wouldn’t want to stay married to his beautiful loyal sister? She isn’t so loyal; she lied to Craig. Holden thinks then he can provide insight. He is going to get inside Craig’s mind? She lied to Craig and Lily lied to him. He snapped and said a bunch of things that he didn’t mean them. They are getting a divorce; that doesn’t bode well, Meg answers. They stopped listening to one another and that is why that happened. There is still hope because she blames herself and not Craig so that proves they aren’t that far-gone. He thinks she should cut him some slack. Meg laughs. She never thought she would see the day he would defend her husband. She sees Craig left her a message.

Rosanna is upset that Craig almost ruined it for them; he almost told them the truth. Would that be so bad? They both know that Meg would go running back to Paul if she found out. It is killing him that she is carrying Paul’s child. He almost gave her something so she would miscarry and lose the baby. Rosanna is horrified; he would do that to a baby? If she loves Paul so much, why doesn’t she tell him the truth? She can’t lose Paul, and she knows he doesn’t want to lose Meg. He has to promise that he won’t hurt the baby. Craig pauses for a moment before he tells her that he can’t hurt the baby. He must know that a child doesn’t have to be biological for someone to love it as its own. She isn’t being asked to raise her enemy’s baby. He can love the baby of the woman he loves more then anything because that is the only way he will keep her, as Rosanna heads out. Meg bumps into her coming off the elevator. Where was she coming from? That isn’t her business. She was coming from Craig’s? Isn’t she quick to jump to conclusions? Craig left her a message and got interrupted – she must have been the one who showed up. She thinks it might have been room service. Meg threatens to check the security tapes, so Rosanna admits to it. She did go see Craig; Meg wants to know why? Craig went after Paul like a mad man; he is always harassing him. She wanted him to leave them alone. That is not why she went to see Craig. Paul wouldn’t let her fight his battles. He would have gone to Craig himself.

Craig is agitated and pacing around the room; he picks up his coat sees the sonogram and is even more infuriated, then he sees the fake doll on the couch beneath his coat, and violently throws the doll across the room.

Rosanna admits that Paul didn’t know she went to see Craig; she said she was getting a massage. Meg is surprised she lied to Paul. Rosanna reminds her that she has done the same. Paul would get upset about her going to see Craig, because he doesn’t care about her or Craig much, but she loves Paul and she can’t stand by and watch him get hurt repeatedly. Paul walks over and wonders if everything is ok? She is fine; they just bumped into one another. How was her massage? She is feeling better so they should go home.

Dusty tells Lily that he thought they were helping each other through tough times. Lily agrees; she shared her most intimate thoughts with him. He always knew she would go back to Holden. He made promises to her; he said he would always be there for her and now she has to suffer the consequences of believing that. No, she is going to fight to get Holden back. Lily disagrees because he has moved on and is dating someone new. Maybe he can go back to who he was with before, but she can’t because Holden moved on.

Chris tells Emily he will try to get away, but after what Dusty pulled, he can’t trust the nursing staff so he isn’t sure. Emily is upset; Dusty has a vendetta because of her. It isn’t her fault he is a psycho. She is worried because he looks exhausted. She doesn’t want him to waste all his time and energy on Dusty because then not be able to do his job. He won’t let it come to that. Emily rolls her eyes because he doesn’t know Dusty. Chris reminds her that Dusty doesn’t know him.

Dusty doesn’t know what to say. There isn’t anything to say because she has to go pick up Ethan; she has nothing to be ashamed of, Dusty explains. She got dumped that in itself is devastating but to have to tell her ex husband, that is even more fun, Lily sarcastically answers… she can’t wait to tell Holden. She didn’t get dumped; he got turned around on his feelings for Emily. That makes her feel less embarrassed, Lily again sarcastically answers. Holden is the one who should feel embarrassed for not realizing that he has an amazing woman. Lily snarls; she doesn’t want him doing that; she doesn’t want him telling her things he thinks she wants to hear. She is tired of that; he told her that he would always be there for her and that was a lie too, as she stomps off.

Meg comes back upstairs and sees the doll on the floor. Why does this doll upset him so much? She tosses it in the trash. She saw Rosanna in the lobby; she came up to see him? She volunteered that information, Craig wonders? She guessed it because Rosanna isn’t good at keeping secrets. …that is what she thinks, Craig snaps back. What does that mean, Meg asks?

Paul apologizes to Rosanna for her having to deal with Meg. It was no big deal. When he was laughing at Craig, it had nothing to do with Meg. He has let go of her completely. Why is he still obsessed with Craig then? He hated him long before Meg. It is mostly because of her. When he saw how upset he was, he enjoyed it. Rosanna wishes he would stop thinking of the past. He will think of his future then and he is looking right at her, as they kiss.

Emily thinks Dusty would get the message when he was thrown out. Maybe he can hire a guard for his dad? Chris gets beeped; he has to take this. Dusty walk over, as Emily warns him to stay away from Bob. He is here to see her. Why? He was honest with Lily and he told her that they slept together. Why would he do that?

Lily is getting herself together outside the Farm, as Holden brings Ethan out. Lily is flustered, as Holden notices it. Is everything ok? He is the last person she should be talking about this with. Is he that judgmental? He is, but this time he would be right because she and Dusty are over.

He told Lily the truth. He gets a conscience now… he is an idiot. He wants them to move forward now. Is Lily going to tell Chris? He doesn’t care, but she does. What part of the statement that she isn’t leaving Chris for him does he not get? He thinks they have a real chance. He has nerve for telling her how to feel and about their future. She is not leaving Chris for him, as she stomps off.

Everyone warned her about Dusty; she knows what she did and how she cost herself her marriage. She knows he probably won’t forgive her? He doesn’t know, Holden admits as Lily leaves as tears are welling up in her eyes.

Craig tells Meg he doesn’t know what he is saying because of the alcohol, drugs or infection. Meg tells Crag that she knows she hurt him and that it will take time for him to forgive her, but she isn’t giving up on him or their marriage. Craig tells her that he is going to bed. Meg rubs her stomach as she talks to her unborn child; she knows something is wrong with his daddy and she is going to find out what it is.

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