ATWT Update Wednesday 1/2/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/2/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At the Farm, Craig calls out for Meg. He has been looking for her; He woke up and she was gone. We spent the night here, Meg says confused, as Craig sees Paul holding his son. Why is he holding my son? Tell Paul to give his baby to him! She wishes she could, but she can’t. Why is she doing this? She knew this was Paul’s baby from the moment she looked into his eyes; a mother knows. Paul holds his son up, as he remarks about the baby being a chip off the old block. Craig awakens with a start, calling out ‘No’, as Meg sleeps beside him.

Outside his home, Will thanks Paul for coming to the Christening. He wouldn’t miss his niece’s Christening; it is a one-time affair. I am sorry I took my anger out on you, Will tells him. Don’t worry about it, Paul answers; he understands why he was so angry. Does mom know? She came by, but he wouldn’t let her see their daughter. Paul says nothing. Is he judging him? No. He is not trying to punish her. Will just thinks Barbara takes things too far. Is he going to keep their mom out of his family’s life forever? If that is what it takes to protect Hallie.

At the hospital, Barbara is meeting with her doctor, who wants her to sit when he comes in with her test results. She is fine, so she knows her tests results must show that. When the doctor says nothing, Barbara demands to know what is wrong?

Aaron sees Alison shopping downtown, as she is hoisting around many shopping bags filled with baby stuff. Is she going to the Christening? Yes. Is he? Yep. He admits that he only bought a card, but if she puts his card on one of her gifts then he will take her. Alison pretends to act thrilled. They could go for hot chocolate later. Is there room in his truck? She doesn’t have that many gifts. Alison means because of Sofie.

Chris leaves a message for Emily apologizes for being gone all night. He hangs up and sees Sofie sitting tenderly down. He asks her if she just had a C-section? How did he know? It is a doctor’s eye, but it was in the way she sat down. Sofie smiles. He goes on to tell her that she also has that distinctive new mom look, as Sofie looks down.

Rosanna explains to Gwen that Carly woke up with a sore throat, but she wants them to take lots of pictures and she also sent a gift. Gwen opens the box and sees Parker and Sage’s Christening gown, as Gwen is thrilled. It hits Gwen about how happy they are now that they have a baby. She has changed their lives so much already. Rosanna remarks quietly how baby’s will do that to a person’ life.

Craig is trying to change the bandage on his cut when Meg wakes up. He is annoyed as he tries to do it; he pulls his hand back when Meg tries to help. She can see it looks infected; what was in that glass? Craig thinks back to putting the drug in Meg’s drink, and then whipping it out of her hand. Craig comes back to reality, as Meg tells him that his hand doesn’t look right and she is taking him to the hospital. He is not going! It is just a cut. It should have healed by now. He might need antibiotics. She trusted to listen to him when they were handling the take over of Worldwide, now he needs to trust her; this is her job. He will go, but he will go alone. No, she will go with him to make sure he goes. Craig is irate. She hopes their son isn’t as stubborn.

Sofie isn’t going to the Christening; she was invited though Alison answers. Aaron tells her that she thinks it is too soon. Alison understands. She wonders if the in vitro worked, if she would have felt the same way as Sofie seeing Will and Gwen with the baby? Aaron knows she would have handled it well because she is strong… much more then she gives herself credit for. Can he give her a ride? She would like that, but she is going to pass because she needs to tap into that strength and get there on her own; she will see him there.

Chris introduces himself as Chief of Staff to Sofie. Isn’t he too young? He gets that a lot. She didn’t mean to offend him. She didn’t. Was he right? She did give birth right before Christmas…to a daughter. What is her name? Hallie. Chris asks Sofie what her name is? A nurse interrupts and when Chris turns around Sofie is gone.

Did they make a mistake, Barbara wonders? The doctor wants to make sure she knows her options. She just needs time to process. If she needs help, then she should let him know. She knows what her next step is; she just needs to take it. Barbara picks up the phone and calls Paul… just as he and everyone is leaving for the Christening.

Chris looks at Craig’s hand. He confirms Meg’s diagnosis that it is infected. Craig teases Meg about saying I told you so. She will save those up for later. Did he really cut this only on glass, Chris asks? Yes. Craig changes the subject and asks about how his dad is? He woke up around Christmas, but they had to sedate him to keep him calm. Meg and Craig offer their sympathy. Craig talks of business and how Montgomery Enterprises is financing the lab because Chris is taking over Bob’s place. Chris quickly puts something on Craig’s hand that stings that stops him for talking. He should have warned him that would sting, Chris replies after seeing Craig jump.

Barbara asks to see Paul; he needs to go, but Barbara tells him this is more important. He needs to call her back. When she hears a baby cry, she realizes where he is and back pedals. She wants him there. What she wants can wait. After Paul hangs up, Will apologizes for putting him in the middle; it is ok, Paul answers. Was she ok, Will asks? Whatever she needs, it will wait.

The doctor tells Barbara that the nurse will call to confirm her appointment. Is there anyone she can talk to? Yes, but she will in time. He doesn’t think she should wait too long. It can help her mentally. She will, but for now, she doesn’t want him to talk with anyone. He promises he won’t

A nurse comes into to see Meg; she hugs her as they reminisce. The nurse has also brought in the results. Chris sees them, as Craig swallows hard before Chris says it is an infection. After Chris asks to speak with Craig alone, he tells him that a drug that can cause miscarriages exasperated the infection. How would he come into contact with that? Craig tells him that he has no idea. That drug is serious and it could hurt Meg, so maybe they should ask her. Can this infection be treated, Craig asks instead? It can be. He wants to know how he came into contact with this drug though? Craig pretends he took a tour of a lab that they considered doing business with. Chris grimaces. They needed to know Memorial would be competitive. They are happy with Memorial though. That is where he must have come into contact with it. Chris smiles. He appreciates his tact. He hopes that will continue. He didn’t want to upset Meg and it will… if he is telling the truth. They are partners now.

At the church, Will and Gwen are taking pictures. They are happy to see Alison and Aaron. They are happy they came together, but before they can explain, Will and Gwen ask them to be the Godparents. There is a long pause; are they sure they want them to be? What about Paul and Rosanna or Carly? They did so much to protect Hallie and them, and they are hoping they still want to do that in the future. They finally agree; they would be honored. They all happily pose for a photograph together. .

Craig comes out with Chris; he will be fine. Chris excuses himself. Meg tells Craig that some of the nurses want to take them out to celebrate the pregnancy. He doesn’t want to intrude. He is her husband and the baby’s father. He didn’t sleep well and he would like to go rest. He wants her to have fun. If he feels better, then she wants him to join them. He will see her at home later.

The Christening commences with happy and relieved faces, at the same time, Craig is at home drinking and Barbara is downtown sadly watching a woman with a baby. Aaron and Alison then are recognized as the Godparents. Meanwhile, Craig looks at the sonogram, as he hurls the glass across the room, and then Barbara almost collapses, as she sits on a bench. Meg smiles and has a great time as she opens gifts from her friend’s for the baby. The Christening wraps up, as the minister announces Hallie Jennifer Munson to the church, as Sofie walks in. She didn’t mean to interrupt; she didn’t they promise. They were so sweet to invite her; she felt she should be there. They would have understood. It is a beautiful gown; it is Hallie’s cousin’s gown. Will introduces his brother Paul and Rosanna and Sofie assumes it their children’s gowns, as Rosanna tries to cover her disappointment when they answer they don’t have children. Gwen explains that it is her other sister’s children. Are they the godparents then? No, as they tease Will and Gwen. Who are her Godparents then? Aaron steps forward and tells her that he and Alison are.

Meg doesn’t want the nurse to believe all the stuff she heard about Craig; there is more to him then meets the eye. She should give him a call and tell him to come down to join them then. Craig is on the couch, as he flashes to seeing Meg with Paul holding the baby. Meg interrupts, as Craig is upset and out of it. She wants him to join them; it means a lot to her because she has been talking him up; he doesn’t want to but agrees to come down in a minute.

Sofie is somewhat happy to find out about them being Godparents. Alison and Aaron are a little uncomfortable. Gwen asks everyone to join them at the house for a party afterwards, but Sofie isn’t up to it. They all start to leave, but Aaron hangs back. Can he give her a ride? She is fine. Aaron looks back to see Sofie sit down sadly in the pew. Alison asks if he is coming? He hesitates, as Alison suggests that she might just need to be alone right now.

Meg and her friends laugh, as they joke about smuggling out a training baby doll; they can practice on this. Meg sees Craig and jokes that she needs his help because her baby needs a father. Craig grabs the doll; does she think that is funny? Meg looks up at Craig confused and upset at Craig.

Aaron sits back down beside Sofie. What is he doing there? The party will go on without him. He is the Godfather though. He saw her face when they told him that he and Alison were the Godparents. Is she ok with that? He has been there for her every step of the way; they couldn’t have picked a better person for the job… not that her opinion matters anymore; she is not Hallie’s mother anymore.

Meg and Craig step away from her friends, as Meg demands to know what is wrong with him? What kind of question is that, Craig snaps back. He is never better. Everyone is staring at him. That is because they are all envious; He has a beautiful wife who is pregnant with his child. It doesn’t sound like he is happy about that. He has it all, as he smiles at the nurses, and this woman gave it to him all.

Alison brings in her gifts to the house; Will smiles, as he admits that she went overboard; she loves every minute of this though. In the kitchen, Rosanna wonders if Gwen is happy now? She is because she loves what Hallie does for them. She loves what they are – a family. Is she more comfortable with adoption because she knows she was hesitant because of her own experiences? Gwen admits that she didn’t tell Will but she was worried because it might not feel the same, as if it would not feel as if she was her own, but she does now; She feels as if Hallie always belonged with them.

Sofie asks if the ceremony was nice? Yes. Did Hallie cry during the ceremony? Not at all. She wanted her happy right? She does; in her head, she knows she made the right decision, but when she is right in front of her, every bone is screaming to hold her little girl. That is why she can’t go to the house. Dose she regret coming there? No, but she can’t keep doing this to herself…trying to be a part of her life…she can’t at least not now. She wants to stay here by herself. If she can’t watch over hr little girl, she is so glad that she has him. She gave her baby a good start, and she should be proud of that, Aaron tells her.

Meg wants to go upstairs but Craig keeps talking; he talks about Johnny. He was handsome and all the nurses loved him – he looked just like his father - him. He hasn’t seen him in a while because his daughter ran off with him though. As Meg tries to stop him, but the nurses explain they need to head back. After they leave, Craig thinks it is rude they stuck her with the bill after inviting her to lunch, but Meg is furious that he made a fool out of them both and chased her friends away. Is he happy? He is angry that she thinks he did something wrong, as he is still holding the toy baby. Meg grabs the baby away angrily, as Craig snaps about her practicing for when she takes their baby away. Meg looks at him horrified. She doesn’t know what is gotten into him, but it stops now. Is she going to yell like that in front of the baby, as he nods at the baby? This isn’t their baby. Her friends gave her the baby to practice with so they can be a family apparently, Craig snidely states. They can pull this off, as he holds up the baby. He is a spitting image of his father, doesn’t she think?

Sofie thanks the minister for listening to her. The minister praises Sofie for being a wonderful selfless person; not too many people can say that they helped create a family for someone else. She hopes that her baby doesn’t think she didn’t want her. Knowing Will and Gwen, what does she think they will say to Hallie about her? She knows they will tell her that she loves her. She made the right choice for all involved – including herself. After the minister leaves, Sofie sees Barbara sitting alone in the church.

Will thanks Alison for being Godmother; it was the easiest decision she ever made and then goes to change Hallie. Gwen wonders if it is ok for Alison to be doing this with Aaron? It will be a nice change to share something positive. They were getting along really well at the church; is she reconsidering her decision to end things? They are over, and they are better off as friends. Gwen tells her to be careful; that is all she wanted form Will, but now he is her life.

Barbara pleads for help not for herself - she is here for her children. She is sorry for going down the wrong path and for hurting those she loves. She is not being selfish this time; she asks for more time; she just wants to see her children happy and for them to find a way to forgive her… before it is too late.

Gwen sees Will talking with their baby. They sit together on the bed, as Will thinks Hallie is smiling. Gwen teases him; it is just gas. Does she remember how he said he only had room for one woman in his life? Yes. They are going to have to amend that. She will allow that – just this once.

You are being ridiculous, Meg snarls; has he been drinking while taking his medication? He asks her if the baby looks like the father? He shouldn’t be drinking on the medication. If they fix the hairline, they could pass for father and son. He sees Paul and Rosanna and wants to go talk with them, as Meg tries to stop him but can’t. He holds up the baby at Paul, as Paul swats it away. Craig wonders if he thinks the baby looks like him? Personally, he doesn’t think so; he thinks the baby looks like a chip off the old block, as everyone looks at one another nervously.

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