ATWT Update Friday 12/28/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 12/28/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Dora

With nerves in a frazzle, it is not a good night when you have to start with an aspirin. It’s beginning to sound a lot like Murphy’s Law to Carly, everything that can go wrong does! Sam quips that you can’t make an omelet without cracking a couple of eggs. She proffers they aren’t making an omelet, she is opening a club here.

And the band, where is the band? Sam will check on that. Lily is wondering where Dusty is? Dusty is leaning over Dr. Bob to see if he can tell him what happened just before his stroke. Chris snaps at Nurse Jan for leaving his dad alone even for one second. When Natalie and Faith get invited elsewhere, Luke tries to get Holden to come with him and Noah to Metro. And he knows he declines just because he doesn’t want to be there with Lily with Dusty.

Katie arrives and is setting up for interviews and coverage when she spots Brad covering her like a cheap suit. His theory is that she won’t want people to think she is a loser without a date for New Year’s. She snarks that being with him would be conclusive proof. Chris has Dusty thrown out of Bob’s room, but not before Dusty tells him that Bob talked so he should be worried. Jack catches Katie and makes her promise to save him a dance when their favorite song is played by the band.

Holden tells his son that he is not very big on parties….and it has nothing to do with Lily and Dusty. Noah arrives and Holden advises them to go and “cut a rug.” They admit to each other that both look great. Noah brought extra clothes as he was afraid they might be dressed alike. Before he goes, Luke tells Holden one last time that he’s going to give him some advice – if Lily has moved on, so should Holden. Not to sit there and mope; next to himself, he thinks his old man is the coolest guy around.

At Metro, Noah is a little nervous when Luke touches him. He tells him to cut him a little slack, officially this is his first date in public with a guy. Dallas laments to Bonnie this is another productive year spent hanging out with his cousin. With Luke’s words echoing in his ear, Holden calls Bonnie to see what she is doing tonight. She invites him to join her and Dallas. He declines to go to Metro so she suggests the Lakeview instead. Suddenly his night got more interesting.

Brad and Jack have heated stabs at each other over Katie. Brad suggests that she wants to move on with her life, Jack should let her. Jack ends up telling Brad to stop telling him what to do and back off or they will be taking this outside. Katie continues to find Brad obnoxious everywhere she turns he is butting in with her and Jack. She warns him that he’d better stop being the jealous brat or the whole baby-making thing is off.

People are leaving, Lily is leaving. She tells Luke that she is going to meet Dusty at the Lakeview. He feels sorry for her….the jerk stood her up and she’s too embarrassed to say it. Chris tells Emily he doesn’t know how long Donovan was in the room, but he’s not going to stop until Chris is out of the hospital. She wants to go take care of it right now, but Chris tells her that he doesn’t want her dealing with that guy, he is not her problem anymore. Dusty is escorted to his car by security and before he can leave Emily jumps in and asks him what in the hell was he doing in Bob’s room? Dusty asks if her boyfriend sent her to talk to him? She replies no, she came here on her own just to tell him to leave that poor man alone. And this thing with Chris has to stop right now!

Jack is perturbed and not at all pleased that Sam wants to save the day. He mutters that “if he pulls that dummy out, I’m shoving him where the sun don’t shine.” Sam announces to the audience that B.B. King had his Lucille, well let him introduce Esther….she rocks. He proceeds to surprise Carly and all with his electric guitar and indeed it does rock.

Chris doesn’t know what Dusty said to his dad but assures him it doesn’t matter and there is no need for him to try and talk now. Emily chastises Dusty for what he did, putting Bob at more risk with more stress. Dusty opines he’s only trying to save the hospital in which he has a lot vested. Emily says it’s only because he is trying to punish Chris for being with her instead of Dusty. Chris tells the nurse that his dad’s BP spiked and he orders a powerful medication……one that the nurse questions as it could bring on another episode. Chris snaps that he is the COS, so do as he is told!

Dusty tells Emily that perhaps she can’t trust him, but she certainly can’t trust Chris either. He won’t even let his old man get in the way. Emily says what is happening to Bob is killing Chris. Dusty offers that Chris is killing Bob! She beats on him and says she hates him. He replies that her problem is that she loves him, Dusty, just like he still loves hers.

Brad continues hanging all over Katie and she has nothing to cover at the party, and while she’s really annoyed at him, she asks him to get her out of here. Lily runs into Bonnie and remarks that it is like Valentine’s, “everybody traveling in two’s.” Lily tells her she ought to go to Metro, she definitely would not be alone there. Bonnie lets her know that she does have plans. Meanwhile Holden coaches himself as he gets dressed that this is just like riding a horse, it will all come back.

Luke asks Noah if he would like to cut a rug as his dad put it? Noah declines saying Luke is on a cane and he doesn’t want him to get hurt. Luke shrugs that Noah is just afraid that everyone will think this is not just two guys hanging out….that they are on an actual date. Noah laughs that sometimes Luke makes him feel like he’s earning his gay merit badge. Luke quips that could be fun. Sam sings a slow song and Luke doesn’t think he could possibly get hurt on that one. So Noah gives in and asks Luke to dance, only which one will lead?

Emily thinks that is some ego that Dusty has there, and she just wants him to leave Chris and his father alone. Dusty offers that Chris is dangerous and he doesn’t want her to be next. She asks him to listen carefully, she is not his concern any more. He says that is not exactly her call anymore because nothing she says to him will change anything how he feels about her. She sees the futility and starts to leave. He grabs her arm and won’t let her out of the car and he doesn’t think she really wants to go.

No one lifts an eyebrow and Luke and Noah comment that no one noticed or cared that they danced. Luke asks if Noah is happy and would be like to go somewhere else more private? Bonnie tells Holden that she is really glad he called. He comments that he always told Lily that she can always count on him for a boring, quiet evening. Bonnie says it’s all right, he can talk about Lily if he wants. They were married, had four beautiful children together and he is going to talk about her unless he has one of those memory erasers. He says no, but sometimes he wished he did. Neither one think they are going to feel sorry to say goodbye to ’07. Lily sees them toast to that.

Vienna gave Brad the key so he and Katie have their own private ice cream party. She’s glad he got her away from Metro and they will stay until they have their traditional midnight kiss then he will take her home. The kiss won’t mean anything, it’s just tradition. He apologizes that he got her to talking about Jack when it’s really himself that he needs to warn her about…he doesn’t think he can be trusted with her. From now on, they sleep together but no more ice cream, nothing at all.

Lily asks once more if Dusty is in his room, then cancels the next morning’s breakfast. Sam is happy to hear that Carly is pleased with his singing and not mad at him after all. She is so pleased that she’d like to book him for the next few weeks. He’s so happy that he pulls her on stage and introduces her as the little lady who pulled this off tonight. Jack tells Carly to be careful of Sam, he thinks he has a thing for her and she is a lousy judge of character. She is surprised that he still cares.

Countdown to midnight, cheers but no kiss for Jack and Carly who look at each other. Dusty grabs Emily and plants a big kiss on her. She kisses him back and the windows fog up as they grope. Chris leaves a voicemail that he is sorry that he will ruin Emily’s New Year’s, but he can’t leave his dad tonight.

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