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Holiday Gift Guide!!

Written By Wanda
Pictures by Dora

Carly chuckles and tells Jack that if he has to arrest anyone for putting up the posters in the shop windows, then it has to be her. Kit still has a problem with Carly giving all the profits to the fund, but Carly says that is exactly what they are going to do. Chris assures Daniel that he’s going to do everything he can to make sure Bob wakes up and talks again. Lily drops by the farm and thanks Holden again for the holidays and how exciting it was seeing Luke walking again. It was the best Christmas present she could imagine; made her believe in miracles again. The bubble is burst though when Holden announces they need to talk about the future. He thinks they should get a quick, clean, divorce as soon as possible. He doesn’t want to give the kids false hope. Clearly this is not what she wants, but to argue is frutal.

Emily harps at Dusty for trying to see Bob. All he has said is Merry Christmas, but he is not going to finger Chris as doing anything wrong to cause his stroke. Chris even intercedes and makes it plain that the room is off limits; he doesn’t want Bob to have a relapse. Dusty reminds Emily that somebody needs to keep an eye on Chris, and it looks like it’s gonna be him. Lucinda is more than annoyed at Lily when she hears that Dusty is on the phone. She was hoping that seeing Lily back at the farm making herself at home meant Christmas wasn’t entirely over for her and Holden. But as long as Dusty is in Lily’s bed, Holden won’t be! Lily spits that she loves Holden, but neither he nor Lucinda can tell her who her friends are. She will not turn her back on Dusty. Parker tells Jack that Sam and that dummy of his really creeps him out and wonders why Jack lets them stay in the house with his mom? He hopes they make a lot of money at the benefit and moves far away from his mom. Carly is frantic with all the supplies; she doesn’t think they will ever be ready to open Metro in time. She drops off free tickets to Jack for non-working officers and then jokes that Sam and his little dolly makes her weak in the knees. But he only has eyes for Kit; he should hear the sounds that she hears through the walls at night. Ugh, more information than Jack wants to hear. And he thinks Sam gave the angel to Parker because he really wanted to give it to Carly himself. She thinks he has been giving this a lot of thought.

Kit hopes that Cowboy Jack is not going to the party tonight. Make that double for real Jack. Carly gives Lily two tickets for the benefit and Lily calls and invites Dusty. He’s not too big on parties but finally gives in and says it’s a date, to better times in ’08. Holden tracks down Lily and apologizes for being curt earlier and they need to sit and talk again. But then he’s put off when he realizes she is going tonight with Dusty even if she doesn’t call it a date. Dusty tells Emily not to pop that champagne cork just yet, the night isn’t over and Bob could wake up and toss his son out on his ear after all.

Kit comes out all dressed in a sparkly blue sequined sheath mini-dress. Silver-tongued devil, Cowboy Jack goes, “whoeeeeeee, if my eyes weren’t painted on, I’d be picking them up off the floor!” Just wait until she sees how all those ladies are gonna fall all over themselves tonight at Metro. As much as she’d like to see that, Carly tells him politely that he’s not invited tonight. Then she’s met with disaster as she opens the door and there stands Jack with a US Marshall with a warrant for Kit’s arrest for forging checks and sending across state lines. Carly begs for Jack to do something; buy a little more time. But it is out of his hands.

Sarcastically Holden tells Lily to have fun tonight with Dusty and she responds that she intends to. Dusty tells Emily it’s only a matter of time before her boyfriend comes to a fall. She refuses to have this conversation with him. He taunts her that she doesn’t care enough about Chris and the only reason she is with him is because she is too scared to be with Dusty. She maintains it is because she is too smart to be with Dusty, and he has absolutely no idea what she feels.

Chris makes sure from the nurse that Dusty is not to be near his father’s room. He tells Emily he hopes to slip away but Dusty is after him and he has to make sure his father doesn’t get caught in the crossfire. She wants a Dusty-free night and be alone with Chris, just Chris. Kit makes Sam promise if they take her away tonight that he will stay and help Carly open the club. They do handcuff her and read her Miranda rights and haul her off. Jack thinks maybe they ought to cancel tonight, but Carly insists they are in good hands and will still make a ton of money for the fund.

Lily laments to her mother, let’s check the dance card. Dusty is bad…… Holden is good…. though that has reversed since earlier in the year. But the good one doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore. Lucinda points out that of all the old acquaintances that should be forgot, Dusty tops the list. She just hopes that when Lily gets tired of the wrong man in her bed, and she will, that it won’t be too late. She does wish her a Happy New Year, but if she persists in this……well it’s not in the cards.

Carly is still frantic that the night is going to be a disaster, but Sam convinces her otherwise. She is taken aback at how great he looks all dressed up. He tells her to scramble upstairs and do the same so he can say that about her. Jack rushes back to the farm to get ready and warns Parker he wants him on his best behavior tonight, off the streets. And he is not taking Katie anywhere. He is just going to be at the same event, and it’s not his mom’s party. Parker thinks he still is going to need a lot of luck getting Katie back at his ‘mom’s party’. And he apologizes now for whatever his mom might try to do to ruin his night.

At Metro, Sam and Carly put out the finishing touches with decorations and he saves her butt with the automated computer registers. As soon as Dusty realizes that Chris and Emily are otherwise detained and involved, he calls Lily and says he is running late, can he just meet her at Metro? He manages to slip into Bob’s room and calls out his name. Bob opens his eyes and Dusty asks him if he remembers being with Chris and what happened just before his stroke?

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