ATWT Update Wednesday 12/26/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/26/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Dora

Brad has a chance meeting and grabs his opportunity for baby making in the elevator with Katie. They are going hot and heavy with it, clothes strewn, her legs draped around his waist, when Henry comes aboard and has to hide the puppy’s eyes. Katie chastises Brad that he said no one would see them. Henry announces that the whole lobby could see them and Pepper will need puppy therapy after this. He can’t believe they are turning trying to make a baby into a spectator sport. She and Brad say goodbye and she tells Henry she can’t believe that he and Vienna have never done it in an elevator. He stammers at least he has never been caught. He tells her they are going for a walk; both she and Pepper look like they need some training.

Carly drops in on Jack at the police station. She thanks him for letting her spend some time with the kids on Christmas Eve. Then she has a plan to make Metro a huge success so she can help him help her. Gwen proposes a name to Will for the baby – after his dad and sister – Hallie Jennifer Munson. He thinks it is a keeper. Gwen wants to talk about the christening, but Will warns her they will have to wait, that legally she is still Sofie’s so they have to finalize the adoption first. Meanwhile Sofie is feeling pretty miserable and it’s clear to Aaron that she wants her baby back.

Carly wants to promote premiere night at the Metro for the policeman’s holiday fund. Jack smells something fishy with that. They’d have to work together and be right back into his life and he’d have to be at Metro on New year’s Eve. No thanks! He snarls instead of her trying to work him, why doesn’t she tell him what she really wants? Does she need help with a health permit or the building inspector, what? There always is an angle with her. She leaves mad, saying she will give her money to the fireman’s fund. Margo mouths to Jack that what he did had nothing to do with trusting Carly, it had to do with spite. How long is he going to keep up this hard line? He quips that forever – you give Carly an inch and she takes Toledo. Margo reminds him this will do a number on his kids. He realizes that; Sage wants them back together and J.J. is bending over backwards to make everybody happy and Parker is as stubborn as his mom. It was like pulling teeth to get him over to Carly’s on Christmas Eve. She also points out they don’t have to fight in front of the kids; they pick up on it – the disrespect, in his tone, his body language, they get it! Why doesn’t he beat Carly at her own game? Weigh the benefits that it will do for Jack and her agenda won’t matter.

Carly returns home and tells Sam and Kit that Jack turned her down. Kit thinks that is great. She is all for doing good deeds, but she doesn’t want the opening overrun by a bunch of cops. Carly doesn’t think Jack had to be so nasty about it, but she supposes she deserves it for all she has put him through. It just surprises her that now she realizes he will never love her again. Sam comments they can handle this without her, but Carly vows with or without Jack she is going to make Metro a success. And she and Jack are over, so she has to learn not to lean on him anymore.

Aaron suggests that perhaps Sofie needs to see her baby again, but she declares that it is too soon. She could not see her and just walk away. Both Gwen and Sofie are thinking of each other when Gwen calls. Sofie to ask how the baby is and Gwen to tell her they need to make this legal and have papers drawn up and signed. They want to come to her since she just had a C-section and shouldn’t be moving, but Sofie insists on meeting at the Landview. She tells Aaron she couldn’t stand to stay in this room if this is where she signed her baby away. Both Gwen and Will have people they want to tell, but not Barbara. Will says he isn’t going to let either her or Iris anywhere near Hallie.

Henry tells Katie that he feels like an idiot. He loved her but let her go because she loved Mike. He feels ripped off, the best thing in his life up to that point. For what, so that Katie could settle for sex with Brad instead of love? For Brad instead of Jack! For a baby instead of a house full of kids. And he wants her to be happy, and clearly she is not!

Brad tells Vienna to add whipping crème to the list, Katie definitely loves whipped crème. But no love, Katie wants sex and a baby, but no love. Vienna muses that she won’t be able to help herself; the moment she gets pregnant, she will love him. She won’t be able to resist the father of her baby. Henry warns Katie that Brad is more than a sperm donor, he’s falling for her. He’s been in love with her himself and he knows the signs so she needs to figure out what she wants here. She answers that she wants Jack, but she wants a baby too. Henry says then she can have them both. Brad also states that Katie doesn’t want him forever, just long enough to make a baby….forever was with his brother. She reminds him Jack did not get Katie pregnant….so just give Katie a baby and she will be in his life forever. And as they talk, Katie tells Henry the minute she takes Jack back, he’ll turn around and be knocking down Carly’s door. Jack is beating on Carly’s door; he tells her he changed his mind and if her offer still stands for New Year’s Eve, he accepts. He realizes she was just trying to be nice…for the fund….for him…..

Bonnie thanks Lisa for the Christmas present and Lisa tells her even though she is a grownup now, doesn’t mean she can’t spoiler her Goddaughter if she wants to. Does the dress fit? Yes, and she will wear it New Year’s Eve. Now she has to run and do an adoption. Gwen and Will come by and introduce Lisa to Hallie and thanks Bonnie for doing this for them. Aaron and Sofie join them and Sofie is caught offguard as she wasn’t expecting them with Hallie too.

Lisa runs into Barbara and innocently lets the cat out of the bag about little Hallie. Bonnie explains the legalities to Sofie and it’s difficult for her, but she loves the name they gave Hallie. The adoption says she now belongs to them and the name says they belong to her.

Katie overhears Brad ordering a stretch limo, a dozen white roses and whipped crème – a LOT of whipped crème. She asks about his hot date? He chimes, “you, me, limo, roses, baby-making, New Year’s Eve.” She says it sounds interesting, but Jack pops up and says it’s too bad she will have to cancel those plans. She’s going to be busy that night covering an event. Smugly he tells Brad that he hopes he can get his deposit back “cause Katie is going to be ringing in the New Year with me.” She flips; tells Brad don’t dare cancel that limo. She is NOT working on New Year’s Eve and she’s certainly not giving Carly’s new club any good publicity. Jack offers that it wasn’t his idea, Kim okayed it, talk to her. She stalks off and Brad tells Jack that he’s going to a lot of trouble getting back with Katie and it’s not happening. She is over Jack. Oh yeah, says Jack….then why is she so scared to spend New Year’s with him? Because she knows that one look, one dance, one kiss and they are right back where they started. Katie returns and tells Brad that Kim called her a team player helping out while Bob was sick, so what could she say? She was so looking forward to that whipped crème; she is going to kill Jack. Brad says it is alright, they will work around him. They will get that limo, get to Metro a few minutes before midnight, the ball will drop, she will do her segment and then they will spend the rest of the night getting her pregnant. Does that sound good? Sounds good.

Jack gloats to Margo that he took her advice and Katie is going through with the benefit as planned. He points to his noggin and says that he arranged it so Katie will cover the event. Margo chuckles, “two ex-wives in the same room for New Year’s Eve? You’re an idiot.” Katie tells Brad that she doesn’t need him protecting her from Jack. She can handle him …… alone. So consider their New Year’s Eve sex cancelled. Aghast, he tells her to wait……look, she can go to the club, do her thing and they can have their date before and after. She reminds him they are not dating. Well, whatever they are doing he says, all he knows is that she is not going to Metro alone on New Year’s and if he doesn’t go to the party with her, then she’s not going at all, so deal with it!

Henry tells Vienna that Katie loves Jack. She comes back that he broke her heart….and Brad will unbreak it by giving her a beautiful little baby. People can change, like her. She wanted a baby, Henry gave her a puppy and now she loves Pepper. He stammers that Brad’s I.Q. is less than Pepper’s and he’s not half as cute. Vienna says that “Katie will love Brad when he gives her a puppy….I mean child.”

Kit tells Carly that she can give her 50% of the profits to the fund but she wants to keep her half. Sam tells her to think this through. Carly knows the players and if this event opens the doors to everybody in town, then it’s gonna create a buzz and they’ll make more money in the long run. Kit still thinks Jack is after something and she doesn’t want to trust him.

Margo doesn’t know how Jack will rekindle his flame with Katie with Carly watching his every move; she’ll have one of her own. He says he knows who he wants to spend the rest of his life with, and it’s not Carly. Likewise Carly tells Kit that she has to stick with her on this, she can’t blow this deal with Jack. He’s not up to something and she has to prove they can work together….that he can trust her with the kids….and then maybe they can start over….not as a couple, but as parents. Reluctantly Kit says she is in. Sam approves cause when they disagree she gets hot and when she’s hot, he gets hot.

Bonnie tells Sofie that she can take longer to think this over if she likes; not to sign until she is sure. She claims she will not change her mind and she’s in a hurry to get this over. Gwen tells her they are planning a christening but Sofie doesn’t think she should be there. Bonnie agrees that the restrictions on visitation might be the best for Sofie. But Gwen says they made her a promise and they have to keep it.

Barbara stops by and ecstatically wants to see her granddaughter, but Will won’t invite her in and says she is not welcome there. She can’t believe this, all she was trying to do was to give them what they really wanted, a baby. He points out she tried to buy a baby and then lied to them about it. And because of Barbara, Sofie started to rely on Cole and then he left her with nothing. If Gwen hadn’t gone and checked on her, they both could have died. She begs that everything turned out alright, they got their miracle. This is no time for bad feelings, please forgive her. He still turns her away and she is reduced to standing and peaking in the window at the happy couple and baby.

Katie is shocked that Brad would treat her like a grounded child by not ‘letting’ her go to Metro. He tells her he is only trying to protect her. It’s Carly’s club, Jack will show up and be all over Katie but Carly will distract him in some way and Katie will end up crying. Happy New Year’s. But they will be making a baby together if he is there and that will trump anything that Jack has going on.

At Metro, Jack shows up with some promotional material for charity that he thought would help. Carly is happy that Jack thinks this will be a nice place, a place where people can really have fun. But, she’s less than pleased when she finds out he pulled some strings over at WOAK to get Katie to cover the story. Why would that be a problem? Katie, who hates her to review her opening? Why on earth would she have a problem with that? He reminds her that she said she wanted him and Katie to reconnect. If she didn’t mean it, she shouldn’t have said it.

Katie storms at Brad that he can’t tell her where to go or what to do. They are making a baby but that does not mean he is the boss of her. And he can’t go anywhere with her if his foot is broken….and she stomps on it. Sofie convinces Aaron to go on to work, she will only be sleeping anyway, she is exhausted. Katie returns and asks Brad how is his foot – throbbing, but okay. She is sorry she lost her temper. He is sure she lost her temper because she cares about him. She denies that. And furthermore they are not in a relationship, so find someone else to do New Year’s Eve. Jack tells Carly that Katie is coming to cover the story, and he’s coming to be with Katie. She replies great, she wants this to be the happiest year he has ever had. He ends with maybe it can be the happiest year for all of them.

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