ATWT Update Monday 12/24/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/24/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Dora

Parker isnít at home. Sage remarks to Carly that she is not even looking for him; itís her dad. It won't be the same without him on Christmas. Jack shows up and Sage is overjoyed; she knew he would not stay away on Christmas Eve. Carly asks what is he doing there? She had promised to have the kids back to the farm by 11. He makes hokey-pokey about being in the neighborhood so heís not taking the kids away, just checking to see how things are going.

Lisa, Nancy and Margo sit around the hospital and wonder why Kim called them all there; perhaps Bob has come back to them. Chris and Emily join in too and Chris is slightly shocked and runs to his fatherís room. Itís cheerfully decorated complete with tree and stockings; Kim wanted Bob to celebrate Christmas with his family. She knows they probably wonít believe this, but she intends to bring Bob out of his coma for this day. All she knows is that he has never missed a family Christmas and he is not going to start now. She wonít listen to the naysayers, at least this way she can say she tried everything. And if she gets her Christmas wish, Chris wonít be having to fill those big shoes much longer. Tom joins them and even surprises all by presenting Daniel.

Carly tells Jack she thinks Parker was looking for any excuse not to show up so he went to an optional hockey practice. Sam and Cowboy Chucky convince a bitter, cynical Parker he should show up or he will leave a big hole in his parentís hearts. Itís too late for a present, but Sam hands him an angel figurine, itíll be perfect and it can mend some fences. Instead Parker sneaks out and leaves the angel on the table. He goes home and Jack hammerlocks him around the neck, like old times. They open their presents and Parker is blown away by the Mike Eurozine jersey that Carly got him. Mike only happened to be the captain of the rag-tag 1980 USA hockey team who were victorious against the mighty Russians. Then he walks out dejectedly when he finds out Sam had something to do with her finding the jersey on a website. She knows he hates the puppet master so that was dumb of her to mention him.

Aaron, Will and Gwen check on Sofie and find that she and the baby left the hospital about an hour ago. Sofie shows up before the manger at church. Kim rallies the family around and tells them just to say to Bob what is in their hearts. Sadly Chris tells Emily no matter what they do, Bob is not going to wake up. But with Chris leaning over him, Bobís eyes pop very wide open and he stares at him. Kim wants Chris to pretend she is not there and just speak to his dad. Bob grabs for Kim just as Chris is telling her that he doesnít believe he will be talking for some while. Bob does try to speak but Kim quiets him, to wait. She tells the family he is awake and wishes them all a Merry Christmas. They are dismayed also to hear that Casey wonít be home for Christmas.

Jack brings the kids back to the farm and finds Samís angel sitting on a chair. Parker wants no part of it. Jack hi-tails it to Carlyís and rebukes Sam as if this is some nefarious deed. Jack is clearly perturbed when Carly defends Sam as this just being a sweet Christmassy thing to do.

Sofie brings the baby to Will and Gwen. She doesnít think she is up to the task of raising this baby. Perhaps she will have another chance some day with another child. But she does want a chance to know this baby girl, to be part of her life so she hopes Gwen and Will still mean that. Sheís theirs if they still want her. She wants her to have a real mom and dad and they can give her everything Sofie canít. They assure her that she can always be a part of her life, as long as she wants to. She slips the baby into Gwenís hands and tearfully says goodbye, Merry Christmas.

Emily tries to convince Chris to stop beating up on himself with guilty feelings. He did not cause his dadís stroke. He presents her with a beautiful pendant necklace. Sam tries to explain to Jack that Parker couldnít tell Carly he loved her, so the angel was simply a gift who could do it for him. He was only trying to give back a little to Carly for helping him and Kit with a place to stay. Jack bolts and Carly runs after him. She begs him not to leave angry; itís been one of the best Christmasís ever. He snarks that he doesnít trust that guy and she just doesnít get it. He warns Sam not to come around his children or the house anymore.

Emily and Chris make love, Jack broods on the front porch, Sofie tells Aaron that she did the right thing while she cries and he comforts her; Kim displays family portraits to awaken Bob, Will and Gwen delight in their new miracle.

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