ATWT Update Friday 12/21/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 12/21/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Dora

Carolers are caroling in the Plaza as Lucinda squires her granddaughters, Natalie and Faith, around after seeing their favorite ballet, “The Nutcracker”, and they stop to look in a shop at the pretty dollhouse. They see one room with a family, almost like their own. Faith wishes it was like “The Nutcracker” where the toys come to life like magic. Lucinda smirks and says well it is Christmas, anything is possible.

As they move on, Lucinda takes a backward look and indeed as she turns the figures magically come to life. Dressed in the quaint costumes of the good old days, Lily asks Faith and Natalie to get the presents they made and put beneath the tree, the guests will be arriving soon. Mr. Donovan asks if he can help, but they decline saying they are used to doing everything by themselves. He remarks he has never been turned down so curtly and by a mere girl at that. Prim and proper, Lily explains Christmas is a difficult time, it hasn’t been that long since they lost their father. He vows they will learn to care for him, as he hopes she has. His heart burns for her and he wants her to accept his proposal and to announce their engagement tonight. A large handful of wood hits the floor as they look up at a shabby Holden behind a sour face. She stares at him and says that Mr. Donovan has asked for her hand. He sneers that she can not marry him…..because he has a feeling about the man. And the man isn’t worthy of her….she deserves someone better. She asks if he has anyone in mind? He moves closer and caresses her face and is inches within kissing her when Bonnie walks in and calls him the capable and handsome Holden. He slips out and Lily remarks that Bonnie embarrassed him. Bonnie thinks maybe he just finds her appealing. Lily reminds her she should remember that she is a married woman. Bonnie sputters only because divorce is so frowned upon. And if she may be so bold, she would like to say that she is not the only woman on this earth who finds Holden attractive. Lily doesn’t know what she is talking about. Bonnie suggests that she talking about her, and the familiarity with the man who runs her stables. Putting her in her place, Lily assures her they have known each other since they were children. Bonnie surmises then she is far more interested in Mr. Donovan. Lily says he is a friend. Bonnie advises that he’s a good match and she is a young, wealthy widow who needs a husband, so why the delay? Lily answers because she does not love him.

In a bustling kitchen, Bob asks Thomas to bring the punch bowl, Master Luke is asking for it. Miss Lucinda states that he is no longer Master Luke. He’s all grown up now and will be a prize catch for some lucky young lady. Bob says true, now there is a son any father could be proud of. Unlike his own, who is still a footman, as he throws a frown toward Tom. Bob beckons and Tom follows, with one look toward chambermaid Margo. Lucinda stirs her batter and warns Margo not to interfere between father and son. Go fetch the port from the cellar. Then she slaps Holden’s hands as he reaches for a delicacy. Mr. Donovan asked her to make those special. Holden reminds her that Donovan doesn’t give orders around here. She dusts him off and suggests that Donovan will soon be the master, so “accept your lot, young man. Accept it or move on.” Bob returns and sternly reprimands Holden that he is lollygagging while the guests arrive – go tend to the horses now. Sullenly he walks away and Lucinda sneaks a cookie herself.

Tom sits the punch bowl on the table and asks Master Luke if he needs anything else? He says no and dismisses Tom. Noah arrives and he and Luke greet each other with a big hug. They notice Donovan looking at them so Luke introduces Mr. Mayer to Donovan, saying they went to the university together. Alone Noah asks Luke if Donovan is one of the New York Donovan’s? Luke doesn’t know and isn’t too pleased that he hears a wedding is in the makings between Donovan and his mother. They touch but are interrupted when Tom enters. Noah tells Luke that he also has news; he is be engaged to a daughter of a family friend. Luke pretends to be happy and says bravo. Noah explains that he is being pressured by his family, but after all they have been through and how close they were in school……Luke says that youth and loneliness leads one to all sorts of foolish things…..and then you grow up as Noah has….they should drink to marriage. Awkwardly they do a toast… marriage.

Chris introduces his fiancée Miss Emily, to Lily who seems delighted. Bob slips up on Kim and comments she is looking exceptionally as she says he is also. He offers that she lights up the room….which calls to mind a roaring fire. She reminds him they can not slip away. He says maybe not now, but later….the Blue Room…he’ll be waiting. She gasps and flutters her handkerchief as a fan. Lily spies Donovan and introduces him to Dr. Chris Hughes and Emily. She asks how did he know him? Chris replies from his club; the man is a gambler who owes him a great deal of money. Holden overhears this. Butler Bob catches him and tells him to go tend the fire. Dusty steers Emily into a room and whispers that he needs to talk to her alone. She’s engaged? To Hughes of all people when she promised she would wait for him. She scoffs, and what of the promises he made her? He used her cruelly. She gave him everything…she sacrificed her virtue and he abandoned her. He says he explained about Lily. She knows, but he’d also said he would get the money and they’d run away together. He vows they will, but he has been spending a lot of time ducking Dr. Hughes who seems determined to see him in prison. He insists he will settle his debt with Dr. Hughes and they will have all the money they need as soon as he weds Lily. He must trust her and not marry Dr. Hughes. Pertly she offers that if he can marry the widow, then she can marry the doctor. He argues no, if he touches her he will kill him. She is all his, “all mine. I must have you.” He kisses her quickly and passionately and she kisses him back, but breaks apart and dashes off. Dusty wipes the lipstick from his mouth and exits the room, only to be reproached by Holden who tells him to leave the house immediately….go quietly as his plot has been exposed. He won’t let him hurt Lily any further. Rather snootily, Dustin tells him loudly that how dare he presume to threaten him….and how dare Holden call her Lily. He’s nothing but a stable boy, so stand aside. Lily overhears and asks what is the problem? He stammers that he hopes she will give him permission to discharge this impertinent servant before he spreads more lies about him. Lily asks Holden what has he done? He answers that this man has betrayed her…he’s a fraud and a debaucher of women…he knows this to be true. She looks from one to the other and then swoons and would fall except Holden catches her.

Coming to, she’s handed a drink expecting it to be Donovan but it is Holden who tells her that Robert showed him the door. She remarks it seems she is doomed to remain a widow. He says he couldn’t stand to see her hurt. So she surmises he will remain a lowly stable hand working in this house. He says at least he remains with her. He walks away and she calls after him that he has forgotten his place…..she places her hand beside her on the sofa…’s here, the only thing she wants for Christmas. He sits and smiles and says every Christmas and they grasp hands. We see the similar dolls in the dollhouse.

Faith and Natalie notice there is a different doll beside the lady on the sofa, somebody must have moved them. Faith says or maybe it was magic. More caroling and Rosanna wanders by and takes a quick look at the dollhouse. We see Meg steer Mrs. Ryan away from the window and then warns her she will get a chill. She leads her back to the bed and tucks her in. Paul knocks on the door and comes in bearing green branches of fir that he puts on the mantle over a roaring fire. She couldn’t go to the woods on a sleigh ride, so he brought the woods to her. She is delighted and tells him she loves him so much. And to nurse Margaret, she won’t be needed the rest of the night. No harm can befall her, her husband is here.

Craig asks Lucinda why she dislikes him so? She replies that she was ordered to feed him only, Rosanna Ryan didn’t say she had to like him. And she herself has seen the way he stares at Nurse Margaret, like a cat wanting to pounce his dinner. He should leave that poor girl alone. Paul thinks Rosanna still feels a bit feverish, perhaps he should call Nurse Margaret back. Rosanna says Dr. Montgomery will be back soon and she thinks she is getting better and Margaret will want to be off with her beau, she is with hers, and they can even dismiss her soon. Dr. Montgomery does return and Paul leaves, leaving Craig free to speak his mind that he knows Rosanna is better with her heart condition, but the relationship between her husband and Meg concerns her. And he vows to do what is necessary with utmost discretion.

Meanwhile Paul manages some time alone with Meg and they speak of their intentions, but only getting to share dreams of each other. He’s gotten her a gift, am exquisite locket with “Forever. Love, Paul” and it’s his vow and he wants her to wear it always close to her heart. Overhearing, Craig clears his throat to announce his presence and tells Paul that his wife has rallied and he expects improvement within 24 hours. He tells a shocked Meg that he has proof of her indiscretion and she insists she will leave this night, not to tell anyone. He won’t if she gives herself to him. Meg leaves a note for Paul.

Parker, J.J. and Sage stop in the Plaza to look at the doll house and notice how sad one of the lady dolls look. Brad and Katie are discussing his Christmas sermon and Lady Nancy Hughes offers refreshments. Katie is afraid she is going to be a spinster just like Vienna. Nancy thinks not, she will meet the right man any moment. In fact, Dallas introduces her to Captain Jack Snyder who fought with him in the Philippines. Tom grabs Margo and makes her scream in delight. Carly knocks on the door and apologizes but she and her children are in dire need. Bob tells Lady Hughes they have a situation in the kitchen, a lady with three children seeking food and shelter, should he feed them and send her away? Both Brad and Lady Hughes say it is Christmas, no do not send her away. Carly thanks her for her hospitality. Jack tells Katie he hopes she will allow him the honor to call upon her in the New Year.

Lisa is aghast that the Mrs. Tenney is a divorcee in this house! Jack and Carly remark it seems like they have met before and he hopes her blessings increase in the New Year. Officer Coleman stops by to make an announcement, but really just to see Vienna and only a cup of rum punch earlier gives him courage to ask this question. He starts with that he’s a modest man of modest means, a widower with five small children, but….he hopes she will find it in her heart……Lisa screams that her necklace is missing. She is sure SHE stole it. Carly denies that she is a thief. Jack says in this country she is innocent until proven guilty. Vienna finds the necklace on the floor and Henry declares the case solved. Carly thanks Captain Jack for defending her, looks like it's going to be a Merry Christmas after all.

Gwen and Will also see the doll house and she is hopeful when she sees a light in the nursery. But it’s empty so they look in other rooms. Mistress Gwen and Will sadly look down on an empty bassinette. This is the way it was supposed to be. If their child survived, she would not have gone on tour. Maybe she was put in this world merely to sing, not raise children. She thanks Alison for helping them the last few months, and doesn’t she hear the sound of a baby? Indeed, they must call the police. Some poor desperate creature must have been driven to this tragic circumstance. They must try to contact the child’s rightful parents. Iris comes forward and says they have already been found. Barbara Ryan says she is the owner of the Home for Unwed Mothers and this foolish girl is the mother, unable to care for the child bore out of wedlock. However, now this young man has done the right thing and married her and ready to take on their parental responsibilities, and collect the reward. Aaron asks about the reward. Susan interrupts saying she knew this harridan had to be involved somehow. On the night in question she saw this Ryan woman sneak out of the hospital with something in a basket, it was moving. She suspects that she stole their supposedly stillborn baby from them at birth. Sofie says that is true and now the baby is up in the nursery where she belongs. She admits she is the scullery maid at the home and she stole her again and brought her back to her rightful parents. Gwen and Will are ecstatic, their baby is not dead. Barbara grovels, she did not steal the baby. She was merely taking care of it for them, out of the kindness of her heart…….and a small fee. Gwen accuses her mother as well for not letting her stay at home with her baby, but profiting from Gwen being on stage.

All realize it is snowing and Tom tells Bob that he’s gotten his Christmas wish, he’s asked Margo to marry him. “Congratulations, my boy, you’ll be a butler yet.” Susan declares all is well upstairs and Lucinda declares the same for downstairs. Lucinda hands them each a glass of port and Bob gives a toast to Christmas and family and all the house sings "We Wish You A Merry Christmas", the carolers continue…Faith tells Natalie that she wasn’t kidding, the dolls moved. Natalie says it IS magic. Carly looks right at the camera and winks at Sage, and Sage winks back.

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