ATWT Update Thursday 12/20/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/20/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Dora

Luke is at his computer as Noah comes in laden down with packages. Says the last question on his exam was on “Best Years of our Lives” and he’s only seen it like 300 times. He lovingly rubs Luke’s shoulder and bends to an almost kiss before being interrupted by Faith and Natalie who tell him about the new foal. Emma joins and Noah thanks her for inviting him for Christmas. Holden notices that Luke is in an especially good mood. Luke agrees he is; Noah loves spending time with a real family and he enjoys sharing that with him. He wants his dad to invite his mom for dinner too. Holden tries but is hard getting it out. Finally Luke takes the phone from him and tells him that he is so lame, “Mom, come to the farm for dinner.”

Vienna sits a plate of food in front of Bonnie, who only ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. But not at Christmas time, Vienna won’t hear of it. Dallas comes in and returns her package she sent to Sarah. She laments it is obvious that Sarah still blames her for the divorce and leaving Isaac and Florida. She has tried calling but she must be screening her calls. Henry is on the phone talking to someone who he obviously doesn’t want Vienna to know about, though she catches him in the act and demands to know who he was talking to? Bonnie ends up crying and in the process drops her bag and date planner. She shoves her plate over to Dallas and says she’s not that hungry. Vienna wags her finger at Henry and tells him to spill it, he knows she will wear him down eventually….no secrets from her….remember the last time he did this they ended up with a diner. He reminds her that she loves. She offers for him not to be rational with her, she doesn’t like it. And she does not like him going off alone. She is not going to let him out of her sight. He points out how sad Bonnie looks and Vienna is all over it, she needs some pepparkakor. Henry grins and takes off, a soft heart, she falls for it every time.

Aaron takes care of a sad Sophie who laments this is her baby’s first Christmas. The baby is alone and Sophie is here. And it’s not okay even though she is tiny and doesn’t know all of this yet. Cole is right; how can she be a good mother? Aaron sympathizes and says it is okay. She’s just exhausted, she should still be in the hospital, but it will be all right. She just needs to get some sleep. She replies, “no, I think it’s time for me to wake up.” She states that she was too wrapped up in Cole, she wasn’t thinking about the baby. It was like a fantasy, but now she’s real and she needs a mother that is an adult. Sophie gets a phone call from the hospital that someone needs to talk to her about the baby.

Lily goes to the farm and tells Holden that he has no idea how much this means to her. Maybe for the next couple of days they can forget about themselves, the divorce, and try to give the kids the Christmas they deserve. Holden agrees – wow a Christmas miracle. They go inside and are greeted eagerly by Faith and Natalie who want to show her where Emma put their collage on the mantel. Emma takes the little one in to see the Christmas lights. The girls want to hear the story of when Holden was little and knocked down the tree. He thinks perhaps there is a statue of limitations on that. Luke reveals to Noah that this is Christmas, all the same old stories, same old jokes. He tells Lily that he heard from Jade and she sends her love and is glad they are all together.

Noah confides to Luke that his family seems so happy, it’s like they don’t want a divorce. Luke says he knows, he keeps thinking it is just a phase. And he can’t wait for them to grow up. Lily shows Holden a picture of Ethan with the girls and remarks that it looks just like Luke when he was that age. Lily answers, “I know, and now he’s out on the porch with his boyfriend. Time does fly, doesn’t it?” She hands Holden the mistletoe that Emma gave her, while knowing that she is too short to hang it herself. Holden says his mother is so subtle. Looks like for a moment that both under the mistletoe something might happen, but the girls come running in needing Lily’s attention.

Gigi, the social worker, talks to Sophie about checking out of the hospital too early. Cesarean is a serious procedure and she could still use some medical attention. She then grills her about where she is living in a motel and can she afford the Lakeview? What about the baby’s father she asks, looking at Aaron. He tells her he is a friend and Sophie says the father is not interested in the baby. Gigi asks then if she will be the sole provider and what does she do for a living – waitress? And has she arranged for day care? Aaron asks can’t she cut her some slack? Sophie is trying to do the right thing. The father split, she is just trying to get over having the baby….Gigi says Sophie just had a baby and is all alone, and it’s her job to make sure she has some plans, can make decisions, and to her it doesn’t seem like she has. Sophie asks if she is going to take her baby away from her? Gigi answers that is the last thing she wants to happen, but they also need to know that will happen, not just that she would like to. And she promises that she will try to help her as much as she can. She leaves her a card with her number to call if she needs help. Sophie tells Aaron the lady only wants what is best for the baby, she understands that. She wants to go see the baby. She decided to keep her so now she needs to make sure she will have a good life.

Dallas gets real excited when he picks up the tickets off the floor – courtside seats to the Bull’s game….until he realizes they aren’t for him, but for Holden. Bonnie doesn’t appreciate him butting into her business when he tells her she might get hurt again. This is like a man giving a girl a ring, she should save this for marriage. She huffs at him that she can take care of herself and everything will be fine.

Will and Gwen visit Bob and she thinks he knew they were there. He remarks that Christmas won’t be the same without him reading to the kids in Pediatrics. A nurse catches him and asks Will to do the honors. She hands him a book and asks him to read the inscription. It says, “I can see you as a little boy looking up at Bob, listening as he read. I can’t think of anyone better to keep the tradition going. Love, Aunt Kim”. That seals it for Will; he doesn’t have a choice.

While the entire Snyder table is abuzz with laughter and joy, Luke manages to push himself away from the table and stands up and walks to the counter to pick up the butter. The place is silent except for gasps. Lily is the first to come give him a hug, then Holden and he thanks Noah. Vienna tells Henry that he is in serious trouble. He tells her Merry Christmas too! She says he made her feel sorry for that girl so he could sneak out. That’s Henry, old Mr. Sneaky himself. And she notices he is so pleased with himself. He admits he is pleased with everything today. He has the most beautiful girl in the world and he’s about to spend his first Christmas with her…..and he’s nailed down not a good, but the greatest gift ever. He starts off with she knows they have been wanting to make a baby. She doesn’t think that is wise to be talking about that when she is so mad at him already. He opines he knows…..he’s just been thinking what she said, about family, sharing their love….and well, it’s not a baby, but a little bit better. He reaches down and pulls the cutest puppy from the box and playfully speaks as the puppy, “Merry Christmas, Vienna.” She turns and bolts.

Luke tells them how in the beginning Noah would walk further and further away so he had to walk to him, the rest is history. Holden needs some time to himself, but returns and gives a toast, to the son he is proud of. All join in that toast and Emma says it should be to the both of them – Luke and Noah.

Will begins ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’, holding the book upside down and nothing coming out but gibberish. A little girl uprights it and he continues. Sophie and Aaron are listening right around the corner. With Vienna pouting, Henry calls her back out to at least come say hello. She tells him she is not going to say hello to some dumb animal and she doesn’t converse with any dumb animals, except Henry. He acts hurt and says maybe he is being too sensitive but he is getting the feeling that she’s not as happy as he had hoped. She tells him only because she wanted a baby, and he’s giving her a puppy. He rationalizes it that this way they can find out if they can take care of something else. A pooper scooper now perhaps diapers later. She thinks that is going to be very hard since she is not talking to him at all.

Lily hugs all good bye while saying it was the best Christmas ever. Since Ethan is asleep and she’s coming back in the morning anyway, he can stay the night. Luke walks out with them so he can go stand watch the foal. Holden cautions Noah to be sure and take care of Luke. Bonnie stops by and remarks that Holden looks very happy. He says he is and tells her about Luke walking. He waited until they were all together, his Christmas present to them. She asks if Lily was there and again he remarks that yes, and it was the first time he had seen her smile in quite a while. She asks if that doesn’t make him wonder; if he wants this divorce after all. He answers that just because Luke is walking and they are happy doesn’t mean anything has changed. Lily is still with Dusty. Bonnie gives Holden his Christmas present, the Bull’s tickets and he is blown away saying no one can get those. Her one condition is he has to take her. She realizes she has left her date planner back at the diner and scoots out to retrieve it. She stops under the mistletoe and looks at it, but Holden doesn’t bite. Lily walks in and though Lily and Bonnie seem friendly enough, Bonnie tells Holden she hopes she didn’t make things too uncomfortable for Lily.

A knock at the door and Will hopes it is not his mother. It’s Sophie and she wants to ask them something. They ask is there anything she needs? Sophie says maybe, she hasn’t decided yet. But if she gives them her baby to raise, will they let her be part of the baby’s life?

Noah tells Luke that he likes chaos; with his dad it was always so orderly. And they didn’t talk much, certainly not about……Luke says that is okay, he talks enough for both of them. Noah says but there is something he needs Luke to know and hands him a card where he writes, “I wish I had your way with words, but I don’t. Thank you for never giving up on me even when I pushed you away. Being with you has made me happier than I’ve ever been. Merry Christmas, Love Noah.” Luke asks if he meant it and Noah says yes, every word. Luke grins, Noah can write it but can’t say it. Noah admits it wasn’t something they really talked about or said in his house….he wasn’t comfortable with it, but Luke has to know how he feels. Luke tells Noah to look up – the mistletoe – and tells him when he first came out, he was fine. But it was lonely. He looked at other couples and thought that was something he’d never have….not just the attraction but the feeling of walking into a room and having somebody who is happy to see you….not having to say everything or spelling it out….and Noah doesn’t have to say it back, but Luke tells him that he loves him….”I am so in love with you.” They kiss.

Bonnie barges into the diner and Henry tells her they are closed. Frantically she says she is just looking for her date planner, it has her whole life in it. She looks around and finds the puppy chewing it up like a rag. She lunges for him, so does Henry but the puppy runs right to Vienna who picks him up and start cuddling and cooing to him in baby talk, calling him a good puppy, a real sweetheart. She warns Bonnie that perhaps this will teach her to take better care of her things. Because if Peppar wants to be a good little dog, then they can’t leave temptation about. Peppar? Short for Pepparkakor, now she instructs him to give a kiss to Daddy. Isn’t Daddy the best? He knew exactly what Mommy wanted for Christmas.

Luke and Noah break apart when Holden walks in. He says it is about time to turn in and tells Luke his room is ready upstairs and Emma made up the couch down here for Noah. Holden tells Noah that it’s good to have him here, he wants him to know that. Luke and Noah say good night to each other.

Will and Gwen assure Sophie that they would want her to be part of her baby’s life. That it was Sophie who made them the parents. That’s all Sophie wanted to hear and she leaves. Dare Will and Gwen hope? Yes, they think so. Hopefully, they hug and wish each other a Merry Christmas.

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