ATWT Update Wednesday 12/19/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/19/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At home, Gwen is staring out the window when Will gets up. She admits that she can’t stop thinking about the baby. Is she ok? Yes, but Sophie has no one. She is so glad she saw Sophie’s baby being born, even if they taking her home anymore.

At the hospital, Sophie awakens to find Iris; what is she doing there? She wanted to see her grandchild. Where is Cole – did he see her? No, but he gave her something for her, as she holds out an envelope.

At Al’s, Aaron sees Allison; why did she disappear at the hospital, he asks? She had a shift. He wants to make it up to her that they got interrupted. He would like to go back to the pickup truck and continue where they left off. She thinks it sounds nice, but it was freezing and she doesn’t want Pneumonia before Christmas. Is she serious… is she still ticked about Sophie?

In their suite, Craig watches Meg sleep. He takes a deep breath and heads over to his laptop, gets online and looks at a drug called Xyphorex, which has a medical warning to not use if pregnant because it can cause miscarriages. He writes down the name right before Meg awakens and wonders what he is doing, as he hides the paper.

At home, Paul comes in as Rosanna is on the phone about to call Craig. Did she think he wouldn’t catch her, as Rosanna looks nervous? She snuck out of bed again. There is so much to do before Christmas, she lies. He hopes she isn’t mad because he went overboard the other day about Meg. She is no longer his concern because she is with Craig and having his baby. Rosanna recalls Craig saying he knows Paul is the father.

Craig tells Meg he was surfing the net for a last minute Christmas gift for her. Meg scowls; why is he lying to her because she could see he was on a medical website. She also knows he was up half the night. She knows he is worried about the baby and he was researching the disease their baby maybe carrying. She doesn’t want him to worry because the doctor said the chances were slim and it is treatable if their baby has it. Their baby is strong, like its daddy, as Craig tells her quickly that he has to go. Meg goes to make a call, as Craig wonders whom she is calling? She is calling the doctor because he mentioned more genetic testing they could do. Craig takes the phone; he doesn’t think they should look into anymore tests.

Gwen tells Will that she is going back to the hospital. She was just there a few hours ago. She wants to make sure Sophie and the baby are ok. He is worried if she gets too attached. The baby is her niece. If Sophie gives her up though… what then? She thinks they owe it to her after all their families have put her through. If she needs to do it that way, then he is with her. He will meet her there.

Sophie gets her hopes up; she knew Cole couldn’t turn his back on his child. Actually, he didn’t even know she was born. She gives Sophie some papers, as her face drops. He is terminating his rights as the father. Iris acts like a cheerleader when she pumps her fist and tells her that the baby is all hers.

Aaron explains that it wasn’t Sophie’s fault that their night was interrupted. He couldn’t exactly ask her to hold off the labor. Wasn’t their night great still though? Their sex is always awesome – that wasn’t the problem. Aaron thinks and hopes that their night was more then that to her.

Sophie is irate; doesn’t Cole have the decency to face her? Iris smirks; he was upfront when he told her right off the bat that he didn’t want the baby. She did what she wanted. Cole had a music career to think of. Sophie explains that she wanted him to succeed more then anyone, but obviously, he didn’t want the same for her. Cole cares for people that give him space, like her, she doesn’t crowd him. Gwen comes in and tells her that is because she didn’t give a damn. She wants her to leave.

Allison wonders why this time is any different for them? Aaron thinks she was amazing with the In Vitro. She hasn’t turned into a saint; that was one situation. He thinks they can handle tough situations now. They also make a great team with how the handled Cole. Allison thinks that proves that they can handle other people’s problems. She wonders if they have their own crisis? Can’t they try though, Aaron wonders?

Iris wants Gwen to back off. She has business here; she can show her the papers. Keep your voice down, as Gwen grabs the papers. She can see that Cole did one good thing; they will stay away now. Iris snaps that she can see her grandchild still, but Gwen doesn’t want to hear it because she gave up that right when she tried to sell her grandchild. She was trying to keep the baby in the family. That is a moving story, Gwen replies sarcastically, but if she comes around again, she is going to call the police. She always threatens her, but she never follows through. She can call Margo now if she pushes it. She will leave for now, but she asks Sophie what she is going to tell her daughter when she wonders why she doesn’t have a grandmother like everyone else? Iris leaves and Sophie starts to cry, as Gwen apologizes

Rosanna tells Paul that what went on between he and Meg bothered her more then she thought. She just needs to spend some quality time together with him. They need ornaments for her tree, as Paul asks if she wants to go to the store. She would love to, but she is getting a headache. Paul is worried, but Rosanna assures him that it is normal the doctor says. She will be fine by the time he gets back. Paul leaves, and Rosanna gets on the phone.

Craig doesn’t want to risk the baby anymore with any testing. Rosanna calls Craig, but he blows her off, but then he quickly leaves. A worried Meg watches him go.

Sophie asks if Gwen saw her baby today? She peeked in on her. Sophie explains that they asked if they should bring her in. She told them that she needed to rest; does that make her a bad mom? She is not a bad mother. Sophie admits that she thinks about her all the time; she thinks about what a wonderful life she should have, but how can she give her that when she can hardly take care of herself? She barely finished high school and the only family she had was her grandmother, who has died. She lives in a motel and doesn’t have a job. How can her baby be happy with her? She loves her and that is all she needs. The nurse interrupts them explaining it is feeding time; is she ready to nurse? Sophie gets emotional and tells her to take the baby away.

Allison tells Aaron that she will think about it, which makes Aaron smile. He pauses for a moment; did he give her enough time? Allison laughs, but the phone soon interrupts them. Aaron looks at it and says that he will call them back later. Allison surmises – correctly – that it is Sophie; she tells him to answer it because she might need him. Aaron answers the phone and Sophie is crying; she hates it there and she was hoping he could come get her. Allison interrupts to tell him to go when she guesses what Sophie is asking. Aaron hangs up and asks Allison if he can pick her up later? Actually, she is going to have to turn him down. Aaron frowns, and tells her that he will call her later, but Allison just blows that statement off.

Meg arrives at the Farm to find Emma cooking. She is there to help with holiday preparations. Emma wonders if something else is on her mind? She is worried about Craig. She guesses he hasn’t forgiven her yet. It isn’t about that; he has been attentive and loving. Ever since they got the news about them being carriers though, he has been distant. Emma can understand because he lost his son not too long ago; a parent never gets over that. Meg understands that, but she has a good feeling about their baby, but how does she convince Craig of this? She is glad of that; she believes that too. Faith is contagious; she believes and Craig will too.

Downtown, Paul and Craig bump into one another. Craig is annoyed, as is Paul; he wants him to stop coming by his house. He doesn’t know how he got a second chance at being a husband and father, but he hopes he won’t screw that up. Craig doesn’t appreciate Paul being proprietary of Meg. He isn’t; she is all his; she is having his baby, as Craig subtly grimaces. He is getting all he wanted; he should forget about what she has done or he is going to lose the best thing that ever happened to him, as he walks away.

Meg thinks it sounds almost as if Emma approves of Craig these days. She is getting a good feeling about him; she thinks that she is rubbing off on him and that he may change yet. She thinks however, that Craig doesn’t have to be the only one who changes; she should make a decent meal for Craig, she teases. She has taken some of her advice - about moving on from Paul, which she has and it has made her feel closer then ever to Craig and their baby. Emma is happy to hear this because she only wants her happy.

Craig pulls out money from his pocket and hands it to some seedy man; this is a potent drug what is he using it for? Craig doesn’t answer, so the man takes the money and leaves.

What is she doing for the holidays, Emma wonders? Nothing as of now. She should join them for dinner. Meg is happy to hear this.; is she beginning to accept Craig? Emma explains that he is the father of her grandson afterall, as Meg smiles.

Craig is holding the bottle of drug he just bought; he stares at it intently.

Gwen tells Sophie that she talked with the nurse; she shouldn’t have done that. They will feed her formula until she decides what she is going to do. Sophie tells her that she is tired, as Gwen tells her that she is going to call Will. Outside the room, Gwen sees Aaron. She is really down and she hopes he can get through to her. Aaron walks into her room and Sophie immediately wants him to get her out of there.

Susan sees Allison about to leave at Al’s; she wants her opinion on something she bought Emily, but Allison isn’t in the mood. Are they fighting? No. Is she going to meetings still? Yes, but she can see that she isn’t going to let this go. Is it Aaron? She thought they were getting along. They were and then she let things go too far; she just missed him and he was being so sweet. They slept together? Yes. Did he dump her? She thanks her for the vote of confidence sarcastically; actually, she dumped him.

Aaron explains to Sophie that she isn’t in any condition to up and leave the hospital this minute because she just had a C-Section. She knows, but she is going nuts. What happened? She freaked out when a nurse asked her if she was going to feed her baby. Aaron thinks it is normal. She should talk to someone – like a therapist. No. She wants to go back to her motel room. Aaron doesn’t think it is a good idea. She could stay at the Farm still. Sophie tells him that she wants to go to her room – so he can take her or she will go on her own.

Rosanna is desperate to reach Craig, who is now back at his room. He slams the phone down when he sees it is she, and then he picks up and tells her to stop stalking him. She went out on a limb for him court and he owes her. He actually saw her husband downtown just a while ago. What did he say to him? He said as little as possible. She is glad. He didn’t do it for her; he did it to keep his wife from running back to the wrong man. He bids her Merry Christmas, but Rosanna has one last question; when the baby is born, he will love and raise this baby as his own even though it is Paul’s? Craig says nothing more then Happy New Year. He hangs up just as Meg is coming in the door. Emma has invited them to dinner at the Farm tonight. He teases her about being in the Twilight Zone. She wants to get to know the father of her soon-to-be grandson. Craig apologizes, but they can’t go. She doesn’t understand; do they have plans? He ordered room service and was looking forward to a quiet evening at home – just the two of them. Meg smiles; any other time she would be thrilled, but this dinner is important. This means he can be a real part of her family – he would like that. Room service interrupts them however.

Will and Gwen go to Sophie’s room only to find it empty. They ask a nurse where she is? The nurse tells them that she and a young man checked her out, against doctor’s orders. Is the baby still there? She would need special permission to get her released this early; she is still in neonatal. Will wonders where she would go? Gwen isn’t sure, but she thinks she has an idea.

Aaron brings Sophie to the Wagon Wheel; he still thinks it was a bad idea leaving without her doctor’s ok. She needed to get away from the doctor’s, nurses and Gwen, who are all just waiting to see what she is going to do about her baby. Aaron doesn’t think anyone of them was pressuring or judging her. She just wants to be by herself to think about what she is going to do. Sophie apologizes if she ruined his date. It is ok; she comes first.

Why did she break up with Aaron? Is she surprised – what no man would want her? She only meant that she knows that she wanted to be with him. They always end up a disaster in the past. They have changed since then. You would have to ask him – if he can tear himself away from his charity case – Sophie, who just had a baby on her own. She sounds like she is in a tough spot, Susan thinks. She is and she is sweet and alone, and if Aaron ever had to chose between sweet Sophie and her – the screw up, she knows who would lose. Susan understands; she launched a preemptive strike. They are officially over again, Allison declares.

Gwen and Will show up to see Sophie; Aaron explains Sophie made him take her here; he thought it was crazy at first, but she has calmed down since they got here. Sophie explains that she is tired. Gwen understands, but she just wanted her to know that they were worried when she disappeared. Sophie apologizes; she shouldn’t have left without telling her. Is she sure, she should be there? It is all she can afford and she needs peace and quiet. Does she have any idea where she would stay if she keeps the baby? No, but she just wants peace and quiet. Will jokes that they can take the hint, as they head for the door. Gwen stops Will; she has an idea, as she whispers to him. He agrees that it is a good idea. They are going to make a phone call and will be right back, as Sophie looks nervous.

Paul comes in with bags, as Rosanna tells him that she was getting worried because he was gone for so long. The lines were long and then he literally bumped into Craig. Did he say anything? He did most of the talking. He laid down the law – he is with Meg and she is his. Does she feel like decorating now? She definitely does.

Craig is on the phone with Emma; he apologizes for not being able to make dinner because it was too late to cancel their dinner. She is ok with it, but she is going to be inviting them again real soon. He is looking forward to that. Once Meg gets back on the phone, Emma teases her that Craig’s good manners are not the ‘old Craig.’ She wants her to have a wonderful dinner. She wants them to take care of themselves and their baby, as Craig secretly but sadly adds the drug to Meg’s drink. They are ready to toast, as Meg wants to wait. What is wrong? Everything is perfect; she wants to toast to her husband, who made her believe that love can really work miracles… and to his baby, as Craig emotionally watches her tip the glass to her mouth, as he suddenly whips the glass from her hands and cuts himself in the process. What is wrong? It is ok, he promises.

Gwen tells Sophie that they talked with Lisa and she has a room at the Lakeview. She doesn’t want handouts. She wouldn’t be. She would go back to work when she is ready and then she would take a little out of her pay to cover the room. Aaron pipes in that it doesn’t get much more peaceful then the Lakeview. If she keeps her baby, then she is welcome there too. They also have some clothes and baby stuff she is welcome to as well. Why are they being so nice if they are not getting her baby?

Meg wonders why Craig did that? He couldn’t let her drink that, as Meg doesn’t understand. There was a bug in the glass. She laughs over that. She wants to bandage up his hand; she wants to take care of him – for once. Craig pulls her into a big hug.

Gwen understands that she may not trust her yet, but her baby is her niece. She would feel that way no matter what. They just want to help. Sophie apologizes for snapping. They just want her to think about their offer; there is no stress or strings. After they leave, Gwen admits to Will that a part of her still wishes that they were going to get the baby; does that make her a horrible person? No, it makes her normal. She will be a great mom. Does he still think they will have a family? He certainly does.

Rosanna and Paul admire their tree. She tells Paul that when she thinks about what they have gone through, she can’t believe he is hers. He is and she is all his too, as he kisses passionately.

Meg bandages Craig’s hand. She is going to change and then they will try the toast again, as Craig pulls out the vial, looks at it, becomes emotional and then puts it back. He picks up the ultra sound picture and touches it, as Meg comes out. He is going to look like his father. They will have to overlook that, he teases. He tells her, through tears, that he loves her more then he imagined he could, as he hugs her tightly.

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