ATWT Update Tuesday 12/18/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/18/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Chris Hughes is finding life at the top isn’t as easy as he thought it would be, especially since he knows he really didn’t earn it. Chris is doing everything he can as a liar, and as a doctor to keep Bob from regaining consciousness and telling the world that Chris had actually been fired just before bob collapsed. Dusty is certainly doing what he can to let the world know Chris is not a wonderful doctor that Bob had faith in.

Dusty wants Emily to pull her story commending Chris for a job well done. Emily refuse and they argue. Dusty mentions the fight he overheard which triggers a memory for Emily. She isn’t willing to admit that maybe her ex-lover is right but she is suspicious now of Chris’ motives, remembering Chris admitting to the fight with Bob. Emily stands her ground as a reporter and defends her man only inspiring dusty to keep moving forward until he gets someone to listen.

It may not take long before Dusty has an ally. Tom is finding many of Chris’ decisions as a doctor and a son quite peculiar. Dusty has hopes of finding support in Lucinda who believes Dusty is jealous because Chris is with Emily. Kim overhears Lucinda and Dusty disagreeing about Chris’ action. Kim demands that Dusty speak his mind if he is talking about her son. Dusty has no problem telling Kim the truth. She takes heed of his warning that Chris isn’t all that she believes he is. Kim calls Chris insisting that they talk. Kim asks Chris about the fight. He admits to a minor argument but does not share with his mother the entire truth, tap-dancing around what Dusty knows. Kim returns to Dusty telling him to keep his mouth shut until he has proof. That’s certainly what Dusty intends on getting. He knows Chris is hiding something and he is going to find out what it is.

Vienna goes into the jewelry store and buys a gift for Brad to give to Katie to inspire her to want to make a baby with him. When Brad goes to Katie’s room to give her the gift he overhears Katie and Jack laughing and playing around inside. Brad slips off to the bar calling a girl to help console him. Things seem to go well between Jack and Katie until their playfulness brings them a little too close. Katie feels uncomfortable and backs away. She wants jack to leave. He can see she still loves him and begs her not to give up on him. Katie explains it is just too painful because she knows that she will never really be a part of his family. Jack leaves and Katie goes in search of Brad.

Katie finds brad sulking at the station after being dumped by his female companion. They agree that Brad will be her friend and they will hang out as friends. Brad promises to never hurt her and be there for whatever kind of friendship she needs. Katie accepts his kindness but she still had the lonesome lingering in her heart for a baby. Brad is quick to tell her he doesn’t mind being used for that purpose and that purpose alone. Katie agrees, okay they will make a baby but there must be rules.

Katie doesn’t want them to do anything a normal couple would do. They just have sex and go on about their business. Brad agrees even to her rule if they begin to have feelings then the whole thing is of. They make love in the office of WOAK.

Carly runs into Parker in Old Towne and tries to talk with him about their holiday plans. Parker tells her he doesn’t intend on seeing her over Christmas. This hurts Carly who badgers him to reconsider. Parker doesn’t want to be talking to her at this moment and he especially doesn’t want to spend Christmas with her. Jack runs into Parker and Carly. He sets parker straight forcing him to be polite to his mother.

Carly and jack talk. He tells her how it went with Katie then turns around and tells her he doesn’t want his ex-wife to ever speak to him about Katie again. At the farm Jack and parker discuss Carly some more. Parker is more concerned that Jack and Katie get back together than how his mother feels. Jack promises he isn’t giving up on Katie and he plans to be back with her before the start of the new year. Parker is concerned about Brad’s interference. Jack claims he isn’t worried about Brad. What Jack wants and needs from Parker is for him to spend Christmas with Carly and his brother and sister. Parker agrees reluctant and unhappy.

Carly runs into Sam who is entertaining children with a dummy in Old Towne. He can see she is really down and invites her to have a drink with him. Carly opens up about her problems with Parker. All she wants she tells her new friend and business partner is for her kids to be happy. Sam lifts her spirits making her laugh and see things aren’t as bad as she thinks.

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