ATWT Update Monday 12/17/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/17/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At the Farm, Jack comes in with wood to find Carly writing a note; she wanted to thank him for changing his mind on the liquor license. Jack is half listening. She also wanted to ask what his plans were for the holiday? He doesn’t know. They both want to see the children; so she thought since neither of them have anyone special, they could spend it together? Jack can hardly process this question before Sage comes racing out pleading with him to say yes, as Jack sighs.

At the Lakeview, Brad and Katie are in bed watching TV, as she seems to be getting emotional. What is wrong? She is upset about Rudolph being left out; what is her problem she whines? Brad wonders if she is pregnant? Katie gets up and rushes out without a word. He wonders what he said?

At the hospital, Allison and Aaron wait to find out what is going on with Sophie. Aaron is worried, but Allison is convinced she is fine, but she also can’t help but be annoyed as well; it is like she is having his baby. Aaron reminds her that they are just friends, as Allison explains that she knows that.

In the hospital room, Will is feeding Sophie ice chips while Gwen provides motivation on her other side. He is good at this, as Will explains it is from when Gwen had Billy, as Gwen seems to get a little emotional, but smiles. It was easy because they had each other. They comment about Aaron being outside for support as well; she is appreciative since she was horrible to him. She gets a contraction and the doctor tells her to push, but Sophie is afraid. However, the baby is coming, so she doesn’t have much of a choice.

Jack tells Sage this is a private conversation, as they usher her upstairs. She leaves telling them that she wouldn’t need a gift if they spent Christmas together. After she goes upstairs, Jack is annoyed with Carly. She didn’t put Sage up to that; she knows they are not getting back together. She isn’t giving her false hope; she is trying to get him back with Katie. She knows that the Brad and Katie situation is hard, so maybe the best thing to cheer him up is a family Christmas. He is not spending Christmas with her; it is not a good idea. Carly looks upset.

Brad is worried when Katie still hasn’t come out; finally, she comes out, as Brad suggests it is hormones, but Katie doesn’t want him to say it because it isn’t working, as she holds up a pregnancy stick – she isn’t pregnant. They just got started so he doesn’t want her to worry. Everything is going to be fine. Brad thinks they should go back to bed, but she isn’t in the mood. She explains that she had trouble getting pregnant with Mike; she thought it might be for the best at the time. Maybe there is something wrong? Brad dismisses it. Katie thinks they are doing everything they are supposed to be doing at the exact time, plus noone thinks they should be doing this – maybe it is telling them something? Brad reminds her that Vienna is on board. Jack and Carly think it is a mistake, as Brad is amazed she would bring them up. Forget about everyone who thinks they know what is best for her for their own reasons… he wants her to think about her own dreams. He doesn’t want her to miss this opportunity on the hopes of finding someone to fulfill her dreams down the road. Does she want to risk going through her life without kids?

Carly explains to Jack that she wasn’t implying they were going to have a romantic holiday by the fire, wrapping presents and drinking Egg Nog… she isn’t that pathetic. Christmas is everything to kids. She wants to give them good memories. Jack thinks it is sending the wrong signal and they will wake up when it is a new day realizing it was all a show. That isn’t good for any of their kids – especially Sage. The only thing better then being a kid at Christmas is being a parent, Carly counters. He won’t let the kids near the house. Sage needs to know she is part of a family – especially at Christmas.

Aaron and Allison hear Sophie crying out. He is worried. Will comes out and tells them that they have to do an emergency C section, but Sophie doesn’t want to sign the papers. Aaron wonders if he can help, but Will thinks the Gwen is the woman to get her through this.

Inside, Gwen is trying to convince Sophie to do the C Section, but Sophie is worried. The doctor chimes in that she has to do this now before there is real trouble. It will be over in a few minutes.

Katie thinks this is God telling her that she would be a terrible mother. She isn’t and that is not what is going on, Brad answers. He doesn’t want her to give up on her dreams at the first speed bump. Maybe the test is wrong? She took five. They are going to do this; they are great together. If she isn’t getting pregnant then what is the point? Brad wants her to think past this. ‘Bratie’ rules. What is he talking about? They should have a handle… like Brangelina. Katie isn’t buying this cheerleading that Brad is doing; it is over and he should leave. Doesn’t he have a say? No. She wants to be alone.

Jack has a suggestion; she can have the kids on Christmas Eve if Sam and Kit are nowhere near the house. Carly quickly agrees, but Jack explains that he means Christmas Eve day; they come home to sleep. Carly starts to try to bargain, but Jack isn’t budging. She agrees; it will be like having two Christmases, she offers. Sage interrupts wearing her Angel costume for the Christmas play; she is here to make all their Christmas wishes come true. Carly explains that Sage already did that because she is spending Christmas Eve day with her kids. Sage is thrilled, and she wonders if Jack is coming? He gently explains he doesn’t want her to get sick of him. He asks Carly to take Sage to school, as a thrilled Carly agrees. Sage wants to stop off and get donuts like they do, as Carly winks telling her to not give up all their secrets. After Sage leaves, Carly thanks him and Jack softly tells her that he would do anything for his kids – and he knows she would too, as they share a smile.

Katie is collecting Brad’s clothes and giving them to him; he is frustrated that she is kicking him out. There are plenty of women who would love to have his kids. Katie angrily tells him to go call the model they interviewed the other day; she is sure she can give him tons of beautiful and brainless kids. He is all for it; it will take 5 minutes for him to stop thinking of her. It is for the best that they didn’t get pregnant anyway because she is crazy with her hormones; he would have to enter the witness protection, he snaps, as he heads into the bathroom. Katie stomps back to the bed and tosses herself down; soon after, she is crying.

Aaron and Allison are waiting for news when Gwen and Will come out; she did it – she gave birth to a baby girl – she was as trooper. Aaron and Allison are happy, as he wonders if they can see her? She is in recovery, but maybe in a little while. Gwen is tickled about how thrilling the experience was and how healthy the baby seemed when they left, as Will and Gwen stare warmly at one another.

Carly is walking downtown when she sees Brad, who is speed walking. Who is he running from? He doesn’t run and whoever would say otherwise is lying, he snaps. Are they talking about anyone in particular? She should be happy - Operation Baby is a bust; Katie isn’t pregnant and she doesn’t want to try anymore. She did try to warn him. She got what he wanted, Brad snaps back. She thinks he would have made a decent dad. He guesses that it is all about it being the right person and according to Katie, she is not it. Not for him anyway, Carly quietly says.

Katie is stripping the bed when there is a knock at the door; she thinks it is Brad, but it is Margo. What is going on? Nothing; she quickly adds that she should be happy that there is no baby or Brad. They broke up? They weren’t together, as Margo is relieved, but Katie doesn’t want her bad mouthing Brad because he was good to her. She is the one that couldn’t get pregnant, and she doesn’t want to hear it wasn’t meant to be. She knows what she was doing was wrong; it was wrong to use him because she loved his brother. Brad knew she was using him, but he was sweet and he always showed up supportive. He is like a Saint Bernard, Margo jokes. Can she imagine a whole litter of Brad Snyders? It doesn’t matter because she isn’t getting pregnant. She is going to get over Jack and through this. Margo reminds her that isn’t what she wants. She loves Jack and wants him back. She is right; she does want him back, Katie answers.

At the station, Carly walks over to Jack; she is glad she found him. Is Sage ok? She is fine; it is about him. She is trying to prove to him that she wants him happy. She wanted to let him know that the baby thing between Brad and Katie is over. How does she know this? Brad told her. It was Katie’s choice to end this. She loves him; women know these things about each other. They both love each other so if he just went to her and tell her how he feels. He already did. He should do it again; he should put his heart out there. If she is right, then they could be back together by Christmas.

Will and Gwen talk with the doctor; how is the baby? She seems perfectly healthy so far. She is in neonatal for a short time because she was under some stress before her birth, but that is normal. They can see Sophie in a short time. The doctor thanks Will and Gwen for talking her into the surgery – she saved the baby’s life. Allison hopes Aaron feels better now. He does, but the hardest part is still ahead of her; she has to decide what to do with the baby. Gwen doesn’t know why she feels like crying. Will understands; the baby was supposed to be theirs, as they hug.

Jack is blowing Carly off. Why isn’t he charging over there, she asks? Is he afraid that Katie is going to shoot him down? He doesn’t trust her. He doesn’t deserve to get what he wants if he doesn’t put it all out there. He will shoot himself before he takes advice from her. She is just trying to help. He wants her to stop because she doesn’t do anything without an ulterior motive – maybe the kids staying over for Christmas Eve? That is not going to happen. That isn’t what it is about. Why won’t he just listen to her advice? Her advice always backfires on him.

Brad is at Al’s when Vienna skips over to see him. Have they made a baby yet? Nope and it isn’t going to happen. What did he do? He did nothing. Katie doesn’t want a baby anymore – at least not with him. That isn’t true. She wasn’t there. She is a woman and the desire to have a child is the most precious thing in life. Brad can tell Vienna wants to have a baby. She can’t stop thinking of it. He wishes Katie felt that way about him. She is probably just scared. She wants to tell him a secret. Henry is planning a big Christmas secret. Wouldn’t it be incredible if he changed his mind and wanted to have a baby with her? He would be happy for her; he knows how he felt when Katie changed her mind and wanted to have a baby with him, as he looks sad now. Vienna doesn’t think that Katie has changed her mind at all. She needs him.

Will assures Gwen that they will have a baby soon – just not Sophie’s. When she saw the baby, she wanted to protect her. Gwen wants to go see the baby. Allison suggests that Aaron go see Sophie; she wouldn’t mind? No. She has been so awesome about this, as he heads in the room. Allison isn’t so sure about that, as she mumbles to herself.

Katie admits everytime she sees a Christmas tree; she thinks how much she wanted to spend their first Christmas together with Jack. Why can’t she make that dream true? Carly. Carly is not standing between Jack and what she wants – she is, as Margo leaves.

Carly thanks Jack again for going to bat with the liquor license. If anything happens there illegal, they could take his job. She wouldn’t let that happen. She knows she would lose her kids. Is there anything else Jack asks business like? She just wanted him to know that she loves him too much to see him in this kind of pain and if Katie is the only one who will fix it then she will have to live with that. She has her work and her kids to keep her occupied, but at least she will know he is where he belongs. Jack furrows his brows emotionally as he listens to her before she walks away and he stares after her.

Allison wonders what is going to happen to Sophie and the baby? Will doesn’t know because he is sure Sophie was banking on doing it with Cole. That doesn’t make her sound stable. All they can do is be there for her. She is sure that Aaron will be. Is that a problem for her? She will deal. She has to get going; she has an extra shift to get to. She has to head out, but he should tell Aaron to take care of Sophie. He thought when they showed up together, things were better? She thought so too, but she isn’t going to get her hopes up.

In Sophie’s room, Sophie apologizes to Aaron for being mean to him. He doesn’t want her to worry; she did an amazing job with the baby. She doesn’t feel proud; what is she going to do now? She doesn’t need to make that decision now – she should take care of herself and then worry about what to do.

Will wonders how the baby is? Gwen beams that she is incredible. She is an angel sent to them.

Brad tells Vienna that he is done trying; he did balloons, flowers and little rabbits. He did it all. That is how he won her over. He has nothing left though. He hasn’t done the one thing left guaranteed to get her heart, but it will cost him. Money is no object, if he gets to be with Katie, Brad answers.

Katie is putting her sheets in the hallway; she comes back in the room and sees the bunny Brad left or her, as she smiles sadly. She puts it in the drawer and then sees the shirt Jack made for her, as she sighs.

Margo comes into the station to see a frustrated Jack. He tells her Carly came to see him. Does she want him back? No, she wants him with Katie? Did she grow another brain tumor? Margo feels slightly bad that popped out, but they can’t help but snicker at the point that Carly never does anything without an ulterior motive; he just hasn’t figured it out yet. Margo explains that Carly is right this time. Katie still loves him and wants him back; she told her point blank. She went on and on about what would have been their first Christmas; she hasn’t let it go. Jack doesn’t understand why she tells him to leave her alone, but she admits that to her? There is nothing in the way for them… nothing real… Katie would beg to differ. Then they should prove each other wrong, unless there is something to his feelings for Carly? There is nothing left there. Then she will tell him what she told Katie; there is nothing standing in between them but themselves. Jack asks if she and Brad are really over? Yes, of course they are over. What is he going to do about it? Can she cover for him? Of course, she can.

Carly comes home and looks around sadly. Sam comes in and surprises her. He tells her that he just fixed the leaky pipe. She thanks him; it is nice to have a man around the house again, as she breaks down and starts sobbing.

Aaron asks Will where Alison is? She went to work, but she wanted him to take care of Sophie.

Gwen tells Sophie that she saw her baby; she is healthy and strong. She is beautiful like her mom. She can hold her when she is ready. She doesn’t want to because she doesn’t even know if she is going to keep her. Gwen empathizes because she was in the same position with her son; she never held him before she lost him and she would trade anything to change that and to hold him one time. Whatever she decides, she should hold her or she will regret it forever. Sophie decides to, as Will and Gwen watch outside the door happily. Sophie lights up when she holds her baby, as Aaron stands protectively nearby.

Sam comes back in the room and wonders if Carly feels better? What happened? It is a long story. Kit tells him he is a lousy listener, but Cowboy Jack is a good one, as he tries to make her laugh when he pulls out the wooden puppet. She isn’t in the mood, but he tries to change her mind. Carly apologizes; her life is a real mess, but talking to a dummy isn’t going to help, as she goes upstairs.

Vienna tells Brad to get Katie a Christmas gift with lots of diamond. She will be his personal shopper; he gives her his credit card and tells her that the sky is the limit. When she gets his gift for Katie, she will be his forever.

Jack knocks; Katie goes to the door. She sees him standing there with a Christmas tree. What is he doing here? He is there to make sure she has a merry Christmas.

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