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As the World Turns Update Friday 12/14/07


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(Fairwinds)  Rosanna is scared of an angry Craig but she tries to keep her cool by advising Craig that the best revenge against Paul would be to raise Meg and Paulís child as his own.  Craig wants to tell Paul the truth about the baby because he is sure he can do it and still keep Meg with him.  Rosanna points out that if he tells Paul the truth, Paul will use the baby as leverage to take Meg away from him. 

(Alís Diner)  Meg tells Paul that if this baby is healthy, she will love Craig and they will be a happy family.  Paul thinks that sounds like a penance but Meg explains that love doesnít come all at once but rather, it comes slowly and builds and she knows Craig loves her. 

(Fairwinds)  Craig tells Rosanna he will take care of Paul later but right now he is mad at her for switching the paternity test results.  Rosanna promises Craig anything he wants to keep the truth a secret.  Craig wonders if Rosanna can give him back the feeling that he had when he sat with Meg and heard the babyís heartbeat and knew the baby was his and Megís child.  Rosanna says she can give him that and explains that she knows Meg is starting to fall for him and if he keeps the truth a secret then Meg will stay with him and they can have other children some day and he will have a happy life with a wife who will love him forever.  Paul arrives and wonders what Craig is doing in his house and warns him to stop using Meg and Rosanna to deliver messages for him and if he has something to say to him, he should do it face to face.  Craig leaves and Rosanna explains that Craig told him about the one night stand he had with Meg but when she told him she already knew about it, Paul just got upset and was about to leave when he came in the door. 

(Lutherís Corners)  Aaron arrives to pick up Allison in a truck that used to belong to a girl named Melanie who had a crush on Aaron in high school.  Aaron begins to drive and then the truck runs out of gas Allison thinks Aaron set this up.  Aaron says no and as they sit for a while, Aaron apologies to Allison for always jumping to the wrong conclusion about her and asks her if they can start their relationship over.  Allison tells Aaron she is scared they will mess up again and their old problems will surface.  Aaron tells Allison he loves her and they should try to find their way back home to each other.  Allison agrees and the two make love inside the truck and once they are done, they sit and talk hoping they can hold on to this feeling forever. 

(Will and Gwenís place)  Gwen wonders why Will never talks about the two babies they lost.  Will tells Gwen he doesnít want to cause her any more pain by talking about the babies.  Gwen tells Will he was their father and he has every right to talk about them.  Will thinks he wasnít a good father to the babies because he didnít take care of them or her.  Gwen tells Will he did take good care of her and he loved those two babies.  Will wonders how Gwen can still care about Sofie and the baby despite everything Cole, Iris, and Barbara did to hurt her.  Gwen points out that none of that was Sofieís fault and she doesnít have anyone to help her, so even though she couldnít save the two babies she lost, she can save Sofieís little girl.  Will decides to go with Gwen to visit Sofie so they can help the baby. 

(Carlyís House)  Carly is upset and tells Sam and Kit she canít get a liquor license and that could spell the end of Metro so she goes to the police station to ask Jack for help. 

(Farm)  Parker canít find his math workbook and J.J. tells him he left it at Carlyís house.  Parker asks J.J. to call Carly and ask her if his math workbook is there so he calls and Kit tells him Carly isnít home.  Parker decides to go to Carlyís house to get his workbook since his mom isnít home. 

(Police Station)  Carly arrives and tells Jack she needs him to make some calls because for some reason they denied her application for a liquor license.  Carly notices that Jack isnít surprised she figures out he called someone to stop the approval of the license.  Carly wonders why Jack deliberately wants to sabotage her new business.  Jack explains that when you have a criminal record you canít have a liquor license.  Jack tells Carly he was angry because she broke yet another promise when she let the kids near Sam and Kit.  Carly explains that Sam was practicing his act on the square when they went to the bazaar and he couldnít stop Sage from going over there.  Jack wonders why Carly felt the need to lie about something so trivial.  Carly explains to Jack she wanted to tell him but they finally had one civil conversation and she didnít want to ruin the moment by having another fight.  Carly tells Jack that he has to try to trust her sometime and believe that she wonít always lie to him because she is really trying to make things better this time.  Carly asks Jack to help her because she has to have a job to try to make a better life for the kids.  Jack agrees to make the call but he makes it clear to Carly that he is only doing it for the sake of the kids. 

(Carlyís house)  Cowboy Jack tries to talk to Parker and persuade him to stop being so mean to his mother, brother, and sister but Parker just yells at Sam to stop making the stupid dummy talk and leaves with his math workbook under his arm. 

(Wagon Wheel)  Gwen arrives with food for Sofie who tells her to leave.  Sofie starts having contractions and Gwen wants to take her to the hospital but Sofie is terrified that Gwen is going to steal her baby.  Sofie only agrees to go to the hospital when Will gives her his word that nobody is going to take her child. 

(Old Town)  Meg runs into Judy, the woman she and Craig helped give birth in the elevator, and Judy allows her to hold little Craig.  Meg tells Judy that being a mother is the best feeling in the world and Judy gives Meg her phone number so they can keep in touch. 

(Lakeview)  Meg tells Craig his son has been kicking all day and she takes that as a sign that the baby will be healthy.  Meg shows Craig a cute little outfit she bought for their son and tells him that she ran into Judy and they exchanged phone numbers. 

(Fairwinds)  Paul wants to tell Meg that Craig paid Rosanna a visit so that she can be ready in case Craig gets mad at her.  Rosanna tells Paul she will call Meg because she doesnít want to gives him another excuse to talk to Meg. 

(Hospital)  Will and Gwen get Sofie settled in and Will is finally able to reach Aaron and tell him Sofie is in labor.  Allison tells Aaron to go be with Sofie because she needs a friend right now.  Gwen tells Sofie she will be right outside if she needs any help.  Sofie has a painful contraction before Gwen leaves so Gwen rubs her back to ease her pain.  Gwen is about to leave but Sofie takes her hand and asks her to stay. 

(Fairwinds)  Paul is ready to go to bed Rosanna wants to check e-mail but Paul tells her she can do that tomorrow so he takes her hand and they go upstairs. 

(Lakeview)  Meg asks Craig if he is ready for bed and he tells her he has to check his e-mail and will be there in a few minutes.  Once Meg goes to bed, Craig searches on his computer for drugs that cause miscarriage. 

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