ATWT Update Thursday 12/13/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/13/07


Written By Eva
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(Carly’s house)  Jack comes by to see Carly and she tells him whatever he came by to fight with her about, she didn’t do it.  Jack tells Carly he didn’t come by to fight, he wanted to ask her a favor.  Jack explains that Sage wants to go to a Christmas bazaar in Old Town and he wonders if Carly can take the kids to Old Town tonight.  Carly knows Jack and so she wonders why he is allowing her to take the kids tonight and Jack admits he has to take care of some business tonight and though Jack doesn’t admit it to her, Carly knows Jack’s business has to do with Katie. 

(TV Station)  Katie recalls making love with Brad and starts to smile but stops when Brad comes up behind her and gives her a kiss on the cheek.  Katie hits Brad in the chest with her hand and takes him to other room to blast him for the public display of affection at work.  Katie reminds him that they are not emotionally involved with each other they are just working on a personal project together and once the project is done their sexual relationship will be done as well.  Brad knows that Katie enjoyed the sex more then she will admit and that she was thinking about it when he saw her smiling when he came in the door. 

(Fairwinds)  Rosanna recalls paying Eli money in exchange for the surveillance tape that shows her breaking into the lab to switch the test results of the paternity test.  Paul arrives and startles Rosanna out of her thoughts and she quickly hides the tape behind her back.  Paul thinks she is hiding his Christmas present behind her back and covers his eyes with his hand to give her time to hide the tape back inside the desk drawer. 

(Hospital)  Meg and Craig wait nervously for the doctor to arrive and when he finally does, Meg asks him directly if the baby is going to be okay.  The doctor explains to Craig and Meg that she has been found to be a carrier of Gaucher’s disease and the baby can only be affected if Craig is a carrier of the disease as well.  The doctor goes on to explain that he has ordered the lab to review Craig’s genetic tests to see if he carries the disease too. 

(Fairwinds)  Paul tells Rosanna that he was unable to persuade Will to forgive Barbara and he understands why Will won’t forgive her because what she did can’t be forgiven.  Rosanna tells Paul not to say something like that because his mother did something terrible but she only did it because she wanted Will and Gwen to be happy.  Paul can’t understand how Rosanna can forgive Barbara so quickly especially since many people have hurt her just because she wanted a baby.  Rosanna thinks she would have done something just as desperate if she had found out Paul was the father of Meg’s baby.  Rosanna tells Paul she would never let him go back to Meg because she has hurt him too much.  Paul tells Rosanna she would never have to do something that desperate because Meg and Craig are out of their lives for good. 

(Carly’s house)  On his way out the door, Jack sees Sam’s trunk and Carly promises that Sam and Kit will have no contact with the kids. 

(TV Station)  Brad and Katie greet their guest Mia who seems to want to flirt with Brad non-stop before, during, and after the taping of her segment.  Once the taping is done, Katie tells Brad that it isn’t very professional to flirt with the guests on the show.  Brad knows Katie is green with jealousy even though she won’t admit the truth to him or to herself.  Jack arrives and invites Katie for coffee so they can talk Katie accepts the invitation and Brad watches as Katie leaves the station with Jack.  Mia invites Brad to have dinner with her and he refuses, then quickly changes his mind when he remembers Katie just left with Jack. 

(Carly’s house)  Carly tells Kit and Sam she is taking the kids to the Christmas bazaar but she promised Jack the kids would not have any contact with them.  Sam and Kit understand and are supportive as they promise to do something else tonight. 

(Fairwinds)  Rosanna asks Paul if they can go buy a Christmas tree because one thing the coma has taught her is that life is too short not to live it.  Paul agrees to Rosanna’s request and goes to get the car. 

(Hospital)  Eli walks into Meg’s exam room with the results and she asks him to tell her if her baby’s father is a carrier of the disease too.  Eli avoids the question until the doctor arrives a few minutes later and tells a stunned Craig that he is also a carrier of the disease.  Craig tells the doctor that he has fathered three children and done genetic testing several times and this has never been an issue for him.  The doctor explains that unless the mothers of his other children were carriers, the lab would have never known to test for the disease.  Craig goes out in the hallway to talk to Eli because he wants to demand that he run the test again or he will tell his supervisor about the unauthorized paternity test he ran on Meg.  Once Craig goes back inside Meg’s room, Eli calls Rosanna and tells her that he needs to talk to her because they have trouble. 

(Farm)  Carly arrives to pick up the kids and sees a Christmas stocking with Katie’s name on it in the garbage and wonders why Emma threw something so beautiful away.  Parker explains Jack threw away the stocking because of her.  Carly asks Parker to stop being so angry just for today and go to the bazaar with J.J. and Sage so he agrees to go for Sage’s sake. 

(Lakeview)  Jack tells Katie to reconsider having a baby with Brad because sex doesn’t matter to him and she will get attached to him and then end up getting hurt.  Katie tells Jack that she and Brad already slept together and she may already be pregnant. 

(Hospital)  Meg is sad and apologizes to Craig because the baby may be sick.  Craig tells her not to worry because the baby will be fine and she shouldn’t blame herself because nobody is to blame.  Meg wants to go shopping but Craig says he has an errand to run but tells Meg to go shopping and buy some cute clothes for their son. 

(Fairwinds)  Rosanna tells Paul she must meet with her accountant but asks him to go pick out a tree saying she will meet him in Old Town once she is finished with her accountant. 

(Old Town)  Carly sees Sam who is doing his act with Cowboy Jack and Kit is nearby watching him.  Carly explains to Kit that she must leave early because she promised Jack the kids wouldn’t be with them.  Sage and J.J. see cowboy Jack and when he calls them over they run over to him and become part of his act.  Parker sees them and goes somewhere else because he knows Jack doesn’t like Sam or Kit.  Parker is also upset because he thinks Carly used the bazaar as an excuse to talk to her friends.  Carly asks Sage not to tell Jack that she met Cowboy Jack and she demands respect from Parker because she is his mother.  Cowboy Jack tells Parker that he isn’t such a bad guy once he gets to know him but Parker ignores the dummy. 

(Lakeview)  Katie tells Jack she can take care of herself and says that her personal life isn’t any of his business anymore.  Katie sees Brad with Mia and once he leaves for a minute, she tells Mia that she and Brad are trying to make a baby together.  Brad returns and Mia tells him she doesn’t want a complicated relationship with someone who is trying to make a baby with another woman.  Katie tells Brad she wants to go upstairs and try to make a baby now.  Brad and Katie go upstairs and Katie is in a big rush so Brad knows this is about jack.  Brad thinks Katie wants to get revenge on Jack but Katie denies it and since Brad won’t do anything until she tells him what is wrong, Katie admits she is mad at Jack.  Katie explains to Brad she is mad at Jack because he told her what to do and that he thinks that Brad will hurt her.  Katie tells Brad that she knows Jack is wrong because he would never hurt her.  Brad is happy that Katie trusts him and the two make love. 

(Hospital)  Eli tells Rosanna that Craig’s test results are clean but Paul is a carrier of Gaucher’s disease so he had to pretend that Craig was a carrier of the disease so that nobody would find out she switched the paternity test results.  Eli demands more money which Rosanna grudgingly gives him and promises she will get a sample from Paul for him to switch when he has to run Craig’s test.  Craig is hiding in the stairwell listening to the conversation and starts to cry and doubles over as if someone kicked him in the stomach. 

(Al’s Diner)  Craig runs into Meg while he is getting hot chocolate and a plate of Christmas cookies to take to Rosanna.  Paul asks Meg if she and the baby are okay and Meg explains that the baby should be fine because they caught it early.  Meg tells Paul the baby is a boy and Paul thinks that Craig should be very happy.  Paul walks to the counter and picks up his order and is heading for the door but when he hears Meg say “Ow” he walks over to make sure she is okay.  Meg says she is fine and smiles because the baby just moved. 

(Carly’s House)  Carly notices Jack is sad because he couldn’t persuade Katie not to have a baby with Brad.  Jack fears that he has lost any chance of getting back together with Katie.  Jack thanks Carly for listening to him before he leaves to go back home.  Kit wonders if Carly told Jack what happened at the bazaar and she says no because for a few minutes they talked like they used to and she didn’t see any point in telling him something that was no big deal. 

(Farm)  Parker tells Jack everything that happened at the bazaar and Jack decides to teach Carly a lesson. 

(Fairwinds)  Craig tells Rosanna that he knows she switched the paternity tests results and Paul is the father of his wife’s son.  Rosanna calls the idea ridiculous but Craig asks her if she would still laugh if they watched the surveillance tape together. 

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