ATWT Update Wednesday 12/12/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/12/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At the farm, Luke and Noah are studying, as Emma and Holden leave to go do some chores after offering them some homemade cookies. After they leave, Noah jumps up and tells Luke to get ready to do it like they did before.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna arrives home with Paul. He has a surprise as he opens the door to show her a huge floral arrangement he had delivered, as they kiss. He missed her, and he never wants her to leave him again.

At home, Will reconnects the phone, as Gwen reminds him what is going to happen. She doesn’t even get out the last word before the phone rings. Will answers it; it is Barbara worried because she has been trying to reach him. She should have taken the hint when they didn’t pick up. If she calls them again, he will sue her for harassment. A saddened Barbara hangs up and soon angrily sets her sights on Allison.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Aaron knocks on Sophie’s door. He wants to know how she is? She answers shortly that she is fine. He should go because Cole will be coming home soon. Aaron quietly tells her that he knows he isn’t there because he talked to the Front Desk Manager. Has she heard from him? No. He walks by her and tells her to start packing because she is coming with him.

Luke stands up and slowly walks toward Noah taking one step at a time. He reaches Noah and they hold onto one another. Noah promises him that he isn’t going anywhere when Luke tells him to not let go.

Barbara snarls at Allison that she told her to leave Will and Gwen alone. Allison snaps back that she is not going to let her blame her for what happened. Barbara explains that what was going on was private, and now her family has been ripped apart. Allison explains that she has no one to blame but herself, as she walks off.

Gwen tells Will that they both know that Barbara is going to call back. He told her to leave them alone; he doesn’t want her a part of their life again… especially when they have a family. Gwen pauses and then takes a deep breath, and tells Will that she isn’t sure she wants a baby anymore.

Barbara walks into the living room where Paul and Rosanna are kissing. She is sorry to interrupt, but she had nowhere else to go, as she starts to tear up. Paul wonders what is wrong, as he braces himself? She did something to Will that she fears that he will never forgive her for. Paul sighs.

At the hospital, Meg and Craig arrive at their appointment. Meg walks in, but Craig sees Eli and recalls seeing him with Rosanna. He tells Meg that he needs to make a call and he will be in in a moment. He goes over to talk with Eli. Eli wonders if he wants to talk about Meg? Craig corrects him; he doesn’t want to talk about his wife but rather his ex wife – Rosanna. He saw them in a serious conversation and he wonders what they have in common? Eli pretends they were talking about funding for his research. Craig remarks sarcastically about him hitting up patients. Meg’s doctor interrupts saying he is ready to start, as Craig follows him, but gives Eli a cold backwards glance.

Paul is furious; she bought Will and Gwen a baby? Barbara tries to explain that she was desperate to help. Paul icily reminds her how her help never is good. Barbara continues; she failed to give Will the proper childhood. She lost his trust for years, and she needed to make up for that. Paul snaps about hoping that she didn’t come here for his help.

Gwen thinks they should face facts that they probably will never have a child. They have lost too much in the process already. They have lost time and he has lost his mother, but she doesn’t want that. She has to bear some responsibility. She pushed Barbara and everyone so hard to get a baby. Will won’t let her blame herself at all.

Sophie tells Aaron that she doesn’t want him to take care of her. She will do what she wants – for once. Aaron explains that he is not trying to control her – especially after the number Cole did on her. What does she need from him? She needs him to go. He can’t believe that. She appreciates that he proved to her what Cole was really about, but she doesn’t want him to come there and fix things for her anymore.

Noah wonders when Luke is going to tell his parents he can walk? He thought it might be a Christmas surprise, but things feel so different this year because of the divorce. He changes the subject; where is he going to spend Christmas? Noah doesn’t know, so Luke suggests that he spend it with him.

Allison stops by Will and Gwen’s to see if they are ok? They are hanging in there, they admit. She saw Barbara, who was none to pleased with her. Will isn’t surprised since she always blames others. Allison can’t help but feel like this adoption falling through was her fault. Gwen assures her that it is not her fault because the baby belonged to Cole and Sophie; it was never theirs to begin with.

Noah is happy to hear Luke wants to spend the holidays with him. He teases Luke about having no family and that Chinese take out isn’t that exciting, so he would love to take him up on his offer. He will stay on one condition – that he not hog the blankets, as they give each other coy looks.

Paul yells about how much he hurt Jen with the whole Johnny situation. How could she do that knowing the outcome? Sophie was giving up her baby by choice Barbara defends. Why didn’t she tell Will and Gwen then? She was afraid that they wouldn’t adopt their baby if they knew. That should have told her something. Paul is furious, as he tells Barbara that she took away their one choice. Their biggest choice in life was taken out of their hands! Rosanna is listening and thinking how she went into Eli’s office and changed the paternity results to show Craig is the father instead of Paul. Paul tells Barbara that she had better learn to live with the consequences because she is not going to get any help from him! Rosanna interrupts when she firmly tells Paul to stop and leave his mother alone! This reaction surprises both Paul and Barbara. She explains that while she understands Paul’s reaction, he shouldn’t forget that her heart was in the right place. He knows what it is like to want forgiveness for stuff he has done, as she knowingly looks at him. She also reminds him that Jen had to be on her deathbed to finally forgive him. This affects Paul. Barbara wonders if he can forgive her?

Meg and Craig are with the doctor as he finishes up his testing. He wonders if they would like to know the sex of the baby? They talk and decide that they would like to know. The doctor congratulates them on their baby boy, as they hug upon hearing this news.

Emma teases Noah and Luke about eating all her cookies. Can he stay for dinner, as Noah readily agrees? He leaves so Luke can talk to Emma though for a moment. Luke thanks her for inviting Noah for dinner; he mentioned that he had such a good time at Thanksgiving. She is glad because he has an open invitation. Luke takes this statement and segues into Christmas; he was hoping that Noah could stay with them during Christmas. Emma seems a bit uncomfortable with this and reminds Luke that all of their rooms are full so it probably wouldn’t be possible. Luke smiles; that is ok because he can stay in his room, as Emma looks even more uncomfortable.

Aaron thinks he should stay, but Sophie wants to start thinking for herself and she would like him to go. Aaron waits for her to reconsider, but she doesn’t so he leaves. Sophie starts to cry after he goes.

Gwen doesn’t want Allison to feel guilty because she did a good thing; can she imagine if they found out after they had bonded with the baby? Allison smiles, hugs them and heads for the door, as she opens it, they see Aaron standing there.

Paul tells Barbara that she did an awful thing, and Will and Gwen are well within their rights to not talk to her again, but she doesn’t need to ask his forgiveness. He is going to talk to Will, but she shouldn’t expect anything. Barbara thanks him. After he leaves, Barbara admits to Rosanna that she was the last person she expected to defend her. Rosanna explains that people can do unimaginable things to hold onto someone they love. She talks, as she recalls her conversation with Eli about her making the paternity switch. Barbara admits that even if Paul gets Will to forgive her, she will never forgive herself. After Barbara leaves, Rosanna gets on the phone, calls someone and tells that person that she wants to end this tonight.

Aaron tells Will, Gwen and Allison how he went to see Sophie and that Cole has left her; she is really messed up. He offered her a place at the farm, as Allison is not happy with this, as she tries to hide it; what did she say? She turned him down, as Allison looks slightly relieved. He is worried though, as Aaron and Allison say their goodbyes.

Luke is sitting outside when Noah comes back up; what is wrong? His grandmother didn’t go for him staying at Christmas. She didn’t seem comfortable with them together, as Noah is a little hurt, but Luke explains that he means that she wasn’t comfortable with them being together… together.

Meanwhile, Emma looks in thought as Holden comes downstairs; what is wrong? She thinks she made a terrible mistake with Luke.

Gwen tells Will that she feels badly for Sophie because she was more blindsided then anyone. Will tells Gwen that they would be the last people that she would accept help from. Gwen can empathize because she was where Sophie was a few years ago; she was very lucky to have him, as she hugs Will tightly.

Emma explains that she feels terrible that she didn’t say yes to Luke’s request. She does approve of Noah and Luke even though she was uneasy at first, but now they have 100% of her support. Noah is wonderful to and with Luke, and she couldn’t have asked for more for him. However, the idea of Noah and Luke in bed together under her roof makes her uncomfortable. She feels as if that makes her a prude, but that is how she was raised; it has nothing to do with them being gay. Holden understands because that wasn’t how he was raised either. She wouldn’t have let anyone stay at the house when they were Luke’s age either; it is ok for her to feel that way. She feels she is being sensitive because he is gay, but that could be insulting too. Holden reminds her that Luke didn’t want to be treated any differently because he was gay. Why should she start now?

Meg and Craig are about to leave after their appointment; is he excited that they are having a boy? Craig answers that he would have been thrilled no matter what, as Meg holds his hand to her stomach – that is his baby growing inside of her, as Craig beams.

Eli waltzes into Rosanna’s house in awe of how she lives. She is not interested in small talk; she has the money so she would like the tape.

Will opens the door to find Paul; of all the people, he thought he would understand how he feels. He does. Why is he there then to justify their mom’s sick need to control everything? He should consider giving her a break just this time. Why? She has lost a lot of people and she is terrified that he is going to be another one on that list. She should be worried, Will answers.

Emma comes outside and sits with Noah and Luke. She wants to invite Noah to stay with them at Christmas, as both boys looks a little surprised. She does have ground rules though; Noah needs to stay on the couch in the parlor; Luke’s room is off limits. She is not saying this because they are gay; she would set those ground rules with any suitor coming to her house. Noah happily agrees, as Luke smiles broadly. Emma thanks Noah for all he has done for Luke recently; she thinks it has made a big difference.

Allison and Aaron are walking downtown; she admits that she feels as if she robbed Will and Gwen of their happiness. Barbara did that. He doesn’t want her to take this out on herself; he intends on cheering her up – at all costs, he adds with a smile.

Sophie is sitting silently crying on her bed when Gwen comes calling. Sophie is surprised, but she isn’t up for company. As she is about to close the door, Gwen just wants to say something to her – sorry.

Holden brings down a box of decorations; Emma comments about all the people that are going to be at the farm this holiday, as she makes a remark about even celebrating with Craig. Holden grimaces, as Emma suggests that she can open her home to him for one day if Meg can open her heart to him. Holden pulls out Lily’s stocking – has he given thought to where she will be this holiday?

At the Lakeview, Meg and Craig arrive home, as Craig suggests some food while she showers. She would love a cheeseburger and French fries, as Craig smiles. After she goes in the bathroom, Craig finds a picture of he and Bryant.

Paul doesn’t think Will should cut Barbara out of his life. Rosanna reminded him that Barbara did this out of love. She wanted them to have a baby so badly; she knew he wouldn’t be able to because of his hospitalization, which she blames herself for. He knows why Paul is here now – he used that same excuse with Jen when he kept Johnny from her.

Craig is sitting on the bed talking to the picture of Bryant; he misses him and how he is going to be a dad again – it is going to be a boy. Meg comes out of the shower and hears Craig talking to the picture. Craig tells the picture that no matter what this baby will never replace him. He hopes this baby will teach him to forgive himself because he never got a chance to say he was sorry for all he had done. He hopes this baby brings them both peace, as Meg listens tearing up.

Rosanna wonders if this is the real tape? It is; he took it from security when he knew someone had been messing with his computer. Can he hand over the tape? She will give him the money in exchange for the tape now.

Holden tells Emma that he is taking things day by day, but the kids have made it clear that they want to be at the Farm so that is where they are going to be. What about Lily? She knows her heart would be at the Farm with them as well. He is not keeping her from the kids; if she wants to be at the Farm with them, then she is welcome. Emma wonders if he has said this to Lily because she thinks she would like to hear that.

Gwen explains that she and Will did not know; Barbara told them it was a private adoption, and they had no reason not to believe that. She adds that what her mom and Cole did to her was terrible, and she feels horrible about it. She is going to leave now, as Sophie tells her to wait.

Aaron holds out his hand, as Allison wonders where they are going? Doesn’t she trust him; it is a surprise. Allison reaches out for his hand and they both leave happily.

Luke sees Noah in thought; is he ok? He is, but he was just thinking about his grandmother. She is so honest and kind at once; he has never met anyone like her. He feels this will be his best Christmas ever, as Luke meets his smile with one of his own.

Sophie tells Gwen that she should have listened to her when she said that Cole would be a terrible dad. She would have still wound up pregnant and alone though, so the outcome wouldn’t have been different. Gwen tells her for what it is worth, she has been where she has been. If she needs any help, as Sophie cuts her off – she doesn’t, as Gwen leaves.

Paul sees that it was a mistake to come see Will because he obviously needs more time with this. Why should they all feel badly if this was done out of love? However, he feels sorry for them that they justify their behavior with that excuse, as he closes the door on Paul.

Rosanna wants Eli’s assurances that this is the only copy? It is. For his sake, she hopes he is being honest, because deep pockets don’t just buy happiness they also buy justice.

Meg and Craig are lying on the bed when the phone rings, as Meg answers it. It is her doctor calling to tell her that he would like her to come in because he saw a small abnormality in her genetic test with her CVS test. Is it ok? He doesn’t want her alarmed; he just thinks they should go over it. She hangs up and Craig immediately wants to know what is wrong, as Meg tells him. Craig is worried, but Meg tries to assure him everything will be fine, as she hugs him, but her face shows another story.

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