ATWT Update Tuesday 12/11/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/11/07


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

Proofread by Fran

(Lakeview)  Lily looks for Dusty but the desk clerk informs her that he hasnít checked his mail or picked up his messages since yesterday.  Lily is worried but she knows there must be a good reason for Dusty not to be home.  Lucinda arrives and tells Lily they called her last night to tell her Bob had a stroke and she is on her way to an emergency board meeting at the hospital.  Lucinda also tells Lily that her boyfriend Dusty was the one that found Bob when he collapsed at the hospital.

(Hospital)  Dusty arrives with tea for Kim and wakens her by accident when he walks in the door.  Dusty apologizes for waking Kim and hands her the tea then offers to drive her home so she can get a few hours sleep and a shower but Kim refuses to leave Bobís bedside.  Kim tells Dusty that some nurses came by last night when they were off duty to care for Bob.  Kim sobs as she tells Dusty that everyone in the hospital loves Bob so much.  Dusty wonders why Kim is alone and she tells him Tom and Margo spent the night at the hospital but now they have gone home to talk to Nancy and Lisa.  Bonnie runs into Holden and is surprised he isnít home cooking a healthy breakfast for his kids.  Holden explains that he did that this morning but sometimes he just feels the need to be alone and be where he doesnít have to pretend everything is okay.  Bonne starts to leave but Holden asks her to stay and he tells her that it gets hard to pretend his life isnít a mess but he does it for the sake of his children so that their lives can be a little bit normal.

(Alís Diner)  Bonnie tells Holden that she is glad his kids are not around to see their father feeling sorry for himself. 

(Lakeview)  Lily sees Chris and Emily and tells them how sorry she is about Bobís stroke and that she will be praying for him.  Lily tells Chris that it was lucky that Dusty found Bob and he was able to get him help right away.  Chris tells Lily he doesnít have time to talk and he and Emily get inside the elevator.  Emily asks Chris to open up and tell her how he feels but he doesnít want to lose control.  Once they get to their room, he canít take it anymore and starts to cry a little as he admits to Emily that his father was so angry at him the last time they spoke that he fired him.  Chris blames himself because he thinks that his father never would have had the stroke if they hadnít been fighting so much.  Emily thinks that Chris is being too hard on himself and despite everything, his father loved him very much and wanted him to take over for him as chief of staff someday.  Emily thinks that Bob was just angry and overreacted but eventually he would have changed his mind.  Emily encourages Chris to use this opportunity to prove to his parents that he is the man they thought he could be but Chris thinks its wrong to take advantage of his fatherís illness to get ahead in has career.  Emily thinks Chris would make things easier for his family while they are facing a difficult situation. 

(Hospital)  Lucinda arrives to lend support to Kim and tell her Bob is strong and will be better in no time.  Lucinda gives Kim a hug and Kim begins to cry and Lucinda tells Kim about the emergency board meeting to appoint a temporary chief of staff.  Kim tells Lucinda that Bob would want her to make sure the hospital was being run the way he wanted while he is recovering from his stroke.  Lucinda wonders if Chris isnít too young to be a temporary chief of staff and Dusty agrees that Lucinda has a valid point.  Kim points out to Lucinda that Bob has devoted his life to the hospital and out of respect for that devotion, the least the hospital can do is appoint Chris, who is the person Bob recommended to take over for him.  Dusty recalls the last conversation he overheard between Chris and Bob in which Bob told Chris that he was way to ambitious and selfish to ever be a good chief of staff. 

(Alís Diner)  Holden confides to Bonnie that he is worried that his kids will be very hurt if they find out about Lilyís affair with Dusty and asks Bonnie to make sure that nothing is mentioned about Lilyís affair in court.  Bonnie agrees and then Holden invites her to breakfast and is surprised when Bonnie orders a lot of food and eats it all.  Bonnie tells Holden she is in training for a basketball rematch with him.  Holden doesnít accept the challenge at first but then he changes his mind after Bonnie tells him she let him win the last time. 

(Hospital)  Dusty tells Lucinda that he doesnít think that Chris isnít qualified to be chief of staff.  Chris arrives with Emily and tells Dusty to stop shooting off his mouth because he has no idea what it takes to be chief of staff.  Lucinda goes inside Bobís room to be with Kim as she talks to the doctor.  Dusty and Chris continue to argue with Dusty, telling Chris that he is taking his foundation out of the hospital and moving it to another hospital if Chris is made chief of staff.  Chris shouts back that the hospital doesnít need his foundation because they could use the space for other projects.  The discussion gets so loud that Kim comes out of the room to ask Chris and Dusty to move their discussion some place else because she is trying to talk to the doctor.  Lucinda steps out of the room and Dusty asks to speak to her as they walk.  Dusty tells Lucinda that Chris is too young and ambitious and doesnít care about the hospital and just wants to further his own career.  Lucinda asks Dusty to give her proof of his allegations or forever hold his peace.  Dusty recalls the argument between Chris and Bob but doesnít mention it to Lucinda.  Lucinda goes to the meeting and after a very short meeting, she tells Chris and Kim the board unanimously agreed to make Chris temporary chief of staff.

(Old Town)  Lily sees Holden and tells him about Bobís stroke and he decides to go to the hospital with Lily to see Kim and Bob. 

(Hospital)  Holden tells Kim he knows exactly how she feels because he felt the same way when Lily was in a coma.  Kim gives both Lily and Holden a hug and thanks them for their visit. 

(Alís Diner)  Dallas tells Bonnie she shouldnít be involved with a married man who is also her client but Bonnie insists that she and Holden are just friends and that she is just giving Holden someone to listen when he needs to talk.  Dallas doesnít believe that and his suspicions get stronger when he sees sexy lingerie inside Bennieís shopping bag. 

(Hospital)  Susan advises Emily to stay out of Chrisís career and just be his girlfriend.  Susan also thinks that Chris is too immature to be chief of staff because he has never shown much restraint in the past.  Emily thinks Susan is jealous of Chris because she wants to be chief of staff. 

(Java)  Lily pleads for another chance with Holden and wonders how he can just throw away their marriage when it was his love that brought her out of the coma.  Holden doesnít want to talk anymore and tells her to sign the separation papers and he tells her they should only talk through their lawyers. 

(Alís Diner)  Lily asks Bonnie to make Holden talk to her but Bonnie says she canít do that because she must respect Holdenís decision.  Lily tells Bonnie that she wonít sign the papers.  Holden arrives after Lily leaves and he smiles and they laugh and joke as he tells Bonnie he canít wait for their basketball game.  Lily comes in again and looks jealous when she sees Bonnie and Holden.  Before she walks out, she tells Holden that he is right they should only talk through their lawyers. 

(Hospital)  Lucinda encourages Chris to smooth things out with Dusty because a chief of staff must learn to deal with people who donít like him.  Kim advises Chris to be patient and fair and learn how to delegate things and ask for help when he needs it.  Evan arrives and tells Chris they must talk about equipment and staffing for the project.  Kim is angry that Chris approved a project Bob didnít want at the hospital.  Chris lies to his mother and says that Bob changed his mind about the project before his stroke. 

(Lakeview)  Dusty is also upset with Chris and calls him ambitious and selfish to approve a project his father didnít want just because he wants to make a name for himself.  Emily tells Dusty Bob changed his mind about the project and Dusty tells Chris he may be able to lie to other people but he canít change what went on between him and Bob. 

(Hospital)  Kim asks Susan to stay with Bob while she goes to sleep in the room that Emily got for her inside the hospital so she can be close to Bob. 

(Lakeview)  Chris wonders if Dusty knows the truth and Emily assures Chris that Dusty may know the truth but he wonít ever be able to prove it.

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