ATWT Update Monday 12/10/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/10/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

Katie and Brad are in bed together afterwards, as Brad is happy and going on about how amazing it was, but Katie looks off and regretful.

At Carly’s, Jack is irate, as he tells Carly how she probably pushed Katie into bed with Brad. If it is possible, Katie hates him even more now. Carly corrects him; she loves him. Jack explains that Katie thinks he sent her over. Carly explains that she just wanted to make things right, but Jack thinks her logic is twisted considering. She just wanted to help get Katie back. Jack doesn’t believe that. Carly tells him that she loves him and hates knowing that he is miserable because of her. She wants him happy even if it is without her.

Brad laughs, as he is lying in bed, as a short Katie wonders what is so funny? He is just happy, as he tries to kiss Katie, but she pulls away. Brad is babbling about how they are meant to be and how she turns him to mush, as Katie seems to look like she wants to bolt. Brad wants to do it again, as Katie stares at him. Brad wonders if it was as good for her? All Katie can manage is that it was “Fine thank you.” Brad can’t believe this, as he mutters that she has got to be kidding him.

Jack is annoyed, as he asks Carly if she actually thought her barging into to Katie’s room would really cause Katie to come running back to him? She admits that she didn’t think it through. Jack sarcastically pretends to be surprised by this. Did she do it thinking this would clear her conscience? Why would Katie ever listen to her of all people? How is this going to pay off for her?

At the hospital, Dusty races to Bob’s side when he sees him unconscious on the floor, as does Kim, who comes in right after. They call out for help, as Chris races in. He drops down to his dad’s side and starts CPR, as Kim cries out. Chris is telling his dad not to quit on him now. The EMT’s come and load Bob onto a stretcher, as Kim kisses him right before he is wheeled away. Kim wants to know if he is going to be ok, but Chris won’t give her a straight answer. When Kim presses him, Chris admits that Bob not being responsive isn’t good, but once they get the tests done and results back then they can reevaluate. Chris rushes off, as Kim worries that she is going to lose Bob. Dusty doesn’t want her to get ahead of herself because Bob needs her. Kim tells him that everyone told him to slow down because he was under too much stress. She doesn’t understand because he was so relaxed this morning; she can’t figure out what happened?

Brad tells Katie that he didn’t just bring her an omelette; he brought her the world, as Katie grins. Thank you feels cheap, he explains. Doesn’t she want to talk or cuddle? Katie wiggles away telling him that she really doesn’t. She had a good time and if she is acting as if she didn’t, then she is in denial. He knows this because she made the face, as he mimics the look of ecstasy and Katie grimaces and she walks away. He knows she had a great time. Katie snaps and tells him that she already said that she had a fine time. Brad thinks she is making it sound icky. Katie wants him to remember that what they are doing is biological and not romantic.

Jack tells Carly that Katie is just another notch on Brad’s belt for him, but he loves Katie, which seems to sting Carly for a moment before she recovers. Jack continues; he would want her back even if she slept with Brad. Carly tells Jack that she is sorry because she knows this, but she just made a mistake going over there; he can add that to her list of them. She realizes she lost him for good this time and she was just trying to make up for things. Why is any of this her business? She is the mother of her kids and that is it; there is no room for anything else.

Brad reminds Katie that what they did was her idea. Brad tells her that this Snyder brother earned points, as Katie snarls about him bringing Jack into it. Brad stares at her; he didn’t. They stare not saying anything for a moment before Brad tells her that she is freaking out. He ran circles around Jack anyway, as Kate growls at him to get out! Brad tries to calm her down; he has feelings too, as Katie recognizes this; she did have a great time. She then corrects herself – a good time. Her slip was enough for Brad though. He continues to babble about what they did and what it means. Katie wants him to stop; they are not in a relationship – this is a project. They will forge ahead until she gets pregnant. Brad agrees, but he is not a machine or selfish. He will donate his body, but it won’t feel good unless she feels good, as Kate seems moved by this, but then she changes the subject by reminding him that they have to get to work. Brad thinks it will be strange now, but Katie wants it to remain the same; they are friends and co-workers. It will only be weird if they let it be, as Brad nods in agreement.

Carly explains that part of her always believed they would get back together no matter what and no matter how bad the fight. She should have waited for him to come to her on his own because he would have, as Jack shakes his head. Carly disagrees; he loved her, as Jack shakes his head again, but Carly reminds him how he came to her, how he spent his wedding day with her when he thought she was dying. Seeing him like that, it scared her and she pushed things too far. Jack tells Carly that she has to move on. She isn’t trying to get him back this time. She wants him to be free of her and she can help fix it if he lets her.

Katie tells Brad that they have to simply act normal; they will keep their personal and professional lives separate. Is that a deal, as Brad nods. Katie puts out her hand to shake on it, but Brad pulls her into a kiss, which she gives into for a while before they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Katie throws his clothes at him and pushes him into the bathroom before she opens the door to find Margo there. Why isn’t she dressed, she asks nervously? Katie explains (lies) and tells her that they were on a remote and she got dirty. However, her lie is exposed when Brad calls out from the bathroom asking Katie if she has a hair dryer? Brad pops his head out to say hi and then ducks back into the bathroom. Katie is annoyed and Margo is in disbelief. She just got through telling Jack that she wouldn’t be really trying to get pregnant by Brad of all people, as Katie frowns.

Tom shows up to see Kim, who is still being comforted by Dusty, and wants to know what has happened? She tells him that his father collapsed, and that she and Dusty found him unconscious. Dusty leaves to get coffee to give them some time. She tells Tom that Chris hasn’t told her anything yet. Just then, Chris comes out of Bob’s room. He tells them that Bob has had a stroke, as Kim gasps. Will he be ok? Chris can’t say, but he hopes so.

At Al’s, Dusty is ordering coffee when he sees Emily. Is she writing anymore articles that tick people off? She just wrote the truth. Dusty thinks she should tell that to Kim. What does she have to do with this? Bob just collapsed. What is he insinuating?

In Bob’s room, Kim is sitting at his bedside. She needs him to wake up she tells an unconscious Bob. She leans in closely and tells him quietly that he has to come back to her, as she kisses him. She asks Chris how this could happen? A blood clot. She doesn’t want the mechanics; she wants to know why? He was on his way to tell him how proud he was of him… did they talk? Yes, as Chris remembers the fight he and his dad had. Something must have ambushed him between the diner and the hospital, Kim surmises. How was he acting, Tom wonders? Chris doesn’t know what to say, but manages to say that his dad was being dad. Kim wonders if Bob can hear them or if he knows that they are there? Tom assures Kim that he will be ok; he is not going out without a fight. Chris thinks if Bob had listened to them then he wouldn’t be like this.

Dusty tells Emily that he isn’t going to say a thing, but she should ask her boyfriend about what happened. He is heading back to the hospital; he will tell Chris that she is looking for him, Dusty tells her coldly, as Emily mumbles to herself that she will tell Chris herself.

Chris is alone with Bob; he tells him that Kim is having a tough time dealing with this. He couldn’t tell them that they fought because she would have been so upset and he knows that he would be more upset with him if he worried Kim. He is so sorry; he was being arrogant. He is just trying to find his place for himself; he wants to be more then Dr. Bob’s son. He is proud to be his son though; he needs him to wake up so he has the chance to tell him that. He starts to break down as Kim and Tom come back in the room.

Jack tells Carly that she can’t fix his life; the only way for her to do that actually would be for her to stay as far away as possible from him so she can’t ruin it anymore. She thinks that was harsh. Carly doesn’t think his life is as messed up as he thinks. She interrupted Katie and Brad – you know – in the act. Jack makes a face; he wants to thank her so much for that image now. That is not the point. She did stop them. Katie wouldn’t listen, but Brad did. Brad isn’t as bad as he thinks and Katie is not just another conquest for him. He is shaken up because he knows Katie doesn’t love Brad and that she still loves him. Jack is frustrated; she has no idea how Brad and specifically Katie feels! She may not at this very moment, but she can find out for him. Jack stares at her.

Brad dances out of the bathroom and leaves. Margo asks in amazement what she already knows – if she slept with Brad? Yes, and she is glad that she did, as Margo makes a face. She is trying to get on with her life. She just broke up with Jack; does she not see the red flags? This is crazy, but Katie doesn’t think wanting a baby is crazy. She is doing it with the brother of the man she loves. She is just focused on the stick turning blue. How can this not keep reminding her that she is with the wrong brother, as Katie sighs.

At WOAK, Brad is flitting around practically singing. He is dropping hints as well. His hairdresser tires to get the gossip, as she notes that his shampoo smells like Katie’s, as Brad does a bad job at being coy. She thought Katie hated him? He remarks about love and hate being a fine line. She can’t say anything because they aren’t ready to go public, which she promises she won’t with a smile.

Katie tells Margo that this isn’t about Jack versus Brad. She and Brad are friends. How can Brad make a ‘donation’ and then go back to being normal the next day? Is she using him? No. Is she going to let him be a part of his child’s life? That would be fine. How could she bring a child into her life right now because it is such a mess? Katie sarcastically thanks her. If she brings a child into her life as it is now, it will only exaggerate the negative aspects. Katie remarks that even two loving parents can raise kids who end up being screwed up, as Margo looks upset knowing what Katie is referencing.

Jack tells Carly that Katie would never tell her how she feels. Brad would tell her though. It kills Brad that Katie still has feelings for him. She can find out if Katie still has feelings for him and then he can figure out what his next move will be. He doesn’t want her help; he doesn’t want to plan any moves – that is her thing. How can she help? She can’t; she can never ever help him again; he will work this out on his own, as he stomps out the door.

Kit comes home and finds Carly looking sad sipping wine on the couch. What is wrong? Metro? No. Her cop? She finally admits that she tried to help him get back with Katie. Why on earth would she do that? She was trying to be a good person. Kit doesn’t believe her; she knows the thought of them together makes her blood boil. Carly realizes this, but the only thing worse then knowing that Jack loves Katie is that he hates her.

Margo tells Katie that she never implied that she had a perfect home life; life is hard no matter what the circumstances. Katie apologizes because it was horrible what she just said. Margo tries to reverse things; what if she was going to have a baby with Brad; she would be doing everything in her power to talk her out of it. This is not about a life partner though; Brad will forget about her and her baby in no time so it will be all good, as Margo reminds her that would then make her a single parent. She knows that, but she also knows she would have her family as support. Of course, she would, Margo answers. Margo adds that she is going to be a great mom – one day.

Kim thinks Bob looks as if he could be sleeping. She talks to him again; he is her love, her best friend – her everything. She doesn’t want him to worry because she isn’t going to let him go. She wants him to fight his way back to her and she will hold onto him forever. She picks up his hand; can he give her a sign? She pleads with him to squeeze her hand, but she doesn’t get a response. Chris and Tom leave the room to give them some privacy. When they are out in the hallway, a nurse approaches them wondering how their dad is? They are all concerned; they were also wondering who is going to fill in for Bob in the interim? Dusty, who just walked up, hears her ask this and pointedly asks Chris flatly if he knows who is going to fill in?

Brad is still bouncing around the station, as the crew watches him. He fills out a card with what he thinks is witty comment, and then sticks it in some flowers, as he walks off. Katie wonders in, as the makeup woman and hair stylist mention that she looks like she is glowing. Katie sees the flowers; are they from a fan? They are from her number one fan, as Katie jumps up saying that she is going to kill Brad. The women assure her that they won’t say anything; they are family, as Katie slowly sits back down. One of the women off handedly mentions how her boyfriend sent her flowers after their first time too, as Katie jumps up yelling for Brad. Brad sticks his head out and wonders what his ‘sweetheart’ wants, as Katie snarls. She pushes him into her office; is this how he keeps things private? He didn’t say anything; he was just happy. She yells for him not to call her sweetheart, not to send her flowers, not to touch her or to talk about her with anyone. Brad agrees, as he asks Katie if she wants to meet same time tomorrow, as Katie stomps off, as the crew is listening and Brad tells them that she is so great.

Margo walks into the station and sees Jack; she just saw her sister. Jack stops her; he knows she told her that Carly barged in, but he had nothing to do with it. She knows that. He tells Margo that he is going to take her advice and back off; Katie is smart enough to not get involved with Brad. Margo is about to tell him about Katie and Brad when her cell rings; it is Tom telling her about Bob. She will be right there. She tells Jack what happened and he tells her that he has her covered. She thinks they should finish their conversation, but Jack tells her to go take care of her family first.

Kit reminds Carly to be careful what she is trying to do because she could get Jack back with Katie. Carly is hopeful she did stop the deed so Jack will appreciate something she did. The phone interrupts them; it is Brad. He wants to thank her because she got Katie so upset that she channeled that into something much better, as Carly can practically see Brad winking at her. He owes her, as Carly hangs up and declares that does it because Jack will never talk to her again!

Brad and Katie are on the set doing the show, as Brad whispers that he is here for her day and night; a stressed out Katie wants him to shut up.

Chris tells Dusty that all he cares about is that his father is ok and the rest can wait. Chris goes into see Bob and tells him that he has to get better. Emily comes in behind him and hugs him.

Outside, Margo arrives and hugs everyone. Kim explains that Dusty found Bob, but Dusty alludes to the fact that Chris was the last person to talk with Bob before the stroke. They should be talking with him.

Back inside the room, an emotional Chris tells Emily that it is his fault, but she doesn’t get what he means because Bob’s problem was probably brewing for a while. Chris tells her that she doesn’t understand because this is all his fault.

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