ATWT Update Friday 12/7/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 12/7/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Katie is in disbelief that Carly would have the nerve to try and horn in on Katie’s most personal moments and decisions after all Carly has cost and hurt Katie. They argue. Carly wants Katie to reconsider having a baby with Brad for so many reasons but most of all because it will hurt Jack. Katie isn’t concerned about jack or her feelings. She wants a baby and she is going to have one. With Brad. The more Carly goes on to bash Brad the more he chimes in from the bed draped in pillows and a sheet. Katie too is only covered by a sheet she is holding over herself. Brad is afraid Carly may say too much to get him back so he leads her out into the hall to speak in private.

Brad is angry she is trying to ruin what they have both worked and lied so hard for. Carly doesn’t care if he wants to go there she doesn’t have Jack so he doesn’t get Katie, but that is beside the point. Carly doesn’t want Katie or Brad to hurt Jack anymore than he has already been hurt. Brad tells her to butt out. Carly doesn’t like it but she slinks away with her tail between her legs.

Katie has called jack she is furious. Just as it appeared to be looking like Jack and Katie might have a chance. Parker finds Jack joyfully shopping for Christmas to be specific, for Katie. Jack warns Parker not to get his hopes up but just maybe if things work out well Katie may be spending part of Christmas day with them. Parker predicts Jack and Katie will get married again. When Katie’s angry phone call comes in Parker is really quick to assume Carly is completely to blame for what ever the most recent crisis is. Katie accuses jack of sending Carly over to do his dirty work. Katie tells Jack that he has no right getting in the middle of her most private moments. Jack is angry with Carly and ready to deal with the situation for good.

Carly comes home disappointed that she didn’t achieve keeping Brad and Katie from making love to make baby. Jack is waiting for Carly to her surprise. Jack comes down on Carly for interfering once again. Jack accuses Carly of purposely going to Katie’s room to drive her into Brad’s arms. Carly didn’t feel that would happen at all but fears now that she could have caused more damage than good. Indeed Detective Jack Snyder was right. Brad returns feeling that maybe they shouldn’t go through with this whole baby idea. He admits it doesn’t feel like it should or like he thought it would. Making a baby should be a beautiful thing and what they are doing isn’t beautiful. Katie calls Brad to her. She jumps into his arms and kisses him. They fall to the bed in various states of nudity.

Craig and Meg are still on an emotional high overt he delivery of the baby in the elevator. They are happy and Meg appears to be committed to her marriage and life with her babies father. Craig meets with Chris over the Walsh research department and Chris assures Craig everything is a go. He will handle Bob. Eli, the lab tech, meets with Meg. He doesn’t reveal what he knows about her pregnancy rather he decides to use this information for his own benefit. Meg swears to Eli that she and Craig are happy and committed to each other regardless about how she once felt for Paul, the other perspective father.

Paul is running around Memorial trying to get Rosanna’s release papers in order so he may take her home. Eli slips into Rosanna’s room revealing that he knows what she did by switching the DNA test results. Eli waves the security tape around as proof to Rosanna’s deceit. Rosanna offers him anything for his silence. Eli presents Rosanna with a sizable cash amount that he want in exchange for the video tape. Rosanna agrees though she isn’t happy about it.

Craig had taken Meg to lunch where they were enjoying the afternoon until Evan arrived with bad news sending Craig back to the hospital to meet with Bob. Before getting to Bob’s office Craig notices a peculiar meeting. Rosanna and Eli are speaking and it seems to be pretty intense. Craig is immediately curious as to what they would have to talk about. Craig asks Rosanna but she makes up a quick lie and sends Craig on his way.

Bob is ready to admit that Chris is doing very favorably in his job and could be on the way to becoming the next Chief of Staff as long as Chris accepts that Memorial is not going to play host the Even Walsh’s research project/ center. Chris is running from person to person promising the world especially the research center. Chris is showing even around when Bob comes to compliment Chris on a job well done. Chris promises double the man power, double the resources, and double the support. Even asks about Bob the current Chief of Staff, knowing that Bob is trying to roadblock the project. Chris replies that Bob isn’t going to stand in their way. Bob is standing in the door and takes issue with his son’s arrogant claim. Evan slips off to report back to Craig while Bob and Chris argue fiercely.

Earlier when bob and Kim were sharing a coffee break at Al’s Dusty stopped by their table with two issues. One, he wanted to assure Bob Emily wouldn’t be running anymore articles about the research at memorial and two, Dusty doesn’t want Jennifer’s foundation involved with any hospital to do with such a research project. Bob promises that if he has any thing to do with it the project will never get off the ground. Dusty is glad to hear it and he also doesn’t like the idea of Chris ever being Chief of Staff. Bob tries to go to bat for Chris but Dusty makes it clear he doesn’t want it to happen, ever.

While Chris and Bob are going toe to toe over the research lab and Bob’s performance verses Chris’ performance as a productive doctor Dusty listens. He has had enough as Chris continues to belittle Bob as the great doctor that Bob is. Dusty walks away. The argument grows in accusations of poor behavior and lack of knowledge and professionalism. Bob has the last word, sort of. Bob fires Chris. Chris vows that Bob will regret making that decision and storms out. Alone in the office bob reaches for a mug finding it difficult to grip. In a short time Dusty is walking by and finds Bob unconscious on the floor. Dusty calls for help. Chris is beeped with an emergency just as he runs into his mom in the stairwell.

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