ATWT Update Thursday 12/6/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/6/07


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(Lakeview)  Brad is stunned that Katie wants to have a baby the old-fashioned way and he tells Katie he doesnít think he can do it. 

(Alís Diner)  Vienna explains to Jack that Katie wants to have a baby passionately and Brad is only going to give her the baby she wants so much.  Jack tells Vienna that he thinks Brad will hurt Katie and this isnít a good idea.  Vienna reminds him he shouldnít be concerned about Katie because she is none of his business anymore.  Jack gets a call from Margo ordering him to get back to the station because he wonít believe what Carly has done now.  Carly gets a call telling her that the forms for the liquor license arenít at the clerkís office.  Kit comes out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee and Carly tells her that she forgot to take the forms to the clerkís office.  Kit apologizes for forgetting and promises to do it later, but Carly thinks its better that she does it herself.  Carly thinks Kit is forgetting her job because she is spending too much time with Sam.  Kit thinks that Carly is jealous of her because Carly doesnít have a man in her life right now. 

(Hospital)  Rosanna awakens and Paul tells her that the doctor said she might be able to go home today.  Rosanna doesnít think that is a good idea because she really doesnít want to go home.  Paul wonders what is wrong and Rosanna asks him if he really wants to be with her in their home.  Paul assures Rosanna that he does want to be with her and then Rosanna demands that he be honest with her about his relationship with Meg.  Paul admits that he slept with Meg before he married her but it was a mistake.  Paul also tells Rosanna that Meg is pregnant but Craig is the father of her child, not him.  At this point, Rosanna remembers changing the test results of the paternity test. 

(Lakeview)  Craig and Meg come home after shopping for gifts for poor children who wrote letters to Santa.  Craig tells Meg that the letters get to him because these children have nothing, yet instead for asking for a lot of things, they ask for so little.  Meg admits to Craig that she loves the little boy part of him because he is so generous to these children.  Craig says itís easy to be generous when he has everything he wants--her and his child.  Meg and Craig kiss and Emma arrives and says that it is a nice picture but it isnít real.  Craig asks Meg to leave him alone with Emma so they can talk.  Once Meg is gone, Craig assures Emma that he loves Meg and would never hurt her.  Emma makes it clear to Craig that she has known him for a long times and he always hurts the people he claims to love.  She warns him that if he messes with Meg, he is also messing with her.  Craig repeats to Emma that he truly loves Meg and would never hurt her.  Emma doesnít believe a word but Meg tells her mother she believes Craig loves her and that is all that matters. 

(Police Station)  Jack calls Carly and tells her she and Kit must come down so they can talk.  Once Carly and Kit arrive, Margo informs them that they arrested Kitís boyfriend, Sam, for breaking into Metro.  Sam explains to Carly and everyone present that he was just trying to break in so he could practice his ventriloquist act.  Sam tells Carly that he was hoping to work on his act at the club.  Jack thinks itís insane of Carly to allow losers like Sam and Kit to stay in her house.  Jack also thinks that is not a good way to provide a safe and secure environment for the kids.  Sam throws his voice to his dummy, Cowboy Jack, who is in the trunk begging to get out.  Sam lets him out and Cowboy Jack tells Jack that its time someone taught him some manners and how to speak to a pretty, young lady.  Cowboy Jack thinks Jack is talking this way because his six-shooter isnít working properly.  Cowboy Jack gets a big laugh out of Carly and everyone in the room except, of course, Jack.  Margo tells Sam to put that thing back in the trunk before she sends him to the wood chipper.  Carly and everyone else in the room believes Samís story, so Margo allows him to leave and he and Kit go home while Carly talks to Jack.  Jack shows Carly Samís rap sheet and Carly points out that all these charges were a long time ago.  Jack thinks he is justified in worrying about his kids being around these losers.  Carly tells Jack she is a loser too and for that reason she is going to give Sam and Kit a chance because there is good in all three of them.  Carly thinks that Brad is right about Jack when he told her that all Jack cares about is being right and telling others what to do.  Jack sarcastically tells her that since she and Brad disapprove of how he is living his life, he obviously must change his life.  Margo tells Carly she has 7 building code violations, which must be fixed before she can open Metro. 

(Lakeview)  Brad tells Katie that since this is so important she should find a guy who is romantic and will make this night special for her and he isnít that type of guy.  Katie tells Brad she chose him to help her make a baby because he is shallow and irresponsible and because she just wants a baby and no strings.  Katie tells Brad that he is good at wham bam thank you maím and that is all she wants from him.  Brad tells Katie to go downstairs drink a glass of wine and think about this some more and if she still wants to do this, he will be ready.  Katie does as Brad asks and goes downstairs while Brad wonders who he is since this isnít like him at all. 

(Lakeview)  Craig tells Meg that he is going to make it his New Yearís resolution to get Emma to like him.  They get in the elevator and a panicked pregnant woman tells them that her water just broke.  Craig tries to push the button for the elevator doors to open again but discovers they are stuck between floors.  Craig uses the elevator phone to report the emergency and Meg tells him the baby is coming now.  Meg tells the woman to sit on the elevator floor while Craig helps the woman with her breathing and tells her that Meg is a good nurse and that they are married and will be having a baby.  The woman gives birth to a boy and the elevator maintenance man finally arrives along with an ambulance to take the woman and her baby to the hospital. 

(Lakeview)  Katie runs into Vienna who wonders why she isnít with Brad making a baby.  Katie tells her Brad told her to think about it but after a few minutes she goes back upstairs and is surprised when Brad has put candles all over the room to make things more romantic.  Katie tells Brad that she is sorry she told him all those things and admits that he can be very sweet and supportive to his friends and she hopes that her little boy or girl gets that same quality.  Brad and Katie begin to make love while Jack is at the station telling Margo that Katie has decided to make a baby with Brad.  Margo knows this is a bad idea but knows that if she says anything to Katie about it, Katie will just be more determined to do it.  Margo tells Jack that he just has to trust that Katieís good judgment will prevail and she wonít have a baby with Brad.

 (Hospital)  Meg and Craig arrive with the pregnant lady and her baby.  Craig tells her he spoke to her husband and he will be there as soon as he can because he is stuck in traffic.  The woman is so grateful that she tells Craig that if her husband thinks its okay she is going to name her baby after him.  The lady is taken to her room and Meg thanks Craig for helping her because looking into his eyes kept her calm during a crisis.  Paul swears to Rosanna he doesnít love Meg anymore and she is the only woman for which he cares.  Paul goes into the hallway to get Rosannaís release papers and sees Meg and Craig kissing each other. 

(Old Town)  Sam offers to fix the electrical problems inside Metro so Carly and Kit can open the club.  Sam and Kit also promise not to let Carly down and thank her for trusting them.  Vienna calls Henry to tell him she bought some things for Katieís future baby because she and Brad are making a baby right now.  Carly overhears the phone conversation and demands that Vienna tell her where Katie and Brad are so she can stop them because Katie having a baby with Brad will kill Jack. 

(Lakeview)  Brad and Katie are making love when Carly suddenly bursts in and Katie wonders what Carly is doing there.  Carly tells her that she is there to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life. 

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