ATWT Update Wednesday 12/5/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/5/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

In his room, Lily and Dusty are having breakfast. Dusty wonders if she wants to go downstairs to eat, but Lily coyly suggests if they stay upstairs then they don’t have to get dressed, as she slides herself in his lap and kisses him. She gets up to put the ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door, but when she turns around Dusty’s scowling holding the Intruder. Why is it bothering him? She is doing her boyfriend’s dirty work. She is punishing him because he wouldn’t let her quit, Lily suggests. What she is doing is going to stop today, Dusty says picking up the phone while Emily frowns.

Downtown, Emily is with Chris when she sees Dusty calling; she is sure he was fuming all night, as she ignores it. Chris hopes this doesn’t get her into trouble. Is he going to fire her? Evan races up behind Emily declaring he loves her for pushing this through and putting things out in the open. He is sure Memorial is going to feel they have to fund this project now. Emily and Chris don’t want him to get ahead of himself; they still have to take it to the Board; there is a process. Evan makes a face, as Emily realizes he has gotten other offers. Chris reminds him that they went to bat for him; he can’t bail now. Chris thinks out loud that there has to be another way to go around his father.

At WOAK, Kim finds an upset Bob waiting for her holding the Intruder, as he shows her the front-page article. He didn’t write the article, Kim tries. He didn’t stop Emily Bob counters. He is trying to go around him. Bob thought Chris would be his successor but he alienates Dusty and then tries to run over him. Kim tries to appeal to Bob; this is the first time Chris has been home for the holidays in a long time. Bob explains that he can’t let this go. Kim tells him she will come with him then.

Dusty continues to try to reach Emily to no avail, as Lily suggests that he stop trying; it is a workday, Dusty reminds her. She is letting her feelings get in the way of her work. Isn’t that what he is doing? No. Yes it is, he is not mad at a work partner, he is furious with an ex girlfriend.

At Al’s, Brad and Katie are having breakfast, as he talks about getting protein for – you know. Henry wants to know what is going on? Katie wants to leave, but Vienna knows what they mean. Did they sleep together? No, they are doing artificial insemination – this morning. Vienna is thrilled, but Henry needs a martini. Vienna also thinks the hospital is a bother; they should just sleep together. Brad agrees. Henry steps outside to call Jack; Katie is going over the deep end and he has to do something. Katie goes to leave, but Henry hangs up quickly to argue his side; she is in love with Jack. It is over. She mends her broken heart with Brad? Who knows if she will ever get another shot? He is taking this seriously, Katie thinks, as Brad comes outside to talk about cameras following him around after the insemination process. Henry rolls his eyes and Katie grimaces.

Bob and Kim arrive at the Lakeview to see Chris. Bob wants to talk to Chris alone; he doesn’t need a referee. Kim agrees to wait. Emily leaves when Bob arrives. Chris comments about him not liking the article? Bob remarks that when he didn’t like his answer so he went to a bigger forum to get what he wants; he had his girlfriend do his work for him. Chris counters that he doesn’t tell Emily what to write. If he wanted to humiliate him, he succeeded. He didn’t mean to. Bob explains that he has to get to work and deal with the fall out. Maybe he can reconsider it while he is there? Outside, Emily sees Kim. Kim is irate; she has done everything in her power to tear her family apart. That isn’t true. She had to know this article would cause problems. They are treating Chris like a child. Kim thinks Emily is doing that too; she writes an article to save Chris from his ‘mean daddy.’ Kim snaps that she knows her son and what he feels. You don’t know how much this project means, Emily counters. There will be other projects. Why not this one, Emily wonders? Kim explains shortly that Bob is sure of himself, he has decades of experience, and Chris has very little. They need to respect that. Emily replies that it is Bob’s way or the highway; how does Chris respond to that as an adult? What is she getting out of this, Kim asks? Does she want to get married or is she using him until something better comes along?

Lily wants to know if Dusty is still in love with Emily? He hurt her. He knows that the Intruder is good for her though. If she wants out then maybe he should let her. He wants her to stay there at the Intruder until she knows what she wants. Lily thinks Emily knows what she wants and who; he should let her go, as she walks by him.

At the hospital, Brad is bouncing around, as Katie remarks about the insemination process taking time; they may have to do this a few times. The nurse comes over to give Brad a cup to leave his ‘donation’. Does he have to do this alone? The nurse gives him some magazine to help, as he pleads with Katie to help.

Henry comes back in, as Vienna wants to know what he was doing outside? He was having a smoke, he answers nervously. He doesn’t smoke. He needed air. He hates cold. Fine, he made a call. What is he up to? Vienna makes him tell her. He admits that he called Jack. Why? Katie loves Jack. Vienna thinks that Katie wants a child and will be happy if she got pregnant with Brad’s child.

Katie tells Brad that she is not helping him. Brad tries to get her to change his mind, but Katie won’t; she thought he wanted to help her. Brad sighs and walks down the hall. Katie turns around and sees Jack. What is he doing there? He is here on baby business. Katie looks shocked that he knows what is going on. He thought she didn’t want to see him anymore; she doesn’t. Then why is she going through all this trouble to make a baby that is going to look like him? She realizes Henry told him. I want you to stay away, Katie snaps. I am going to be an uncle; our kids are going to be growing up together and spending all holidays together. Katie doesn’t care. Jack tells her that he wishes she still loved him and that the child she is planning on bearing was his. She doesn’t want to hear this.

Lily apologizes for putting Dusty on the spot. He doesn’t want her to; he is glad that they are upfront. He still does have feelings for Emily and it does bother him at times that they don’t have a future anymore, as Lily laughs and explains she feels the same way about Holden. Lily tells Dusty they should meet up later for lunch or dinner, but Dusty tells her that he doesn’t know where he will be, but he will call her later. Lily watches him go.

Emily tells Kim to calm down; she isn’t trying to snare her son. She enjoys talking with Chris. Kim explains that she would enjoy talking to her son too if he didn’t spend every moment with her. Emily thinks Kim should stop trying to control who Chris sees and what he does. She also reminds her that Chris’ professional judgment is not clouded by whom he is sleeping with either. If she wants to do something for Chris, then she should just leave him alone and let him do what he needs to do.

Bob wants to table the discussion until after the holidays. Evan needs an answer and so does he. Is that a threat? He will leave before the holidays? Unless he gives him a reason to stay.

Katie doesn’t want to talk with Jack about this. Jack knows how much she wants a baby, but not like this. Katie explains that she is moving on with her life. Having a baby with his brother is not moving on; it is guaranteeing that he is in her life forever. He will want, see, and love her forever without being able to be with her; it will be like dying.

Brad can’t seem to make things work; he tosses the magazine aside. He can’t do this, but then he realizes he can’t tell Katie that he can’t do it either; there has to be another way.

Katie tells Jack that she won’t be around him then; she has her own family. Jack wonders why Brad? He can be sweet and kind, as Jack rolls his eyes. He would do anything for her as well, which is more then he could do. She wants him to leave or she will call the police. He smiles; he is the police. Her sister outranks him; she is serious, as Jack slowly leaves.

Henry walks up behind Vienna and hugs her; he hates when she is mad at him. He betrayed Katie. He did her a favor. He took Katie’s dreams and stomped on them. It is selfish to bring a baby into a confusing situation. Having a baby is never selfish, as Henry wonders if they are still talking about Katie? Vienna stalks away.

Brad sits down and starts to think; he sees Katie walk in the door. He tells her that he will do this for her, as Katie tells him it was only a test to see if he would really do it. He doesn’t have to do it now. She wants a baby with him the right way, as she sits in his lap and starts to kiss him. He wakes up from his daydream, as Jack lets himself in the room. Brad snarls for him to leave before Katie sees him. She already did, so he is here to stop him. He is not going to let him get Katie pregnant. He has no more say in what Katie wants. Jack sees the empty cup; he couldn’t do it. Brad tells him that he will as soon as he leaves, but Jack assuredly tells him that he won’t be able to do it because he knows deep down it isn’t right. He will give her what she wants. He was at his wedding a few weeks ago and she was in love with him wanting his baby. She wants to have a baby with someone she loves. Brad reminds him that he had his chance and blew it. He is just jealous that she is with him now. Jack corrects him; Katie is not with him; she just wants him for some bodily fluids. Brad glares and then answers that he is good for that.

Bob explains that if Chris needs to leave the hospital, then he will respect that, but Kim and he want him to be around for the holidays. He doesn’t want this to be what Christmas is about. Chris tells Bob that he doesn’t want to hurt him, but he would love him to reconsider. Bob tells him that he thinks they should table the discussion to the beginning of the New Year. Emily walks up and wonders if they need more time? Chris tells her that he was telling his dad that he is happy that he is going to be around for Christmas, as Bob smiles and says his goodbyes. After Bob leaves, Emily thinks their conversation sounded positive, but Chris remarks that he was guilted into staying around for the holidays without a promise to think about the offer. Chris wonders what is wrong with Emily? It is no big deal; she had a slight run in with his mom; apparently, she is corrupting him. He should be so lucky, as he kisses her. What will be his next move? He has to figure out what to tell Evan. Speak of the devil, Evan rushes over; he saw his dad leave – are they going to tell him the good news now? Emily and Chris look at one another.

Jack is amazed that Brad will just give his ‘donation’ and move on. Brad tells him that he intends on being a hands on dad. Jack reminds Brad that being a dad isn’t being cool and being around when things are easy. He knows that, but he learned from the best. Jack realizes that they both grew up with the same father, who was their hero, but does he even know if Katie is going to let him be a part of her child’s life? Why not? She was offered a job in Hawaii not too long ago. Brad tells him that he will go where Katie and the baby go. Jack thinks maybe if she lets him, as he leaves. Brad looks concerned.

Henry thinks that Katie would be better off having a child with Jack. Vienna reminds him that Jack left Katie to be with Carly. They didn’t stay together, and he is available now, so they should just give it time. Jack broke her heart and it will be a long time before she gets over that. Henry reminds her that she forgave him for leaving her at the altar. She sees that as different because he ran from marriage and not from her; he was afraid, but Jack wasn’t; he made a choice. Jack has issues of his own, Henry teases. Vienna doesn’t think it is funny because he had no right to interfere, as she heads for the door. Where is she going? She is going to be with her friend in her time of need. Henry wonders if she running away to be with Katie or do get away from him? She will never walk out on him, she says with a kiss and then leaves.

Brad comes out of the room, as an excited Katie wonders if he did it? He wants to help, but he couldn’t get in the mood. Katie looks sad, as she tells him thanks anyway. He doesn’t want her to be sad; she could go to a bank with no problem; the baby won’t look like him, so that is the only downfall, but she will have her baby. After Brad leaves, the nurse comes over wondering if she has sample? It isn’t going to happen, as the nurse apologizes. Katie mumbles that she is sorry too because she seems to be having trouble making her dreams come true these days.

Chris explains to Evan that he pushed as hard as he could, but he wouldn’t budge. He may have to wait until after the holidays. He can’t wait, and so he is going to have to pursue other offers. He can’t keep Harvard waiting. Chris has an idea. He thinks he can make this happen by the holidays after all and that is a promise. Evan is glad about that because he wants to stay in town and work with him. Evan leaves, as Emily wonders what is his plan? He doesn’t know why he didn’t think of this before? He is going to give his dad irrefutable proof that he is right and he will never see it coming.

Downtown, Bob sees Dusty; he didn’t expect much from the Intruder, but he thinks they reached a new low by promising medical breakthroughs that may or may not happen; it is dangerous. Someone with medical credentials should have been involved. Dusty smiles. Emily wrote this to help his son and it wasn’t a shock to Chris.

Vienna sees Katie at the Lakeview; she was worried when she didn’t answer the phone. How did it go? It didn’t… Katie sighs. Why? Jack showed up and rattled Brad and he couldn’t do it. Vienna is irate; she will give her two guesses as to who sent Jack over. Katie realizes it was Henry and wonders if he wasn’t right about her rushing into this? She opens the door however, and is greeted by pink and blue balloons being held down by bunnies covering her room, as they both smile widely. Katie thinks it was so sweet of Brad and Vienna agrees.

At the farm, Brad comes in and Jack excuses himself and leaves. He can have the place to himself; he will see him around, Jack says quietly as he leaves.

Vienna exclaims that Katie and Brad will have beautiful babies. Why is she pushing this so much? She wants a baby of her own but Henry doesn’t want one. She is very lucky that someone wants one with her, as Katie realizes she is. She goes to call Brad, who seems like he is going to ignore the phone at first, but then decides that he can’t. Katie asks to see Brad as soon as he can get over there, as Brad happily heads off.

Chris tells Emily that talking to his father gets him nowhere so he has to show him. His father is pulling ranks, but Emily doesn’t like how he sounds. Chris knows that Bob is calling in favors to make sure that this project isn’t going to get off the ground. They will thank him when Memorial is on the front page of all the newspapers for their groundbreaking procedures. Emily isn’t so sure. His dad is going to have to adapt. He has to force his dad to see things his way. What does that mean? He doesn’t want her to worry; his dad is going to thank him in the end. First, he wants to thank her for sticking by him though, as he kisses her gently.

Bob tells Dusty what Emily wrote is inaccurate and irresponsible, as Dusty agrees and tells him that he will talk to her. Bob thanks him. Kim walks over and says hi as Dusty is leaving. She sees that Bob is upset again and suggests that he stop obsessing over the article. He wants that project and doesn’t give a damn what he says, Bob snaps. He is young and passionate, Kim counters. He is ambitious to a fault, bob answers back. If Chris is going to be pushy, then he is going to push back.

Lily asks the front desk manager if he has seen Dusty? He hasn’t, so Lily calls him. He answers; Lily wonders if he wants to meet for lunch or dinner? It sounds good, but he doesn’t know where he will be – he will have to call her later. Lily hangs up a bit sadly, as she sees Emily and Chris walk out of the dining room arm and arm.

Brad arrives at Katie’s and admits that he overdid it with the balloons. She likes it. Brad apologizes, as Katie tries to stop him from going there. He tells her that he hasn’t been thinking – he buys her that house and he wants to have her child. He would be a terrible father; he can barely take care of himself never mind a child. Katie tries to interrupt, but he goes on about how he won’t bother her anymore with his hair brain schemes; he will be her on air host and nothing else, as Katie takes matters into her own hands and jumps into his arms and kisses him.

Jack goes to see Henry at the diner. He saw Katie at the hospital. How was she, Henry asks? She was mad, but he thinks he got through to her. Then he saw Brad at home and it was obvious that he didn’t do it. Jack looks proud of himself as he tells him that Brad won’t be having her baby anytime soon, as Henry is relieved. Vienna overhears and tells them that they will just have to do what they should have done to begin with – have sex, as Jack looks mortified.

Brad and Katie are kissing until Brad stops her. What was that for? She was trying to shut him up and she has something to ask him. He is great with his nieces and nephews and he has been so good to her taken care of her through all of this drama. Artificial insemination is cold and clinical so she thought they should do it the old fashion way – if he wants to still… Brad grins and tells her to call him ‘Big Daddy’, as Katie smiles.

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