ATWT Update Tuesday 12/4/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/4/07


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(Lakeview)  Dusty gives Lily a back rub because she feels tense since today is the first day the girls are spending the night at her house.  Dusty advises Lily to just act normal with the girls and if they ask questions be honest with them.  Dusty reminds Lily she is a great mom and gives her a kiss before she leaves the room. 

(Hospital)  Sofie asks Cole how much money they were going to pay him to give his baby to his sister but Cole refuses to answer the question.  Cole tells Sofie he loves her and he only took the money to give them a chance at a better life without a kid in the way. 

(Lakeview)  Barbara and Iris see Will and Gwen coming and Barbara asks Iris to hide while she talks to Will and Gwen.  Will is direct with his mom and asks her if she set it up so they would adopt Cole and Sofieís baby.  Barbara is cornered so she blames Iris for the adoption.  She tells them that if it is Cole and Sofieís baby they are adopting, Iris set things up because she would never do anything to hurt them. 

(Hospital)  Chris is buried in a mountain of paperwork signing papers in the hallway when Emily arrives for a visit.  Emily jokes that Chris looks like he could use a latte.  He tells her that he could use one but he doesnít have time because his dad has him buried under paperwork because Dusty went to him and told him he was already acting like chief of staff.  Emily thinks she can help Chris and gives him a kiss to persuade him to give him Evan Walshís phone number. 

(Hospital)  Cole wants to go through with the adoption telling Sofie that Will and Gwen are going to be good parents to the kid.  Sofie is angry that Cole lied to her and she thinks he lied because he is greedy and doesnít care about their daughter and he just wants money.  Cole tells Sofie he just wanted to have a music career and make her happy without being bothered with the responsibility of a kid until they were ready to be parents.  Sofie explains to Cole that when you have a child you will always think about that child and never be free even if she gives the baby up for adoption. 

(Lakeview)  Barbara tells Will and Gwen not to believe Allisonís allegations because she talked to the adoption lawyer and he told her that they are not adopting Sofie and Coleís child.  Will can tell when his mother is lying and tells her as much as soon as her explanation comes out of her mouth.  Will tells Barbara that Allison spoke to the adoption layer and she saw the same knitted green hat that Sofie asked the lawyer to give to adoptive parents of the baby.  Will also thinks Barbara didnít want them to tell Allison the baby they were adopting was going to be a girl. 

(Hospital)  Cole promises to marry Sofie as soon as they get to California if she goes through with the adoption.  Cole even promises to talk to the lawyer for Sofie to make sure that Will and Gwen arenít adopting their baby.  Cole leaves saying he is going to talk to the layer and promises he is coming back to take Sofie home. 

(Lakeview)  Gwen believes that Iris, not Barbara, is the person responsible for the set up because it makes perfect sense to her.  Gwen apologizes to Barbara for blaming her and calls her the mother she never had before she and Will leave to confront Iris.  Iris comes out of her hiding spot and tells Barbara that if she wants her to take the blame it is going too cost her big time.  Barbara agrees to give Iris as much money as she wants as long as she will take the blame and then leave town. 

(Farm)  Lily arrives ready to take the girls to her house for a girlís night but Faith says she wants to stay home because she has homework to do.  Lily asks Faith to be honest with her so Faith admits that she doesnít want her father alone because he is very sad.  Lily tells Faith she is sad, too, but there is nothing she can do to make things the way they used to be.  Faith explains to Lily that it isnít the same because she has Dusty and Holden has nobody. 

(Alís Diner)  Emily meets with Evan and tells him she is going to help him get his project off the ground. 

(Old Town)  Will points out to Gwen that if Barbara only gave the layer a few thousand dollars like she told them then Cole wouldnít be set for life like he told Allison because once Iris took her cut there wouldnít be much money left over for Cole.  Will tells Gwen that if Iris was only looking for money, she could have sold the baby to another couple and not have as much risk.  Gwen sees that Will has a point that Barbara was the only person that was desperate enough to get a baby for them. 

(Hospital)  Tom stops by to see Chris after his cardiology check-up but Chris is upset because he thinks Tom was being too hard on Emily about the newspaper just because he doesnít approve of his relationship with her.  Tom tells Chris that it has nothing to do with his relationship with Emily and he is simply doing his job and enforcing the contract Emily has with Dusty.  Tom tells Chris he doesnít care about his relationship with Emily and that it is a little hard for him to get used to, but he respects his decision.  Tom thanks Chris for helping their father so he can take a bit of a rest and take it easy. 

(Farm)  Lily tells Natalie that they are not going to have a girlís night because Faith doesnít feel like leaving home.  Lily sends Natalie to wash up for dinner then explains to Faith that she and Dusty have been friends since they were both very young and he isnít her boyfriend, he is just a very good friend.  Lily also tells Faith that Dusty will never replace her father and makes it clear to Faith that she and her sister and brothers will always come first with her no matter what changes in her life.  Faith gives Lily a hug and tells her that she loves her very much, so Lily feels sad but tries to be strong in front of Faith. 

(Hospital)  Tom tells Chris that eventually Bob will pass him the torch; he just has to be patient and wait his turn.  Chris smiles and says Bob is going to outlive them all.  Sofie is getting tired of waiting for Cole so she tells the nurse Cole is going to be late and calls a cab to take her home. 

(Old Town)  Barbara gives Iris the money and tells her to leave before and then Will finishes the sentence for her saying you get caught.  Barbara and Iris both tell Will and Gwen they were just trying to make them happy by getting them a baby.  Gwen is angry and cries a little as she calls Iris cold for selling her own grandchild for money.  Gwen tells Barbara and Iris that Sofie wants to keep her baby and only signed the adoption papers because Cole pressured her.  Gwen also tells Barbara and Iris that even if Sofie didnít want her baby she could never raise her brotherís child.  Will tells Barbara he was stupid for trusting her and letting her back into his life so she could hurt them but he assures her he wonít make that mistake again.  Will reminds Barbara that if she hadnít manipulated him when he was younger to do what he did to Rose, he and Gwen would be able to adopt a child through an agency. 

(Lakeview)  Emily shows Dusty a story about Dr. Hughes standing in the way of progress at the hospital.  Dusty doesnít want to print the story at first but Emily tells him if he doesnít print it then he had better buy her out.  Dusty agrees to Emilyís terms and tells her she should have come to him sooner with the story.  Emily says she would have if he hadnít been busy having an affair with Lily, which incidentally is destroying a family.  Dusty tells Emily he isnít having an affair with Lily but accuses Emily of having an affair with her boy toy.  Dusty wonders if Chris knows she used to be a prostitute.  Emily says no and he isnít going to be the one to tell him.  Dusty admits that he would never tell Chris about her past and Emily apologizes for thinking that he would tell Chris about her past.  Dusty tells Emily that it is good that they can tell each other anything and then forgive each other.  Dusty thinks itís a shame that Emily doesnít have the same sort of relationship with Chris. 

(Lakeview)  Barbara tells Cole that Will and Gwen know everything and donít want to adopt the baby.  Cole tells Barbara she will be sorry but Barbara asks him to leave while he is still able to leave. 

(Cole and Sofieís Place)  Cole tells Sofie that Will and Gwen know everything and they donít want the baby.  Sofie is glad because she thinks they can keep the baby but Cole yells that he never loved her and he never wanted a kid all he wanted was the money.  Sofie tells Cole she forgives him for everything and begs him not to leave her.  Cole once again tells Sofie he never loved her and that isnít his kid.  Sofie cries as she watches Cole go out the door while Gwen cleans up her house in order not to think about the baby.  Gwen rips the ornament Barbara gave her off the tree and cries while Will holds her.

(Lakeview)  Barbara calls Will and Gwen who hear part of her message and then Gwen picks up the phone and throws it against the wall.  Emily shows Chris the article that will be published in The Intruder and he gives her a kiss and a pen to celebrate her return to the newspaper.  Lily arrives and tells Dusty she was lonely at home, because the girls didnít want to spend time with her, so she drove there to be with him and left Ethan with a babysitter.  Dusty tells her that she can stay with him whenever she wants and the two make love. 

(Will and Gwenís place)  Gwen loses all hope that they will ever have a child and tells Will she feels like everyone is laughing at them.  Will assures Gwen that he knows they are going to have a child although he doesnít know when or how that is going to happen.

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