ATWT Update Monday 12/3/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/3/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

Downtown, Jack sees the real estate agent that showed he and Katie the house. He apologizes for being short with her on the phone; he is kicking himself about letting the house pass him by; he needs to get it back. The real estate agent wonders if he is talking about the house?

Katie is shocked as she looks at Brad; he buys her a house and offers to father her children; is this how he gives her space? Is this a twisted way of being Jack’s back up plan? He will never replace Jack, and in fact, she is not interested in relationships in particular marriage ever again. Brad wonders who said he wanted to get married?

The real estate woman is on the phone getting information on the house. She hangs up and tells Jack that there was a very motivated buyer, who happens to be a local TV hero. A light goes on for Jack, as he wonders if she knows the person’s name? The woman smiles; the buyer happens to have the same last name – Snyder.

Brad explains that he is not high on marriage either. He figured they could skip that part and go straight to babies and bunnies. They could create all this joy with no drama.

In her limo, Barbara is angry and directing it at Iris. She is frustrated they are still in town. Iris snarls back that it isn’t her fault the doctor told Sophie that she had to stay put. Barbara doesn’t care about that part, but she orders Iris to make sure she keeps Sophie away from Will and Gwen. Why is it her job, Iris glares? She was paid for a job and if she doesn’t finish the job she will have a lot more to worry about then she could even imagine.

At their home, Will and Gwen are talking with Allison. Allison slowly asks them if they know anything more about their adopted child’s mother? It is a closed adoption so they can’t know. Allison takes a deep breath; she thinks she knows her however.

At the hospital, Sophie is lying in bed when she feels the baby kick. It thrills her, as she talks to her. She loves her baby, even if she can’t keep her. Meanwhile, outside her room, Aaron and Cole are fighting. Aaron snarls about Cole being a loser who is selling his own baby, as Cole pretends to not know what he is talking about. They are interrupted when Sophie comes outside into the hall demanding to know what they are doing?

Gwen wonders how Allison knows the mother; does she know her from the hospital – is she sick? No. Allison stumbles through an answer before she tells them that while she knows how excited they are do being doing this, but the baby they are adopting is going to be their niece, as in Cole and Sophie, as Will and Gwen looks stunned.

Katie is amazed that with his lack of boundaries whether she even wants Brad as a friend. Why would she even consider this? He is willing to let her call the shots – she can decide how much he can be in the children’s lives. Katie wonders what he gets out of this arrangement? He ruined her chance to have kids with Jack so he wants to help. She thinks this is about pity. No, he simply talked with Vienna and she mentioned her biological clock, which stuns Katie. Why are they talking about her biological clock? Brad tries to explain that it isn’t like she is getting younger, as he probably recites back what Vienna said without softening it. Katei is taken aback. Brad thinks she shouldn’t dismiss this because what if he is her best offer, as he puts his foot further into his mouth. Katie thinks it is time for him to leave and tells him to get out.

Gwen tells Allison that Cole and Sophie are back together and are having the baby. Allison stresses that just because they are together doesn’t mean they are having a baby, which Gwen concedes. She recalls Sophie telling her things did not go as planned. Allison comments about that being because Cole is making her give up her child.

Sophie wants to know what is going on between Cole and Aaron, as Cole tries to dismiss it while Aaron eggs him on to tell Sophie what is really going on. Cole threatens Aaron if he opens his mouth. Aaron answers that Sophie deserves to know about the birth parents. Sophie is interested now. Cole explains that things are closed in this adoption for a reason. Aaron smirks; Cole doesn’t want her knowing that their adopted parents are Will and Gwen, as Sophie shakes her head trying to let this sink in – that can’t be so, she declares.

Gwen wonders how Allison knows about this? She doesn’t know Cole and she doesn’t like Sophie. Allison subtly corrects Gwen; she does kind of know Cole. It started with Aaron because he didn’t believe the whole reunion between Cole and Sophie. He felt like Cole was pressuring Sophie to give up the baby from the get go when they got back together. Will and Gwen immediately feel badly for Sophie; he must have been manipulating her from the beginning. Allison remarks that Sophie isn’t the only one who is getting manipulated.

Barbara and Iris are sarcastically sniping at each other still in the limo. Barbara reminds her that they both have a lot to lose though. Barbara thinks the solution is to keep Allison out of the couple’s lives and to get Sophie and Cole out of town ASAP after Sophie has her girl. Iris pauses and then realizes what Barbara said; she is having a girl? She is going to have a granddaughter? She practically jumps into Barbara’s lap as she kisses her. Barbara looks sick, as she wipes her cheek.

At the farm, Jack comes up behind Brad grabs him and pushes him down. Brad remarks that this is becoming a regular thing. Jack demands to know why Brad would buy the house he and Katie were looking at? Is he trying to show him up? Brad pushes himself up; it has nothing to do with him. They need a place for their kids to grow up. Jack looks stunned as he repeats the words “Their kids?”

At Al’s, Katie comes stalking in wanting to talk with Vienna. Vienna wonders if she wants a Gingerbread baby, as she holds one up? She doesn’t want her Gingerbread baby or Brad’s either for that matter. Henry wonders what is going on? Katie tells him about Vienna’s suggestion to Brad. Henry chuckles at the thought of Brad procreating. Why would she put that thought in Katie’s mind? She did it because that is what Katie wants.

Brad explains that while it might be premature, he and Katie are going to be having some kids. Jack smiles; he is not her type. Her type blew it when he went back to his ex-wife, Brad answers; he is going to make up for Katie’s pain. He has no idea what kids mean to her. Jack indignantly answers that he does because they talked about it a lot. Brad remarks that he couldn’t deliver on that though. Jack counters that she isn’t in love with him. It is kids without commitment. Jack laughs coldly; he is doing this all because of Katie and to solely make her happy? He knows it is all because of a secret hope that Katie will come around. Brad corrects him; that is his bad dream. Jack comments about Katie not saying yes yet. She did not, but she didn’t say no yet either, as Jack looks nervous about that.

Vienna wonders if Katie still wants to be a mom? Yes. She doesn’t want her to let Jack take that option away and Brad is ready, willing and able. Henry thinks that Brad can deliver only heartache. Katie seems to now be considering this.

Allison explains how Cole tried to pick her up, so they went with a plan. After a few shots, he was talking about coming into a lot of money. Will and Gwen wonder how that could be and then they realize it. Allison goes on about how many coincidences there were. Gwen doesn’t want to believe that Cole could be as sick as to sell his own child. She has to be wrong, as Allison tells her that she wishes she were.

Sophie explains that Cole would not let Gwen raise his baby because they don’t even like each other. Aaron explains it isn’t about that but rather the money. He will figure out who else is involved. Security comes over after receiving noise complaints and Cole makes sure that Aaron is hauled off. Once back inside the room, Cole tries to act like nothing happened, but Sophie wants to know why Aaron would say this? He is trying to start trouble. He wouldn’t lie about that so Cole asks if she is calling him a liar then? No, he does give her the truth even when she doesn’t want it. This appeases Cole and he tells her that he is going to get the doctor to get her released. After he leaves, the baby kicks again, as Sophie smiles again. Aaron surprises her by letting himself back in the room. He waited for Cole to leave because he knows how she doesn’t want to believe this, but he made a deal for their baby for money, and he also just overheard Cole complaining about the gigs he is missing while she is in the hospital. Does that sound like someone that loves her and their baby?

Allison explains that she dressed up and pretended she was pregnant for the lawyer. Gwen is upset about that being a violation of their privacy. Allison reminds her that she didn’t do it for fun. Aaron told her about a hat with a puppy on it that Sophie knit to give to the baby and she saw it in the lawyer’s briefcase. That just proves that they are using the same lawyer, Will explains. Allison recites all the coincidences; they are both having girls, both are going to be premature and both are closed adoptions. Sophie gets news and then they are getting the same news soon after. Will and Gwen realize now that what Allison is saying has to be true. What are they going to do? Will promises that they are going to find out who else is involved. Allison explains that the lawyer was keeping Sophie in the dark. Gwen suddenly has a thought; they have to call Barbara because she trusts this lawyer who has all of her money. Allison doesn’t think they need to worry she is being manipulated because she thinks Barbara is involved, as Will and Gwen look distraught.

Iris thinks that Gwen having a baby girl is a sign that they could start over, but Barbara reminds her firmly that she is never going to recreate anything because she is getting out of town and will never come back. Iris looks strange.

Katie tells Henry that she didn’t say that she was going to take Brad up on his offer, but she does want kids though and marriage doesn’t seem to work for her. She was head over heels for Jack, but she was ready to walk away when he wasn’t sure he wanted any more kids. Vienna thinks Katie should go for it with Brad, as Henry sighs.

Downtown, Jack sees a family with their child and suddenly he is seeing Brad and Katie with their child. Katie is happy and thanking Brad for making her dreams come true, as she kisses him.

Vienna thinks Katie should call Brad, but Henry chimes up again about what kind of dad Brad would be? Katie explains that the kids would be with her and Brad actually is very good with kids; his nieces and nephews love him. Henry reminds her that means her kids will be cousins to Jack. Does she want to remain tied to Jack… and Carly for that matter forever? Katie thinks she might have just been jealous that they had a family together. Henry still thinks that she should really think about this; she can take some time and maybe in that time, her Prince Charming will come along. Henry walks away to help a customer and Vienna asks Katie, who is eyeing her phone, if she is going to call Brad? She doesn’t know, but Henry does make some good points about not rushing into this. Vienna subtly reminds her of what is important when she hands her the Gingerbread baby she made.

Aaron talks about Cole coming on to Allison and how he is going to come into a lot of money. Sophie still can’t believe Cole would keep this from her. Sophie wonders if he actually saw Cole hit on Allison? Aaron silently nods. He is sorry to tell her this knowing there is a child in the picture. Cole opens the door standing with security officer again; that is the guy who tried to break his nose, he explains, as he points out Aaron.

Gwen defends Barbara; she knows how important this is to her and how important family is to her; she would not do that to them! If she thought the baby was Cole’s then she would have stopped this immediately. Allison explains that she told Barbara her suspicions and she said she would look into it and then suddenly Cole and Sophie are leaving town quickly. Gwen thinks that she might be reading into it because Barbara hasn’t been that nice to her, but she wouldn’t do that, as she looks to Will for support, but he doesn’t give it to her. He isn’t sure his mother wouldn’t do that. Allison tells them that she is going to give them time alone to talk. She is sorry to have to have told them, and she hopes she is wrong about Barbara. After Allison leaves, Gwen is irate; how could he say that when Barbara has treated her like a daughter? She has bent over backwards to help them start a family. Will thinks that is the point – Barbara would do anything for them.

Iris and Barbara are still going around – now about being mothers. Iris snarls that Barbara thinks she is a better mom because she can cough up the money to get her kid a baby? Barbara reminds Iris that the deal was for her to get out of town or she won’t see a dime more of the money. What if she doesn’t want the money? What if she would rather be a grandma? Barbara smirks; she is going to have to get over that thought! She wants to thank her in advance for her leaving voluntarily because if she goes back on her word then she will make her disappear either way, as Barbara stares daggers at her and Iris swallows hard.

Aaron is being escorted away again, as he tells Sophie loudly that Allison is telling everyone right now; the truth will come out. After Aaron is gone, Cole wonders what Aaron was talking about? Sophie’s eyes slit; he was talking about the girl he had drinks with. Apparently, he came on awfully strong with her. How could he do this, Sophie yells?

Henry and Vienna are alone, as they wrap up her Gingerbread babies. He loves her, as she returns the sentiment. Henry reminds her that Katie can get needy at times like this and make dumb decisions because of that. She just pulled a knife on Brad – shouldn’t that say something? Vienna thinks that the maternal drive will supercede that. Are they still talking about Katie? Vienna wonders when it is going to be her time? Her biological clock knocks too, as Henry jokes about putting a ‘do not disturb sign’ out.

Katie is back in her room at the Lakeview. She smiles, as she is sitting on her bed looking at the Gingerbread baby. She gets up, walks across the room and picks up her phone.

Downtown, Emma comes upon a serious looking Jack. What is he thinking about? Kids. Is it his kids? Katie’s… with Brad. Emma looks confused. Brad bought Katie a house as well. Are they getting married, Emma asks nervously? They are just having a baby together, as Jack smirks. He is so confused; he loves Katie and she loves him, but she thinks he is never going to get Carly out of her system, as Emma sees her point. He thought he was done with kids, but he would have a child with Katie now if it makes her happy. He can’t imagine his life without her. Emma thinks he should go to her. He did, but she doesn’t trust him. Her biological clock is working against him. Emma explains that a woman’s biological clock starts ticking because of love. Women want to have babies with the man they love. She expects he is still that man for Katie. What should he do? He should fight for her. Brad can be fast – when he wants something, so she suggests he kick it up a notch.

Brad is sitting in the kitchen at the farm; he sees a doll and picks it up. He looks around before he starts to pretend it is a baby. His phone rings, as he tosses the doll down when he sees it is Katie. She wants to finish their conversation. Brad quickly tells her that he will be right over. Before he leaves though, he straightens up the doll, and sits her upright with a gentle pat on the head. Brad sprays some Banaca in his mouth as he walks in; Katie is babbling about working out all the details and getting Tom involved with the legal side of things. Brad is oblivious to her businesslike demeanor. Is this mean what he thinks? Yes, as he happily sweeps her up in his arms and kisses her. After a moment, Katie pulls back and tells him that is not how it is going to go down. Brad smiles coyly; she wants to be in control, he teases.

Sophie is headed for the door so Cole stops her. He remembers Allison now. He saw her out and she flirted with him, but he wasn’t receptive so she probably got mad. Sophie demands that he stop lying or she is going to walk out the door and not come back!

Will and Gwen are heading for the door; is she ready to go see his mom? No. She trusted her so much. Will hopes she will have an explanation. Is it ok to still hope, Gwen wonders referring to the fact that this is all a horrible mistake? He tells her that hope is mandatory.

Sophie wants to know if Cole knew Will and Gwen were adopting their baby? Cole takes a deep breath; he found out a couple of days ago; it is a horrible coincidence. Sophie doesn’t understand how he would let someone he hates raise their baby? He doesn’t hate Gwen; their relationship is complicated because she is angry that he left her behind as a child. He saw this twisted coincidence as a way to make this up to her. Sophie is stunned; he is doing that with their baby? She can’t have their baby, but Gwen can have theirs? She wants to know one thing; does he love their baby? He does and that is why he knew that they had to give it up; he wants more for their baby then they had growing up. One day when they are settled, they can have plenty of babies. Sophie looks depressed; she is tired and confused. Cole wants her to get some rest; he will be right outside if she wants to talk, as he leaves. Sophie lies down and starts to cry, as Cole goes outside and quickly makes a call to Iris; the game plan has changed.

Henry reminds Vienna that they talked about this, but she wants to talk again. She is a woman and this desire is natural. She didn’t say she wanted one this moment, but… Henry interrupts when he tries to explain that the thing that terrifies him most is becoming a parent. Has she met his sister, Eve – the killer, who he raised? Vienna reminds him about Maddie who is wonderful. She teases him also about what pretty kids they will have. Henry wonders what her time frame is on this? Is she talking 2 months or 2 years? Vienna is frustrated. He can wait, but if he does, she can’t guarantee she won’t go out and find her own Brad Snyder.

Brad is undressing, as Katie is standing there. They are not a couple and they will never be. Brad stops for a moment; how is she planning on having a baby with him then? Katie pauses for a moment and then tells him – artificial insemination.

Jack goes to see Vienna, who is in a foul mood thanks to Henry, which Henry warns him about. Vienna tells him shortly that Brad is going to have Katie’s baby because Brad is going to give Katie the promise that he could not give her. Henry doesn’t want Jack to listen to Vienna, but Jack is quickly rushing out now.

Katie tells Brad that she just needs his ‘contribution.’ Brad tries to convince her that the other way could be fun. Katie tells him that this way is the only way she is going to accept his offer, so is it a deal or no deal? Brad relents; he is ok with this? When will she need his ‘contributions’? She tells him that she will call him with the details.

At the Lakeview, Iris races in to find Barbara, who is incensed because they shouldn’t be seen together in public. Iris relays that Allison has told all and Will and Gwen probably even know by now. Barbara is beside herself. They know she is involved? Just then, they see Will and Gwen walk by in the lobby, as they duck out of sight. Will and Gwen decide to head into the lounge looking for Barbara, as they head back in her and Iris’ direction, as they try to remain out of sight.

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