ATWT Update Friday 11/30/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 11/30/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Will and Gwen find peace at last. They believe their baby will be arriving in the world shortly and they have Barbara to thank for it. Gwen hugs Barbara telling her how much she trusts her and what a wonderful gift Barbara has given them. Gwen makes the comparison to her own mother that was always conning Gwen if Iris ever did anything nice for her. A phone call comes in that requires Barbara’s urgent attention.

Cole rushes Sofie to hurry to the bus station to get to LA but she can’t make it any further. She is cramping and it has been going on for a while. Cole is irritated by the delay but irritation doesn’t begin to describe how he feels when he learns that Sofie can’t travel until after the baby is born. Cole gets Sofie to the hospital then runs off to tend to his own personal business, specifically making sure Barbara is still going to pay him even if there is something wrong with the baby. Barbara is appalled. Cole is in a hurry for answers so he can get to LA. Barbara listens as Cole is apprised of Sofie’s condition. She will be having a girl and Sofie is further along than they expected, the baby will be here before Christmas. Because Sofie is so small and the baby is so large she can’t be traveling. Cole blows up in anger throwing magazines and around and storming about. Barbara returns to Will and Gwen’s, Gwen assumes it is news about the baby, bad news. Barbara tells her it is news about the baby but it’s going to be a girl and it will be here before Christmas. Will is so excited he wants to call his friend Alison who has tried so hard to help them get a baby. Barbara snaps “No!” She uses the excuse that they should wait to tell anyone and enjoy the news just between them this evening.

Alison and Aaron know they have put the truth together but they can’t go to there friends on speculation. To get proof Alison dresses as a very pregnant woman and meets with Cole’s adoption attorney. She tries to get information about couples around her age that are adopting but the lawyer gives up little information that they can go on. Alison does see the baby hat that Sofie knitted in the lawyers attaché. That’s all she needs.

While Alison was meeting with the lawyer Aaron was trying to stop Sofie from leaving Oakdale just yet. Luckily her baby stopped that from happening. Aaron is with Sofie who is worried out of her mind that there is something wrong with the baby. Cole tells her coldly that it is a girl and she tears up but he tells her she is acting stupid. When Cole finally manages to tell the concerned mother what is going on and express that he blames her and this baby for ruining his chance at a real life, Aaron is on hand to learn of the news. By the time Aaron and Alison compare notes they know in their hearts what is amiss.

Just to double check Alison gets an idea. So far every time something has happened with Sofie or the baby it has trickled down to Will and Gwen. She calls her friends to see if they have learned anything new about the baby. Will can’t wait to boast, yes we have! It’s going to be a girl and it is coming before Christmas! That’s all Aaron and Alison need to hear. It has been less that 30 minutes since Sofie learned the exact same news.

Aaron wants to beat Cole up and goes to the hospital where he punches him out. Alison has the more unpleasant task of telling her best friends that Cole is the father of their baby.

Jack struggles with how to get Katie back. Margo suggests he just let it go but Jack refuses to give up on Katie. At first he thinks possibly flowers to at least begin to say “I’m Sorry” but Margo tells him it will only anger Katie more. Jack is hurting and wants to do something. Across town at the studio Brad tries to give Katie a rose to make her smile but she gives it away. She said she forgave him but she can’t forget what he did. Shortly after Katie gets a bouquet of flowers, the card only has a smiley face. Katie assumes they are from Jack and just like Margo expected Katie is steaming mad. Katie comes to the station to confront jack. He denies sending the flowers but is determined to find out who did after she storms out.

Katie is reminded of the value of family and marriage from Nancy. Brad is reminded by Vienna that it wasn’t a man Katie lost, it was a family, a future , a life. Brad gets a spectacular idea. He looks at the pathetic bouquet of flowers and laughs at them compared to his token of love. Brad calls Katie and insists on coming to her room to talk. Katie reluctantly agrees.

Jack tracks down the sender of the flowers. It was Parker! Jack catches Parker just before he delivers a huge slab of chocolate with Katie’s name on it. Jack stops Parker from delivering the chocolate and asks him to stop trying to get Katie and Jack back together. Parker complains that he wants Jack to do more to win Katie back. Jack really doesn’t want to justify this to Parker. Parker tells his new dad that he bets Brad isn’t just doing nothing. Parker suggests Jack go ahead and buy the house that he and Katie had planned on l buying to show how committed he was. Jack sits alone and thinks about his conversation with parker, maybe the boy was right. Jack jumps up to try and save his relationship with Katie as he rushes off he runs into Carly coming out of the book store.

Carly gets case of beer delivered with a note the note reads “all is forgiven” Carly assumes the note is from Jack. When Kit sees the note she knows exactly who it is from. Sam, her ex boyfriend. They had a very rocky relationship. Kit gets nervous and claims she doesn’t want Sam in her new and improved life but when he knocks at the door she rushes into his arms. Carly and Sam do not hit it off. Carly and Kit talk in private. Kit is saying she doesn’t want Sam around but acting differently. Carly gives Kit and Sam time alone for her to tell him he must leave. Carly thinks she has inspired kit to have the courage to start fresh with out a man but just to be on the safe side she buys Kit a self-help book “going solo” about starting life and living life without a partner. When Jack sees the book after he bumps into her he laughs. Jack is cold and insulting. He laughs at Carly making her feel horrible about herself.

Carly returns home with the book but Kit and Sam are in the bed together. To give them more privacy Carly waits on the porch, she decides to begin reading the book.

Jack gets back to the station and calls the realtor. He is ready to buy the house he and Katie looked at. Unfortunately that house just sold. Jack throws a fit of anger and frustration. When Brad gets to Katie’s room he gives her the printout of her house she loved so much. He bought the house for her. Katie can’t believe the extreme Brad went to and won’t accept it. He tells her he wants her to have it, and to have rabbits and babies, and the life that she wants. Katie points out the house comes with a garage not rabbits and babies. He tells her he got the house, she has to go get the rabbits and they will make the babies.

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