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As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/29/07


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(Farm)  Noah helps Luke do his exercises and Luke recalls telling Holden that he told Noahís father that he loved him.  Luke wonders if he should talk to Noah about what he said to Winston at the police station but, just then, Noah tells Luke that its time they go public. 

(Lakeview)  Lily recalls seeing Holden with Bonnie and then when she sees Bonnie sitting alone she buys her a drink to welcome her back to Oakdale.  Lily asks Bonnie if she intends to stay in town and Bonnie says yes so then Lily wonders if Isaac will be moving back to town with her and Bonnie tells her that she and Isaac got a divorce.  Bonnie tells Lily she feels badly about her and Holden getting a divorce because she thought that she and Holden would always be a couple.  Bonnie tells Lily she doesnít want this to turn into a bitter divorce and offers her services as a lawyer to Lily but Lily tells her she has her own lawyer.  Holden arrives looking for Bonnie and senses things are a little tense between Bonnie and Lily. 

(Old Town)  Will and Gwen are taking their Christmas tree home when they run into Barbara who tells them she bought an ornament for the new baby.  Gwen wonders how Barbara is so sure that the babyís birth mother is going to change her mind.  Barbara encourages Gwen and Will to be positive because she talked to the lawyer and she is sure the birth mother wonít change her mind about giving the baby up for adoption. 

(Alís Dinner)  Sofie showís Aaron a green hat she knitted for the baby but Aaron wonders if Sofie will be able to give the hat to the baby since she is going to have a closed adoption.  Cole arrives and tells Aaron to mind his own business and stop talking to Sofie.  Sofie shows Cole the hat she knitted for the baby and Cole yells that if she keeps doing things like this she is going to ruin everything he has done to make the adoption happen.  Aaron tells Cole he shouldnít get angry with Sofie because she worked hard on that hat for the baby.  Sofie defends Cole and tells Aaron that he is right because she canít be doing silly things like knitting hats if it is going to be a closed adoption. 

(Old Town)  Gwen tells Alison that Barbara set up a private adoption for them through a lawyer but she admits that she is scared that the birth mother will change her mind about the adoption.  Alison gives Gwen a hug and tells her she is happy for her Gwen and tells Alison that the mother is in her third trimester of pregnancy.  Alison remembers seeing Sofie at the hospital and Sofie telling her she was in her third trimester and that she was putting her baby up for adoption.

 (Lakeview)  Bonnie gets a call from Dallas telling her that he is canceling their basketball game.  Holden reminds Lily about Natalieís school Christmas carnival and hopes she isnít busy with work (meaning Dusty) and can go to the carnival.  Lilly is annoyed by Holdenís snide comment and reminds him that her personal life is none of his business anymore.  Holden asks Bonnie what she wanted to talk to him about and she asks him if Lily has signed the separation papers yet.  Lily tells Bonnie she doesnít want to sign the papers until her lawyer looks at them. 

(Old Town)  Luke slowly gets up from his chair to pick up something he dropped and Noah is happy he has made such wonderful progress.  Luke asks for a reward of hot chocolate with a lot of whip cream and Noah tells him that after what he just did he can have any reward.  Noah talks to some friends from school and forgets to introduce Luke to them and then when he does introduce them to him he calls Luke his friend.  The guyís from school invite Noah and Luke to the annual fake ID party at Yoís. 

(Alís Diner)  Sofie asks Cole why he got mad at her but he calms her by saying he just doesnít want the adoption to go wrong because he wants a wonderful future for their child.  The lawyer arrives to show Sofie and Cole the adoption agreement and Sofie tells him she canít sign it.  Cole is about to get mad again but the lawyer explains to him that Sofie canít sign the papers until after the baby is born.  Sofie asks the lawyer to give the babyís adoptive parents the hat she made because it is important for her that the baby has something that came from her.  The lawyer takes the hat and tells her he will see what he can do about giving the hat to the adoptive parents. 

(Will and Gwenís place)  Will and Gwen decorate the tree but Gwen refuses to put up the ornament Barbara bought for the baby. 

(Lakeview)  Alison arrives to talk to Barbara and tells her that she suspects that Will and Gwen may be adopting Cole and Sofieís baby.  Barbara tells Alison that her suspicion is crazy but Alison wonít leave until Barbara calls the lawyer to make sure this isnít true.  Barbara tells Alison to leave so she can call the lawyer but instead she meets with Iris in her car and tells her Alison is suspicious and she must get Sofie and Cole out of town before the baby is born. 

(Limo)  Iris calls Cole and tells him she must talk to him as soon as possible in Old Town. 

(Old Town)  Iris tells Cole that he has been talking too much and now Alison, a friend of Will and Gwenís, is suspicious about the adoption.  Cole tells her he doesnít know anyone named Alison and he hasnít told anyone about the adoption.  Iris tells Cole he must persuade Sofie or leave town before the birth of the baby.  Iris thinks Cole must take Sofie to Los Angeles with him and Cole isnít happy about that but he will do anything as long as Barbara is paying him. 

(Old Town)  Luke is surprised that Noah didnít want to go to the party and Noah knows by Lukeís tone of voice that he is mad because he didnít tell his friends he was his boyfriend.  Noah takes Lukeís hand and says that he isnít hiding him he thinks that things are just so obvious there is no need to say the words. 

(Farm)  Luke tells Noah that he has noticed he isnít very open with his feelings and he apologizes for telling his father he loved him if he wasnít ready to move so quickly in their relationship.  Noah tells Luke that what he said was wonderful and he doesnít need to take back his words.  Once Noah leaves, Holden arrives and Luke tells him that Noah didnít introduce him to his friends as his boyfriend but he told him they were just friends.  Holden tells Luke he needs to be patient with Noah and wait for him to be comfortable enough to express his feelings for him. 

(Yoís)  Noah runs into Dusty who is about to leave when a girl asks Noah to dance and he tells her he is gay she says she doesnít care as long as he can dance.  Noah is dancing with the girl when he sees Lily arrive and give Dusty a kiss.  Dusty tells Lily that he just saw Noah and he may have seen them kissing.  Lily tells Dusty that she doesnít care because she wants to do whatever she wants for the first time in a long time.

 (Outside Yoís)  Holden arrives with Luke who sees Noah outside and Noah tells Holden he will take Luke home.  Holden leaves and Noah suggests they go some place else.  Luke thinks that Noah is ashamed of him but he explains that he just saw Lily kissing Dusty.  The girl asks Noah if he wants to finish the dance and he says no, so she goes back inside Yoís.  Noah explains that he told the girl he was gay and she told him she didnít care she just wanted to dance.  Lily runs into Luke who blasts her for lying about Dusty and says he canít be around her for a while if she continues to lie about whom she wants to be with because that just isnít right. 

(Alís Diner)  Cole tells Sofie that he may have found a job in Los Angeles but they must leave tonight.  Cole explains that his mother is giving them the money to get there so Sofie wonders if they can keep the baby.  Cole tells Sofie that they canít keep this baby but once he has a good job they can have lots of babies. 

(Old Town)  Alison calls Aaron and tells him she suspects Will and Gwen are adopting Sofieís baby and she worries that if itís true, Will and Gwen could get hurt because Barbara wonít allow the adoption.  Aaron is also worried that Sofie is getting attached to the baby and could get hurt. 

(Will and Gwenís Place)  Gwen tells Will she is going to be positive about the baby for his sake and then they both hang the ornament Barbara gave them on the tree. 

(Gym)  Holden arrives to play a game of basketball with Bonnie. 

(Alís Diner)  Iris gives Cole the money to take Sofie to Los Angeles. 

(Lakeview)  Sofie arrives to tell Aaron good-bye and tell him he has been a good friend.  Sofie also tells Aaron that Cole must leave tonight because he has a possible lead on a job. 

(Alís Diner)  Sofie arrives and Iris tells her she must be excited about her trip to Los Angeles. 

(Lakeview)  Aaron tells Allison about Sofie and Coleís sudden trip to Los Angeles which leads them both to vow that they must find out the truth before Gwen, Will, and Sofie get hurt. 

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