ATWT Update Wednesday 11/28/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/28/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

Downtown, Carly is on the ground, as the enraged ‘Santa’ yells at her about who she might have been calling. Was it the Police? No, Carly promises. She better not be lying or else her child is going to pay for it!

At the ice rink, Jack and Katie are skating, as Katie tells Jack to call Carly because he is thinking about it anyway. He isn’t thinking about the message she left, but rather that he would like to do this with her again tomorrow. Katie looks tempted but then toughens up her resolve when she tells him that there is no us and there probably never was.

At the Farm, Meg is making a Christmas bough for Emma to take to the church. She tells her how she is her most creative child, but Meg smiles and reminds her that she tells all of her children that. Emma grins; she will do the same for her children one day. Meg looks sad, as she admits to her that she is trying, but she still can’t stop thinking of Paul. She needs to be happy this is Paul’s – Freudian slip - Craig’s baby, as she suddenly has to rush to the bathroom.

At the hospital, Paul is frustrated with the doctor that is treating Rosanna. He feels that they aren’t doing enough for her, as the doctor reassures him that they are. He tells the doctor that he can’t let her slip back into a coma; he needs to help her. The doctor walks in Rosanna’s room, as Craig walks over with one thought for him – Karma. It will always get you in the end.

Meg returns, as Emma offers her some tea to settle her stomach. Meg tells her mother that she should go home but she is afraid to be around Craig. Emma is instantly concerned; she thought she didn’t worry about Craig hurting her? It isn’t that, but she is afraid that she will make a slip like she just did. Emma wonders if she is afraid that Craig will take his anger out on Paul?

Paul snaps that Craig calling this Karma is funny since he is the one who put Rosanna in the hospital when he ran her off the road. Craig rolls his eyes; he has heard this story before. He thinks that he should stay away from Meg though! It would be best for everyone and it would probably even improve his wife’s health. Paul wonders about Meg since he almost killed his first wife. It was an accident, Craig growls. Paul corrects himself then; is Meg going to meet with any accidents?

Sitting at the ice rink, Parker suggests that Brad leave Katie to his dad. Brad thinks since now that he is his official uncle, he can’t tell him what to do. He is sure that Katie is going to shoot down Jack all on his own, as they both watch. Jack is telling Katie that they can hang out like they did today, but she doesn’t want to go backwards. They were already married, so she is not going to date him now. Jack wonders about simply friends with no strings right now?

Carly calls Brad, but the man struggles with her and Brad doesn’t hear anything by the time he picks up the phone. Brad thinks they should get Jack if Carly needs something, but Parker wants Jack and Katie left alone. Brad then hears some screams, as he now wonders if something strange is going on on her end since he can’t hear anything or get Carly to respond? Brad heads over to tell Jack that he thinks Carly night be in trouble, but he isn’t falling for it, as he tells Brad to tell her to call the cops, as he is walking away. Brad stops him when he hears Carly yell for the person to let her daughter go! He needs to hear this!

Carly is struggling with one ‘Santa’, as the other ‘Santa’ struggles with Sage. Jack has his ear to the phone now, as he hears Sage tell someone to ‘stop hitting her mommy!’ Jack is frantic suddenly; he wants Brad to stay on the phone and Katie to run a trace on her phone. He retrieves his messages to hear Carly whispering that she and Sage are being held, but her message is cut off before she can tell him her location. Jack is beside himself.

Carly tries to calm Sage down. One of the men hears sirens and is furious; he warned her. Kit shows up right then and tells the man to put down his gun and the let the child go! Brad stays on the phone listening, as Jack is anxiously talking with Dallas. He doesn’t know where Carly is. Dallas gets word that there is a hostage situation downtown and Carly and Sage are involved. Jack tells Brad, Katie and Parker quickly what is going on before he races off with Katie hot on his heels.

Meg admits that Craig used her phone to text Paul to confront him. She doesn’t want Paul hurt or Craig in jail. Emma sees that Meg is miserable in her life, but Meg thinks that it is enough that Craig loves her and the baby. He is only asking her to stay away from Paul; she can do that for him.

Paul asks Craig what is going to happen once Meg has the baby? He knows how he operates; he is going to take the child away from her. Craig glares; Meg wants a family and so does he, so he better stay away!

Emma tells Meg that she is worried about her. She wants her to be happy. She is – sometimes. She explains that the DNA test didn’t turn out as she wanted, but Craig just wants security and he will be ok then. She realizes she has to give him that in order for this to work.

At Mabel’s, Meg is ordering a lot of food, as she explains to the waitress that she is pregnant. Paul, who has walked in behind her, overhears this. She turns and sees him. He smiles, as he asks if all that food is good for the baby? Meg tries to stay focused on her resolve to keep Paul at arm’s length. She asks how Rosanna is? She is the same. He saw Craig just now; he knows about their secret. He told him that he forgives her? He finds that hard to believe since she slept with a man he loathes, but he is going to take her back with open arms. He understood, but Paul surmises that he would understand since she is caring his baby, but once she isn’t then all bets will be off.

At the Lakeview, Craig sees Evan at the bar. Evan is in a foul mood because people are trying to stop his work – like Bob and Lucinda. Craig tells him that he has wooed another Board member onto their side. Evan is thrilled that he is lobbying for this. He must care. Craig admits that now that his wife is having a baby, it isn’t just about the money; he wants to leave his child a legacy.

Meg corrects Paul; Craig loves her and even after what she did, he can’t stop. Paul is convinced that Craig will not let this slide. Did she tell him that she prayed the baby would be his? Meg frowns and walks away from him. However, she is racked with a cramp and doubles over, as Paul rushes to her side.

Kit is bargaining with the men holding Carly and Sage. Jack is standing with Dallas around the corner; is Kit involved? Dallas explains that she is actually putting her life on the line. Katie rushes over to see Jack; she was worried, as Jack is appreciative.

Kit is getting more brazen with the man holding the gun. She yells about him not being a man since he feels he has to hold a child hostage. Can’t he take on her instead? He looks like a 5 year old with a water gun – she bets he doesn’t even know how to use it! This talk is enraging the man, who threatens to shoot her. He should do it then, Kit snaps back, as she approaches. Jack is nearby listening nervously.

At the Farm, Brad brings Parker in and quickly tells Emma what is happening downtown. Emma is distraught, but Brad has to go there to make sure everyone is ok. He wants her to watch Parker and not let him out of her sight.

Kit is even more angry, as she promises to ‘whoop this guy’ for being this way. Brad rushes over to Katie to comfort her. Jack and Kit make eye contact, as she takes the cue and gets close enough to struggle with the man so Jack can rush in a grab Sage. A shot is fired and Katie screams and tries to run over to where Jack is, but Brad holds her back. The police have rushed in and subdued both men now. One of the men complains about being shot, but Jack snarls that his padding stopped the bullet so he should quit complaining, as they lead him off. Jack, Carly and Sage hug, as Brad and Katie walk over to see this. Katie immediately asks Brad to take her away. Sage tells her dad that she knew he would save her, as Jack admits that he had help, as he looks at Kit and thanks her. It is the least she could do with all that happened with their other child, JJ. Carly assures her that the debt is paid in full, as she looks over her shoulder at where Jack was, who is now gone. Jack is around the corner looking for Katie, who has already left.

Brad brings Katie to WOAK. She is so upset about Sage, but she is relieved they are ok. Brad realizes that is only part of her mood. He knows she is still in love with Jack; he saw it on the ice and when she was going to run into the middle of a shoot out. Katie explains that she is glad that she went there because she saw Jack with Carly. It is again obvious of their connection. Jack is still in love with her. Brad tells Katie that he can’t believe he is going to play the good guy here, but he tells her that Jack still loves her though too. Jack isn’t as in love with her as he is with Carly, she counters. He will get there in time, and maybe one day they can have kids. Katie assures him that she and Jack won’t be having a family.

Jack walks into the station telling Dallas to get statements; he is going to make sure Sage is fine. He kneels down in front of Sage; he realizes she might still be scared, but it will pass. He wants her to understand that she can never go anywhere again without permission from he or Carly. Sage promises. He tells a female officer to take Sage upstairs to talk to the therapist. Carly agrees with this. Jack wonders why Kit did what she did? She tells him that she dealt with guys like that when she owned her bar. The gun probably wasn’t loaded, as Jack explains that it actually was. She smiles; bad gamble, but good result. She will go give her statement, as she walks away. She tells Carly slowly that she will see her around, as she looks at Jack and then thinks that perhaps she won’t. After she leaves, Carly reminds Jack firmly that she saved Sage! Jack responds sarcastically that he said thank you. She thinks Kit earned more then that. She thinks maybe she earned the right to have coffee with her without him threatening to take away her kids.

Paul and Meg are sharing some food; Meg assumes the pain was hunger related. Paul tells her how he wants her to be ok and then he segways into how he can’t seem to help Rosanna. He doesn’t want another woman he cares about in the hospital. He cares, Meg asks hopefully? He cares if not for the baby’s sake. Meg scowls; Craig and he are only concerned because of the baby. No one can possibly love or have any use for her though. Paul sees he has upset her and decides to leave, as he is, Meg doubles over again and Paul races to her side. Paul demands that she let him take her to the hospital, as Meg now readily agrees.

At the hospital, Meg is waiting nervously for the doctor. Paul wants to help in anyway he can. He then feels obligated to ask if she wants him to call Craig? No, because she doesn’t want to worry him; she is sure she is fine. Paul assures her by telling her that he knows she is going to be fine too. How? He has a feeling, and she knows he is always right when it comes to her, as they both smile warmly at one another. The doctor on call comes in and is ready to examine Meg, as she assumes the Paul is the ‘proud father?’

Craig walks up to a nurse but before he can open his mouth, she is assuring him that everything will be fine. He chuckles; he isn’t that worried over a meeting being canceled. Her face drops; she realizes he doesn’t know. What doesn’t he know? His wife was brought into the hospital. Meanwhile, Paul is about to leave, but as he is, he tells Meg if she needs anything… as Craig walks in and tells Paul that he needs something – for him to tell him why he is with his wife again? Meg gets another cramp and doubles over, as they doctor clears the room. Outside, Craig demands to know what Paul did? Meg had cramps and he took her to the hospital. He doesn’t buy it. Paul suggests Craig keep his voice down so as not to upset Meg. Craig wants to know what happened? Paul explains that he ran into Meg and she wasn’t feeling well so he took her to the hospital. Craig doesn’t believe it is that simple, but he coldly tells him that his good deed is done so he can go back to his wife and bring her back from the brink. Paul glares at him, mumbles ‘you’re welcome’, as he walks off.

Meg is telling the doctor as she examines her that she is a nurse and has told 100 women that cramping is normal at this point of the pregnancy, but she never thought she would be telling herself this. She mumbles quietly to herself, “Please let my baby be ok…” repeatedly.

Parker hangs up the phone and tells Emma that Sage and his mom are fine. Emma is thrilled, decides she is going to make Sage’s favorite brownies, and asks Parker to help. As they are starting to make them, Emma asks Parker why he didn’t talk with his mom? He tells her that he is tired of her screwing things up; she will probably work this to her advantage to keep his dad away from Katie. Emma sighs.

Katie explains to Brad that she has loved guys that haven’t loved her and not loved guys that have loved her, but this is worse; Jack loves her and she loves him. They fell so fast. She loves to see him with his kids, but he doesn’t want them with her. She is never going to have kids. Brad thinks if that is true, then his brother is an idiot. Any guy would be honored to have kids with her. Katie can’t help but smile at this attempt to make her feel better.

Jack reminds Carly that Kit helped the people that kidnapped JJ. She was drinking then. Do they have to still kick her in the teeth? He doesn’t think they need to bend over backwards either. She just wants to start over and she understands that need. She and Kit have made mistakes. Can’t he take back his ultimatum? He doesn’t want her near his kids! She just saved Sage’s life, Carly reminds! She just wants a chance to make things right. Will he let her give Kit that chance?

The doctor tells Meg that her baby is fine, as Meg breathes a huge sigh of relief. She wants her to monitor her diet and stress. Why is she stressed, the doctor wonders? Meg pauses and then tells her because of a few reasons.

Paul sees a nurse outside Paul’s room; is there any change? No, but she thinks on some level Rosanna can hear him. Paul’s shoulders drop and then looks across the hall at Meg’s room.

Jack explains to Carly that Kit is trouble, but it doesn’t matter because she won’t listen anyway. Yes, she will. If it is a choice between Kit and her kids, obviously she will chose her kids, but she thought she could have them both. Kit did one thing for them; that doesn’t mean they can trust her. Carly backs down. Jack admits that she did put herself on the line, so she can hang out with her if she wants, but he is still going for full custody. Carly looks sad; he has to do what he has to do. The woman officer brings Sage back in. Jack is glad she seems fine. He is worried that she won’t know the difference between good and bad Santa’s. Sage smiles; she knows the good Santa will make her wishes come true – like the one where she wishes her dad and mom spend Christmas together. Jack tells her that isn’t going to happen. He wants her to spend time with her mom and then she can come back to the Farm later. He heads for the door, as Carly wonders where he is going? Isn’t he going to take her statement? Dallas will do it; he will see her later. Carly looks depressed.

Brad tells Katie that Jack is one guy and that there are many other guys out there who can make her happy. Katie realizes that Brad genuinely wants her happy. He teases her that she shouldn’t look so surprised by this. Jack strides in quickly telling them that Sage is fine, as they both are relieved. Brad wants to talk with Katie, as Brad is reluctant, but Katie gently assures him that it is ok. Jack wants to pick up where they left off. Where were they, he teases? Katie answers that he was being charming, funny and making her fall in love with him again, as Jack smiles.

Craig nervously tells Meg not to scare him like that again. He wants any other tests done that they need. The doctor assures him more tests would not be helpful or safe. He just needs to calm down, as they all chuckle over Craig being so high strung. The doctor asks if they want to hear the heart beat? They readily agree and smile broadly upon hearing it. After the doctor leaves, Meg asks Craig if he wants to ask her anything? He looks at her for a moment and then says yes, as Meg prepares herself. Craig surprises her when he asks her if she wants to buy that same machine for home so they can listen to the heartbeat anytime. Meg is relieved and hugs him, as Paul is outside of Rosanna’s door looking towards Meg’s room.

Jack tells Katie that he had a fun time too and was hoping it was a start to something. She thought so too… until Carly. Jack starts to protest, but Katie explains that she knows that what happened was not Carly’s fault, but he will always be in that family orbit, and she can’t keep putting herself through that. That is why she has made a decision.

Brad walks into the farm and tries to steal some of Sage’s brownies, as Emma chides him. Parker wonders where Katie is? She is at work. Is she with Jack? Yes, but Katie is not going to be with Jack. Parker answers that he doesn’t know if she is going to be with him either – but at least Katie has a choice. Brad looks nervous.

Carly and Sage come home; she tries to explain to Sage that no matter how badly you want something, you don’t always get it. She wants Sage to go pack to go to the Farm. Sage agrees to do that – for now – but it isn’t going to be permanent. They will all live together as a family under the same roof one day. Sage goes upstairs and Kit walks in; she thanks Carly for inviting her back. Carly wants to talk with Kit about the money. Kit explains that it is all gone. Carly tells her that Jack isn’t going to stand in the way of them being in business anymore. Kit is happy, as they shake hands to their new partnership.

Jack doesn’t understand Katie. She explains that being with him felt too good. She can’t do this to herself anymore. Jack wants her to reconsider; she is his best friend. She can’t be his friend; she can’t see him at all anymore, as she rushes out the door leaving a devastated Jack in her wake.

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