ATWT Update Tuesday 11/27/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/27/07


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(Lakeview)  Chris is surprised to arrive and find Emily still in bed but Emily explains she decided to be lazy today since she isnít working anymore.  Chris gives Emily a kiss and tells her he is happy because he found an apartment for both of them.  Emily tells Chris she doesnít want to rush their relationship or take it too seriously.  Emily is also very upset because Chris made a decision about the apartment without consulting her about it.  Chris explains that the apartment suddenly became available because his friend moved to New York and he didnít have time to think about calling her.  Chris gets a call from his dad asking him if he could meet him at Alís diner so they can have an important talk.  Chris worries that his father might fire him from his job. 

(Alís Diner)  Tom advises Dusty not to push Emily because when she fights, she fights hard.  Dusty tells Tom he is looking forward to the fight but he doesnít intend to let Emily leave the newspaper.  Parker runs into Katie and tells her that Jack officially adopted him and he changed his last name to Snyder.  Katie tells Parker she is very happy for him and starts to say that she wished she could have been there, but stops herself so she doesnít make Parker feel awkward.  Parker asks Katie to meet him at the skating rink later so she can teach him how to figure skate.  Katie hesitates a bit but Parker assures her he still wants to be her friend.  Katie agrees to meet Parker later at the skating rink.

(Farm)  Carly stops by with the excuse that she bought some new clothes for the kids because there was a good sale at the store.  Jack knows Carly is only making an excuse to see the kids and he tells her the kids are not home yet.  Sage runs in the door and gives her mother a hug and then asks Jack if she can go home with Carly for a few hours.  Jack tells her no and Sage pleads that she needs to talk to her mother about girl things because there are only boys in the house.  She assures him that she loves him very much, but there are some things she just canít tell him.  Carly gives Sage her new clothes and tells her she will see her another time because she has some secret shopping to do.  Sage goes upstairs to try on her clothes while Carly pleads with Jack to let her see Sage because she needs her mother.  Jack tells Carly that he understands that Sage needs her mother but he wonít let her see the kids until she gets Kit out of her life as a business partner.  Carly explains she has been trying to do that and she has left countless messages on Kitís phone but she hasnít returned any of her calls. 

(Alís Diner)  Brad arrives and offers to help Katie take her mind off things but she tells him she is meeting Parker later at the skating rink so, though she is grateful for the offer, they will have to do something later. 

(Farm)  Parker arrives home and Jack wonders why he didnít spend the night with his friend as he planned to.  Parker explains that he feels like going skating so Jack agrees to take him to the skating rink. 

(Carlyís house)  Carly calls Kit to tell her Jack is threatening to take her kids away unless she stops associating with her, so she has to pull out of their deal.  Kit explains that she already sent the check to the realtor so a panicked Carly tells her she is going to meet her at the bank.

(Lakeview)  Dusty sees Emily come out of the elevator and tells her that he must talk to her about the newspaper but she tells him she wonít talk to him without a lawyer.  Dusty shows Emily that he has brought Tom with him so they can all talk about the newspaper.  Tom explains to Emily that the most sensible choice would be to keep working at the newspaper.  Tom tells Emily that Dusty doesnít want to buy her shares so Emily says she will find another buyer for her shares.  Tom explains that under the terms of the contract she signed, Dusty must approve of the buyer she selects and Emily knows Dusty wonít approve of any buyer because he wants to keep her at the paper.  Dusty leaves Tom and Emily alone to talk hoping Tom can talk some sense into Emily.  Tom advises Emily to keep her job because she is good at it and she loves it but Emily tells Tom the paper is in her past and she has earned the right to have a little fun.  Tom tells her that now she is dating Chris she needs a little stability in her life.  Emily thinks Tom is also against her relationship with Chris and tells him that he is going to have to get used to it and so is the rest of the town. 

(Alís Diner)  Bob and Kim tell Chris that he intends to take semi retirement in about a year and the board has agreed to let him delegate some of his Chief of staff duties to him.  Chris is thrilled that his father trusts him with the responsibility and tells him he intends to stay in town permanently. 

(Old Town)  Kit tells Carly she went to the bank and they told her that the check had already been cashed and since it is a cashierís check there is no way they can stop it.  Carly is in the middle of a panicking when Sage arrives because she wants to spend some time with her.  Sage tells Carly she told her father she had spelling homework and she doesnít think he will even miss her.  Carly tells Sage that it isnít good that she keeps running away from her daddy because she will just make him more upset and they may not see each other at all. 

(Park)  Parker skates away and leaves Jack alone when he sees Katie arrive and it doesnít take the couple long to figure out that this was set up by Parker.  Jack tells Katie Parker shouldnít have done what he did but he is glad because he has missed just going out and having a good time with her.  Katie wants to leave but Jack asks her to skate with him so she tells him she will show him how to do a figure eight. 

(Old Town)  Carly is about to take Sage to get her bike so she can take her home when two thieves dressed as Santa run out and take Sage as a hostage.  Carly tells Sage to calm down because the man isnít going to hurt her but Sage cries and asks her mom not to let the man take her.  The other thief tries to persuade his friend to let the little girl go because she will just get in the way but his friend refuses to let Sage go because she is the only leverage they have against the police if they come after them.  The thief tells Carly that if he sees a cop, her little girl is dead meat.

(Alís Diner)  Chris sees Dusty and wants to discuss Jenniferís foundation with him since he is going to be taking over some of his fatherís duties in the future.  Dusty makes it clear he wonít work with Chris on the foundation and he intends to make sure that he doesnít have anything to do with Jenniferís foundation. 

(Old Town)  Carly tells the thief he can have all the money in her wallet, her car, and anything he wants as long as he lets go her daughter but the thief refuses to let Sage go.

(Park)  Jack and Katie are skating when Brad arrives and skates toward them at a high speed and all three of them fall to the ground.

 (Old Town)  Carly tries to tackle the thief hoping that he will let Sage go.  When that doesnít work, he takes Sage inside a store with him.  Carly screams Sageís name, terrified that something will happen to her little girl. 

(Hospital)  Dusty tells Bob that Chris told him he was going to be chief of staff soon and Dusty tells Bob that if Chris is going to be chief of staff he is going to take Jenniferís foundation to another hospital.  Bob explains that Chris isnít chief of staff but he is just going to take over some of the duties when he goes into semi retirement next year.  Bob promises to take care of everything for Dusty and tells him not to worry about anything. 

(Police Station)  Tom arrives and tells Margo that he is in between a battle with Dusty and Emily over the newspaper and it is clear that Dusty and Emily still have feelings for each other.  Tom wonders why Emily is with Chris and worries that his brother will get hurt.  Tom also wonders how they are going to explain to Daniel that his uncle Chris is now living with Emily.  Margo shares some good news.  She tells Tom that Caseyís name is on the parole list for December so their son could be home for Christmas. 

(Park)  Parker tells Brad that he doesnít have a chance of getting Katie because anyone can see she and Jack are still in love.  Carly tells the other thief that her ex-husband is a detective and he and his friend will both be dead men if they hurt her daughter.  Carly dials Jackís number on her phone while the thief is distracted but Jack sees that Carly is calling and turns off his phone because he is having a good time with Katie. 

(Lakeview)  Bob blasts Chris for letting his ambition hurt the hospital and Chris is confused and asks his father what happened.  Bob angrily explains that since he told Dusty he was going to be chief of staff, Dusty has threatened to pull his foundation out of the hospital because he doesnít want to work with him.  Bob tells Chris he is going to try to run interference for him, but if Dusty goes to the hospital board, he could lose his job.  Emily sees Dusty and yells at him for being so cruel.  She tells Dusty that she and Chris are together and he is just going to have to deal with it.  Emily gives Chris a kiss in front of Dusty and tells him she is ready to move into the apartment with him. 

(Old Town)  Carly leaves a message on Jackís phone explaining what has happened to Sage.  She is about to give him their location when the thief sees her and knocks her on the head. 

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