ATWT Update Monday 11/26/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/26/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At the Lakeview, Lily and Dusty wake up in bed. Lily admits that she feels good around him because she no longer feels as if she belongs at home; she feels as if she is an outsider. She wanted to spend some time with the girls but Holden called her earlier to cancel because Faith is spending time with a friend and Natalie has a troop meeting. She doesn’t even know what is going on over there anymore. Dusty thinks it is because Holden is leaving her out of the loop. Lily admits that Holden is so angry all the time. The only time she feels she isn’t in the line of fire is when she is with him. Dusty is glad to hear that, as he wonders if she would like to spend the day with him?

Downtown, Faith and her friend bump into Lucinda. Lucinda wants to chat with Faith for a moment. She apologizes for being out of town; she wonders how fun Thanksgiving on the farm was? It was fine. Why does she look like she is not telling her something? Faith tells her that Jack and Brad fought over Katie, but Lucinda senses there is more. Faith explains that her mother left early. Lucinda asks her why? She said she had to go to the Lakeview – whatever that means. Lucinda frowns, as she says quietly that she knows what that means.

At the Farm, Noah comes into see Luke; he is acting a little awkward. Luke apologizes for how crazy his family acted at Thanksgiving, but Noah thinks it was nothing; at least his family doesn’t pick up guns to solve their problems Noah answers sadly. Luke knows yesterday was hard for him so, as Noah interrupts him; he stopped by to bring him a homework assignment. Luke seems affected that Noah seems all business. Noah then tells Luke that he has a paper to write so he has to head out. Luke looks upset, as he offers to get Noah some leftovers before he leaves, but Noah explains he is running behind and heads out. After he leaves, Luke drops his head as Holden walks into the room; he wonders if Luke is ok?

Dusty and Lily have ordered breakfast, but Dusty notices there is only one cup of coffee; he has to have his cup of coffee in the morning – or else, he smiles, so he gets on the phone and orders another one. Lily and Dusty make small talk and after a short moment, there is a knock at the door. Dusty and Lily assume it’s his coffee, and so they are surprised when Lucinda prances in. What is she doing, Lucinda glares as she looks at her daughter with a sheet draped over her?

At WOAK, Brad races in apologizing for being late since makeup took longer thanks to the shiner left by his loving brother. Katie doesn’t seem too concerned. He realizes this is a hard time for her; he knows it is his fault too. He wants to make it up by taking her to lunch, but Katie turns him down flat. Brad thinks he deserves how cool she seems to be acting around him, but she tells him in a matter of fact tone that she isn’t even thinking of him, as she walks away.

At home, Carly and Kit are looking over the plans for Metro. They joke about each other’s tastes about wall color and names. Carly reminds her that she is supplying the cash, so she will be weighing in on decisions since they are partners.

Jack shows up at WOAK wanting to see Katie, but he comes across Brad first, who is acting like her guard dog. He doesn’t think Jack should bother and upset Katie right now. Jack doesn’t want to hear it and promises to give him another shiner if he doesn’t get out of his way. Brad doesn’t want to back down, as Katie comes in and snaps for them both to stop! Katie tells Brad to give them a moment to talk, but Brad reminds her that they are taping, but Katie tells him that she will be fine, as Brad plops himself down nearby.

Lily asks Lucinda how she knew she was there? Faith told her that she left dinner early. She really hopes she didn’t leave a family dinner to come be with Dusty. Lily is irate; she is embarrassing herself by carrying on like this, but Lucinda doesn’t think she is, and Dusty doesn’t look upset either, as Dusty smirks. She thinks Lily might be embarrassed. Lucinda thinks that Lily should get dressed and leave with her, but Lily angrily tells her that she is not 15 anymore and she can’t run her life and order her around anymore; she needs to get out now!

Holden wonders if Luke is worried, he offended Noah? Not in that way. Luke pauses before he admits that he told Noah that he loved him – the other day at the police station when that situation was so emotionally charged. Now things feel awkward. Holden doesn’t think Noah seemed off last night. Luke doesn’t know what is going on with Noah. He might be thinking over what he said or he might have trashed what they had single handedly.

Lucinda wonders if this is what Lily wants – ultimately, as she looks at them both? Dusty smiles and suggests that they all calm down. Lucinda decides to leave and after she does, Lily worries that Faith thinks she ran out on them to be here with him. Dusty reminds her that she is a kid and doesn’t get it. He realizes that they are going to have to plan their day together on another day. Lily is glad he understands. She thanks him for the escape… even if it was for only one night.

Carly admits to Kit that before she got there she was in a bad place. What did ‘her cop’ do to her? She did something to him – she was sick and told that she was going to die, but then they realized they misdiagnosed her. She made the mistake of keeping it from Jack. They were being remarried and he was professing his love to her on the altar when she finally came clean. This statement produces loud laughter from Kit, as Carly glares back at her.

An annoyed Katie tells Brad to give them some time alone. He will be right over there if she needs him, as Jack snarls that she won’t need his ‘Fathead!’ Jack can’t fathom how Katie can talk to Brad after what he did. She doesn’t want him to lose sight of the fact that it was Carly who started this. He was his brother though and he still aided and abetted. Katie realizes that he should have told them, but he didn’t handle it how Jack would have because he is Brad. She needed to forgive him though since she works with him so they could move on and she thinks he should do the same.

Kit explains that she is laughing because Carly conned a cop. Carly keeps frowning; it isn’t funny because Jack was devastated. She thinks all is fair in love and war; she has done worse to her and yet here they are. Carly sighs and shrugs her shoulders.

Jack tells Katie that he is glad that she forgave Brad because that means there is hope for them. Of course, she forgives him, but she is not sure she will be able to get past what he did though. Jack wonders nervously what it will take her to give them a second chance?

Lily walks down through the lounge area where she comes across Lucinda waiting for her. Lily wants her to congratulate herself for the fact that she left not soon after her tirade. Lucinda wants to actually apologize, as Lily looks stunned.

Holden recognizes that Luke saying that he loves Noah is a big step, as Luke smiles and admits that he was scared to death. He just wishes that he knew how Noah felt. Holden thinks that if Noah calls him his boyfriend, he comes to spend a holiday with his crazy family and manages to show up here for no reason at all just to see him even if Luke isn’t up for visitors, he would imagine he feels deeply for him.

Lucinda realizes that Lily has a back-story with Dusty that takes her back to less complicated and more innocent times. Lily explains that what she has with Dusty is more then nostalgia though. He makes her feel something she hasn’t felt in a while – happy. She wants her happy too, but she doesn’t want her living in a bubble though. Dusty is not the answer; he is diversion from what she should be focusing on – fighting for her marriage before it is too late.

Kit complains that Carly has nothing to eat in her house, as Carly admits that since the kids stay at the Farm she has been forgetful with buying food; she will go get some. Not long after Carly leaves, JJ shows up calling out to Carly saying he forgot his school book there. He sees Kit enter the room and is immediately furious. What is she doing here, he screeches, as he races at her? Kit tries to calm him down as he struggles with her.

Jack tells Katie that he can still give her the life she deserves because he loves her, as Katie returns the sentiment, but that is why this is so hard. He chose Carly over her and she knows if given the chance, he would do it again. Brad walks nearby again, as Jack yells at him to give them more time.

JJ is attacking Kit, as she tries to explain that she is not here to hurt anyone, but JJ won’t hear her because she helped the people who kidnapped him. Carly races in as they two are struggling and she tries to pull him off. Kit is apologizing for what happened, as JJ doesn’t understand what his mother is doing, as he races out while Carly calls after him.

Brad snarls that this is a place of business and some people have to work. Katie tells him to go elsewhere, but he tries to convince her he should stay, but she is firm with him and he leaves. Jack wonders how they can work this out? They are interrupted by JJ calling; JJ is freaked out that the woman from the bar in Idaho is at his mom’s house. Jack hangs up the phone and starts to dash out. Something is happening at Carly’s house and he has to go make sure JJ is ok, as he rushes off. Brad walks back in the room saying that he rests his case, as Katie rolls her eyes annoyed at Jack and now Brad.

Lily explains that she can’t hold onto the marriage alone. Lucinda thinks this is just another one of their bumps; they break up and make up a lot, but Lily explains that this is not the same; Holden has filed for divorce. Lucinda looks crestfallen, but she whips out her phone. Lily pleads with her to not call Holden. She is not; she is calling one of her high-powered lawyer to stall this case. Lily doesn’t want her to because she is going to sign the papers. Lucinda quietly asks her if this is what she wants? She has to be ok with this. They have to tell the kids then, but Lily explains that they already did. They have to be reassured then. They did, but Lucinda thinks that they didn’t do enough if Faith is reacting that way after her leaving Thanksgiving. She obviously felt that Lily was dropping them to go to the Lakeview -- to do what she was doing.

Luke thinks if Holden can fix he and Noah then maybe he can fix things with Lily. She does keep coming out of her way to come by even when he doesn’t act as if he wants her there. Holden shrugs his shoulders.

At Al’s, Noah sees Dusty and comes over to talk with him. He wants to thank him for the way he has been with him considering that his dad tried to kill him and frame him for his mom’s murder. Dusty explains that it is not his fault; his father messed up. Noah agrees and adds that he wants him to be something that he isn’t. Dusty thinks it is simple; if his dad isn’t proud of whom he is, then that is his dad’s problem. He is curious though as to what he is going to do with his life now?

Katie explains that Jack’s family comes first and that is one of the things she loves about him. Brad thinks that there is a difference because Jack goes running every time they have hangnails. He has a way to help get her mind off of this again; he is a master at back rubs, as he playfully cracks his knuckles.

JJ brings Jack to the front window and shows him Kit. Jack tells him to leave on his bike and he will take care of this, as he pulls out his gun and enters the house. He yells for Kit to put her hands up, as she panics. She is just there to make amends she yells back, as Jack tells her that he doesn’t know how she got out, but she is going back there now. Carly steps in front of Jack and tells him that Kit didn’t break out because she got a suspended sentence.

Katie explains that while she is not going to dwell on what he did, she doesn’t feel comfortable with him giving her a back rub either. They work together and sometime in the future, they may be friends again, but this is not going to fly with her. Brad claims he understands.

Kit pipes in that he can call and check, as Jack promises that he will. She apologizes because she was a terrible person back then when she was drinking, but she is sober now. She wants him to accept her apology, as she extends her hand. Jack glares at her and doesn’t take it. He demands to know why Carly hasn’t tossed her out? She came in and found her there, as she tries to explain. Jack looks down, sees the plans for the Metro, and wonders what they are doing with those? Carly looks nervous. The Metro is closed so there is nothing worth stealing, as Kit explains she is not a thief. Carly explains that they aren’t doing anything illegal. Carly explains that she is redesigning the Metro. Why? She is doing it for a client. Who? Kit, Carly answers nervously. Jack laughs loudly and snarls. She can’t be hard up for clients so she can just get another. Carly takes a deep breath and explains that they are also partners, as Jack looks stunned and speechless.

Lily shows up at the Farm. Luke teases Holden when he tells Lily that it is so nice of her to come all the way out there. Lily doesn’t get it and remarks that she is always around. She would like to talk with the kids, as Holden responds a bit flatly that of course she does. She wants to reaffirm to Luke that no matter if she and Holden are together or not, they are still a family; it will never change the way they feel about him. They will always be the most important people in her life. Luke admits when she walks out in the middle of dinner that makes him feel differently. Lily looks guilty, but she tells him that she had to work. Faith thinks otherwise, Luke admits. She thinks she was with Dusty, was she?

Noah explains that he is going to school and hanging out. He doesn’t know what he is supposed to be though, but Dusty advises him that he has plenty of time. Why is he being so nice to him? Dusty smiles and tells him that he can use all the friends he can get.

Lily reminds Luke that Faith is hostile and suspicious. Luke doesn’t think that is an answer. He thinks she should come around more often. She doesn’t think that Holden would appreciate that because Holden has made his feelings clear. She will try, as Lily relents. She does need to work even on holidays sometimes, as Holden listens from the door. Luke laughs that off, and Holden walks in. He stares at Lily coldly for a moment before he tells her that what she and Dusty are doing at the Lakeview is called working now?

Carly explains that the Metro seemed like a good investment. Jack is amazed; so she thinks it is a good idea to become partners with someone with friends in the Pen? Kit explains that is not true anymore; she has been sober for 26 days. Jack feigns being impressed, as he coos about a whole 26 days. Jack demands that she get out of his house or he will arrest her! Carly wonders how he can threaten that – on what grounds? He doesn’t think he would have to dig deep to find something on Kit. Kit rushes off saying that she is leaving, but as she is heading out, she secretly grabs Carly’s check.

Lily wonders if Holden was eavesdropping? No. He would like to check his dictionary on the word working though, he adds sarcastically. It isn’t funny. She realizes she didn’t tell the whole truth. You don’t say, Holden answers annoyed. Lily counters that her kids don’t need to know every detail of her personal life. Faith already misinterpreted things. Did she? What is going on with them has nothing to do with Dusty and he knows that, but she doesn’t think she should give Faith any more ammunition. Holden throws up his hands; he is done trying to explain her to their kids. It is up to her from now one to make them understand – or not! Holden stomps off, as Lily looks distraught.

Noah tells Dusty that he is going to go study and he will see him later. After he leaves, Dusty calls Lily. She answers and is happy to hear his voice. How is she? She is fine. Why does she try to lie? She doesn’t know because she fails miserably at it. On a scale of 1-10, she is a 15; it is horrific. He wishes he could make it better. Can she come over later? She will try. It isn’t like anyone else wants to see her, as she looks around the empty room at the Farm.

Brad tells Katie that whatever she wants is fine; if she wants to be friends that is great and if she wants to be more then that is better. Katie snarls; they will never be more. Brad tells her that he can accept that. He can back off… until she is ready, as Katie rolls her eyes at this.

Jack yells about Carly losing her mind. It is the only thing she hasn’t lost, Carly snaps back. She and Kit are in the same position; they both need second chances. Jack laughs; she is way past a second chance and Kit’s numbers for chances don’t go high enough. Carly screeches back that she wonders where his limit is? How many times can a person screw up before he writes them off? Jack snaps back that he left Katie again because he thought his… family was in trouble. This is how it is going to go… if she associates with Kit, even rides in an elevator and in particular goes into business with her, then he will consider her a threat to his kids, as Carly corrects him – their kids. Jack angrily tells her that he will file for sole custody and make sure that she never sees them again, as he slams out the door.

Katie wonders what part of never does he not understand? The part of it that she doesn’t mean, Brad counters. She explains that she has been in more failed relationships then she ever cares to remember and she needs time to herself. Brad just smiles, as Katie becomes more annoyed; he is Jack’s brother anyway; it will never happen! If he wants to help her, then he can do her a favor and get over her!

Kit is walking downtown; she asks a man where the nearest bank is? He directs her to it. She gets a call from a frantic Carly soon after. She has made a mistake. However, Kit pretends that the connection is bad and that she can’t hear her, as she hangs up the phone with a smile. Carly says to the dead air that she has to hear her because Jack is going to take her kids! She hears nothing and then angrily tosses the phone onto the couch and throws her hands up in despair.

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