ATWT Update Wednesday 11/21/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/21/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

Carly comes home and Parker greets her happily, as he heads for the couch to sit down to play a video game with JJ. Sage happily talks about starting to decorate for Christmas. Carly looks confused at the joy around her, as Jack breezes in, greets her with a kiss and the fact he is thankful she is healthy because they are never going to be apart again. Carly hears beeps and suddenly she is standing in front of her microwave as it is beeping that her frozen turkey dinner is done. She looks down at it sadly.

At the diner, Katie rushes in wondering where Brad is, as Henry looks worried. Kim sets her up behind the table with her apron and cutting knife. Brad skips over surprising her, as Katie wheels on him holding the knife up and not looking very happy. Brad teases the audience about surprising a woman with a knife, but Katie doesn’t smile.

At the farm, Meg nicks herself with a knife, as Emma helps her bandage it; she was just distracted. Emma suggests that if she feels that Craig won’t forgive her ever then she could move back home with them. Meg explains that is not going to work because the only thing Craig loves as much as her is their baby.

Craig is sitting on the rocks somewhat high above the water, as he has a vision of Meg showing up holding their baby. She tells him that what Paul said was right; she will never love him; she loves Paul only. She plans on leaving him as fast as she can. Craig jumps up and grabs for his baby, but then comes to reality and realizes he is grabbing at a homeless woman carrying some blankets. She orders Craig away from her, as Craig snaps back the same sentiment.

Emma is breezing around the kitchen preparing for the day; she smiles when Luke and Noah come into the room to help. They talk about the tradition of the Hubbard squash. Jack arrives with his boys and Holden with Ethan. Meg quickly offers to hold Ethan for him. Has anyone seen Lily, Holden wonders? Outside, Lily is calling Dusty telling him thank you for the flowers; he makes things better. Dusty, who is standing in the Lakeview lobby, sees Emily walk by with Chris suddenly wonders if Lily is busy later? She will try to get away after dinner. She hangs up just as Holden is walking outside to see her. They hold each other’s eyes, but he says nothing. Lily goes inside and Jack meets up with Holden outside. They both commiserate about their situations. Holden thinks that Jack could fix his problem by going to see Katie. He did that, but Brad took care of that. Holden wonders if Katie set him straight. Jack explains that it was more or less Brad. Holden gives him that knowing look.

After the taping, Katie walks away, as Brad asks her what she is doing later? He knows it is going to be a tough day. Katie growls; a tough day is being betrayed by someone who is supposed to be your friend;’ a tough day is the fact she could still be married to Jack, but thanks to his lies, she is not. Brad takes a deep breath; Carly said she wouldn’t tell, he mumbles. Katie snaps back that he shouldn’t have had a heart to heart under a live microphone that is being worked on. How could he know she wasn’t going to die and not stop her? Brad counters that noone can stop Carly. Katie is furious; she knows why Carly would lie, but why would he keep this? Is he that jealous of his brother? Brad snaps back that Jack doesn’t have anything he wants. Kim calls them back to finish the show. As they are starting back up, Brad whispers that he wasn’t trying to hurt her; how can he make it better? Katie has a thought, as she dumps a whole dish of mashed potatoes on him. Then she follows that up with a pot of gravy, as she stomps away when Kim yells cut! Brad follows Katie trying to explain that he wanted to keep her from getting hurt, as Katie yells that she is sick of people saying that to her. Vienna pushes a mop and a bucket of water into his hand and tells him to clean up his messes. Brad promises that he will never hurt her again, as Henry walks by, slips on the food and falls into Brad causing him to send mop water all over the front of Katie. Katie storms out.

Jack decides to leave for a moment, as Lily, who is coming outside, wonders where he is going? He will be back, Holden answers. Lily wonders if dinner is going to be delayed because of this? Holden wonders if she is antsy because she has plans?

At the diner, Evan races in with Bob hot on his heels. He warns Chris, who is standing around talking with Emily, that his dad is on the warpath. Bob is right behind him; he is angry because he found Evan alone in a lab under his care. Chris tries to calmly explain that Evan needed a place to work and he had extra space. Bob is not amused; he specifically told him that his proposition is not going to happen. He went behind his back and disregarded his decision?

Meg is worried that Craig may try to take the baby, but Emma thinks she shouldn’t panic, and she should just give it time. Meg explains that she just have to convince Craig that she is over Paul. Emma wants her to always trust her instincts; if she ever feels that she is in danger, then she wants her to leave Craig and come to her. Meg explains that Craig would never hurt her or the baby. She truly does care for Craig and needs to find a way to make this work out. Emma heads out of the room when Meg hears a beep; the text message read “meet me under the bridge.” Meg hurriedly leaves.

Carly is on the phone with Paul wondering if he needs a break because she can sit with Rosanna? Paul tells her that he is fine. Carly then calls Gwen and leaves her a message; she knows she is not there because she is at dinner at Barbara’s, but she just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving. She hangs up sadly and looks down at her dinner again. The doorbell rings and Carly jumps up hoping outloud that it is Jack, but she finds a depressed looking Brad instead. He mumbles about wishing she had just told the truth; he knew this would blow up; he knew she would ultimately lose Jack and he Katie. He hates being right! Carly and Brad look miserably at one another.

Katie is at her suite in the Lakeview drying off; there is a knock and Katie yells for Brad to go away! There is another knock, as Katie yells through the door that if he thinks she will forgive him then he is more clueless then she thought! She whips open the door to find Jack. He wonders what is going on? Nothing, she and Brad are just having creative differences, but Jack doesn’t buy it; what did he do to her?

Carly wonders how Katie found out? It doesn’t matter. Is she trying to make him as lonely and pitiful as she? Carly frowns. Carly reminds him that he was happy to sit back and be quiet when Katie was coming around. Brad tells her that Katie was his friend; she liked him and they had a lot of fun together…. maybe one day it would have been more, but now that will never happen! He wants to thank her for ruining the best thing that ever happened in his life! Carly looks empathetic.

Jack is furious when he finds out about Brad’s role in the cover up. How could he not say anything? Katie wonders why he is there? Jack explains that he knew her sister wasn’t doing anything and he thought maybe they could grab a bite. Katie thanks him but explains that she plans on staying away from any Snyder men these days. Jack understands and slowly leaves. After he is in the hallway, he can hear Katie crying at the door.

Meg arrives to find Craig sitting on the rocks. Without turning, he tells her that Paul is gone back to Rosanna, he assumes, to whisper sweet nothings in her ear all the while dreaming of her no doubt. Meg wonders why he sent that message to him? He wanted Paul to come and he wanted her to be – frightened. He knew she would she would run right over there to protect Paul, he snaps. She came for him, but Craig snarls that he doesn’t want to hear anymore of her lies! She doesn’t love or want to be married to him. He wants to know if she is happy being pregnant though? Yes. She would be happier if it were Paul’s however? She came here because if he hurt Paul then he would go to jail and she didn’t want her baby’s father to be without a dad. Craig quietly tells her that he doesn’t trust her. Their baby will love and trust them for both of them. They will get through this together, but she wants him to make something for their baby? Craig looks confused as he asks her what she means? She wants them to make a family.

Bob tells Chris that he explicitly told him there was no place at Memorial for what he was proposing. Why can’t he listen and respect him? Chris snaps back that he doesn’t feel as if he is being taken seriously, and he will be forced to leave if he continues to feel that way. Bob takes a breath and tells him that would disappoint him, but it has to be his decision. Emily and Chris leave, as Bob wonders to Kim what has gotten into their son? She answers that it is called blondes.

At the farm, Brad is staring into the mashed potatoes grimly. Emma wonders if Holden is going to say Grace, but Holden tells her that Faith is. However, Faith has decided she doesn’t want to; there is nothing to be thankful for – the fact that her parent’s are getting a divorce? Luke and Noah come into the kitchen and Luke is able to stand up and sit himself in the chair beside Noah. Emma happily tells Faith that is something to be thankful for, as they all smile.

In the Lakeview lobby, Carly finds Katie, as Katie sarcastically wonders if she is there to ply her with more money. No. She must be looking for Jack? No. She wanted to find her. She can hate her all she wants, but she shouldn’t hate Brad, as Katie smirks.

Jack comes in as everyone is sitting around the table. Brad knows what is coming when Jack asks to see him outside. Emma urges him to talk with his brother even if dinner is waiting. Brad leaves and Faith decides to say grace with a poem, as she starts to recite it and everyone listens.

Outside, Jack wheels around on Brad snarling about the fact that he knew about what Carly was doing and still said nothing? Brad snaps back that he is the jerk, so he can just sue him, as Jack winds up and punches him across the face.

Katie tells Carly not to tell her how to feel about anything! What Brad did was sweet, Carly explains, as Katie sarcastically laughs at that. Carly explains that when she first got sick, she didn’t want anyone knowing so Brad would hang out and check up on her sometimes three times a day. He would talk to her doctors, tell her jokes to make her laugh and even lent his shoulder to cry on. He begged her to tell the truth when she found out she wasn’t dying. Why didn’t he, Katie angrily wonders? At first, he wanted her to be with Jack so he might have a shot with her, but the longer it went on, the more he realizes he would lose her when the truth came out. He was upset about the situation because he was really starting to care for her.

Jack is furious; it is bad enough that he let Carly lie, but he is his brother! How could he also do that to Katie? Brad is just as incensed; he doesn’t want to hear his self-righteousness. He was not the one who abandoned Katie and then went to Montana to sleep with his ex wife. He is tired of being sucker punched by him, as he charges Jack and they proceed to roll around on the ground fighting. Everyone inside hears the commotion and rushes outside, as JJ and Parker think it is cool.

Katie thinks that Carly is giving Brad too much credit; they work together, hang out and that is it; it doesn’t go deeper. Carly remarks that apparently she is not the only one who used Brad. He is good enough for her to lean on when it is convenient, but suddenly when Jack becomes available again, she tosses him aside. Katie answers back that she just wants her with Brad so she and Jack don’t get back together. Actually, if she is with someone else, Jack will undoubtedly want her more. She came here because she owed Brad, and she thought that Katie did too, as her words seem to be sinking in.

Emma is ushering Brad and Jack into the kitchen swatting them with a spatula; they should be ashamed of themselves carrying on like that at the holidays and in front of the kids. Brad apologizes and then so does Jack. They shake hands, but Jack whispers that it isn’t over.

In the Lakeview lounge, Emily is sitting with Chris trying to calm him down. She suggests things that he can do to appease Bob, but Chris is irate. He is frustrated that his dad doesn’t trust him. He needs to go make a call, as he stomps off. Dusty waltzes over and wonders if everything is ok? Emily answers that it couldn’t be better.

Lily tells Faith and Natalie that she is heading out. Both girls are surprised that she is leaving before her favorite pie, but Lily tells them that she has to get to the Lakeview. She will see them tomorrow to go shopping. After Lily walks off, Natalie wonders why she would have to work on Thanksgiving? Faith doesn’t think that is what she is really doing. Lily calls Dusty to tell her that she is on her way, as he is standing with Emily. After he hangs up, Emily comments about it being a shame that he is alone on Thanksgiving. He isn’t; he is going to be with Lily.

Carly comes back home to an empty house; she mutters to herself about it not being a crime that she is alone on Thanksgiving. She looks over at her frozen dinner, but then she sees a denim jacket lying on the couch and she immediately wonders whom it belongs to? She looks around and then hears a noise from the kitchen. She immediately grabs a hockey stick nearby and yells out for the person to show themselves because she has a gun. Kit comes out from the back room announcing it is she. She teases her about the ‘gun’ being a hockey stick. Does she remember her from the bar in Idaho? Carly growls that she does; she is the one that kidnapped her son; she better leave before she kills her!

Katie arrives at the farm and Emma greets her; she is happy to see her, as Jack jumps up and comes to the door; he is so happy that she came, as Brad sulks at the table. Katie tells Jack that she actually came to see Brad, as his face lights up. She thought they could go for a walk?

Kit tells Carly that the door was unlocked. Carly, still brandishing the hockey stick, wants to know why she isn’t in jail? She got a suspended sentence because she didn’t kidnap her son; she just didn’t turn in the people that did. She came here to make amends, but Carly wants to know why she is really there and who is with her? Kit tries to explain that she is not the same person she used to be because she was drinking back then. She is sober now. She wanted to apologize, but Carly doesn’t want to hear it and orders her out. Kit goes, but she is muttering how trying to make amends is for the birds because people never forgive others; they judge people who make mistakes and hold onto grudges and it can be very lonely. She is halfway out the door when Carly stops her.

Katie and Brad are walking downtown; what happened to his face? He walked into a door. She knows Jack did that to him and he deserved it because what he did was horrible, disgusting and mean, each adjective being accented with a slam of her hand on his shoulder. He knows how she feels since he wore mashed potatoes, so if that is all she wanted then he is going to head home. Katie stops him; she wanted him to know that she isn’t mad at him anymore. Brad looks like a weight has been lifted off of him as he stares at her.

Lily walks into the lounge and Emily says hi and remarks about how beautiful she looks. Lily thanks her, then heads over to Dusty and gives him a kiss as Emily watches.

Carly tells Kit that it is cold outside and she probably has an extra frozen dinner she could have. Kit remarks about that sounding sad. Where is her cop because they seemed so tight? Carly quietly comments about how she screwed up too.

Chris comes back to see Emily, who is seated near where Lily and Dusty are. He is sorry he snapped, as a coy Emily suggests she can help he de-stress upstairs, as she plants a big kiss on him before they walk off. Lily comments about how good Emily looks. He still must care? She ended it not him, but it is over, Dusty answers.

At the farm, Craig catches up with Meg; he does want a family; he wants to do it right this time. Meg is happy to hear that. Even though he knows she still has feelings for Paul, he can’t stop loving her. Meg hugs him and tells him that she will take what she can get. Craig promises to be a great dad and through that, she will see this and hopefully that will make her love him as much as he loves her. He needs commitment though, as Meg promises that. Craig looks like he is going to leave, but Meg invites him in. He doesn’t want to disturb her family, he answers awkwardly. Meg takes him by the hand and tells him that he is family, as Craig looks greatly moved by this gesture.

Emily and Chris are in bed together, as he seems miles away. She isn’t into group sex. He doesn’t follow? There are many people in the bed with them - his mother and father to name a few. Chris is upset that when he threatened to leave the hospital, his father didn’t even blink. Emily thinks he should follow through then. What is keeping him here? He can find what he needs elsewhere. He tried that, but he wants to be home now. He wants to be on the cutting edge. Emily admits that she used to be like that but she changed. She was tired of having to gear up for battle everyday. She just wants to have fun now. Chris tells her that is not all he wants. Emily holds his gaze and then kisses him passionately.

Lily tells Dusty how everyone being around the table felt like they were still a happy family, as if nothing had changed. If they still love each other then they have a shot. It is over; he has signed the divorce papers, Lily quietly answers; she is free. How does it feel? She isn’t sure? Dusty apologizes for bothering her when she was at her family’s. No, she is glad that he did because she is where she wants to be now.

Carly and Kit are sitting at a table at Yo’s. Kit laments about missing vodka, as she sips her soda. Carly laments that she misses her ex husband. Kit tells her that she needs a project. After she got sober and her bar burned down, she decided that is how she was going to take control back. She heard about a bar named Metro that was on the market for a dirt-cheap price. Carly tells her that it has been sitting around and needs a lot of work. Kit frowns; there goes that idea because she can’t afford that. Carly’s face lightens up; will this help, as she holds up her $100,000 check?

Meg and Craig come into the kitchen, as Craig looks a little awkward, but Emma welcomes him so he seems to relax. Natalie comes into the kitchen to tell the adults that her mom left before they could do their surprise, so Emma, Holden, Jack, Meg and Craig are all ears whenever they are ready. Sage is walking over to join Faith and Natalie when she tells Jack that she wants to make a wish with the wishbone, but Jack tells her that it needs to dry first. He is half paying attention to her next comment about her wish being about he and her mom; he is too busy seeing that Katie and Brad are coming home.

Brad is joking with Katie; he wishes he knew what Carly said to her so he could write it down and use it the next time she isn’t talking to him. Brad starts to say if he could do it over, but Katie interrupts; if he had told them earlier, it may have saved her and Jack some pain, but she isn’t convinced it would have turned out any differently. Carly would have done whatever she could to get Jack. Are they cool, Brad asks? She is going to give him another chance, for the sake of the show, she teases, but if he ever lies to her again, she will make his life miserable.

Kit wonders where Carly got the money? Carly promises it is legitimate. Is she sure about this? No; she is probably making a huge mistake, but she has got nothing to lose. Carly grins at Kit; she has herself a partner.

Sage, Natalie and Faith are performing a funny Thanksgiving song for everyone, as the adults listen smiling. Noah holds Luke’s hand and Craig is thrilled when Meg reaches for his hand. Jack glances past the girls outside to see Katie and Brad. He heads outside to find them hugging. He sarcastically wonders what lies Brad is telling Katie now? Katie tells Jack that she was just telling Brad that she is glad that they worked things out. She says goodnight to Jack and walks off. Brad gives Jack a slight smile and walks away too, as Jack stand there watching them sulking.

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