ATWT Update Tuesday 11/20/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/20/07


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Lakeview) Holden asks the desk clerk if Lily has come in today and the desk clerk struggles for words until Lily sees Holden. Who asks her if she had a rough night? Lily knows the truth is important to Holden these days so she tells him directly that she slept with Dusty. Holden tells Lily that they are not together anymore and what she does is her business. Holden also tells Lily if he ever had any doubts about giving her the separation papers he doesn’t have any more doubts that he is doing the right thing.

(Farm) Luke tells Noah he can’t feel anything in his legs anymore he just probably wanted to feel something so badly that his mind was playing tricks on him. Noah encourages him to concentrate but Luke feels frustrated and asks Noah to leave him alone. Noah tells Luke that if he wants him to leave he is going to have to get up out of his chair and throw him out. Noah tells Luke that he won’t allow his boyfriend to feel sorry for himself all the time. The term boyfriend surprises Luke because he thought Noah wasn’t ready for such a big step. Noah gets a phone call from Dallas who informs him that his father is being transferred to prison and he might want to come and say good-bye to him. Noah tells Dallas he never wants to see his father again and hangs up the phone. Luke encourages Noah to confront his father or he will never be truly free to live his life.

(Lakeview) Craig tries to awaken Meg but she is not happy to be awakened by him. Meg recalls when Eli told her that Paul wasn’t the father of her baby and takes out her anger on Craig who thinks its just hormones.

(Hospital) Paul sits by Rosanna’s bedside begging her to wake up while Rosanna recalls waking up and walking to the lab and switching the test results. Meg calls Paul and asks for him to meet her at Yo’s to discuss the test results. Paul doesn’t want to leave Rosanna in case she wakes up but he really wants to find out the test results so he leaves Rosanna and goes to meet Meg. Craig visits Eli in the lab and asks to see Mug’s test results at first Eli don’t want to commit an ethical violation or betray the confidence of his friend Meg until Craig offers him a job on Evan Walsh’s research team. Eli pulls up Meg’s tests on the computer then leaves Craig alone in the room to look at the results. It doesn’t take Craig long to figure out that the other mentioned on the test is Paul and he is angry that Meg slept with Paul but at the same time happy that he not Paul is the father of Meg’s baby.

(Yo’s) Meg cries as she tells Paul that Craig is the father of her child. Paul holds her to comfort her for a few minutes and once she has calmed down Meg wants Paul to admit that he wanted to be the father of her child. Paul tells Meg that he has always dreamed of having a child with her but now that isn’t possible because Craig won’t ever let her go. Meg points out that nobody owns her and she can still leave Craig and be with him. Paul tells Meg he can’t abandon Rosanna in her condition. Paul gets up to leave sheds a tear as he kisses Meg on the cheek and tells her to take care of her baby and be happy with Craig.

(Lakeview) Lily reads the separation papers and Holden gets a call from Luke asking him to come help him right away. Lily decides to go with him and as it turns out Luke wants his parents to take him to the police station to be with Noah.

(Police Station) Lily worries that Luke shouldn’t be alone with Colonel Mayer but Holden is sure that Luke and Noah can handle things on their own.

(Interrogation Room) Winston tries to make Noah understand that everything he has done is because he loved him and wanted him to grow up to be an honorable man. Winston tells Noah there is still time to get away from that boy who was such a bad influence on him. Luke comes in the door and tells Noah he thought this was a battle they should fight together. Winston asks Noah to get Luke out of there now because he doesn’t want to see him. Noah makes it clear to his father that Luke is staying in the room. Winston calls Luke a pervert, a deviant, and a piece of trash and Noah screams at his dad to stop call in Luke names. Luke screams that he loves Noah and it is right that they should be together. Luke also says that it is right that he is going to jail for his crimes today. Winston screams that he isn’t going to let a deviant lecture him on morality. Luke hasn’t even noticed that during all his angry yelling at Winston he has stood up on his own two feet for the first time Noah puts his body in the way between Luke and his father until Dallas arrives to help. Noah turns around and notices Luke is standing and Holden and Lily also notice for the first time and are happy.

(Farm) Meg arrives and tells Emma Craig is the father of her baby and cries as Emma consoles her for a few minutes. Meg thinks she threw away her only chance at happiness with Paul and now must try and be happy with Craig. Emma wonders if its possible for Meg to be happy with a man she doesn’t love.

(Hospital) Paul arrives and is happy to se that Rosanna is awake but Rosanna notices the look on his face and wonders what is wrong since he looks worried. Paul explains that he just worries every time she has a seizure that she may never wake up again.

(Lakeview) Craig angrily tells Meg he knows she had an affair and wants to know with whom Meg says he knows with whom but Craig wants to her the words. Meg says with Paul and Craig is so angry that he pushes Meg against the door. Meg dares Craig to hit her but he says he isn’t that kind of man. Craig wants to know every detail and he demands that Meg not lie to him. Meg tells Craig it happened one day in the cabin but it only happened once so she just wanted to be sure that he was the father of the baby. Meg begs Craig for forgiveness and asks him to give her another chance so they can raise their baby together. Meg thinks Craig will be a good father to their child but he tells Meg he can’t trust her anymore. Craig sends Paul a message from Meg’s phone asking him to meet her at the bridge. Paul steps into the hall while Rosanna gets checked out by the doctor and sees a couple holding their baby and wondering about the child’s bright future. Paul heads to meet Meg by the bridge while Meg searches for Craig in their room at the Lakeview but he has left.

(Police Station) Lily gets a message from work and must leave so Noah offers to drive Luke home while Holden and Lily head back to the Lakeview. Noah gets a visit from an old friend of his father’s before he leaves the station with Luke. The man tells him to never be ashamed of whom he is and if he needs any help he will always have friends where his father used to work. Holden and Lily are happy that Luke stood up for the first time and that prompts Holden to invite Lily to the farm for Thanksgiving. Lily gets flowers from Dusty while she is sitting with Holden and he gets angry and tells her to sign the separation papers soon so that this can be done.

(Bridge) Paul looks for Meg and is surprised to find Craig. Craig tells him that he knows he slept with Meg and the next time he comes near his wife he is going to kill him. Paul tells Craig he can have Meg he doesn’t want her anymore she was the one who came looking for him. Paul tells Craig that Meg was upset that he (Paul) wasn’t the father of her baby. Paul tells Craig no matter what he does she will never love him because he will always be Meg’s second choice. Meg comes to the farm with a suitcase and tells her mother that she is scared of what Craig will do now that he knows she slept with Paul.

(Hospital) Rosanna panics when she can’t find Paul and can’t catch her breath. Paul arrives and puts his head on Rosanna’s stomach and begs her not to leave him again because she is the only person that can save him.

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