ATWT Update Monday 11/19/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/19/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At home, Carly is sadly looking at the check she received from the lawyer; she puts it down, picks up the phone and calls Jack at the farm. It won’t take long, she explains, but Jack doesn’t give her even a second as he hangs up. Carly mumbles to herself that she didn’t expect any less. Parker realizes Jack hung up on his mom, but tells him that he did the right thing.

At the Lakeview, an angry Cole is telling Aaron to stop butting into their lives. Aaron thinks that if Sophie wants an open adoption then she should get it. Cole pretends he is concerned with her state of mind and the pain she would have to go through again if they started over. He is making things worse for her so Aaron walks away.

Outside the room where Aaron and Cole just had it out, Gwen wonders what Sophie meant by things haven’t gone as planned and then realizes she overstepped. She knows she will do what is best. Sophie quietly answers that she hopes she does because this choice is not easy.

Carly is walking around her living room with her check in hand and then has a thought so she goes to the phone. She calls someone and asks for Katie.

At the diner, Katie, Henry and Vienna are talking as they are making some food for the Homeless Thanksgiving Dinner. She tells them how Carly lied to keep Jack. Vienna thinks this is great news because Jack found out that Carly is conniving and she is really his soul mate, but Katie thinks that this just proves where his feelings lie. Vienna thinks that they can work back towards reconciliation, but Katie tells her that after last night, they are over. Henry and Vienna collectively wonder what she is talking about?

Jack is getting off the phone with a judge telling him that he has given him something to be thankful for. He hangs up and sees a cheerful whistling Brad walk in. He is annoyed because Emma has been looking for him all morning. Then he realizes it appears that Brad didn’t come home last night, which Brad tells him that he is right, but he wonders why he cares?

Gwen tells Sophie that if she is back with Cole and they are working things out then she is happy for them and it isn’t her concern. Sophie starts to explain that isn’t what she was actually talking about. She starts to talk with Gwen about her situation, but an irate Cole walks up and wonders why Gwen is talking to his girlfriend?

Downtown, Aaron bumps into Allison. She sees he is upset and teases him that she hasn’t seen him this frustrated since they used to date. She offers him a seat next to her and her support.

What happened last night, Henry wonders again? She told Jack it was over. Then she changes the subject, but Vienna and Henry won’t let her off that easily. She starts to explain how she told Brad the same thing, and instantly they want to know why she was with Brad right after she called things off with Jack? Katie doesn’t have much to say so Vienna decides it is time for an ‘intervention.’

Jack wants to know where Brad was last night? Brad tells him not to worry because it isn’t like she is married anymore. Jack realizes he is telling him that he was with Katie all night. Brad answers that someone had to be.

Gwen tells Cole that she is happy they could work things out; he doesn’t believe her since she wanted Sophie to dump him. Gwen makes a quick exit, as an annoyed Cole wonders what Sophie said to Gwen?

Allison teases Aaron about his sour mood at the holidays. He is the poster child for wonderful holidays down on the farm. He explains that he is sad because his dad and Lily are getting a divorce and he is also worried about Luke. Allison is concerned as well; his family always seemed perfect compared to hers. She realizes appearances aren’t always what they seem. She offers to help him with Luke. Aaron is happy about that and is excited to be spending time with her. Allison wonders now what made him angry versus sad? Aaron tries to deflect the question, but Allison won’t let him. Who made him so mad?

Cole apologizes to Sophie; he is upset about Gwen judging him. He doesn’t want her telling Gwen about personal things. Once they put their baby up for adoption, then things will settle down and they can focus on giving their next child everything it will ever want. They can live on the beach as well. Sophie realizes he is talking about living in California, as Cole restates the obvious that LA and the best part of the music industry is there. Sophie wonders if they can’t afford to have the baby then how can they afford to move to LA?

Katie is irritated with Henry and Vienna; they explain that they are just scared for her. How far did she and Brad go? They didn’t sleep together Katie rolls her eyes and answers. He was just trying to be a friend – like them. He is nothing like them because he just wants to get with her. Katie tells them that Brad has changed, but they don’t buy it. Henry jokes that Brad needs food and women, and Emma provides the former. Katie is frustrated that they don’t have faith in her. They don’t have faith in Brad, they correct; Brad wants to sleep with her. Katie admits that when she was the liar and schemer, it was easer then, then what she is trying to do now.

Jack is angry; he waited for him to leave and then took advantage of Katie. No, but he has no idea how much he hurt Katie and he is skipping over why that is again. Jack realizes how much he hurt her, but he isn’t going to sit back and let Brad make Katie another ‘notch in his belt.’ Brad is furious that he is implying that he can’t be a friend, as Emma walks in and calls out Jack’s name to stop them. She wants him to go to the barn and get some apples. Jack leaves and Brad thinks that Emma did that to stick up for him, but she corrects him; she did that so they could talk and get some things straight.

Katie tells Vienna and Henry that she used to think that Brad was narcissistic, selfish, oversexed, irritating, uneducated and not funny, but she might have been wrong. She remembers when she brought Snickers to her at the Diner. Vienna starts mumbling about that, as Henry suggest that she not fall for that. Katie assures them that she is in total control.

Emma reminds Brad that Jack has been through so much and she wonders why they can’t get along? He is mad at himself and taking it out on him, which is nothing new, Brad counters. Emma sighs; why is he in Oakdale? Jack walks back up outside, as Emma is asking what changed because he was on his way out of Oakdale yesterday – what changed his mind?

Carly is leaving her house as Gwen is walking up. She tells Gwen that she wants to apologize to her as often and as much as she can hear it. Gwen explains she doesn’t need to hear that, but she wonders where she is going? Carly explains that she has a settlement check she received from the misdiagnosis and she was going to give it to…. Katie. Gwen wonders why? She wants something to come out of this horrible event. Gwen thinks that what she did before was terrible, but this move is one of her dumbest. Carly smiles; she doesn’t know why she questions her decisions since they all work out so well. She can’t buy Katie. She just wanted to give her that so she could take a trip or do something nice with Jack and the kids. Gwen reminds her that she doesn’t even know if they are back together, but above all, she can’t use money to clear her conscience. Carly grins; her having a conscience is becoming a drag. Gwen can understand why she did what she did to a point, but she thinks it is time that she leaves Jack and Katie alone.

Cole asks Sophie to sit down; the fact that they shouldn’t have this baby now isn’t completely about money as it is about being ready. She gets that, but she doesn’t get how they can move to LA? His mother is going to help them out. Sophie is amazed at that since she doesn’t even like her. Cole pretends that she is impressed by her strength and maturity at making a decision like they are. He wants to forget about this for a while and go home and be together, as he acts coy when he sidles up next to Sophie kissing her neck, but she isn’t receptive – the baby, she explains is why she is not in the mood. This aggravates Cole so he tells her that he is going to run some errands and high tails it out of there, as Sophie quietly apologizes out loud after he leaves.

Aaron suggests getting something to drink for Allison, but before he does, he tells her how much help she was to him and how happy he is that they bumped into one another, as Allison smiles warmly back at him and agrees. Aaron goes to get the drinks and Allison walks over to throw away her trash. Cole sees her and then walks over to the bench where Allison’s purse is lying and picks it up. Allison turns around and is startled and angry, but Cole pretends that he is a nice guy, which she should be lucky about since not everyone would give her back her purse.

Jack walks in and asks Brad why he was thinking of leaving town? Brad claims that he was taking a few days for some R&R. Jack thinks it sounded longer. Parker coming down to find his suit interrupts them, as Emma leaves with him. Jack wonders what kept him in town – Katie?

Katie thinks that she and Brad should cover Henry and Vienna’s Diner dinner, as she takes out her phone. Henry thinks it is a great excuse for her to call Brad. Katie smirks; it is a good thing that she loves him because sometimes she hates him too, as she puts her phone away. Henry finishes with his sign that tells people they are holding a Thanksgiving dinner; where should he put it? Katie grins because her answer would be way too easy. She will go hang it in the window for him. Henry goes to see if Vienna needs their help in the kitchen. Gwen and Carly are outside the diner, as Gwen tells Carly that she is going to quickly ask Henry what Maddie is up to. Carly stays outside, as Gwen heads inside. Katie opens up the blinds to place the Thanksgiving sign in the window and she and Carly lock eyes.

Cole tries to sweet talk Allison by asking her what such a pretty girl is out by herself? Allison explains that she isn’t, but her friend went to get them something to drink. Is it a he or she? Allison thinks he asks a lot of question for someone who just was handing her back her purse. Cole continues to try to schmooze her. His pick up lines are obvious, as Allison teases him about them. He shoots back that her beauty puts him at a loss and tongue-tied. He wants her to forget about the drink and come have a real drink with him. She owes it to herself to find out that he really is great. Aaron walks over unnoticed and sees this.

Brad understands that Jack is angry that he got played, but he gave up the right to be Katie’s protector when he left her to get remarried to Carly. He is not playing or conning Katie; he is being a good friend. Jack tries to shoot this thought down, but Brad tells him that he is different from how he was in the past; he is being her friend. He went by to see her yesterday to see if she was ok and Katie was the one who asked him to stay.

Katie strides away from the window and heads for the door, as Vienna steps in her way when Gwen tells them that Carly is outside. Vienna goes outside to tell Carly that she can refuse business to ‘horrible’ people. Carly wants to just talk with Katie, as Henry comes outside for back up and reaffirms that she can’t talk with Katie, but soon Katie is outside telling them that she can handle Carly, as Vienna and Henry leave reluctantly. Carly tells Katie about the money; she wants her and Jack to have it. Katie angrily asks if she thinks they are square? She just thought they could do something nice with it. She can keep her money after all she did for it. Carly wouldn’t expect her to understand that she had her family back. Katie thinks Carly can lose the excuses because it all started before Carly even came back to town; she couldn’t stand the fact that Jack was happy with her.

Jack smirks about Brad’s explanation about Katie wanting him to stay. Brad is annoyed that everyone always instantly acts like he is out for one thing because he is shallow and Jack is the stand up guy. If he had been honest, none of this would have happened. Jack claims that he was honest and it was Carly that lied. Brad furiously tells him that he is talking about being honest going way back. He yells that Jack wasn’t being honest with Katie from the get go because she had always worried that he hadn’t really gotten over Carly, but he kept saying he was even though he wasn’t. He used Katie to try to get over Carly; he used Katie to get back at Carly for hurting him. As soon as Carly got sick, he was right back where he wanted to be.

Carly indignantly tells Katie that it isn’t always about her. When she got sick, she didn’t figure she could use this to get back at her and get Jack back. Katie doesn’t want to hear it. She is giving her a moment because that is as long as it is going to take to thank her for taking Jack back because it would have happened sooner or later. Carly wonders if she is implying they belong together? Katie growls; that is hardly what she is saying. She is the absolute worse thing that can happen to Jack; she will never leave him alone, which means he will never be happy and she can’t even imagine being the object of her affection because of that, as she turns and strides back into the diner without looking back.

Cole continues to try to get Allison to leave with him, but she tells him that she is sticking with her friend. The ever thoughtful and charming Cole leaves her with the hope that her friend knows how lucky he is. After he leaves, Aaron walks up; he is a real piece of work, as Allison thinks it isn’t a big deal, but Aaron wonders what his pregnant girlfriend would think that? Allison realizes he is talking about Sophie and that guy who just tried to pick her up is Cole. She can’t believe what a creep he is. Aaron is annoyed because just a day ago he is trying to convince Sophie how much he wants to be with her and how he is going to do right by the baby. He knows he really didn’t want the baby or Sophie. Allison is upset, as Aaron wonders suddenly if she is the one who can get Cole to tip his hand?

Jack and Parker are dressed in their suits ready to head off to see the judge to make it official that he is going to be able to adopt Parker now. Emma happily takes a picture for keepsake. As they are leaving, Emma asks for a word with Jack. Is he sure, Carly shouldn’t be there? He is keeping this low key. Emma subtly suggests this might be a family affair, but Jack doesn’t think that Parker is into that kind of family affair right now, as he heads out the door. Brad walks into the kitchen after he leaves; he is teasing Emma about how scary the basement is. His phone rings and he picks it up immediately when he sees it is Katie. She tells him how she had a run in with Carly and it just threw her. She seems awkward like she wants him to come by, but she doesn’t know how to act, so Brad asks her instead if he can come see her? She is at the diner, she answers relieved. Henry and Vienna are having a dinner for the homeless and she thought he could help them and they could cover it? Brad is thrilled to be with her and jumps at the chance to do this. She asks him to pick up some pies and meet her as soon as he can. After he hangs up with a silly grin, he wonders if Emma’s pies are spoken for? Emma looks at him with a grin.

Allison wonders if Aaron wants her to get hit on, so she can get information to help Sophie? It is insulting. That is not what he intended. Allison is furious; she isn’t above doing something like that because Sophie is so innocent and sweet and needs everyone’s help because she shouldn’t get her hands dirty. Aaron didn’t want her to take it that way; he never should have asked. She falls for how things are between them when they sit around talking and laughing. Then he turns around and reminds her where she came from and who she was. She wants him to stay away from her!

Carly tells Gwen that she can’t keep the money; it doesn’t feel right. She could give it to someone who doesn’t hate her. Carly jokes that would have to be someone that doesn’t know her. Carly then realizes that she has an idea, as Gwen is quickly worried.

A saddened Allison is standing by the trashcan throwing out her cider when Cole comes back in all his charm. Why is she alone? Did her friend leave her? He could say that. Can he buy her that drink? Allison stares at him for a moment and then finally agrees.

Brad arrives at the studio practically skipping. He sees his friend working on the audio that is giving them problems again and teases him about it. Nothing seems as if it is going to spoil his mood until Carly approaches him. What is she doing there? She needs him to do her a favor. He isn’t interested in doing her anymore favors. She kept her word the last time. That isn’t what this is about. He wants to be a better person, as Carly taunts him about it being about Katie. He is helping her through a bad time. He can only do that because she didn’t sell him out. He didn’t help Katie when she was sick because he knows he would have helped her go right back to Jack then. Why is she doing this? She just wants him to recognize that he owes her. She wants his help with something.

Katie tells Vienna about the check Carly offered her. Vienna would like to rip apart Carly, but Katie doesn’t want to talk about it anymore because she is over it. Vienna wonders if that is why she called Brad?

Outside, Gwen is apologizing to Henry about Carly. She doesn’t need to do that. It may have even done Katie some good, but they decide to change the subject. She actually wanted to know if Maddie is coming back for Thanksgiving? It is too soon, Henry answers. Gwen understands, but she just wanted to talk to her about something. Henry wonders if everything is ok? Everything is good; she actually has good news; she and Will are adopting a baby. Henry thinks that is great but he wonders why she doesn’t look happy? She is trying to be, Gwen answers.

At Yo’s, Allison and Cole are pounding back some shots. Allison offers to go get more shots, as Cole teases her that he likes her even more now. At the bar, she orders some more drinks, as the bartender asks her if she still wants water in hers? She does because she wants to keep her head on her shoulders. Cole mouths off about the town and how he can’t wait to get out of there. He is going to LA and she is welcome to come for the ride. Allison smiles flirtatiously. It is going to cost money though. Cole tells her that between the two of them that he is coming into money; he is just waiting on the delivery of it.

At the Lakeview, Iris orders a drink and then she sees Sophie. Why is she hanging out at the bar? She is waiting for Cole. She wants to thank her for the money she gave them, which throws Iris at first, but then she covers. Iris makes a quick getaway soon after. Aaron walks over; is she alone? She will be until Cole gets back from running errands. Aaron sarcastically comments about him picking up something.

Allison tries to get Cole to talk. Is he leaving any broken hearts behind? He is a nice guy so that aren’t any of those. What about it – does she want to take a road trip, as he pushes in closer to her. It would be a real nice way for them to get to know each other, as Allison pretends to act interested.

Brad sees the check for $100,000. She just wants to give this away? Jack won’t talk to her. She wants him to give it to Jack so they can give the kids something nice. Why would Jack think they became so close that she would entrust this to him? Carly wants him to act like he is talking with Katie and lie. He is done with that! He doesn’t want things to blow up in his face like they did for her. Carly angrily reminds him that he may want to act all superior now, but he knew she was lying and did nothing about it. He realizes that, but he is done doing her anymore favors and he wishes he never had, as he hands the check back to her.

In Old Town, Parker is looking in a window at a frame for his adoption certificate. Jack is thrilled. He wants to get sentimental for a moment. They have been through a lot this year and he realizes he has a lot to be thankful for. Above all else, he is so thankful that he wants to share his name. He tosses his varsity hockey high school coat at Parker that has his name on the front. Parker thanks him happily.

At the station, Katie is doing some work; she tells her assistant how she and Brad are going to be spending Thanksgiving at the diner. After the assistant leaves, the guys working on the audio fix it and hit the playback. Suddenly, Katie hears Brad admitting to Carly that although he did know that she was lying, he is not doing her anymore favors because he wished he had never done it to begin with.

What should they do now, Jack asks Parker? Parker thinks that Jack doesn’t need to pretend that he doesn’t want to be with Katie, especially to his son; he knows Jack misses her. Jack tries to change the subject; he teases Parker about keeping his thoughts inside his head because there are more important things to do like play Skeet Ball with his dad. They get up and run right into Carly.

Sophie realizes that Aaron may not like Cole, but she wants him to know that he is really trying to do right by her and the baby; she knows this. Aaron pretends to agree with her, but after she walks away, he mumbles to himself about how he really wishes that were the truth. He turns around and sees Allison there, which makes him happy. He didn’t expect her to talk to him again. She was mad at him, but she took Cole up on his offer for drinks and she now knows that he is up to something bad and it isn’t going to be good for Sophie.

Carly remarks about Parker’s coat; it looks good on him. His name is Snyder now because they just came from the judge. Carly looks at Jack; why didn’t he tell her, she asks sadly but trying to hold down her frustration at not being included. Parker pipes up saying he asked him not to because he didn’t want her there. A distraught Carly looks at him and then Jack.

Vienna is giving Brad the silent treatment; she has nothing to say especially after last night. He didn’t do anything, but he wanted to though, Vienna replies. Brad says nothing. He isn’t going to lie even? He is off lying these days.

Katie wants the sound guys to let the audio keep playing; she hears Brad saying that he is done playing her games; he wants to be a better person – for Katie.

Carly tries to keep her voice from shaking when she asks Parker if she can speak with Jack. She had a right to be there no matter what she has done; she is still his mother. Is this a punishment? Jack reminds her that it was Parker’s choice. Parker wants to leave now and Jack leaves with him.

Vienna and Henry remind Brad how much Katie means to them; so, he better do nothing to hurt her. Brad assures him that she is fine in his hands.

Katie continues to listen to the audio; Brad tells Carly that he watched what her lies did to Katie, Jack and the kids, but he went along with it. He wished he had never found out she was misdiagnosed. However, he did, and he went along with it and they both know why, Carly sneers. Katie has a revelation; Brad knew all along!

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