ATWT Update Friday 11/16/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 11/16/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Rosanna awakens determined to keep Paul all to herself. She is disoriented but ready to do whatever it takes to keep Paul and Meg apart. Meg is waiting around the hospital for the test results of the DNA test. She tries to talk to Paul but he doesn’t care and tells her it doesn’t matter if the baby is his. Paul is committed to bringing Rosanna back to him and making a life together. Paul discusses her case with her doctor. While the doctor and Paul are out of the room Rosanna makes her way to Eli’s office. She searches for anything regarding Meg’s case. Rosanna snoops in the computer to find the email with the test results. After reading it Rosanna learns Paul is the father. She changes the wording to make Craig the father.

Meg runs into Craig who is suspicious of why she is still at the hospital they exchange words over why either are still there. Craig clings to Meg who is trying to get rid of her husband so she can finally learn the truth about her babies father. Craig pretends to fall for her excuses but follows Meg to Eli’s office when she isn’t looking. Eli finally reveals the long awaited DNA results. He is 100% certain that Craig is the father. Meg is devastated. Craig watches from around the corner as Eli comforts his friend.

Meg isn’t the only person having baby drama today. Gwen has decided suddenly she wants to meet the birth mother of the baby she and Will are adopting. Will doesn’t think it is a good idea but he agrees to call Barbara to make his wife happy.

Sofie is having second thoughts about turning her baby over to people she has never met. Aaron helps Sofie search the internet for anything about the adoptive parents but her search turns up nothing. Cole pretends to be concerned for Sofie’s feelings and the future of the baby. He agrees to contact the lawyer handling the case. Cole goes to Iris who calls Barbara. They meet at Al’s and Barbara instructs Cole to tell Sofie she can’t meet the parents because it is a closed adoption. Barbara will tell Will and Gwen the same about the adoptive mother.

The news upsets Sofie more than it does Gwen. Gwen decides she doesn’t care she wants to adopt the baby anyway. Sofie is having second thoughts and Aaron isn’t helping maters. Aaron assures his friend that there are plenty of people who would be more than willing to agree to an open adoption. Cole tries to remain calm and kind while convincing her to move forward with the adoption.

Carly blames Jack for scaring Sage into running away while Jack blames her for lying from the beginning. Jack gets a call that a young girl has been hit by a car. They rush to the station to learn it wasn’t Sage. Consumed with worry, Jack and Carly search everywhere they can think of for their daughter. The search turns up no sign of Sage. They return to Carly’s house. Carly gives into guilt and fright. Jack comforts her as she begins to cry. Sage reveals she has been hiding at the house. She only ran away so Jack and Carly could get back together the way they did when JJ was kidnapped. Jack and Carly explain to Sage that she cannot lie and scare people she loves to get what she wants. Carly acknowledges that she has done that in the past and it only hurts the people you love.

Jack takes Sage home to see her brothers. Carly finally decides to put her and Jack’s wedding picture away and let go of that dream. Tucking the picture away in her desk Carly finds the check from her malpractice lawsuit. Carly begins the plot.

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