ATWT Update Thursday 11/15/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/15/07


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Hospital) Craig worries when he sees Meg and wonders if there is something wrong with the baby. Meg lies and tells him that she was having minor cramps and thought it would be best to check in with the doctor. Craig is angry that Meg didn’t call and tell him she was feeling badly but Meg says she knew he would overreact so she didn’t call him. Paul worries when Rosanna can’t wake up after a seizure and calls her doctor at the clinic where she was hospitalized. The doctor is in Minneapolis and Paul sends the Cabot Plane to get him. Rosanna has a nightmare that Paul is telling Meg he has to be the father of the baby that Meg is carrying inside her it can’t be Craig. Paul tells Meg that if he is the father of the baby he will leave Rosanna and they can raise the baby together. Paul and Meg are so happy in the nightmare and then Rosanna shouts no Paul no in her nightmare.

(Carly’s house) Carly asks the kids to go upstairs and do their homework but Parker tells her he did it already so Carly asks him to help Sage with her Thanksgiving project. Parker is angry and says he doesn’t want to help so J.J says he will help and takes Sage upstairs. Parker wants to go visit a friend but Carly tells him it’s a school night so he will do his homework and go to bed. so an angry Parker goes upstairs. Jack arrives and tells Carly he is taking the kids to the farm.

(Old Town) Bonnie offers to give Lily the separation papers but Holden says he must do it himself. Donnie offers to take Holden to Al’s to eat a piece of pie before he has to face Lily. Holden gladly accepts the offer and they both head to Al’s diner.

(Old Mabel’s restaurant location) Lily opens the door since Lisa gave her the key and Dusty and Lily take a trip down memory lane to forget their problems. Dusty toasts to old times and they remember when they were first dating and Parties they went to also that Dusty used to bring Lily to eat hot dogs whenever she was sad and crying.

(Hospital) Craig wants to talk to Meg’s doctor but Meg tells him if he does that he will prove that he doesn’t trust her. Craig is looking for Bob and Meg tells him Bob went to the Lakeview for a retirement party for one of the hospital trustees.

(Carly’s house) Carly asks jack not to take the kids away from her because she has been away from them too long and they need her. Jack tells Carly they don’t need her to teach them how to lie. Carly reminds Jack that he was going to marry her so that the family could be together and if he takes the kids from her he will be breaking a promise to them. Jack tells Carly that if she doesn’t let him take the kids he will fight for custody. Jack also tells Carly that he won’t allow her to hurt the kids again. Jack also thinks Carly isn’t fit to be a parent because all she does is hurt the kids.

(Old Mabel’s location) Lily remembers Jennifer and all that Dusty has been through losing both her and Johnny. Dust wonders if Lily wants to dance Lily says yes and they dance to 1980’s music. Dusty and Lily are laughing and dancing and having a wonderful time until she remembers Holden. Dusty changes to an upbeat song and they continue to dance Dusty dips Lily and when she comes up he gives her a kiss.

(Al’s Diner) Holden tells Bonnie that if Dusty wasn’t around he and Lily could probably save their marriage. Bonnie shares with Holden that she wants to practice criminal law but she needs a big case to get her foot in the door. Bonnie admits it is hard to follow in her mother’s shoes.

(Hospital) Meg confides in Eli that she had a paternity test run and asks him to label the samples husband and other. Eli does as Meg asks and promises not to tell anyone.

(Lakeview) Craig is looking for Bob but instead finds Lucinda who tells him Bob had to go to the hospital because of an emergency. Craig tells her he needs to talk to the hospital board about getting a lab for Evan Walsh. Lucinda tells Craig she is the board chairperson and the answer will always be no to Evan’s project.

(Al’s Diner) Holden tells Bonnie he doesn’t think Marriage is in the cards for him. Bonnie thinks Holden is a great man and Lily was a fool to let him go. Bonnie takes Holden’s hand to comfort him.

(Old Mabel’s location) Lily remembers that Dusty has always been there to pick up the pieces for her especially after the first time she had a big fight with Holden and they made love at the carriage house.

(Hospital) Dr. Cutter tells Paul that he can’t guarantee that Rosanna will get better this time. The Dr advises Paul to talk to her like he did the first time because the sooner she wakes up the better it will be for her. Rosanna’s nightmare continues as she dreams Meg is telling Paul that the baby is coming he is there with Meg during labor and she gives birth to a baby girl. Paul tells Meg the baby is beautiful and kisses the little girl on the forehead.

(Carly’s house) Jack tells the kids to pack their things just for tomorrow they are going to live at the farm and he will pick up the rest of their things later. Sage tells Jack she doesn’t want to go and leave her mommy alone so Carly asks Jack to let her talk to Sage and she will take her to the farm later. Carly explains to Sage she needs to make another Christmas wish because Daddy is very mad at her right now and they won’t be betting back together. Carly goes upstairs to pack Sage’s things and Sage tells herself she knows how to get her mommy and daddy back together.

(Al’s diner) Bonnie apologizes for making things worse for Holden but he says its okay because for a long time his first thought has always been Lily. Bonnie tells Holden divorce is painful but he will get used to it. Dallas arrives and Holden leaves to find Lily. Dallas thinks Bonnie should not be making a move on a man who isn’t even divorced yet. Bonnie thinks Dallas is just worried the will lose their bet.

(Old Mabel’s location) Dusty kisses Lily and she decides being with him feels right to her. L8ily tells Dusty she wants to be with him like the first time they made love so they can be teenagers again for just one night. Dusty doesn’t need anymore prompting and the two make love on top of the pool table.

(Carly’s house) Carly looks for Sage can’t find her anywhere and calls Jack who rushes to the house after Carly assures him it isn’t a trick. Carly shows Jack the note Sage left which looks like a ransom note. Carly knows sage wants attention but she worries about her little girl being all-alone. Jack searches for Sage outside and can’t find her anywhere.

(Lakeview) Lily thanks Dusty for bringing her to his suite because she doesn’t want to be alone. Dusty tells Lily she won’t be alone again and the two make love once more.

(Hospital) Eli tells Meg that he will put a rush on the lab results and once Rosanna hears Meg’s voice in the hallway she opens her eyes and tells herself she can’t let this happen.

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