ATWT Update Wednesday 11/14/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/14/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At the farm, Lily wonders if they should wait to tell the kids, but Holden thinks the kids deserve to know now. So they decide to tell them together. Luke, Faith and Natalie are at the table inside wondering what the family meeting is about? They worry it is bad news. Holden and Lily come in with serious faces. They have to talk to them about how things are going with them. They thought the problems between them might go away, but they are not and therefore, they have decided to get a divorce. Luke, Faith and Natalie look distraught, but it is Faith who pipes up first saying that it must be her mom’s fault. Lily looks crushed.

At the police station, Bonnie walks over to Dallas teasing him about his pathetic life since even the police station donuts are stale. Dallas tells her that he has work to do. She wishes she did because the only case she has is a guy who shouldn’t be getting a divorce. Dallas toys with her; is everyone waiting for a real lawyer – namely Jess - to come back? Bonnie rattles off her credentials, as Dallas wonders why she is there hanging out then? She thought he could refer a client to him. Dallas is not having that. She jokes with him that she will wipe the floor with him the first time he is on the stand since he didn’t help her. Noah interrupts them asking why he had been called to come to the station? If it is about his dad, he is not interested. Dallas explains that a package came and it was about his mother, as Noah looks confused.

Dusty is walking through the lobby of the Lakeview when his cell phone rings; it is Emily. She wants to talk. Dusty wonders if he needs to bring boxing gloves? She wants to start over; can he meet her in the lounge? Dusty is walking by the lounge and pops up next to her – how does now work?

Holden tells Faith that they aren’t blaming one another and they don’t want them doing it either. Luke wonders what happens now? They are going to make this work no matter what it takes. Lily wants them to know that they are always going to be there for one another. Faith thinks no matter how hard they try, they aren’t a family anymore. Holden and Lily stare at each other unsure how to give their kids the comfort they need.

Dusty asks Emily what she wants to talk about? It is about the paper. She can’t work with him anymore at the Intruder. Since they co-own the paper, she needs him to buy her out.

Meg is downtown talking on her phone to the doctor’s office. She wants to confirm her appointment. She hangs up the phone and looks over at the detective that has been following her. When he sees her watching him, he ducks into a store. After Meg walks off, he calls Rosanna telling her that they have a problem.

Back at the suite, Meg stomps in the door, as Craig works nearby. She angrily tells him that she realizes he is worried about her pregnancy, but it is too much. Craig doesn’t follow what she is saying. Meg snaps back that he is actually following…not personally, but she is tired of the person he hired watching her around the clock – and it is going to stop! Craig looks confused.

Rosanna is incited; he is supposed to be a professional; how could he let Meg see him? She wants him off the case because she can’t afford to have anyone figure out what she is doing. The detective tells her not to make any decisions before he comes to see her. Rosanna slams the phone shut and turns around to see Paul standing in the doorway.

Dusty reminds Emily that they have a contract. They agreed at one point that one partner could buy the other out, Emily explains. Dusty reminds her that agreement has to be mutual. That paper didn’t run itself while she was away. Doesn’t he get that she can’t work with him? He thinks she simply doesn’t have time now that she is in her relationship with Chris. If she wants to sleep with him, that is one thing, but he hopes she has better sense then to let it ruin her career.

Bonnie watches as Noah receives news that there is a package from his mom. His mother is dead, so he doesn’t understand. Dallas thinks it is her personal affects; he will go get them. After he leaves, Bonnie approaches Noah and introduces herself. She is a lawyer and she would like to be of assistance if he needs help with his mother’s estate. Dallas comes back and ushers Noah away from Bonnie. Once inside the interrogation room, Dallas explains that the box came from Ruth Mason; she is the only surviving relative of his mother. She didn’t have his address so she sent it to the police station, but she wanted him to get these items. Noah explains that whatever is in the box, he doesn’t want.

Holden tells Faith that they will always remain a family, but Faith thinks since they aren’t going to be living under the same roof, things will change. Why are they doing this, Faith wonders? They both share responsibility for the break down, but the rest is private. Natalie wonders where they will live? Holden explains that they haven’t figured that out, but they can all see them as much as they want. Luke lends his parents his support, as Lily and Holden are appreciative. Faith quickly adds that she wants to stay with Luke and Holden at the Farm. Lily reminds her that they haven’t decided anything yet. Faith snaps that she is just going to move in with Dusty when this is final anyway, so what does it matter to her?

An agitated Emily tells Dusty that her relationship with Chris is not any of his business. He just doesn’t want her regretting anything. He is the one doing things he should regret, like attacking her at the hospital. If he pulled that in her office, she could have sued him for sexual harassment. Dusty smirks, as Emily tells him she thinks since they are unable to be civil then they need some space. They had a dysfunctional relationship that is over now and that is why she is moving on and in with Chris, as Dusty can’t believe his ears.

Lily sternly explains that what is happening has nothing to do with Dusty. Faith thinks she is lying because she has heard them arguing and she always takes Dusty’s side and her dad doesn’t like it. Holden doesn’t want Faith talking to Lily like that because noone broke up their marriage. There were a fight or two, as Faith yells that there were many more then that because she hears them. They are never going to be a family again, so they should just stop pretending, as she rushes out. Holden and Lily look very distraught.

Paul kisses Rosanna and tells her that she shouldn’t leave their bed before he gets up – he loves waking up next to her. She smiles and tells him that she simply had a headache. Paul is worried that they should call the doctor, but Rosanna doesn’t want him to worry. He is going to because he just got her back and he doesn’t intend to lose her again. Rosanna asks Paul to go pick her up some over the counter medication that the doctor suggested she take if she needs to. Paul agrees and heads off.

Meg angrily tells Craig that she has felt like someone has been watching her, and when she was in Old Town earlier, she saw him. Craig is genuinely confused. He didn’t hire anyone. Meg tells him to stop lying. Craig answers that if he thought she was in trouble then he would have hired a whole team of people, but she would have known about it. Meg immediately backpedals when she realizes it wasn’t Craig having her followed, but now Craig wants to know who this guy is. Meg backs off and tells him that she was probably being paranoid. Can she describe him? No. Meg tells Craig that she is going to her exercise class now, but Craig wants to go. Meg tells him that ‘fathers’ aren’t allowed and she will be fine. She heads off and Craig looks irate.

Craig stomps into Rosanna’s house and demands to know what she is doing following his wife? Rosanna tries to change the subject, but Craig won’t be deterred. He wants to know why she is so interested in what his wife does during her days? He is not leaving until she answers him. She was taking precautions and it is a good thing she did because Meg takes every opportunity to run into Paul. Perhaps, she isn’t so loyal to him. Craig thinks that she is being ridiculous since she is having his baby. That doesn’t mean she is faithful. Craig snarls at her. Her keeping an eye on Meg may work out for him in the end, so she should send him the bill. No thanks, Craig growls he doesn’t need to have his wife followed; he trusts her.

Noah eyes the box of his mom’s. Dallas thinks he should take it. Noah thinks the less he knows of his mom the better. Dallas suggests that would be letting his father win then. He killed her to keep them apart. Therefore, doesn’t he owe it to himself to look in the box? Noah doesn’t know if he is ready, so Dallas suggests opening it with a friend, as Noah seems receptive to that thought.

Holden asks Luke if he is ok? He wishes they could work it out, but if they can’t and this is what they need to do, then he will support them. He still will lend any help he can. Noah interrupts to see Luke. Holden leaves after he suggests Luke could use a friend. Luke doesn’t want to get into it, but he would rather know what is in the box? Lily follows Faith and stops her. She doesn’t want her angry with her; she needs to hear what she has to say. Faith thinks she will just lie some more.

Emily tells Dusty she is with Chris because he is exactly what she needs right now. Dusty thinks Chris might be sweet, but he isn’t right. Emily tells Dusty that Chris makes her laugh and it is easy with him, unlike when they are together with their constant fighting. Dusty tells her that is called passion; you have to know someone well to have that with them, and Chris will never know her that well… not like him. Emily thinks that might have been the problem; he knew her too well.

Dallas comes back to his desk and finds Bonnie camped out; last time he checked this wasn’t her office. She wants to know why he has six defendants with no representation? Dallas is annoyed that she is going through his personal files. Does he really want her to go to the hospital for personal injury cases? She can be an ambulance chaser now. Dallas and Bonnie tease each other more and somehow they wind up into each other’s personal lives where they make a bet as to who will have a date before the other. After they give a playful handshake, Dallas heads out. Holden walks up to Bonnie; her office told him that she would be here. Bonnie tells a white lie; she was seeing a client. They walk into the interrogation room for privacy. She explains the process and how after he signs them they will be filed and it will be official. Is he sure, he wants to go through with this? Holden hesitates before he tells her that he and Lily agree and they have already told the kids; so, they are going to follow through with it now, as Holden takes the papers and stares sadly at them.

Lily assures Faith she wouldn’t lie; she loves Holden and didn’t want this to happen. Why are they getting a divorce then?

Emily explains that when she looks at herself through his eyes she doesn’t like who she sees. She was the Emily that held him hostage, the Emily who felt so bad about herself that she turned tricks. Then there was Chris. He is not the answer to her problems, Dusty counters. He gives her hope, and possibility. Dusty wonders when she is going to stop lying to herself?

The detective wants to put another man on the case. Rosanna is mad because too many people now know including Meg’s husband now. She fires him and tells him that she will handle it herself. He thinks she should hear this first though, as he hands Rosanna a listening device. She listens to Meg and Paul talking. Meg tells Paul that she has an appointment for the DNA test and she thought he might want to know if this child is his, but Paul isn’t interested. Meg thinks he may want to rethink that and be there to find out, as she hangs up. Rosanna is upset after hearing this. She still is done with this detective though. Doesn’t she want to rethink this and bug the phone more? She will handle things from now on herself.

Meg arrives at the hospital anxious to have the test done. The nurse tells her that the doctor will be with her momentarily. Does she have anyone with her to drive her home? Meg quietly answers no.

Paul brings Rosanna her pills, and she tells him that she is feeling better and thinks they should grab some brunch, but Paul tells her that he can’t. Rosanna tries to hide her anger. Why? He got a call from the wedding photographer and he wants to show him their pictures. Rosanna forces a smile and tells him to hurry back. After Paul rushes out, Rosanna is not far behind him.

Craig meets with Evan at Al’s Diner. How is the lab set up going? Everything is fine except for the brick wall he hit at Memorial.

Meg waits for the doctor, who is running late. Paul shows up and wonders when her test is happening? Meg thinks no matter what he tells her, the fact that he is there proves he wants the baby as much as she.

Dusty tells Emily that her feelings for him scare her so much; she is in denial. She thinks Chris is going to save her from them. She needs to be challenged and he won’t let her settle. She needs to start being honest with herself. She is being honest – especially about him. She points out that he needs to save helpless women, but she is not a victim anymore and she refuses to go down that road with him anymore.

Lily and Faith sit down and talk. Lily explains that she and Holden have been together so long and in that time, anger and resentment have built over things that weren’t talked about; it wasn’t intentional. Faith wonders if she and Holden will ever get back together? Lily tells her that she hopes so.

Noah opens the box and pulls out a wooden figurine and some letters. They are addressed to Noah, but he can see his father sent them back unopened. Is he going to read them? Better late then never.

Bonnie realizes how hard it is for Holden, as he looks sadly at the papers. It seems so real to see it on paper, as a tear runs down his face. He worries about the kids; it will take its toll. She tells him that he can still change his mind. If he doesn’t sign them then he would have to go back to where they were before. There are still trust issues that were not resolved; it would be a matter of time before they were back here. He has to do this. Bonnie suggests they go for a walk, talk and think it through.

Faith’s friend is waiting for her in the car. Lily wants to make sure she is ok. She is better now, as Lily touches her face. Faith smiles before she heads off.

Noah is reading from the letters his mother sent to him. She tells him how she was supposed to be a bad influence, and the way things turned out, that was not off base. She doesn’t want him to ever be ashamed of whom he was. She doesn’t want him to hate her because she left; she had no choice at the time. She is sorry that he didn’t have a mom and dad when he was growing up, and she is sorry that she wasn’t there.

Dusty takes Emily’s hand; what they had was real. That might be true, she agrees. He never really accepted her flaws and he wasn’t honest with her in the end however, even though she was completely honest with him finally, as she pulls her hand away. He didn’t want to hurt her. She explains that by being dishonest that hurt her even more. He didn’t mean to do that. She believes him, but it doesn’t matter because she is a different person; she is happy and does not need to be rescued anymore. He needs to let her move on. So, she has Chris? Yes…. Both personally and professionally. Can he just buy her out? What if he doesn’t? She will sue him for breach of contract and take the newspaper away from him – choice is his, as she gets up.

Holden and Bonnie are having coffee. How long does he have to hold off? He can take as long as he needs. Holden explains that this is just logistics, but Bonnie thinks he is kidding himself. Once you face putting it in writing, it is a brand new game. It is like being hit by a truck, as Holden jokes about her trying to scare him. She explains that she knew things were done with her and Isaac, but when she faced making it official, it was horrible, and she wasn’t even with Isaac anywhere near as long as he was with Lily. She still had her daughter though, right, Holden wonders? No, actually Sarah sided with Isaac, Bonnie quietly answers. She just wants him to understand that once he signs these papers, it will be pain 24/7. Holden thinks for a moment and then tells her that it sounds like if he doesn’t do this now, then he is just putting off the inevitable, as he signs on the dotted line. How did it feel, she wonders? He just feels numb right now, as Bonnie inches closer and hugs him for comfort, as Lily is walking up and sees this.

Paul asks Meg about the test she is having done? Meg explains about it. Is there any risk? If there is, then she shouldn’t do it. The baby will be fine, but she is glad he is worried. He doesn’t want her to do that to read into that. She is just putting into words what he is afraid to say. When she proves that the baby is theirs, then it will need both of them. She has to go into see the doctor now. After she leaves, Paul turns around and sees Rosanna standing there.

Craig wants to know what the problem is? Evan explains that Chris is on board, and he tried to convince his father, but he won’t budge. He knows this is an issue because Bob has a lot of clout. Craig smirks; he has given the hospital plenty of money over the years. He is going to head over there and talk with Bob himself.

Meg is in with her doctor; she needs to sign a release. Does she want to wait until her Amnio? She needs to know the answer to this as soon as possible. Ok, then they should get started.

Rosanna is furious; what is he doing there? He is certainly not picking up their wedding pictures. He can explain, but Rosanna doesn’t want to hear it; she knows about what he is doing! She knows about Meg! Rosanna suddenly stops and tries to catch her breath but then falls to the ground, as Paul races to catch her. Paul screams for Rosanna to wake up, but she doesn’t. A doctor and nurse race over to help him; they are going to get her into a room, as Paul looks distraught.

Dusty tells Emily that she can do anything she wants with her private life, but she isn’t going to take down his career because she wants to tank hers. He is not buying her out. Then he can expect to hear from her lawyer, Emily snaps, as she walks off in a huff.

Lily watches Holden and Bonnie for a moment and then walks off. Bonnie asks Holden if he wants her to deliver the papers? No, he has to do it.

Dusty is pouring himself a drink, as Lily walks up. Does that help? Dusty wonders why she has been crying? Holden and she made it official…the divorce is underway. Dusty thinks that doesn’t mean there is no hope. Lily thinks there is none because Holden has already moved on; she saw him with someone. Dusty tells Lily that he and Emily are over as well. She is sorry. Dusty toasts to it sarcastically. What is she going to do now? She doesn’t know, she just doesn’t want to be alone. She doesn’t have to; they are going to get out of there, as Lily grabs the opened bottle and puts it in her bag – a perk of owning this place. As they are walking off, Lily clarifies that he means out and not up to her room because she doesn’t think that is a good idea. Dusty tells her no, but he has an idea.

Noah puts the stuff back in the box. His mom sounds decent; how could she become such an awful person? Luke thinks that Noah might want to talk with his aunt, but he doesn’t want to deal with this anymore. Luke understands because he just found out his parents are splitting up. Noah thinks they should do something physical, as Luke eyes him coyly. Noah smiles; he meant they should do some of his physical therapy exercises, as Noah helps him and Luke watches happily. When they are done with the 100, Luke smiles; that was a workout… his legs actually hurt. Noah stops; is that a figure of speech or does he actually feel something? Luke stops for a moment realizing what he said and what that means and then grins widely.

Meg is walking out with the doctor. There were no complications and he was able to get a viable sample. They have the samples from the possible fathers. Maybe she can go check in a short time to see if they are done. She has a friend at the lab. As she is heading off, she wants to reiterate that the results have to be confidential. She doesn’t want her husband finding anything out, as the doctor readily agrees. The doctor walks off, as Craig walks up; he asks Meg what she is doing back there again?

The doctor tells Paul that Rosanna isn’t responding. Does she have a history of seizures? Paul explains that she was in a coma for 2 years, but was given this experimental drug and has been fine for weeks. The doctor wants to go get her medical records, but it is possible that she is having a relapse. After the doctor leaves, Paul hurries to Rosanna’s side and quietly begs her to wake up.

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