ATWT Update Tuesday 11/13/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/13/07


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Lathers Corners Church) A hurt and angry Jack confronts Carly and reminds her that he sacrificed his marriage to Katie and he gave up his happiness all because he thought she was dying. Jack demands to know why Carly didn’t tell him the truth as soon as she knew about it. Jack also thinks he is a fool for once again believing in Carly and he also tells her that he did all this so that his children could have a little happiness before Carly dies. Jack can’t believe that Carly has the nerve to ask for his forgiveness and tells her she is asking him to do the impossible.

(Lakeview) Katie thanks Brad for always being there for her for all this mess and explains that she can’t keep almost kissing him because it isn’t fair to him since she needs time to get over Jack. Katie tells Brad she doesn’t want to ruin their relationship because it’s too important to her. Brad tells Katie that nobody has ever cared to have him around and it feels good to him.

(Will and Gwen’s house) Will tries to persuade J.J, Parker and Sage to eat the pizza that he ordered for them .J.J tells Will he isn’t hungry and parker explains that Pizza is what Jack and Carly were going to have at the reception because it’s a special thing with them. Will then tells the kids he ordered cheesy bread sticks too so they can eat those if they don’t want to eat the pizza. Will and Gwen go into the living room and will tells Gwen that has parenting skills are slipping but Gwen thinks he is going to be great father. Will feels good that he at least got Gwen’s favorite pizza Pineapple but Gwen reminds him that she only ate that when she was pregnant. Will apologizes to Gwen and tells her he doesn’t know what he was thinking ordering her pregnancy craving. Gwen gives Will a kiss and tells him he was only thinking that he had five people to feed and a wife that can’t cook. Sage arrives and tells Will that her brothers ate the breadsticks so he gives her the pineapple pizza and persuades her to eat it because she can eat as much as she wants because it has fruit on it and her brothers can’t eat any of it. Sage smiles and Runs to the kitchen with the pizza. Gwen gives Will another kiss and tells him he is Sage’s hero as well as hers and he can order pineapple pizza anytime he wants to for her as long as he comes with it.

(Hospital) A nurse asks Allison to take a patient to exam room three and Allison is surprised to see the patient is Sofie. Allison tells Sofie she didn’t know she was so far along in her pregnancy. (Old Town) Cole calls Iris and tells her he is back in Oakdale and he brought Sofie back with him. Iris wonders if he persuaded Sofie to give the baby up for adoption. Cole tells Iris not to worry because everything is going well and Sofie has agreed to give up the baby for adoption. (Lakeview) Barbara talks to the adoption lawyer she hired and makes it clear that Will, Gwen, and Sofie are not to know where the baby comes from but the baby’s father does know the truth. Barbara then calls Cole and gives him the details of the meeting he and Sofie are going to have with the lawyer. Barbara makes it clear to Cole that he won’t get the second half of his payment unless the meeting goes well.

(Luther’s Corners Church) Carly insists that their love isn’t impossible since they have been through so much lately and they can get through this too. Jack reminds Carly that they have been through so much because she didn’t tell them the truth once she found out about her misdiagnosis. Jack wonders why Carly fights for him so hard if she thinks he is such a fool. Carly tells Jack she loves him but Jack tells her that he looks around the church and sees her in that dress and the last thing he feels is love. Carly tells Jack to not say that he doesn’t love her because he has always loved her and he always will love her. Jack explains to Carly that he was beginning a happy marriage with Katie and he never wanted to leave her. Carly reminds jack that she never asked him to chose between her and Katie he choose to stand by her during her illness. Jack tells Carly that she never asked him to choose she just made it seem like the time they had left was slipping away. Carly thinks that the time they had left together didn’t matter because he told her he loved her and he meant it. Carly also reminds Jack that he proved his love for her when they made love in Montana. Jack tells Carly that was all a part of her plan and he says he loved a memory of her not the person she has turned into now. (Hospital) Aaron is happy and proud that Allison is working at her old job again but he jokes that she is going to miss the tips. Allison smiles but is a little annoyed at Aaron because she thinks he is there to see Sofie. Aaron tells Allison that he hasn’t seen Sofie since he went to Chicago. Allison tells Aaron that Sofie has returned and is at the hospital for a check up.

(Hospital) Cole calls Sofie and tells her that the lawyer called and he has found a couple to adopt their baby.

(Luther’s Corners Church) Carly tries to explain to Jack that she wanted to tell him the truth but things were getting back to the way they were and when she found out about the misdiagnosis she was scared to believe it. Jack tells her all she had to do was say three words I’m not dying and he also wonders why saying those words was so hard for her. Carly explains that she tried to tell him the truth several times but each time she tried they were interrupted by something. Jack thinks Carly’s excuses are weak and explains that every night he would pray for a miracle and every morning when he woke up for a split second he thought something had changed but then the reality that she was dying would hit him all over again. Jack tells Carly that he mourned for her and ruined his whole life for a lie and a liar. Carly insists that it wasn’t all a lie she did think she was dying for a while and when you find out something like that it changes your perspective on things. Jack tells Carly he won’t feel sorry for her anymore. Carly tells Jack she doesn’t want him to feel sorry for her she just wants him to understand what she was thinking when she kept the truth for him. Jack tells Carly he can’t forget the day when he took Parker to her doctor and the doctor told him his mother was dying. Carly tells Jack that she would never put her kids through that kind of pain so she told them in her own way. Jack tells Carly that she only told them half-truths that are why the kids were positive she was going to be okay. Jack can’t live in Carly’s world of half-truths and he can’t listen to anymore of Carly’s lies so he leaves the church. Carly’ catches up to him outside as he gets in his car. Carly screams that she will make it up to him and once again says she is sorry but Jack puts his car in drive and drive away from the church.

(Lakeview) Brad and Katie order lunch and decide to have a picnic in Carly’s room. Sofie and Cole meet with Barbara’s lawyer. Gary the lawyer tells Sofie that the couple is very well off and lives in a good neighborhood. The lawyer also tells Sofie the husband is in computers and the wife is a banker. The Lawyer also shows Sofie a picture of a couple that is not Will and Gwen. Sofie almost backs out of the adoption when she sees Aaron who tells her not to do this unless she is sure of things. Cole reminds Sofie that their child will have a wonderful future. Cole also tells her if she keeps the baby he will leave her. Sofie looks at Aaron big gives Cole a hug and tells him she is going to give the baby up for adoption.

(Will and Gwen’s place) Carly arrives to pick up the kids even though Gwen thinks that she should let the kids stay over night so she can think about things.

(Lakeview) jack arrives to tell Katie he didn’t marry Carly because of her lies. Katie tells Jack she knew and she went to tell him before the wedding but then she heard him tell Carly that whatever she had to tell him didn’t matter because he would always love her. Katie tells Jack she realized Jack would always love Carly no matter what she did because they belong together. Jack tells Katie that he loves her even though he doesn’t deserve to love her and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Brad arrives and Katie gives him a hug and asks him not to leave because she doesn’t want to be alone. Katie goes to lie down and Brad lies down beside her and they both turn over and go to sleep.

(Al’s diner) Barbara gives Cole and Iris the second installment of the money and tells them to leave town.

(Will and Gwen’s place) Barbara tells Will and Gwen her lawyer has found a couple that is willing to give up their child

(Carly’s house) Parker and J.J almost come to blows because J.J thinks his parents will make up and they are going to be happy. J.J and Sage go upstairs and parker tells his mother that she should have never come back home if she was going to hurt them again. Parker goes upstairs and Brad arrives wondering why she didn’t tell anyone about his part in the plan. Carly tells him she didn’t want to ruin his life too. A few minutes after Brad leaves Jack arrives to pick up his things. Carly makes it clear that if Jack walks to that door she won’t chase after him. Jack tells Carly he wishes he wouldn’t have to see here face again.

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