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Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

Outside the church, Katie watches from behind a column, as Jack and Carly talk. Jack thinks it is funny that Carly would be asking at this late date if he were sure? Has she changed her mind? She wants to be his wife more then anything. However, she wants to know this is what he wants? Jack tells her that what she wants is good enough for him, as Katie watches growing more upset.

Inside the church, Meg is asking Paul if he will give her a sample for the DNA test? Why would he want to do that? He moved heaven and earth to keep Craig away from Jen’s baby, so she would think it would follow suit that he would want to see if this were his child Craig may be trying to raise. Paul doesn’t care about her justifications, as Meg suddenly steps back and holds onto her stomach. Paul wonders if she is ok and Craig, who was watching from afar, rushes in wondering if she is ok? Meg explains that she was having trouble catching her breath, as Craig hugs her nervously. Meg assures him while staring at Paul that the baby is fine.

Jack reminds Carly that he doesn’t want to get into a long discussion when their kids, family and friends are waiting. Carly doesn’t want their decision to marry only about what she wants. She wants forever and not just for it to be about a few more weeks. Jack answers that he loves her, as Carly returns the sentiment quietly. Katie continues to watch them.

At the Farm, Brad comes downstairs with his bags packed and heads for the door. He stops outside in the porch when he sees a stuffed bunny. He recalls his conversation with Katie on this porch when he was consoling her and promising her that he would be there for her. He tells himself now that he really wished he could have kept that promise, as he walks away.

Meg pulls back from Craig and assures him that she is ok, as Craig demands to know what Paul said to his wife to upset her?

Katie rushes away from her hiding location, as Jack wonders why Carly looked so sad when she said she loved him? Carly tells him that he was so excited before when they got married and it isn’t the same. Jack explains that there were different circumstances back then considering what is going on with her now. Carly’s tries to push down her growing overwhelming guilt, as she tells Jack that she is being foolish and they should go inside. Jack turns toward the direction of where Katie was standing and seems to be looking at something. He says out loud that there is a person in a car. He pauses, as he then mentions that person looks like Katie, and he rushes away from Carly.

Craig is furious with Paul saying that he has had it with him upsetting his wife. Meg snarls at them both telling them that this is not the place to do this. Craig demands to know what Paul said to upset her, as Paul toys with him saying he will tell him. Meg cuts them both off and tells Craig that Paul was just telling her not to come around him – again. Craig then threatens a restraining order, but Meg tells him that she was the one that approached Paul.

Jack strides back to the car apologizing to Carly explaining that he thought he saw Katie, but whoever it was took off before he could get there. A visibly shaken and nervous Carly wonders how Katie would even know there was a wedding? Jack explains that he called her, and for a moment, he thought she might… as his voice trails off. Did he think that Katie was coming there to stop the wedding? Could she have stopped the wedding? Jack answers that it wasn’t Katie anyway. Carly is only concerned with if it had been Katie, would she have succeeded in stopping the wedding? Jack stares at Carly without answering her.

Craig is upset because of the tension Meg deals with when she sees Paul, but Meg explains flatly that she is going to see Paul in this town so they have to deal with it. Craig demands to know why he is there? Paul answers coldly that his wife is the sister of the bride – and therefore they should do the math. Rosanna is watching this conversation from nearby.

Jack smiles and tells Carly that only she would pick a fight with him on their wedding day. She would and she is sure that Katie would not, but she is not nice like her. She wants to know why he would leave her standing there in her wedding dress to rush to see if it were Katie at their wedding? She wants all of him because she is greedy. Jack blurts out that he did that because he hurt Katie. She will get all of him because he loves her, he grieves for her, but he also feels guilty because of Katie. She is lucky because she is getting all of that, so can they get married already? They both laugh over this, as Carly suggests they can get married now, but she wants a promise that they will laugh like that at least once a day.

Rosanna walks over to Craig, Meg and Paul and tells them that she was looking for Carly, but Craig takes this moment to say snidely that he and his wife are leaving so Paul can explain things to Rosanna. Paul quickly tells her that Craig was acting up as usual, but Rosanna doesn’t want any explanation; she wants some tissues and then needs to go find Carly, as she walks away. Emma walks by right after this, glances at Paul and then heads into the church. Meg and Craig walk in and sit, as Craig suggests they sit with her mom, but Meg shoots that down because Emma doesn’t like him. Craig smirks; he knows this, but if they sat together then she wouldn’t be able to glare as easily, he jokes. Why did he come to this anyway after they agreed he wouldn’t, Meg snaps? Carly thinks he tried to kill her sister. He wanted to show that they should rise above the past. They are having a child together, so people have to get used to him being with her for the duration. Paul comes in and sits across the aisle from Meg and Craig, as they glance at one another and Rosanna catches this. Carly and Jack walk into the back of the church interrupting Rosanna watching Meg and Paul. She jokes with them; she thought they eloped. Isn’t it bad luck to see the bride before the wedding? Carly wants to break all the rules then as she plants a big kiss on Jack.

At the farm, Katie is in the kitchen, as Brad rushes back in looking for his phone. She sees his bags; he was going to leave without talking to her? He can’t make this better, Brad answers assuming she knows. Katie starts to tell Brad, but he interrupts to tell her that he is sorry, as he heads for the door. Katie tells him that he can’t leave yet. All Brad can say is that he is sorry because he knows it must be the worst to be stabbed in the back. He realizes how hurt she must be. Katie doesn’t say anything as she stares at him. Then she slowly walks into his arms and hugs him, as Brad hugs her back, but looks very confused at the same time.

Jack is standing at the front of the church with Parker and JJ; he tells them how happy he is that they are standing up with him. Holden walks over and tells Jack that he can’t find Brad. Should they start or wait? JJ thinks he might be with Katie, as Parker thinks he shouldn’t mention it. Jack thinks it is good that they are helping one another though.

Carly is standing outside in the hall when Lily walks over. Carly wonders if it is a good thing that she is there? Lily smiles sadly; did she tell him the truth? She tried, but it just didn’t turn out to be the right time. Lily sighs, as Carly explains that this is not the same as she and Holden. Lily reminds her that Holden wants a divorce because she kept things from him. Holden has forgotten why and how much they love each other, but Jack has now remembered this. Lily reminds her that when she walks down the aisle she is going to see Jack knowing in her mind it is a lie because she isn’t dying. He will despise her if he finds the truth out without hearing it first from her. If she loses Jack because she was so desperate to keep him then she will never forgive herself, as Carly looks confused about what the right thing to do is, as Gwen, Rosanna and Sage interrupt this. Sage is thrilled that they are going to be a family again, as Carly snaps out of her confusion and convinces herself she has to go through with this. Lily leaves her with them and goes inside to sit with Emma, as Holden stands next to her.

Katie talks to Brad about how Carly gets her wedding, but when Jack finds out then he will leave her. What is the point? Brad pipes in that she will have a cover probably. Then he wants to hurry off because he has a plane to catch. Katie wants to know what he means? He didn’t mean to imply he has an inside track, but that is his guess. Katie wants him to tell her what he actually knows.

Rosanna asks Carly if she is ok after Gwen and Sage leave? She is fine; she is marrying the man she loves and nothing could make her happier, but she doesn’t look totally happy, as the guilt continues to eat at her.

The wedding starts, as Sage walks down the aisle with her pink flower girl dress, then Gwen in her green dress and finally Rosanna in her blue. She can’t help glance at Paul and Meg as she stands at the altar though. Lastly, Carly arrives in the doorway and proceeds to walk down the aisle. Everyone smiles as they watch her. Carly gets to the altar and smiles at everyone, but then she sees Lily’s serious face and she is reminded of what she is doing and soon her smile fades.

Brad tells Katie he doesn’t know anything for certain, but he assumes Carly will tell Jack that she just found out that she isn’t dying without letting on that she knew the truth all along. Jack would be none the wiser, as Katie is getting more upset after hearing this. How could Carly do this to him? She is supposed to love him. She needs to stop the wedding, as Brad tries to calm her; this was just a guess on his part. Katie thinks it sounds spot on; she should have stopped the wedding while she had the chance; she only hopes she is not too late, as she rushes out.

Brad and Katie are walking outside towards the church as Brad tries to calm Katie down. Is she sure that she wants to handle things this way? She loves Jack too much to let Carly do this to him. Brad agrees; she is right; even if Jack loves Carly, he deserves to know the truth. This last statement stops Katie in her tracks.

The minister is talking about Carly and Jack, as he mentions that this marriage has not been entered into lightly because they stand before him again. This speaks to their love, trust and hope. He knows everyone gathered there is supporting of them so he isn’t even going to ask the part about anyone objecting. Jack stops him and tells the minister that they should stop at this point, as Carly looks nervous.

Katie tells Brad that she keeps ignoring the fact that Jack loves Carly. Brad corrects her; he feels sorry for her. No, he loves her and the proof is he left her on their wedding to be with Carly, he moved in with her to take care of her and he is now marrying her. Jack will find out, but he will forgive her ultimately so what does it matter; he is exactly where he wants to be.

Jack explains to the confused group in the church why he wanted to stop the wedding at this point. Carly had asked him outside if he really wanted to marry her. At the time, he thought it was a silly question, now he sees the words are important. Before, they yelled when they should have listened and ran when they should have stayed. He saw this wedding as an end, but in fact, Carly is right because it is a beginning – a fresh start. They will have love without lies or without holding back, as Carly, who has been listening obviously moved, now swallows hard. To answer her question, he wants Carly to be his wife as long as they both live. Carly decides it is time to do the right thing after hearing Jack’s heartfelt words. When he was talking, he looked so sad and it finally hit her. If he was sick how much it would hurt her with every breath she took. He needs to know something now. Jack wonders if they need to do this now? Yes. She needs to tell him, as she takes a deep breath. When she first found out that she was sick, she was grateful for the diagnosis, after the initial fear, because suddenly it was clear how every moment now counted. What was important became crystal clear – he and the kids. Because of them, she needs them to know now… that she is not dying after all. Everyone looks at one another with confused yet relieved and then happy faces. Jack looks confused, as he asks her to tell him again. The doctor diagnosed her wrong; she is going to live. There are loud sighs of relief and happiness all around. People rise from their seats surrounding them and congratulating them, as a thrilled Jack hugs and lifts Carly into the air. Everyone is laughing and talking. Carly makes the rounds hugging everyone, as she sees Lily standing still, as they both look at each other.

Brad and Katie are back at her room at the Lakeview. She is sure the wedding is over by now. Carly, Jack and their kids are all laughing together without a care in the world. Brad thinks they should just head off to Chicago while this passes. Katie explains that it doesn’t matter where she is because she can’t shake the image of Carly and Jack sharing kisses, their bed, and a life all while Jack thinks it is going to be over soon. Katie then stops thinking about this for long enough to realize that she made Brad miss his plane. Brad realizes he should probably go; he will see her at work. Katie asks him to stay, but he doesn’t think it is a good idea. Katie thinks it is because he is sick of her crying on his shoulder, but Brad explains that it is not the case. He just hates to see her hurting like this. He hates that she now views him like Jack because he is anything but Jack. Given the chance, he won’t do the right thing and he is no better really then Carly. Katie doesn’t understand.

Are the doctors sure, Jack asks incredulously? Yes, Carly says with a broad smile. It happens some time, Meg affirms. Jack plants a big kiss on Carly, as the minister tells them there is time for that after. Rosanna wonders if that is what Carly meant when she told her the other day that everything will be ok? Carly’s face drops, as suddenly Jack realizes there may be more to this and wants to know how long Carly knew? People start to look awkward.

Brad tells Katie that when he says he is a bad guy then he is, as Katie grins. Katie pleads with him to stay because if he leaves, then she will go find Jack and tell him. Jack will come back to her then - not because he loves her but because he hates Carly more.

Jack asks the question again, as Carly doesn’t answer. Jack continues to stare at her, so Carly suggests they talk later. She wants to proceed with the ceremony and they can even skip the vows. Jack asks again; finally, Carly answers that she has known for a while, as their guests now look stunned and Lily gets up and leaves.

Brad explains that he always thought Jack and Carly belonged together, but now he just feels sorry. He now sees she is the one that truly loves Jack and Jack is missing out on that.

Jack asks Gwen to take the kids and leave, as everyone looks uncomfortable and starts to file out with them until Jack and Carly are alone. As they are closing the door, Sage asks Gwen why her mommy and her daddy can’t get married anymore since her mommy is better? No one has an answer for her. Once outside the church, Rosanna tells Paul that she will meet him at home. Meg starts to leave quickly now, but Holden stops her wondering if she has seen Lily? Craig tells him that she left right after the big reveal. Meg wants to leave quickly, probably hoping to catch up with Paul, but Holden stops her and tells her that Jack is going to need them all at the Farm after this. Craig wants to come, but Meg snaps at him telling him that is not going to happen. Jack doesn’t need him staring across the table at him gloating. Craig’s face drops; he wasn’t going to gloat; he just wanted to be there to help her support her family. Meg softens; she shouldn’t have said that – it was an awful thing to say. Craig accepts this and tells her that he will see her later, but he asks her to take care of herself in the meantime.

Carly and Jack are alone at the altar, as Carly tries to touch him, but he recoils and walks away from her.

Paul approaches Meg. She thought he didn’t want to talk to her. Without a word, he takes her hand and puts a lock of his hair in her hand. Meg is happy that he now thinks the baby might be his. He corrects her; when she finds out what he already knows, then she doesn’t even need to call him to tell him. Meg takes out a tissue and puts the hair in it and then places it in her purse and heads off. Rosanna’s detective watches her from around the corner.

How long is a while, Jack asks? Carly thinks they should just be happy with the news right now. Jack is undeterred; did she know before he proposed? Carly says nothing. Did she know before Montana? Carly says nothing, but then she finally answers that she knew since the night that Katie asked for space. Jack’s face drops.

At Gwen’s, Sage is wondering why her dad seemed mad? Do they think they will still get married? Will thinks they should focus on the fact that their mother is going to be ok. Sage happily remembers that Carly said everything is going to be ok. Parker snaps that is because she knew she wasn’t dying, as he stomps out the door.

Carly explains that she tried to tell him many times. Then he proposed and it was everything she had been waiting and hoping for and she couldn’t see past her dream coming true. Jack wonders if she was ok with lying to him to keep this dream? She tells him that she tried to send him back to Katie many times, but Jack interrupts to tell her that she knew he wasn’t going to abandon her. He loved her again and he asked to marry her again, Carly explains. She gave him an out again today and he wouldn’t take it. He told her that he was where he wanted to be.

At the farm, Emma walks in with Holden, as Lily walks out of the back room. She came home to check on Luke, she answers in response to Holden telling her that he had been looking for her. Emma is upset about Carly being so selfish and heads upstairs to rest. After she leaves, Holden remarks about Lily not seeming surprised by Carly’s revelation. Lily says nothing. Holden realizes and calls her on it; she knew didn’t she? She did, Lily answers straightforward.

An angry Jack wants to know when Carly was planning on telling him? She didn’t think about it. Of course, she did, Jack snaps. She needed to tell him soon since she was due to ‘kick the bucket’ by the beginning of the year. When she wasn’t ‘pushing up daisies’ by the new year, she knew he would begin to wonder. Carly cuts him off; she could have waited until later, but she told him now. She could have waited to make it so they would get the news together, but she didn’t. Jack thinks that last confession would have been rich. They could have heard the joyous news together, he says coldly. It might have even worked if she had done it that way.

Katie tells Brad that she can’t fight what Carly and Jack have together… she tried. Brad apologizes, but Katie tells him that he didn’t do anything. Brad pauses and regroups; he could have talked to Jack; he could have told Jack more often what an idiot he was being.

Jack is now furious; she talks about a new beginning, but it wasn’t at all. It was more of the same. He is just curious… what tipped her conscience in the right direction after all of these lies? Carly tells him – it was he.

At the hospital, Meg asks the lab tech to run some DNA profiling because she knows it is too soon for the whole work up. The lab tech isn’t sure he can do it because they are backed up, but Meg pleads for help. The man finally agrees, as Meg sits to wait. The detective calls Rosanna with his update. He tells her that Meg just dropped off the samples. Rosanna is confused since he said plural. The man explains that Paul gave her a sample after the wedding. She wants to be kept informed throughout this. She hangs up and Paul comes in wondering whom she was talking to? She was talking to Gwen; the kids are upset. Paul offers them to come there, but Rosanna covers saying that they are better with Gwen since she has only recently come back. He asks how she is doing? She is ok; she is happy her sister is going to live, but Paul thinks it was rotten what she did to Jack and her kids. Rosanna stares at him for a moment before she answers that she did what she felt she had to do to hold onto the person she loved. She has done it and he has too, as she walks off.

Meg suddenly feels that she is being watched and looks towards the area where the detective was watching her. She starts to get up and head over in that direction, but the tech stops her to tell her everything is a go. Meg is happy and then decides to just leave the hospital without looking where she was heading.

Holden angrily repeats that Lily knew what Carly had done? She was trying to help a friend. She did this even though she knew this would hurt Jack? She was trying to convince Carly to tell the truth, Lily corrects. Why didn’t she tell him, a disappointed Holden asks? It was not her secret to tell, Lily snaps back. Lily realizes this is going to be held against her too, so she tells him if this is going to be added onto the list of more unforgivable things that she has done, then ‘so be it’, as she walks out the door.

Carly reminds Jack that he said he wanted forever, but he wants her to stop using his word against him. She waited so long to hear those words and she couldn’t believe she was hearing them now and she finally believed that he was with her because he loved her and not because he was dying. Jack doesn’t want to listen to anymore of this. Carly stops him; he made her believe in them again and only he can make her believe they are over. Can he look into her eyes and tell her that he doesn’t love her?

Brad tells Katie that he wished that he could have shaken more sense into Jack. He should have made him see that he was throwing away the best thing he has had. Katie smiles; after all these months, he really does like her. Brad returns the smile; he just hopes she still like him after this is over. He has been there for her more then anyone; she couldn’t have made it through this without him; he was the only good thing that came out of this. She says quietly if she hadn’t been married… as they move closer and she holds his hand. Then she corrects herself; she isn’t married, as they lock eyes.

Jack wonders how he could love her now… after what she has done. Carly tells him that they could never understand why they have this unbreakable connection. They are perfect for one another. Jack answers that whatever they are to one another, he doesn’t want that. Carly counters that they have been married almost 3 times. She was the woman he stole from his brother, the woman he broke his marriage vows for and the mother of his kids. When he is dying, his last thought will be of her, as hers will be of him. Jack wonders what that proves? He should give her one more chance, Carly says. They stare at each other each not saying a word.

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