ATWT Update Friday 11/9/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 11/9/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Carly, her friends, and family prepare for the wedding to be held later this afternoon. Lily comes by unaware of the wedding needing her friend. Carly promises to be there for Lily all she needs but not today. Carly tells Lily about the wedding. Lily is glad for her until she learns Jack still believes Carly is dying. Lily warns her friend not to start her marriage with lies. Carly thinks everything will be okay. If Jack finds out the truth before Carly tells him nothing will redeem her in Jack’s eyes. Carly is determined to do this her way. Lily is happy for Carly although her own marriage has fallen apart.

Jack helps get ready but a visit to the farm reminds him of his back yard ceremony to Katie. Jack still loves Katie and doesn’t want to hurt her. Jack is willing to marry Carly for the family but he isn’t happy about it. Brad tells Jack that Katie will be back in town later today. Brad goes to Carly, he tells her he can’t watch her burn his brother. Carly begs Brad to just go along for a little bit longer and reminds him, if she is married to Jack Katie will be alone. Brad doesn’t feel right about any of it so he refuses to attend the wedding and is going to leave town. Jack calls Katie who is still on the plane, and tells her about the wedding. Katie is crushed. Things look up for bubbles when she finds she is sitting next to the lawyer representing Carly’s doctor in a malpractice lawsuit. Katie doesn’t care at first and is annoyed but when flashbulbs begin to go off in Katie’s mind she puts it together. Carly really isn’t dying and is covering up the truth just so Jack will marry her. Katie vows to stop the wedding.

Parker is struggling with the idea of changing his name to Snyder after Jack adopts him. Will tells Parker it is a good idea and Hal wouldn’t mind. Parker tells Jack at the church just before the wedding begins. Jack is so touched. Carly is outside the church in the limo, she calls Jack and asks him to come outside she needs to speak with him. Jack does as he is asked. Just as Jack makes his way to the car, Katie arrives, unseen. Carly tells jack she cannot go through with the wedding unless it is really what Jack wants.

Meg is being followed by Rosanna’s private investigator. At the hospital, Meg’s OB appointment went well. She ditches Craig to stay behind and to have a DNA test run on the fetus. The private investigator reports every move back to Rosanna. Meg arrives home to get ready for the wedding. Craig makes fun of Carly and her many marriages. Meg uses Craig’s insults as a reason for him to go, after she finds out that Paul will be there with Rosanna. Craig tries to make excuses, but Meg insists Craig is not to attend the wedding with her.

At the church Meg runs into Paul and tells him she is going to find out that the baby is his. Paul coldly tells her that it isn’t. Craig is watching from outside the door after he followed Meg to the church.

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