ATWT Update Thursday 11/8/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/8/07


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Lakeview) Chris and Emily kiss and then he is on his way to get the paper so they can look for a house while Emily is on her way to the lounge to get coffee. Chris bumps into Evan who tells him that he just got funding from Montgomery Enterprises for his research project but he needs a lab. Chris tells Evan that he is the head of research at memorial and he will see if his father will approve the project. Chris also introduces Emily to Evan as his girlfriend. (Hospital) Bob asks a nurse if she has seen Chris and she says no so Bob gets upset because Chris is two hours late for work. Bob gets a call from Kim and he lets her know what happened with Chris and she persuades him not to talk to him at the hospital but talk to him in a neutral spot like the Lakeview. Kim tells Bob that she has organized a family lunch at the Lakeview.

(Carly’s house) Jack is surprised to see Carly sitting on the couch working on her wedding dress. Jack says a judge who owes him a favor sped up the process for their marriage license so now all she has to do s decide if she wants to get married at the courthouse or a justice of the peace today. Carly wonders what Jack’s big rush is to get married today.

(TV Station) Kim congratulates Brad on doing a great show and says he is becoming quite a star. Brad thanks her for the compliment and Kim points out that a few months ago he would have taken the opportunity to ask for a spin off show. Brad tells Kim that Katie taught him everything he knows and they are a team because Katie makes him better.

(Carly’s House) Jack tells Carly that he just wants a small wedding with just her and the kids. Jack doesn’t want to waste time he wants to spend every moment he can as Carly’s husband and with his kids. Jack is on his way to get the marriage license when Brad arrives to talk to Carly. Jack gives Carly a kiss before he leaves Brad to take care of her. Brad guesses that Carly hasn’t told Jack the truth so he advises her to tell him the truth while there is still a chance for him to forgive her. Carly tells Brad that she will tell Jack the truth in her own way in her own time. Brad reminds Carly that Jack hates lies and if she continues to manipulate him she could risk losing him. Carly insists she won’t lose jack because he wants to marry her because he loves her. Carly tells Brad that she won’t let him ruin her happy mood.

(Farm) Jack arrives to get his annulment papers and tells Emma he and Carly are getting married. Emma wonders why Jack is marrying Carly and if he still loves Katie. Jack tells Emma that he still loves Katie and if Carly hadn’t gotten sick they would be happy now. Jack tells Emma that he also loves Carly and the kids need their family together during this difficult time. Jack also tells Emma he wants to do everything in his power to make Carly’s dying wish come true.

(Hospital) Chris arrives two hours late and he can’t believe that Bob expects him to punch a time clock like the rest of the support staff. Bob explains that Chris has a responsibility to the people that work with him in the lab and a very important job to do. Chris tells Bob that he could do that job in his sleep and he could even do it from home because they are not really doing important research. Chris tells Bob about Evan’s cutting edge research project and asks Bob if Evan could use the lab. Bob tells Chris the project is too risky so he can’t approve it. Bob tells Chris that his mother has organized a family lunch at the Lakeview in his horn so he hoes he has enough time in his schedule to go.

(Lakeview) Bob arrives and sits down with Kim Nancy and Tom and tells them that Chris needs an attitude adjustment because he showed up two hours late for work then he got upset because Bob didn’t approve a risky research project. Chris arrives with Emily and Tom is stunned that Emily and Chris have decided to live together. Tom wonders how Daniel feels about his mother dating his uncle Chris and Emily assures Tom that Daniel is fine with the relationship. Chris asks Bob to call a truce but he tries to persuade his father to allow him to do the project. Bob tells Chris the project is too risky and he must protect him as well as the hospital and the patients. Chris is hurt that his father is still treating him like a child and refuses to see that he is an accomplished doctor now. Chris leaves the table and Emily goes after him and tells him she knows how he feels because her mother treats her the same way. Emily persuades Chris to go back to the table and have lunch with his family. Chris goes back to the table and apologizes to everyone. Chris tries to talk to his father one more time but he says no to the project again. (Al’s Diner) Chris tells Evan that his dad said no to the project and persuades Evan to give him more time before he looks for another lab.

(Carly’s house) Carly calls Emma and tells them to invite the family to the church tomorrow and asks her to please take some wildflowers to the church for the wedding. Jack arrives home and is stunned that Carly is making plans for a bigger wedding. Carly explains that she wants to make this wedding special and she wants the family there at the church. Jack doesn’t want her to over do it and Carly says she isn’t tired at all. Jack agrees to do what Carly wants and goes to the church to talk to the minister and order pizza for the reception after the wedding.

(Farm) Brad is upset when he learns that Carly is having a church wedding tomorrow with family. Brad feels that Jack is once more being forced to do something he doesn’t want to do. Emma tells Brad not to be so hard on Carly and also ask him to take the wildflowers to the church.

(Carly’s house) Parker, J.J and Sage arrive and Carly asks them to go upstairs and make a collage for the outside of the church. Carly takes Parker aside for a talk because she notices he isn’t happy about the wedding. Parker tells Carly that he worries that she and Jack will never be happy together because she always does something to mess things up. Carly asks Parker to trust her because this time she won’t mess things up. Parker tells Carly he can’t trust her because things between her and jack never last. Jack calls Carly and tells her the minister wants to talk to both of them before he will agree to marry them.

(Church) The minister thinks this marriage is happening too soon but Jack says they don’t have time to waste. Jack tells the minister that he loved Katie when he married her but Carly’s illness made him see that he has always loved her. Jack tells the minister it is very important for them to be a family because he thinks it will help their kids once Carly is gone. The Minister asks Carly what she can give to Jack while she is facing an illness. Carly tells the minister that she loves Jack and she can give him and her children strength to get through this difficult time. Brad stands at the back of the church holding the wild flowers and hears the last part of Jack and Carly’s words to the minister. The Minister agrees to marry Jack and Carly. Brad walks outside when he gets a text message from Katie saying she is coming home on the first plane tomorrow.

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