ATWT Update Wednesday 11/7/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/7/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

Luke and Noah are talking about what Luke has ahead of him; he very well maybe in his wheelchair for life. Luke doesn’t think that Noah has a concept of his reality. Noah thinks that Luke is mad because he isn’t ready to accept that it is a done deal. Both guys are getting upset, and Luke thinks he should just leave, as Noah heads for the door, but then he stops in his tracks; what Luke is doing is not going to work – he is staying.

Meanwhile, inside Holden wants Lily stop eavesdropping; they will work it out on their own. Lily suggests giving them some space and going to get some food at Al’s. Holden is going to do some chores, but Lily suggests that they go together; it would be good for Luke to see that even though they are separated, they can be together. Holden agrees. Lily and Holden tell them that they are leaving and ask Noah to hang out until they return. After they leave, Luke jokes about his parent's subtlety. How dare they try to make things better, Noah snaps. He tells Luke that he is really upsetting him now.

Barbara manhandles Iris to get her into her limo and is immediately barraged with Barbara’s hatred. Iris thinks she should reign in her contempt, but Barbara doesn’t see why she should since she is selling her grandchild. She realizes that Iris isn’t smart, but she better understand that she can and will make her and her son’s life miserable if they mess with her. What is going to happen is that Will and Gwen get the baby and she and Cole get lost.

Gwen stops by Fairwinds to bring Rosanna her wedding gift. She hopes she didn’t bring her down at her wedding. She understands what she is going through; she shouldn’t feel that she needs to pretend. Gwen thinks the hardest part is watching Will. Does Paul still want to be a dad?

Downtown, an annoyed Meg tells Craig that he is hovering, as he seems to want to go to the gym with her. A man races by Meg and knocks into her, as Craig is incited and yells after him about almost knocking over a pregnant woman. Meg is frustrated with how loud he is yelling; people in Antarctica didn’t hear him, she thinks. Craig tells her that he is going to his meeting and he will call her cell later, which Meg has to assure Craig that she will have on her. Meanwhile, around the corner, the man takes out and looks at Meg’s cell phone.

Rosanna is thinking about overhearing Meg tell Paul about the possibility of her being pregnant with his baby. Gwen thinks she overstepped when Rosanna seems lost in thought, but Rosanna assures her that she didn’t. It is just a touchy subject. She gets a call and tells Gwen that she needs a minute to take this business call; it is the man who has taken Meg’s phone. Does she still want him to plant the tracking chip? Without hesitation, Rosanna tells him to go ahead and do as he was told.

At the Lakeview bar, Cole is sitting talking with an unreceptive Aaron; he knows he hurt Sofie and that is why he needs to find her to make it up to her. Aaron isn’t interested in his phony explanations; if he won the lottery, Sofie wouldn’t need him! Cole wonders when Aaron nominated himself as the deciding person for whom Sofie sees and what she now does? He heads off and Aaron goes to make a call, which pleases Cole judging by his smirk.

Rosanna explains to Gwen that she remembers how it feels to want a baby like she does. Carly was great, but she didn’t get it truly, since she could have one. She wants to be there for Gwen. Gwen can’t help but get upset because she thinks of how she wants a child, but then there is the flip side because some poor girl has to make this horrible decision to give up her child. She understands more then most because she was that girl.

Sofie answers the phone when Aaron calls. He knew that even though she said it was a borrowed phone, that it was really hers. He wanted to call her because he thought she should be aware that Cole is back. Sofie is interested in what he had to say. Aaron tells her that he was being phony by apologizing, but he didn’t buy it. Sofie tells Aaron that she is glad he told her because she really needs to talk with Cole.

Barbara snarls that if Iris and her no good son wants the money then they will do as they are told. Iris pouts about Barbara telling her that she can’t see her grandchild. She can send her cookies… from Australia. The baby is the only thing of value that they have. She is adamant that Iris understand if they try to stick around or try to squeeze more money out of her then she will see what it is like to deal with someone who has nothing left to lose, as Iris looks a bit rattled by Barbara’s look and threat.

Aaron is trying to remind Sofie that Cole left and stole from her. She knows, but he is the baby’s father and she is so lonely. Aaron decides that he is coming to see her, so he writes down the address (after some cajoling) and tells her that he is on his way. Sofie looks happy because she is getting to see a friendly face. Cole is happy, as he stands off to the side unnoticed by Aaron, because he is about to be led right to Sofie.

Noah tells Luke that he is tired of Luke telling him how he feels about this. Luke can see why that might be, but it isn’t like he knows where he stands; he wanted Maddie, he was gay and then straight and then he thought his dad accepted him for who he was. Luke assures him that he doesn’t have to do the right thing by standing by him because he probably doesn’t know what that really entails; he can’t even go to the bathroom by himself. Noah stops him; before he couldn’t admit, that he was gay and that he cared for him, but things change and he is living proof of that.

Meg is looking for her phone in Old Town when Lucinda walks up and teases her; is she looking for her lost innocence? Is she still happy with Craig’s shoes under her bed? Meg isn’t in the mood; she lost her phone. Lucinda apologizes for the jokes; she just feels sorry for her, which isn’t better for Meg to hear either. Lucinda offers her phone and tells her to call her cell phone. Meg does and gets the man who took it. He pretends he found it in Old Town; he is heading out of town, but he will leave it at the Lakeview for her, and then he hangs up immediately. After he does, he puts the tracking chip in her phone and leaves it at the front desk for her. Back in Old Town, Lucinda apologizes for sounding harsh. She wanted to come over and be sincere. Meg surmises that Lucinda knows her baby news; she assumed wrong and Lucinda is mortified that Meg procreated with Craig. She thought she felt sorry for her before, as Meg looks upset.

At Montgomery Enterprises, Craig sits with a man reading over his accomplishments from his resume; he is very impressed. However, they have a problem – it is at the top of the page – his name is Evan Walsh IV. Does he really think he is going to let Lucinda Walsh’s grandchild right into the chicken coop?

Lucinda is amazed; she decided to have Craig’s baby – what is wrong with her, as Meg seems even more upset by this? Margo walks over and wants to know if Meg is ok? Lucinda tells Meg that Craig’s family is now riding to her rescue. Lucinda answers for Meg; she is upset because she is having Rosemary’s baby. Margo suggests that Lucinda leaves, but as she is, Lucinda restates the obvious that Meg has now tied herself to Craig permanently. Meg needs to sit down because she doesn’t look well after Lucinda leaves, so Margo tries to help her.

Evan explains that technically he is a step grand child; there is no blood relation. Craig reminds him that his father and aunt were blood. It wasn’t pretty when they took the company away from Lucinda. He adds lightly that perhaps Craig was taking notes, which causes him to smirk. Evan explains that he doesn’t want to run his company; he wants to do medical research and he can make him a lot of money by doing that.

Luke explains to Noah that he is mad because he thought his life was finally going to start to be filled with possibilities; he no longer feels that way. Luke explains that if Noah stays with him, he is going to be closing the door on his life. Noah responds, “Snyder, you are full of it,” which makes both of them laugh.

At Al’s, Lily tries to lighten the mood by kidding around that they are sitting there while their son is trying to work things out with his boyfriend. Holden compliments Lily on her tactics to get Noah out to see Luke, as she returns the compliment in kind; they had a good cop/bad cop thing going; they make a good team, she says. She wonders if Holden can focus on the good they have in their lives right now – for her and Luke’s sake?

Noah remarks about understanding Luke feeling like his life is closed now; he was going to a school he didn’t want to be at, in classes he didn’t want to be going to, was straight when he wasn’t and was pretending to be happy through all of this. The truth is, he would rather be walking around Europe with him, but he will settle for the Snyder Pond, which is just a good option.

Rosanna suggests to Gwen that she concentrate on the baby and how they are going to give it a wonderful family. Rosanna reminds her that not every pregnant girl wants to be a mother. Still, Gwen thinks it is hard not to feel that way about the girl because giving up her baby was the biggest mistake of her life.

Aaron meets up with Sofie, who is thankful for some company. Aaron immediately starts suggesting that Sofie not be considering giving Cole another chance. Cole pops up from behind surprising them, and tells Aaron to let Sofie make up her own mind regarding him. Aaron is mad that he followed him there. Aaron tells Cole that Sofie doesn’t want to see him, but Cole wants Sofie to tell him herself. He tells her quickly how great she looks and how she must be cold and he takes off his coat to give it to her knowing this will score points. Aaron pipes in again, about how Sofie can’t trust him. Cole gives her the puppy dog eyes and tells her that if she truly wants him gone, then all she has to do is say the words.

Gwen explains how when she was pregnant with Will’s baby, it was clear how badly Will wanted that. She feels that all men want their own baby. Rosanna remembers Meg’s words about how Paul will only care that she is carrying his child. She immediately tells Gwen that she doesn’t think that is always the case, and she can’t allow herself to only think like that… secretly hoping that is how it may turn out in her life.

Cole stares at Sofie with this lost look and then tells her that her not saying anything tells him that it is too little too late. He turns and starts to walk away, as Sofie immediately stops him by calling out to him. Cole shows a sneaky grin before he turns around and now has a concerned look on his face. Aaron tries to stop Sofie, but she tells him that she has to do this because Cole is the father. Aaron is frustrated and stomps off. Cole immediately pretends that he is not the same guy that left her; he has changed. She can see that in his eyes. He tells her that he is back, and Sofie hugs him tightly pleading with him to never leave her again. They do have to talk about the reason he left to begin with though.

Margo and Meg are at the Lakeview, as Meg assures her that she is feeling better now and she is sure that she has something better to do then babysit someone on the verge of getting sick. Margo teases that she doesn’t have morning sickness and Lucinda can make her feel the same way. Meg then asks Margo to keep this incident between them. Margo again teases Meg – does she want that because her brother can be overbearing and controlling? Meg smiles; she does know her brother. She loves her brother, but she is not blind to him, but she does know that for all his faults, he truly loves his kids; this baby is a gift.

Evan shows Craig his business plan for funding. Lucinda barges in joking about him being at home knitting booties. Craig ignores this and is more interested in introducing the man he is interviewing, as Evan turns around. Lucinda looks stunned, as Evan says in a singsong voice that he wanted to thank her for the socks at Christmas. Lucinda glares that his father thought he was a comic too. He is looking to hire him for medical research. Lucinda doesn’t think they need anymore resources in that department, as she rattles off whom they already employ. Is she against this, Craig wonders? Lucinda doesn’t look pleased, so Craig tells Evan that means he has the job.

Holden wants Lily to know he doesn’t hold anything against Noah, which she knows. She reminds him of how when Luke announced he was gay, Holden stepped up while she freaked out. Luke is very lucky to have such a good dad. The fact that Luke has him, gives her comfort. He has us both, Holden corrects. Holden teases that if he is so great how come he was looking forward so much to getting out of the house; Luke was driving him crazy, as Lily laughs – he is human.

Luke tells Noah that he would like to try standing, so he lifts himself out of the seat, as they both smile broadly. Lily and Holden are just arriving home, and see this through the window. Lily is thrilled, as she almost hugs Holden, but then she realizes she shouldn’t. They walk inside and Noah is reassuring Luke that he will do more tomorrow. Lily and Holden tell the boys that they brought food, but Luke tells them that he is tired and he wants to rest up for his Physical Therapy appointment tomorrow. Noah bids them goodbye and Lily and Holden give him a burger for the road. Luke grins; are they pleased that their master plan worked? They both smile triumphantly. After Luke leaves, Lily announces how wonderful the day was. Holden doesn’t want her to think because things have changed for Luke that they have changed for them. Lily’s face drops, as she realizes Holden’s mind hasn’t swayed. Has he made this decision for them both? He has just decided for himself, Holden answers. She can’t try to sweep their problems under the rug because of this. She wasn’t implying they should. Holden takes a deep breath; he is going to contact Bonnie about drawing up separation papers. Lily looks crushed to hear those words out loud.

Margo explains to Meg that she still does care for her brother even after everything, but she sometimes feels as if she and her baby could probably turn her brother back into the man he used to be. She does have her back though, as she heads off. After she leaves, Meg gets on her phone and calls her doctor, as the man Rosanna hired is nearby listening.

Cole lays it on thick; he wants to be the man Sofie can be proud of. She already is, she intercedes. They can have a whole houseful of kids one day once he has gotten established in the music business. Sofie eats up what he is saying. He tells her that she knows deep down that they are not in a position to raise this baby as it should be raised. He is no good for a baby right now, as Sofie pleads that there has to be an alternative. Cole then really heaps it on; if this is what she wants out of her life, he will leave her so she can make it happen on her own terms.

Rosanna is walking out with Gwen; she just wants her to focus on herself and Will and the baby that they can shower with love; the baby will be lucky to have them.

Sofie tells Cole that she wants a life with him. Cole tells Sofie that he wants to give his baby everything he can, like others do. He grew up with nothing and he wants more for his child. Sofie is in tears, as Cole weaves his lies. She tells him how if they were to have a boy, she would have named him Cole, which Cole pretends affects him. It sounds as if she made her choice, Cole says pushing the envelope. He kisses her and tells her a phony goodbye and how he wants her happy always. He walks away and Sofie quietly says no, but he keeps walking with a sly grin on his face.

Meg sees Lucinda leaving Montgomery Enterprises. Lucinda declares if she is looking for her husband, he is finding a new way to bankrupt the company. Meg walks into the office and sees him talking with Evan. She remarks that his resume is impressive. He is looking forward to making them all money, as he heads out the door. Craig tells her that he hired Evan because he likes him, but it earned him points that he got Lucinda sputtering. Meg is unimpressed with his reasoning. Craig tells her that he shouldn’t be bothering his pregnant wife with this anyhow, which makes Meg raise her voice to tell Craig to “shut up about that!”

The man reports to Rosanna that Meg just made a phone call a while ago and he thought she would want to hear it. He gives the listening device to Meg. Meg is on the phone with her doctor inquiring as to when she can get a paternity test done on her baby?

Craig tries to appeal to Meg’s moodiness. He knows that she is doing all the heavy lifting during the pregnancy and then he just ends up with the joy at the end. He hugs her tightly, as he happily exclaims that he can’t wait for his child.

A stressed Rosanna orders the man to step up the surveillance, find out when and where her test is and who the tech is. She also wants to know the results.

Iris calls Cole to find out if he has worked on Sofie. Is she going to turn the baby over? She is, but she just doesn’t know it yet, Cole confidently tells her. Iris is serious; they need to get the baby to Barbara pronto because she is going to make good on her word and come after them without a doubt if they don’t deliver. They are interrupted when Sofie shows up to see Cole, as he hangs up with a telling comment to his mom that mission has been accomplished.

Holden doesn’t think that Lily can accept how bad it is between them. She thinks she can now. Is he not even going to give her a chance to fix it? Holden doesn’t say much, as Lily is frustrated. She knows he is busy because he has much more important things to do such as chores, to take care of Luke, and to file for a divorce. She admits to making some horrible mistakes, but she doesn’t even know him anymore, she adds angrily, as she stomps off and Holden watches her go.

Sofie tells Cole that she doesn’t want to do it without him. Cole assures her that they will find an awesome family for their baby. They will make this work, but she needs to trust him. She does. Cole tells Sofie now they can live happily ever after, as he hugs her tightly.

Barbara shows Gwen some baby pictures of Will. She can’t wait for her son to be a father of his own. Barbara gets a call and tells Gwen that it is a business call when in fact it is Cole. He is standing outside of Sofie’s place as he talks. He wants the second installment tomorrow. Everything is in order? Yes. He hangs up quickly when Sofie comes out. They head off to dinner. He tells her that he just got a call and he thinks their luck is about to change.

Barbara hangs up the phone and Gwen notices that she seems happy; did she get good news? Barbara nods; something she was working on seems as if it is coming together.

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