ATWT Update Tuesday 11/6/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/6/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Carly did it! She got the marriage proposal she has been after for weeks. The win isn’t as rewarding as Carly had hoped it would be. She feels maybe if he confessed that she weren’t dying it may feel more like real love than pity. Jack doesn’t give Carly a chance to tell him about her improved health before the kids come home. JJ and Sage are delighted their parents are back together. The house is filled with joy for once in a long time. Brad is disappointed in Carly for living a lie. He feels bad about himself for playing into her schemes. Carly begs for brad to stay quiet and she will tell jack when the time is right. Brad agrees but feels guilty after he receives a text from Katie. The text reads, he is the only Snyder man she can trust.

Carly and the kids get to work planning the perfect wedding to make them a whole family. Sage, Parker, and JJ set the table and prepare for a romantic dinner for the family while Jack runs to the station for a bit.

At the station Jack tells Margo the news. He still feels horrible and has feelings for Katie. Margo is cold but she isn’t going to let their personal lives stand in the way of work. Jack asks Margo and Brad to keep the news of his impending marriage quiet until Katie returns and he can tell her himself.

Jack returns home expecting a family dinner. To both his and Carly’s surprise the kids have made other plans to give the couple romantic time alone. Carly is thrilled but jack not so much so. Rather than reacquaint himself with his ex-wife-to-be he goes upstairs to shower before dinner. Carly is not happy about the way her day has turned out.

Chris asks Emily to move in with him after they make love. Emily turns him down. Her motives is obvious, she is afraid of commitment. They discuss it a bit as Chris pressures her but Emily makes it clear she doesn’t want the relationship to change. Chris and Emily go to the hospital to speak with their parents.

Chris and Bob have a great visit and Chris accepts a job in the research department at memorial. Emily isn’t as lucky when she chats with her judgmental mom. Susan is glad Emily is home but doesn’t like the way she is living her life.

Emily turns to go and bumps into Dusty. Dusty doesn’t say a word he drags her off to the side and lays a huge kiss on her. Emily slaps Dusty and orders him never to touch her again. Chris sees the confrontation and steps in. Emily is upset but more over her existing feelings for Dusty than the kiss.

Emily changes the subject asking about Chris’ job. Right in the middle of telling Emily about the job offer she changes her mind and blurts out that she wants them to live together. Nothing is going to change they are just going to share an address.

Lily is having a hard time accepting Holden really wants a divorce. Holden calls after having an argument with Luke and asks her to come help him with their son. Luke is ready to give up on everything. Physical therapy and his relationship with Noah. Holden asks Lily when she arrives to go get Noah and bring him to Luke. Lily will only do it if they go together.

Lily and Holden find Noah but he isn’t the same guy he once was. Noah although he is fine physically is doing worst than Luke. Noah is alone and lost in the world and blames himself for Luke getting hurt. Lily and Holden manage to talk Noah into coming to the farm with them.

Holden tells Luke how emotionally distraught Noah is and how both boys need each other right now. Luke agrees to see Noah. They have a good talk working through their emotions and thoughts since the accident. Noah fell in love with Luke not because he could walk but because he was so strong and honest.

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