ATWT Update Monday 11/5/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/5/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At the Lakeview, Jack picks up the check on the table between the lawyer and Carly. His eyes widen as he sees that it reads $100,000. Carly tries to get rid of the man quickly, but Jack informs them that he isn’t going anywhere until he tells him who he is and what he thinks he is getting for this amount of money?

Downtown, Holden and Lily run into one another, as she is picking some books up for Luke to read. He heard about Luke’s fall, Holden explains sounding rather cold. He sounds even more distant and cold when he explains that he also heard who was hanging out with his wife at the time. Lily takes a deep breath. Dusty just happened to be there with her again.

At the Lakeview, Dusty bumps into Emily in the hall outside his room. He smiles; he had been thinking of her. They can go to his room and talk, as he starts to lead her along. She pulls away; what is he doing? Isn’t she here to see him? No. Why is she roaming the halls outside his room? She is going to her room; Dusty looks skeptical, so Emily opens the door and walks into the room. This is she and Chris’ room.

At the hospital, Allison sees Chris and goes over to talk. She tells him that she applied for her old nursing job. Chris tells her that he is here about coming back to work for the hospital himself. Is it ok with her, Chris wonders? Allison grins; is he afraid that if they work in such a close surroundings that she won’t be able to resist him? She is ok with this, she tells him with a laugh.

This is not a ploy to make him jealous, Emily assures Dusty. Is she sure? She tells him that this option was better then staying at her mom’s with Chris. Dusty smirks; this is about her trying to rub his nose in the fact that she has a new boyfriend.

Lily tries to defend herself, though she looks exhausted from doing it again. She didn’t call or plan to meet Dusty. However, he always seems to be around her even though she is still married. Lily snaps that he is the one who wants the separation. He doesn’t have time to do this. Lily stops him; he doesn’t believe her? No, he actually doesn’t.

Carly rushes the lawyer off by telling him that she will consider his generous offer. Jack realizes the lawyer’s name is the same one on the check. What is she doing with that lawyer? Carly shuts him up with a passionate kiss, which Jack seems comfortable with, but he pulls away and wants to know what is going on? She will tell him everything, but first she wants to know why he got so angry when he walked over to them? He went to see Katie to try to make peace and found out she left town. Did she leave for good? No, but she didn’t even tell him. He apologizes for overreacting. He doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. What is going on? Carly pauses for a moment, stares at Jack and then tells him that it was a consultation. This firm wants her to do a facelift on their offices. That was a lot of money. Carly answers that they have expensive tastes. If that was all that was going on, then why did she lie?

Lily explains that she is done keeping things from him. Holden just thinks they should focus on Luke. Lily wonders how he is doing? He was embarrassed that he fell in front of Noah and he didn’t want to get out of bed or eat. It was like before, as Lily knows what Holden is referring to – when he used to drink. What is the plan? Holden thinks that they should talk with the Physical Therapist about Luke’s workouts and rehab. He needs to know that he can make progress with this. Lily thinks this is a great idea and thinks they should go meet with him now, but Holden explains that he has an appointment and can’t make it at this time.

Emily explains that they are there because it is the only decent hotel in Oakdale and Chris was the one that made the reservations here. He doesn’t buy that, as he gets closer to her. Emily thinks it is because he doesn’t think she can succeed at something she puts her mind too, but she can and she is through with him.

Chris tells Allison that was not how he intended it to sound. She assures him that it isn’t a big deal if he is dating her sister. She adds that she was in love with someone else while they were together, as Chris smiles and pretends she stabbed him in the heart. That was rough, as Allison tells him that she was just having some fun. She is actually glad that he and Emily are making this work; she is not jealous… maybe a little, but it doesn’t have to do with him. It is about the fact that Emily is happy and she would like to have a little of that too. She is glad that Emily has risen above all the bad that has happened and is ok now. Chris’ interest is piqued; what happened?

Emily pulls back from Dusty and tells him that she realized when she was away that she didn’t need a guy and in particular a guy that would treat her badly. Did he treat he badly? He realizes what happened at the end, but when he was with Allison they were not together and if they had been, he never would have been with Allison. Then she never gave him a chance to show her how he could treat her. Now, she comes back to town on Chris’ arm. What goes on between she and Chris is not about him, Emily emphatically states. Why is he there with Chris’ woman, in their room, among his things – unless she is not his woman? Emily swallows hard.

Lily thinks Holden wants his space, but she just thought it would be better to tackle this together. Holden agrees, but he really has an appointment he needs to get to. He isn’t sick? No. Lily explains that after Carly she is a little on edge, which Holden understands. Is it business? Holden dodges the question. Lily realizes this and tells him that she will talk to him later. He can call her to set up a time. Holden walks around the corner and bumps into Bonnie. He was just going to see Jessica. She knows; she had to go out of town on business and she sent a top-notch lawyer to fill in on the meeting. He is glad – who is it? It is she!

Carly explains that she didn’t think he would be happy if she was going back to work. Jack smiles; she knows him, but she is still sick. She just wants to get her mind off of things. She also would like some money to do some nice things with it. She wants to give back to the people that have been taking care of her – starting with him. Jack is appreciative of that. She wants to know how he feels about what is going on with Katie? Jack doesn’t know if they should be talking about this. She wants him to feel that he can be honest with her. If he really wants Katie, then she wants him to tell her.

Bonnie tells Holden that she graduated Summa Cum Laude and is quite capable of handling what he needs. Is this about Luke’s accident? No, it is about his divorce. Bonnie looks surprised.

Jack explains that he thought the annulment would wipe the slate clean as if the marriage never happened, as his voice trails off. Does he still want to be with Katie? Jack doesn’t answer, but he does say that he went to the studio to see Katie to see if she was ok. Did he expect her to be? He wants her to be ok because he feels so guilty. He made her so many promises and he never wanted to hurt her, but that is exactly what he did. Carly truly feels badly, as she tells him that she wishes she could go back and change things. Jack tells her that it isn’t her fault.

Does she no longer care what he does, Dusty wonders? People change, Emily answers. He doesn’t get to her. Dusty walks closer to Emily again, cornering her; does he still turn her on? He wants her. Emily pauses for a moment and then tells Dusty that it is too bad. She has chosen the man she wants to be with and it isn’t him.

Chris is talking with Allison about a bit of Emily’s past; he is glad that Emily is now proud of herself and life. He feels they are a good fit. The fact that they reconnected is the best thing that has happened to him in a long time. Allison suggests that he tell Emily that - often.

Bonnie explains that she specializes in matrimonial law. She just thought they were the perfect couple, as Holden cringes at that. If that was the case, then it was along time ago. Bonnie suggests that they talk further over coffee at Al’s – she will meet him there. After Holden leaves, Lisa walks up ready for her and Bonnie’s lunch date. Bonnie apologizes – something came up. Lisa pretends to be offended; she won’t be though if it involves a tall, dark and handsome man. Bonnie asks if a handsome client is ok. She has to go meet Holden. Lisa jokes that she better not be talking about his dissolution of his marriage. Bonnie tells her that she can’t get into it due to lawyer-client privilege, as she promises to meet up with her later. After she leaves, Lisa looks upset.

At the Lakeview, Lily checks in with the front desk to see if she has any messages, and is a little upset to hear she doesn’t have any. If he needs her, she will be in her office.

Dusty wonders if Emily remembers how they were going to go away before she left? She does, but they never ended up doing that did they, Emily snaps? Does he really think she is with Chris because of him? Dusty thinks she should ‘love the one you are with.’ Emily is annoyed, as she heads for the door and opens it. He seems perfectly happy with Lily afterall. He and Lily are just friends. She recalls that was what they were too at one time. She thought they could remain friends once she came back, but clearly, she was wrong. Chris walks up at this moment and sees the tension between them.

Jack tells Carly that his marriage didn’t end because of her. Even if she hadn’t gotten sick, his feelings for her were still there and he wishes that he had realized that before he dragged Katie into this. Carly thinks that the trip Katie is on might be good for her. Is it so she can get over him? He thinks she already has, Jack says quietly. He tells Carly that he has to meet with Lisa about security, but if she wants to wait, they can head home together, as he heads off after a hug. Outside the lounge area, Jack bumps into Lily. He is happy to hear about Carly’s job with that law firm - Hotchkiss and Greenblatt. Lily is confused, as she starts to ask why Carly would be with a firm that specializes in…as Carly cuts her off. She hasn’t had a chance to talk with Lily; Carly looks nervously at Lily with pleading eyes. Lily takes the cue and tells Jack that she and Carly will catch up and then she will drop her off at home. Jack heads off and Lily immediately wants to know why Carly is dealing with a law firm that handles medical malpractices? Carly looks nervous and then finally answers that she didn’t want Jack to know that she was being offered a settlement for a false diagnosis. Lily realizes what she is saying, as she excitedly asks her if that means she is not dying? No, she is going to be ok, as a thrilled Lily hugs her. She couldn’t be happier for her. Then she realizes – Jack doesn’t know? She hasn’t told him yet, Carly quietly answers. What is she waiting for? Carly hesitates before she answers; she is waiting for them to be remarried. Lily takes a deep breath.

Emily tells Dusty shortly that their conversation is over, as Dusty leaves. After they go in the room, Chris wonders if she wants to tell him about it? Emily responds by passionately kissing him, but Chris notices she is shaking. She is fine; she is just in a hurry to get close to him, as she kisses him again. Chris gently pulls away; he thinks she seems in a hurry to forget what just happened with Dusty. She should deal with that first and then they can deal with each other.

A nurse at the hospital tells Allison that Dr. Hughes gave her a glowing recommendation and she will definitely be rehired, as Allison is thrilled. She sees Dusty stomping by. Where is he heading? He is going to a meeting for Jen’s foundation. She thinks that is why he looks the way he does. It doesn’t help, but he is more upset with her sister right now then anything.

Chris explains to Emily that he doesn’t want to push her into talking until she is ready. She doesn’t want to talk, as she kisses him, but he isn’t in the mood right now. Emily finally admits that she and Dusty were very close before she left for Europe.

Lily is surprised that Carly would keep Jack, her kids and her sisters in the dark. Carly realizes what she is doing is wrong. What does she think will happen when Jack finds out she lied? Carly doesn’t have an answer. Lily wants to share her experiences; husbands always find out the things wives don’t want them to know.

Holden is waiting for Bonnie at the Diner. She walks in and sees Vienna and immediately Holden can feel the contempt in the air, as Bonnie remarks about it being fitting that Vienna is working as a waitress. Vienna corrects her; she owns the place. Holden is surprised to find out that they know each other? Bonnie explains that they go way back. Vienna tells him that Bonnie is a thief!

Lily adamantly tells Carly that she has to come clean. Carly tries to justify how it turned into this because when Jack thought she was dying, as Lily interrupts her – she has to come clean. Katie is out of town, Carly continues. She has to tell Jack today, Lily repeats!

Jack walks into the kitchen at the Farm and finds Emma reading something. She tells him that she is spell checking it for Sage and then hands it to him. It reads: “Dear Santa, Can he please help get my mommy and daddy get married again.” Jack tells her that he will talk with Sage again. Emma explains that she wants what all kids want – her family back together.

Lily wonders what Carly will do if Jack wants her back? Is she going to stand up in front of family and friends and make promises with this lie between them? It will ruin everything that they ever had together. Carly’s face drops. Where was Jack going after his meeting, Lily asks? He was going to the Farm. She will take her there, but Carly explains that she should take her home instead. If she were going to say goodbye to Jack, then she would rather do it there, as they walk off sadly arm and arm.

Vienna is amazed that Holden is going to let Bonnie give him legal advice; she is a thief and a liar. Bonnie spits back that she tried to steal a man that she knew was already taken. In hindsight, she should have let her have him, but she can give her his number so he can take her away from all of this. For her information, she is happily married, Vienna growls. Bonnie is surprised, as is Holden. Vienna corrects them – she is almost married anyhow and she is not going anywhere. She better stay away from ‘Her Henry,’ as Vienna stalks off. Vienna leaves; Bonnie wonders if he is reconsidering letting her be his lawyer? No, she can obviously hold her own, and she is going to have to because Lily is going to fight this, but he doesn’t want this drawn out for the kid’s sake. Does he want to do it before Thanksgiving? Holden shakes his head; there is something at the Farm. Does he want it done before Christmas? Holden hesitates again. They are getting into tricky territory, Bonnie recognizes. Holden thinks she is talking about terms, but she is talking about convincing him not to go through with it.

Jack admits to Emma that he loves Katie and Carly – he didn’t realize how much. It sounds like he already made up his mind. It isn’t that simple - if he marries Carly again, it will be like saying his marriage to Katie didn’t mean anything. He would also be teaching his kids it is ok to commit and then turn around the next day and forget about it. Emma sees his pain and confusion and tells him that she isn’t worried about him because he will make the right decision because he always does. Parker sees Jack reading Sage’s note, as Jack realizes he has seen it. Does he want this too? If it is going to be like before – no, as Jack looks surprised.

Emily won’t admit to anything. What is it that she is doing? She is using Chris to make him jealous. Allison shakes her head; she has talked to Chris and seen Emily with him and she thinks they are happy. Dusty thinks she is as clueless as her sister.

Emily assures Chris that she and Dusty are over. Does Dusty know this? She told him, but he doesn’t quite get it. He can’t stand to see her happy because he needs to always be saving helpless females. She throws Chris on the bed and tells him that she will show him that she isn’t helpless, as she and Chris kiss while rolling around on the bed.

Dusty reminds Allison that Emily is now sleeping with the guy she was going to marry; it is called payback. Allison is angry; she doesn’t want Dusty to talk like that. He is mad and taking it out on her. Why is that? He is mad that Emily moved on before he had a chance to get her back.

Parker explains that as kids they had it good to have his parents together, but he and his mom together was tough. He liked Katie because of that. Jack reminds him that he hated Katie. Parker agreed that at first he thought she was too perky, but when he saw him with her, he seemed less stressed and now easy going. Things weren’t always bad with Carly. That is true, especially times like now it makes him think… What, Jack asks? His dad died, Jen died and now his mom may be next. He wonders why someone has to die or be dying before we let ourselves love them?

Bonnie wonders if Lily cheated? No, but there was a guy that she is leaning on. She thinks that is awful, but she also thinks it is fixable. Does he want to make such a drastic move? Holden wonders if she is the right person for the job since she is so young and idealistic? She does understand it; she has done it and it turned out great, as she holds up her ringless fourth finger.

Lily sees Lisa and asks her how her meeting went? Lisa looks sympathetic. She is amazing the front she puts up for everyone, but she doesn’t have to do it for her. She knows the pain she is going through. Lily thinks she is talking about Luke. Lisa answers that she is so positive when her child is facing so much and meanwhile, her marriage is falling apart, as Lily’s face drops.

Carly is back at home rehearsing how to break it to Jack that she isn’t dying; she doesn’t like any of her choices. She walks around the room and ends up with her back to the door. She starts to talk to herself about their time in Montana and making love to Jack as being perfect. No matter what, it was real to her, as Jack answers that it was real to him to. This shocks Carly to know he has come in behind her. She turns around slowly and tells him that she is glad he is back. How much did he hear? He just heard the end, but then they both talk over one another when they say to each other that they have something to tell the other. Jack tells Carly that she can go first.

Emily and Chris are in bed together; he teases her – she is definitely not helpless. He needs to ask her something, as Emily looks nervous. She then tells him that she and Dusty really are over. He believed her the first time she told him. The smile on his face is there because of him and she is thankful for that. He has an idea to run by her; he was thinking of staying in Oakdale.

Allison asks rhetorical questions of Dusty. How many times did he write to Emily… did he try to call her? Did he try to get in touch with her to tell her that he missed her? He was trying to give her the space that she said she needed. She didn’t know how he was feeling back in Oakdale. It probably seemed to her that she left town and it was out of sight out of mind. It is too late now, but Dusty tells her that it is never too late.

Carly explains that she was practicing. Jack wonders since when does she have to do that with him? Carly looses her resolve and tells Jack he can go first now. What he has to say won’t be as huge as what she has to say, but Jack begs to differ… which intrigues Carly now.

Bonnie explains that she was married, and then she wasn’t. It was that quick and she does regret that. Would she undo it? No, it was the right thing, but he and Lily have an abundance of something that she and Isaac didn’t have. Is she talking about love? She is talking about proof; after decades of proof, that if they stay together and work it out, and love each other, whatever is not right gets better. Holden doesn’t know if that is always the case. Bonnie has a proposal; she wants him to take a week. If after that time, he still wants her to file then she will be his lawyer.

Lisa tells Lily that she saw Bonnie downtown. She told her that she just saw Holden regarding a legal matter. A disbelieving Lily doesn’t think that means anything. Lisa explains that she specializes in matrimonial law. Lily nervously asks what did Bonnie say? Her silence spoke volumes. Lily looks crushed at this realization. So Holden wants a divorce, she says out loud.

Jack walks closely up to Carly; he never thought he would get to this place with her again. Parker said something that made him think. Carly looks interested. It took him thinking she was dying for him to realize how he felt about her. She always said that they belong together and he didn’t want to believe it, but while they have this time together, he wants to make the most of it! He asks Carly to marry her, as Carly looks like she is on cloud nine.

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